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The Flop House is a bi-monthly audio podcast, devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film just before each episode, and then engage in an unscripted, slightly inebriated discussion, focusing on the movie's shortcomings a… read more

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Ep. #305 - Little Italy

February 15th, 2020


It's the second and final of our two contest winner-selected episodes, this one picked by Scott Yacychyn, who designed our …

FH Mini #1

February 8th, 2020


Here's a little thing we're trying, sort of as a snack between episodes. Minisodes that are more tangent than show. On this first one, we ask: Goofy -- what's HIS deal?

Ep. #304 - Zarkorr! The Invader

February 1st, 2020


Zar-who-what-now? We finally get around to one of our contest winner episodes, this one picked by Elizabeth Stege, who designed our delightful new …

Ep. #303 - The Happytime Murders

January 18th, 2020


Didja really think we'd pass up The Happytime Murders? The movie that many proclaimed the worst of 2018? Don't be silly! We just held onto the …

Ep. #302 - Cats

January 11th, 2020


SURPRISE! It's an off-week extra episode, just because we didn't want to go ANY longer without discussing that purrfect mewowsical, directed by …

Ep. #301 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

January 4th, 2020


We kick off the New Year (and the next 300 episodes?) by discussing a movie that no one has ANY strong feelings about -- Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. One programming note: we sort of threw together this episode at …

Ep. #300 - The Wicker Man

December 21st, 2019


Well, we made it to three hundred, guys. And it only took us 12 years. What a triumph of the human spirit. Or monument to three lives sorely misused. One of those two things. But hey! It's Cagemas, when we celebrate the …

Ep. #299 - The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

December 7th, 2019


We attempt to exploit the zeitgeist by... reviewing a movie from 1969. We may not be good at this zeitgeist thing. More to the point -- since Disney+ has been in the news, we attempt to bask in some reflected glory by …

Ep. #298 - Venom LIVE

November 23rd, 2019


No, you didn't dream it. Way back in January the Peaches went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison (the dead of winter being the best time to visit the upper Midwest), and they discussed the infamous anti-hero …

Ep. #297 - Mortal Engines

November 9th, 2019


Enough about small failures like Slender Man, let's talk about massive, hubristic failures like Mortal Engines! Meanwhile Stuart discourses on other evil Valentines in fiction, Elliott's got Morgan Spurlock's reciepts, …

Ep. #296 - Slender Man

October 26th, 2019


Shocktober 2019 concludes with our dissection of the Internet meme/creepypasta horror film, Slender Man. Thanks to Max Fun HQ for letting us pop in and use an actual studio for once. Meanwhile Stuart tells a tale of …

Ep. #295 - The Nun

October 12th, 2019


We dip our toe into Shocktober by discussing one of the million court-mandated "The Conjuring" spin-offs, The Nun. Meanwhile Dan prefers that all demon-fighting talk be kept to work hours, Elliott takes down New Age …

Ep. #294 - Love on a Leash

September 28th, 2019


For the second episode of Smalltember (Smallvember) 2019, we cave to overwhelming demand and discuss Love on a Leash. Meanwhile, Elliott ain't your daddy's Crypt Keeper, Dan exhibits his remarkable ability for telling …

Ep.#293 -- The Joke Thief

September 14th, 2019


Smalltember (Smallvember) begins with a return appearance by the Flop House's favorite (insomuch as a terrible asshole can be a favorite) Canadian …

Ep. #292 - Welcome to Marwen

August 31st, 2019


Hoo boy, this was a tough one folks. How to navigate the Hollywoodization of a real-life trauma with a dash of weird gender politics? Answer -- less …

Ep.# 291 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LIVE

August 17th, 2019


We're taking a very brief summer break from new recording, and taking the opportunity to release one that we've been holding on to for too long --

The Flop House -- A FlopTales Teaser!

August 10th, 2019


Stuart's been hard at work running more Hogsbottom Three RPGs for Elliott, Stuart, and Flop House favorite guest host Zhubin Parang. Here's a little taste of the first episode of their new adventure!

