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39: Sarah Rawley on Making Ideas Happen and Being a Improving your Mountain Bike Skills

April 19th, 2018

Episode description

Sarah Rawley races pro in the enduro circuit, is the co-founder of Colorado’s first women’s only mountain bike race, the Yeti Beti Bike Bash, and the VIDA MTB Series, a women's mountain bike clinic. She also has a full time job with Yeti Cycles. In case you didn’t have time to get that “thing” done, I think your excuses have just been removed by Sarah’s display of Type a level achievement. 


What I love about Sarah is she is a woman on a mission. A mission to grow the mountain bike community and get women into racing and mountain biking. She is that person who makes ideas happen. You might be sitting around with Sarah and casually suggest, “ we should have a mountain bike clinic for women,” and she says, “OK, let’s do it. and she does.”


We talk about launching a ideas. Overcoming challenges. We tackle other topics like partnering with the right people and knowing your strengths. Not only in work but in life. She wraps up by sharing with us aspiring to be better riders on how to use a safe profession to build your skills. 


Lots of good stuff today to let’s listen in and get up for what’s next: 



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