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46: Mike Ehredt on Trail Running and Treating Yo-self - To Nice Running Shoes

June 7th, 2018

Episode description

Today, we talk with USATF Certified running coach, author, and speaker, Mike Ehredt about trail running, shoes, socks, and being pragmatic in competition.

No shoe is made for all runners. We have to take things like running conditions, the terrain you're running on and your own biomechanics to choose the right shoe for you. And remember, just like the best marketing can't fix product or business problems, the best shoe alone will not fix your biomechanics, or take you to first place. If only it were the easy. Also, Mike will share with us his favorite app to identify potential issues so you can not only tackle underlying things that might cause injury but also know what shoe might be best for you. Listen on.

Mike ran 4424 miles from Oregon to Maine, 30 miles a day, planting a flag every mile to honor fallen service members. That was Project America I. For Project America II, He ran 2,146 miles from Canada to Galveston, TX , a marathon a day, with no days off. Again, planting a flag every mile, building an invisible wall to honor fallen service members.


Topics covered:


  • Biomechanics
  • Terrain you're running on
  • Running conditions -
  • Learn what low drop is
  • What features to look at.
  • What happens if you don't like the shoes you bought? We have some ideas.


You know what? Socks matter! They slide down your feet, cause blisters, get wet (ew!) and have varying levels of breathability.





  • Mike's Website
  • Run 7B - a local (north Idaho) Facebook group where we talk running and organize local runs.

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