They're only …

Ep.#290 - Meatballs Part II

August 3rd, 2019


We're joined by the wonderful Sharlene Wellington, owner or partner in many lovely Brooklyn bars (also, she's married to Stu). She wanted to …

Ep. #289 - Robin Hood

July 20th, 2019


Straight from the glamorous and echoey Minneapolis airport-adjacent La Quinta inn, it's all three of the peaches in the same room, chewing over the …

Ep. #288 - The Haunting of Sharon Tate

July 6th, 2019


We were so delighted to have longtime Friend-and-Fan-of-Flop, Natalie Walker on the program! We were somewhat less delighted by the film she inexplicably chose, The Haunting of Sharon Tate. Life gives, and life takes. …

Ep. #287 - Glass

June 22nd, 2019


We took a break from live show prep in Portland to return to our beloved M. Night Shyamalan and the last film of his surprise trilogy, Glass. Meanwhile Stuart drags the Philly skyline, Dan points out the problem with …

Ep. #286 - Replicas

June 8th, 2019


With John Wick 3 tearing up the theaters, we discuss this year's OTHER Keanu Reeves movie, Replicas. Meanwhile Dan repeats an old adage about beans, …

Ep. #285 - Serenity

May 25th, 2019


We discuss something that's been on our want list for a while: the genre-hopping bonkers twist-em-up, Serenity. And to do so, we are joined by the …

Ep. #284 - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald

May 11th, 2019


Elliott, noted non Pot-head, talks about the Potterverse sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald. Meanwhile Elliott talks Charles Dickens crossovers, Stuart almost causes his own brain to explode, saying …

Ep. #283 - The Mummy LIVE

April 27th, 2019


It’s been so long, we can't even REMEMBER when we recorded this show on Tom Cruise's The Mummy. But it's from Seattle and it's on tape, so here it is!

Wikipedia synopsis for The Mummy


June 8 –

Ep. #282 - Castle Freak

April 13th, 2019


It's the moment you've all been waiting for -- we discuss the fabled Castle Freak. And we don't do it alone! We do it with noted B-movie aficionado Joe Bob Briggs who you can also see on Shudder's "The Last Drive-In."

Ep. #281 - The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

March 30th, 2019


MAX FUN DRIVE part TWO! We talk about The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, which Elliott chose for some baffling reason. Meanwhile, Elliott explains Richard Gere's Mothman issues, Stuart reveals the scariest number of …

Ep. #280 - Peppermint

March 23rd, 2019


It's MAX FUN DRIVE time, everyone! That means we're putting out an extra episode on a week we'd normally take off and drink pina coladas or …

Ep. #279 - The Dark Tower LIVE

March 16th, 2019


We continue to exploit our vault of unreleased live shows, with this discussion of The Dark Tower, with special additional guest co-host, Hallie …

Ep. #278 - Oscar Review Special

March 2nd, 2019


By popular demand, we talk about all the glitz and glamor that is... OSCAR!

Movies recommended in this episode:

Black Coal, Thin Ice Piercing

Ep.#277 - Catwoman

February 16th, 2019


We reached into our archives, all the way back to 2017, to bring you this performance taped at the Now Hear This podcast festival. Elliott's not here …

Ep. #276 - Life Itself

February 2nd, 2019


We don't usually editorialize on our own show, but... this is a good one, guys. The gang got together in a hotel room after our Madison, Wisconsin live show to discuss Life Itself, one of the most baffling, and most …

Ep. #275 - The Meg

January 19th, 2019


It's Jason Statham and a giant shark. Whaddaya need, a roadmap? We discuss The Meg. Meanwhile, Dan reveals a surprising science fact about Meg Ryan, Elliott reveals that Swamp Thing is the ideal male body, and Stuart's …

Ep. #274 - Gotti

January 5th, 2019


This one topped the lists of the worst movies of 2018, and it was so bad Dan barely understood what the fuck was happening, which you can tell, based on how little he can bring himself to say. Luckily, Elliott makes up …

Ep. #273 - The Humanity Bureau

December 22nd, 2018


Can the magic of Cagemas overcome the most rote Nicholas Cage vehicle we've ever discussed, The Humanity Bureau? Meanwhile, Stuart reminisces about …

Ep. #272 - Pottersville

December 8th, 2018


We talk about the inexplicably star-studded comedy, The Bigfoot Who Saved Christmas. Excuse us, "Pottersville." Meanwhile, Stuart brags about his back strength, Dan uncovers the world of Raising Cain conventions, and …

Ep. #271 - Death Wish

November 24th, 2018


Why is Bruce Willis starring in an NRA recruitment video? Wait, this is a MOVIE? Are you sure? We talk about Death Wish. Meanwhile, Elliott writes …

Ep. #270 - Interview with the Vampire

November 10th, 2018


Remember that surprisingly well-defined contest Elliott spearheaded a few episodes back? Well the contest winner decided what we should watch, and it …

Ep #269 - Friend Request

October 27th, 2018


It's our second SHOCKTOBER episode (not that you'd know it, because Dan keeps forgetting to plug in the fucking Shocktober theme)! This time, we return to the social media horror well, with Friend Request. Meanwhile, …

Ep #268 - Truth or Dare

October 13th, 2018


The most wondrous time of the year, SHOCKTOBER is here! And to start us off, we watched Truth or Dare AKA Blumhouse's Truth or Dare AKA Teens be Dyin'. Meanwhile, Elliott explains the miracle of birth, Dan explains the …

Ep. #267 - Dwegons and Leprechauns

September 29th, 2018


We close out Smalltember with one of our "favorite" genres: the ill-conceived, micro-budgeted computer animated film. And Dwegons and Leprechauns is a horrific, fever dream of a doozy. Meanwhile, Dan remains the master …

Ep. #266 - Slamma Jamma

September 15th, 2018


For our first Smalltember episode of 2018, we discuss Slamma Jamma, the film about slam dunking your way to Jesus. Meanwhile, Elliott gives us some hat-wearing etiquette, Dan is upset that the characters aren't …

Ep. #265 - Geostorm LIVE

September 1st, 2018


The Peaches are still on their life-mandated summer break, so we bring you this second live episode, straight from the Historic Sixth & I Synagogue in Washington, D.C. We'll be back with normal episodes soon, we …

Ep. #264 - The Emoji Movie LIVE

August 18th, 2018


Elliott just had his second child, and Dan is about to move apartments, so in the middle of all this peach upheaval, we dig out a live show from the …

Ep. #263 - Samson

August 4th, 2018


Jordan Morris joins the peaches to talk about the biblical story that somehow Dan always wants to spell "Sampson," Samson. Meanwhile Dan advocates for all-hours masturbation, Elliott rewrites the hit film "Book Club," …

Ep. #262 - Sherlock Gnomes

July 21st, 2018


We discuss Sherlock Gnomes, the sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet, the first movie entirely based on a stupid rhyme. Meanwhile Stuart somehow forgets the …

Ep. #261 - The Hurricane Heist

July 7th, 2018


On this episode we discuss the alliterative disaster-heist movie hybrid The Hurricane Heist. Meanwhile Stuart is tired, Dan is hungover, Elliott is at his in-laws, and by the time this episode drops 2/3 of us will be on …

Ep.#260 - Brain Smasher... A Love Story

June 23rd, 2018


On this episode April Wolfe from Switchblade Sisters and Who Shot Ya? joins us to discuss a direct-to-video movie you've probably only heard about if …

Ep. #259 - Fifty Shades Freed

June 9th, 2018


Hey, whaddaya know, with Fifty Shades Freed, we did our first full trilogy. Or, because it's Fifty Shades, should we call it a THRILLogy? No. No we …

Ep. #258 - Justice League

May 26th, 2018


With Infinity War breaking records, it's time to check in with that OTHER cinematic universe, that hath given the Flop House so much, with our look at Justice League. Meanwhile, Stuart reveals Donatello's government …

Ep. #257 - The Greatest Showman

May 12th, 2018


Because Huge Ackman so desperately wanted to do a big, original musical, we found ourselves watching The Greatest Showman. And it sure is... showy. …

Ep. #256 - Power Rangers

April 28th, 2018


Because they haven't gotten around to a gritty Saved by the Bell reboot, we discuss Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Elliott gives us the local news report, Stuart calls Elliott to task for the laziness of his impressions, and …

Ep. #255 - The Layover

April 14th, 2018


The Max Fun Drive is technically over, but if you go to, this weekend, it'll still count! As for us, we watched "William H. …

Ep. #254 - Kidnap

March 31st, 2018


It's the Max Fun Drive, everyone! So put down your phones and go donate at, while you're thinking about it! Everyone back? Good. Because we had a lot of fun watching the Halle Berry Taken-style …

Ep. #253 - The Snowman

March 17th, 2018


Mister Police, you could have saved us from watching The Snowman. You gave us all the clues. Meanwhile, Elliott takes us behind the scenes at Shrek, …

Ep. 252 - The Book of Henry LIVE

March 3rd, 2018


Another from our backlog of live shows! This one is from Toronto, our discussion of The Book of Henry!

Wikipedia synopsis for The Book of Henry

Ep. #251 - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

February 17th, 2018


We watch one we were all honestly pretty excited about: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Were we all as excited once we were done? Meanwhile Dan introduces a new Jeff Foxworthy routine, Elliott explains …

Ep. #250 - The Apple

February 3rd, 2018


Hey, we found a guy from much more popular podcasts than ours to come guest host with us. Travis McElroy from My Brother My Brother and Me and The …

Ep.# 249 - The Great Wall LIVE

January 20th, 2018


We dig into our vaults to bring you this live The Great Wall episode, from the Philly Podcast Festival!

Wikipedia synopsis for The Great Wall

Ep.#247 - Bright

January 6th, 2018


Two in-person episodes in a row? This one recorded in Dan's apartment? Must be a post-Cagemas miracle! And to ring in the New Year, we talk about Netflix's racially shaky blockbuster Bright. Meanwhile, Dan explains his …

Ep.#247 - Inconceivable

December 23rd, 2017


Merry Cagemas everyone! Reunited and it feels so good -- we recorded this one all together, in Dan's hotel room in San Francisco. What made we of the Cage-light domestic thriller Inconceivable? You'll have to listen to …

Ep.#246 - 50 Shades Darker LIVE

December 9th, 2017


We reached into the vault to finally release this gem from back in the summer, the first and only time we've had an extra guest at a live show, the …

Ep.#245 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

November 25th, 2017


We're doing another podcrawl, along with Read it and Weep and Too Beautiful to Live! They covered the first two of the original Ninja Turtles …

Ep. #244 - Unforgettable

November 11th, 2017


Our love (?) affair with Katherine Heigl continues, as we discuss the crazy ex-wife thriller "Unforgettable." Meanwhile Elliott leans deep into dad jokes, Stuart discourses on the racism of a Mexican restaurant, and …

Ep. #243 - The Bye Bye Man

October 28th, 2017


Shocktober concludes with the playfully titled The Bye Bye Man, starring the titular Bye Bye Man and some boring people. Meanwhile, Elliott channels …

Ep. #242 - Rings LIVE!

October 14th, 2017


We discuss Rings, live at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A., with special guest Jordan Morris of Jordan Jesse Go!

Wikipedia synopsis for Rings



Oct. 21 –  Toronto, at the Royal Theater

Dec. 9 –  San …

Ep. #241 - Pass Thru

September 30th, 2017


Smalltember Small-Stars concludes with Pass Thru, a.k.a. us revisiting the endless well of crazy that is Neil Breen, the lumpy messiah-complex-ed Las Vegas architect who's also a one-man moviemaking factory. Will we be …

Ep. #240 - Sicilian Vampire

September 16th, 2017


It's Smalltember Small-Stars, with a return to Frank D'Angelo, the Canadian energy drink magnate and bad movie savant behind No Depo$it. This time we discuss his undead Italian saga, Sicilian Vampire. Meanwhile Stuart …

Ep, #239 - Ghost in the Shell

September 2nd, 2017


We're back, baby! And we're all ready to jack into the matrix to cyber-brain download Ghost in the Shell, or something. Meanwhile, Dan goes all googly eyes, Stuart spins some controversial theories about Middle-Earth, …

Ep. #238 - xXx: The Return of Xander Cage LIVE

August 19th, 2017


While Elliott's making the transition into the relaxed SoCal lifestyle, we're running some shows we have in the bank, like this live show from back in the winter, which may have been our best one yet. Meanwhile, Elliott …

Ep. #237 - Ishtar

August 5th, 2017


It's an emotional moment. This is the last regular episode where all three peaches will be in Dan's apartment recording together, in the same space. …

Ep. #236 - Suicide Squad LIVE

July 22nd, 2017


We reach way back into the Flop House vault to bring you a live show from the winter, with Suicide Squad. The commercials are all-new, though. That's …

Ep. #235 - USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

July 8th, 2017


It's Cagemas in July, with the utterly forgotten USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. Meanwhile, Stu teaches us how the cool kids say "Indianapolis," …

Ep. #234 - The Accountant

June 24th, 2017


It's the movie that thinks autism is the secret to becoming a John Wick-style super-killer, The Accountant. Meanwhile Elliott details Randy Newman's …

Ep.#233 - The Comedian

June 10th, 2017


We discuss the most accurate and hilarious movie about stand-up ever made, The Comedian. Meanwhile Dan starts off the show by being gross, Stuart reveals his favorite kind of turtle, and Elliott tells us about a few …

Flop House Promotional Movie Minute

June 2nd, 2017


Just a little note and some goofery about our live show.

Ep.#232 - A Dog's Purpose

May 27th, 2017


We watch the dog grief porn A Dog's Purpose. Meanwhile Dan gets to the bottom of a Lassie mystery, Stuart gives us a hall pass, and Elliott …

Ep. #231 - Mother's Day

May 13th, 2017


Just in time for Mother's Day we discuss Mother's Day. Let it never to be said that we don't have our finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Meanwhile …

Ep. #230 - Monster Trucks

April 29th, 2017


We discuss the movie based on a not-really pun, Monster Trucks. Meanwhile Elliott talks about Love in an Elevator for waaay too long, Stu asks some Saved by the Bell questions, Dan's penis habits are described at …

Ep. #229 - Assassin's Creed

April 15th, 2017


We discuss the movie made up entirely of video game cutscenes, Assassin's Creed. Meanwhile Elliott does the classic "apple bit," we hear another one of Stu's goofs and bloops, and Dan's sick voice is all gravely and …

Ep. #228 - Collateral Beauty

April 1st, 2017


We discuss Will Smith's spiritual sequel to Seven Pounds, Collateral Beauty. Meanwhile, Stu unveils his hot new nickname, Elliott tries to get Keira …

Ep. #227 - 1941

March 25th, 2017


An extra-special bonus episode for the MaxFun Drive, where we're joined by Mr. John Hodgman to talk about Steven Spielberg's legendary flop 1941.


Ep. #226 - Max Steel

March 18th, 2017


We discuss a movie from last year that flopped so badly that Elliott refuses to believe it exists: Max Steel. Meanwhile Dan sings a Carmen Sandiego duet, Stuart gives his fish-based SNL audition, and Elliott texts a lot.

Ep. #225 - Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings

March 4th, 2017


Why is this movie not in Smalltember? Well, Stu said he wanted to watch Max Magician for his birthday, and we all said "fuck it." Meanwhile Dan doesn't know which corpse to punch, Elliott suggests an alternate course …

Ep. #224 - Zoolander 2

February 18th, 2017



We think this one broke Elliott, guys. We watched the only film Leonard Maltin walked out on: Zoolander 2. Meanwhile Dan totally nails a Mario …

Ep. #223 - The Last Witch Hunter

February 4th, 2017


We discuss The Last Witch Hunter. All other witch hunters presumably having been herded into the sea by the Red Bull. Meanwhile Meanwhile Elliott …

Ep. #222 - Home Sweet Hell

January 21st, 2017


We have a homecoming to Katherine Heigl (a heiglcoming? no.) with a movie that truly no one remembered existed but Dan, Home Sweet Hell. Meanwhile …

Ep. #221 - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

January 7th, 2017


This is a big one folks. Batman v. Superman v. The Flop House. Meanwhile Stuart makes it very clear this is not your daddy's anything, Dan does a …

Ep.#220 - The Trust

December 24th, 2016


Cagemas comes but once a year. Will Saint Nicholas Cage bring us something glorious or another lump of coal for our cinematic stockings? We discuss

Ep. #219 - Saving Christmas

December 10th, 2016


It's hard to overstate just how barely the Kirk Cameron "materialism-is-good" explainer Saving Christmas qualifies as a movie. Meanwhile, Stuart talks about his gogurt buying habits, Elliott dramatizes Frank Sinatra's …

Ep. #218 - Nine Lives

November 26th, 2016


Kevin Spacey as a cat sounds just purrrrfect (TM) for the Flop House, so we watched Nine Lives. Meanwhile, Stuart tells of his adventures with Kirsten Dunst, Dan suggests a terrible new method of shooting porn, and …

Ep. #217 - Independence Day: Resurgence

November 12th, 2016


Back to our non-Shocktober fare as we mourn election day with our Independence Day: Resurgence discussion. Meanwhile, Elliott gives the JD Power porn star awards, Stuart's weenus is protected, and Dan cannot leave …

Ep. #216 - The Gallows

October 29th, 2016


On this final SHOCKTOBER episode we discuss the noose-is-loose would-be chiller The Gallows. Meanwhile, Elliott somehow weasels his way out of doing …

Ep. #215 - The Lazarus Effect

October 15th, 2016


Shocktober continues! On this episode we discuss the Flatliners-esque Lazarus Effect. More specific shownotes canceled on account of Dan's sick.

Wikipedia synopsis for The Lazarus Effect

Movies recommended in this …

Ep.# 214 - Victor Frankenstein

October 1st, 2016


BOOOGENS! Shocktober begins with Victor Frankenstein, the movie that posits that maybe we don't actually wanna see the monster that much. Meanwhile, Elliott disrespects the death of several major pop artists, Stu brings …

Ep. #213 - Christian Mingle

September 17th, 2016


Smalltember/vember continues! On this episode we discuss the feature length ad for a dating website and for God, Christian Mingle. and Stuart explains how to find cartoon porn, Dan checks his website privilege, and …

Ep. #212 - No Depo$it

September 3rd, 2016


Smalltember/vember begins with a movie none of us had heard of until a couple of Canadian listeners pressed a blu-ray into our hot little hands: No Deposit. Meanwhile Elliott reveals Ringo Starr's adventures in New …

Ep. #211 - Godzilla (1998)

August 20th, 2016


At the request of charity contest winner Erik North, we discuss the classic (?) 1998 version of Godzilla. Meanwhile Dan tries to explain Dangerous Liaisons, Elliott surprises no one by reading a Godzilla-centered …

Ep.# 210 - Fantastic Four LIVE

August 6th, 2016


Kept in the Flop House Vaults until now, and released because we're on the road in D.C., it's the LIVE Fantastic Four show!



Ep. #209 - Pay the Ghost

July 23rd, 2016


Zhubin Parang joins us for the fourth most magical time on the Flop House calandar: Cagemas in July! It's also time for the political conventions, so …

Ep.# 208 - Norm of the North

July 9th, 2016


We just can't stop punishing ourselves with bizarre kids' computer animated films. Will Norm of the North be another Guardian of the Highlands or Foodfight!? Meanwhile Stuart has strong feelings on Tyrion Lannister's …

Ep.#207 - The Boy

June 25th, 2016


Elliott is back from his brief sabbatical. Will the possible evil-doll-antics of The Boy make him regret it? Meanwhile Stuart makes people's days …

Ep.#206 - The Choice

June 11th, 2016


Hallie rejoins us, while Elliott is briefly away, to determine whether any tears were jerked by the Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, The Choice. Meanwhile …

Ep. #205 - Gods of Egypt

May 28th, 2016


Live from Cake Shop as part of NYC Podfest. It's Gods of Egypt.

Ep. #204 - We Are Your Friends

May 14th, 2016


On this episode we discuss the should-be-more-hateable tale of young aspiring DJ douches We Are Your Friends. Meanwhile, Elliott describes a Golden …

Ep. #203 - Look Who's Talking Now

April 30th, 2016


This episode is part three in a podcrawl with the guys at Read it and Weep, and at Too Beautiful to Live, covering the entire Look Who's …

Ep. #202 - Burnt

April 16th, 2016


On this episode we run through a tasting menu of Bradley Cooper's assholish behavior in the bad-boy chef movie, Burnt. Meanwhile, Elliott recites …

Ep. #201 - Vice

April 2nd, 2016


With the glamour and horror of our 200th/MaxFun Drive episode behind us, we return to meat-and-potatoes flophousery with the little seen sci-fi actioner Vice, starring Flop House repeat offenders Thomas Jane and Bruce …

Ep. #200 - Nothing but Trouble

March 19th, 2016


It's the moment we promised would never happen: we watched Elliott and Dan's stated least-favorite movie of all time, Nothing but Trouble. (Don't …

Best of the Flop House 2: Ep. 76-125

March 14th, 2016


Just in time for MaxFun Drive, a little bonus for listeners.

Ep. #199 - Jem and the Holograms

March 5th, 2016


Don't worry -- we took your boring story about a magical rock-star-making computer and turned it into a thrilling story about YouTube. We talk Jem …

Ep. #198 - The Cobbler

February 20th, 2016


It's the Jewish magical realism tale that almost made Elliott hate his own Judaism: The Cobbler. Meanwhile, Stuart suffers from cartoon eye …

Ep. #197 - Seventh Son

February 6th, 2016


Is Seventh Son seventh fun? Perhaps, though we're not sure what "seventh fun" means. Meanwhile, Elliott pitches us on FXXX, Stuart expresses his love …

Ep. #196 - Aloha

January 23rd, 2016


Will Cameron Crowe ever rebound from his Elizabethtown slump? Probably not with the even-worse Aloha. Meanwhile, Dan calls out famed painter Leonardo Da Vinci, Elliott can't remember the rich Bazooka Joe cast of …

Flop House CLASSIC FAVORITE - Bullet to the Head

January 14th, 2016


If you're a new listener, here's a good place to start!

Ep. #195 - The Golden Child

January 9th, 2016


It's a super-sized, super-fun, super-technical-glitch-filled CONTEST WINNER SELECTION EPISODE! Tom Horstmann requested that we watch the 1986's The …

Ep. #194 - Outcast

December 26th, 2015


For this year's Cagemas we honor both the kindly St. Nicholas Cage, and Star Wars by picking the Cage-Hayden Christiansen joint, Outcast. Meanwhile, …

Ep. #193 - United Passions

December 12th, 2015


On this episode we uncharacteristically talk sports, specifically futbol, as we watched the definitely-not-about-a-corrupt-organization FIFA film,

Ep. #192 - Chappie

November 28th, 2015


Remember when Chappie fever swept the country, with all those pet Chappies, and tickle-me-Chappies? Meanwhile, Elliott describes a literary-technique-based dystopian future, Stuart continues to explain the Internet, and …

Ep. #191 - Men, Women & Children

November 14th, 2015


Think you're too good for the Oxford comma, Men, Women & Children? WELL WE'RE TOO GOOD FOR YOU. Meanwhile Stu explains "X-Men nudity," Dan makes a call for an annotated Flop House, and Elliott explains the music …

Ep. #190 - Ouija

October 31st, 2015


Every Shocktober must come, sadly, to an end, but not without our longest (and best?) episode of the month. Dan Macabre, Booart Skellington, and Elliott Killin' are joined by Hellie Haglund to discuss "Ouija," the movie …

Ep. #189 - Deliver Us from Evil

October 17th, 2015


No show notes because Dan is busy nursing a sick cat.

The Great Switcheroo! Adventure Zone Flop House Takeover

October 10th, 2015


As part of the MaxFun Great Switcheroo, Justin, Travis, Griffin, and Merle McElroy of The Adventure Zone have taken on Leprechaun: Origins. Meanwhile, if you want to hear the Original Peaches (plus guest star Zhubin …

Ep. #188 - Unfriended

October 3rd, 2015


It's the most magical time of the year! SHOCKTOBER! And this year we're kicking off with the millenials-on-a-computer-screen shocker "Unfriended." Meanwhile, Dan reads movie ad copy, Elliott talks Quidditch injuries, …

Ep. #185 - Grace of Monaco

August 22nd, 2015


Straight from Cannes to Lifetime (TM), it's the Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco. Meanwhile Elliott has a surprisingly deep well of Saved by the …

Ep. #184 - Drive Hard

August 8th, 2015


Take two faded stars, put them in an Aussie C-picture, and encourage them to improvise wildly, and what do you get? The oddly compelling Drive Hard. Meanwhile Elliott improves various movies by adding a little vitamin …

The Flop House EXTRA: Best of the First 75 Episodes

August 1st, 2015


Some of the top bits and tangents from the first 75 episodes, suggested by fans. Apologies for the sound quality on some of these -- it was early on …

Ep. #183 - Left Behind

July 25th, 2015


Show notes canceled on account of SUMMER.

Ep. #182 - Strange Magic

July 11th, 2015


In this episode, Jordan Morris of terrific MaxFun sister podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! stops by to co-host while Elliott's in England, a move he immediately regretted when we watched Strange Magic. Meanwhile, Dan explains …

Ep. #181 - Jupiter Ascending

June 27th, 2015


Will the guys who liked Speed Racer also enjoy the Wachowski sibling's most recent critical flop, Jupiter Ascending? Meanwhile Elliott debuts his new bumper sticker, Dan boringly digresses about The Three Investigators, …

Ep. #180 - CBGB

June 13th, 2015


Detailed show notes abandoned this week, as Dan and Elliott are winging their way to Montreal for a wedding!

Ep. #179 - Mortdecai

May 30th, 2015


Hoo boy does Johnny Depp certainly have a mustache in Mortdcai!  Meanwhile Dan reads copy off a beer for some reason, Elliott invites George Lucas to stop by, and Stuart recommends a surprising film.Movies recommended …

Ep. #178 - 50 Shades of Grey

May 16th, 2015


In the words of Homer Simpson, we've got a hankerin' for some spankerin', as we discuss 50 Shades of Grey.  Meanwhile Stuart delivers a eulogy for …

The Flop House: Episode #177 - Dracula: Untold

May 2nd, 2015


We've seen him 3D, but are we ready for Dracula: Untold? Meanwhile Stuart demonstrates his innovative mixology, and Elliot and Dan reveal the …

Ep. #176 - The Boy Next Door

April 18th, 2015


It's the moment that the bad movie cognoscenti have been waiting for, as we discuss The Boy Next Door. Meanwhile, Stuart explains the "character" he plays, Dan becomes a proponent of the female gaze, and Elliott …

Ep. #175 - Winter's Tale

April 4th, 2015


We return to the "romantic fantasy" genre that served us so well (?) with Upside Down as we discuss the Colin Farrell vehicle, Winter's Tale. …

Ep. #174 - That Awkward Moment

March 21st, 2015


It's the MaxFun drive! And, though Stu is in Puerto Rico, we pulled out the big guns with a return appearance by Hallie Haglund! She adds some much …

Ep. #173 - Transcendence

March 7th, 2015


Turns out that being Christopher Nolan's cinematographer is not the same thing as being Christopher Nolan, as we found out when we endured …

Episode #172 - Dorothy's Return

February 21st, 2015


There's just something about a terrible kids' movie that brings out the best (?) in us, so we dive headfirst into the CGI flop Legends of OZ: Dorothy's Return. Meanwhile, Stuart gives important advice to our kidnapped …

Episode #171 - No Good Deed

February 7th, 2015


Flop House repeat offender Idris Elba romances Taraji P. Henson in the Valentine's Day favorite No Good Deed. Wait, did we say "romances?" We meant "terrorizes." Meanwhile Elliott tells us of James Bond films of the …

Episode #170 - Transformers: Age of Extinction

January 24th, 2015


We will never watch anything with nearly three hour bloat again, so enjoy the special snowflake that is us talking about the most recent Bayhem, Transformers: Age of Extinction. Meanwhile, Elliott explains how to find a …

Episode #169 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LIVE

January 10th, 2015


Recorded on 1/9/2015 in front of a live, sold out crowd in The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

A huge thanks to Mr. Matt Carman (1/2 of the …

Episode #168 - Rage

December 27th, 2014


Merry Cagemas everyone! The store was all out of Left Behind (well... it hasn't been released to video or streaming yet), so we got you a Rage. We hope you're not too disappointed. Meanwhile Elliott reads the Looney …

Episode #167 - From Justin to Kelly

December 13th, 2014


Song of the autumn contest winner Jason MacIssac decreed that we should be subjected to legendary season-one-of-American-Idol ancillary flop From …

Episode #166 - Pompeii

November 29th, 2014


A returning Flop House director guides a cast of returning Flop House stars in an eruption of mediocrity named Pompeii. Meanwhile Stu asks a provocative question about Cenobites, Elliott reveals an early draft of a …

The Flop House_ Episode #165 - Robocop (2014)

November 15th, 2014


Detailed show notes canceled on account of Dan being sick with Mongolian death flu.

Movies recommended in this episode:The Woman ChaserShort Term …

The Flop House: Episode #164 - 300: Rise of an Empire

November 1st, 2014


Thus  we enter November, the month known for having "No" theme. And, appropriately, we watched one of the most generic of modern action sequels, 300: Rise of an Empire. Meanwhile, Elliott lectures on Noid avoidance, Dan …

The Flop House: Episode #163 - Dracula 3D

October 18th, 2014


Shocktober continues/ends with Dario Argento totally forgetting everything he knew about filmmaking (and we don't even like him that much) with

The Flop House: Episode #162 - The Quiet Ones

October 4th, 2014


BOOOOOGENS! Welcome to the first episode of SHOCKTOBER 2014 (and the first episode officially under our new podcast network, MaxFun). And because we …

The Flop House: Episode #161 - A Talking Cat!?!

September 20th, 2014


Smalltember continues with perhaps the smallest movie we've ever covered, the bad movie new classic "A Talking Cat!?!" Meanwhile Stuart entertains …

The Flop House: Episode #160 - God's Not Dead

September 6th, 2014


The OP's are all back in action, celebrating the all-NEW made-up holiday of "Smallvember." First up, the Christsploitation film "God's Not Dead" …

The Flop House: Episode #159 - Walking with Dinosaurs

August 23rd, 2014


Thanks to his series of enraged tweets on the matter, we invited comedy writer and pop culture expert Kevin Maher on the show to discuss the …

The Flop House: Episode #158 - Labor Day

August 9th, 2014


No movie has sexualized pastry so much since American Pie, yet somehow Labor Day is even less erotic than Jason Biggs balls-deep in apple filling. Meanwhile Stuart does some brilliant voice work, Dan loves the …

The Flop House: Episode #157 - The Legend of Hercules

July 26th, 2014


With audiences primed to be disappointed by a new Hercules movie in theaters, why not be like the Peaches and be disappointed by The Legend of …

The Flop House: Episode #156 - 3 Days to Kill

July 12th, 2014


Producer Luc Besson and director McG made a bet about the number of tones they could cram into 3 Days to Kill, and the audience lost. Meanwhile …

The Flop House: Episode #155 - Last Vegas

June 28th, 2014


We discuss Last Vegas, which is, of course, a documentary from the far future about the time the elderly Original Peaches and friend went to Las Vegas. Meanwhile Dan unveils his totally original, copyrighted concept, …

The Flop House: Episode #154 - I, Frankenstein

June 14th, 2014


Yes, Elliott, it should be called I, Frankenstein's Monster, but that doesn't change the fact that we watched I, Frankenstein. Meanwhile Elliott …

The Flop House: Episode #153 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation

May 31st, 2014


Despite being one of the more nothing movies we've ever watched, we somehow crap out what we believe to be our longest episode with G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It's a living. Meanwhile, Dan and Elliott explain what "G.I. …

The Flop House: Episode #152 - Easy Rider: The Ride Back

May 17th, 2014


We discuss Easy Rider: The Ride Back, an object lesson in why you should never let a movie's sequel rights lapse. Meanwhile Dan explains the Flop …

The Flop House: Episode #151 - Any Which Way You Can

May 3rd, 2014


1980 was a simpler time, when you could put Clint Eastwood together with an orangutan, not bother to come up with a story, and release it as a major …

The Flop House: Episode #150 - Grudge Match

April 19th, 2014


Hey remember those DeNiro and Stallone boxing movies you loved? This is also... a movie.

We talk about Grudge Match, the movie that pretends DeNiro has a chance against steroidal Stallone. Meanwhile Dan discusses Kevin …

The Flop House: Episode #149 - Paranoia

April 5th, 2014


Han Solo vs. Commissioner Gordon sounds awesome, until you realize the star of Paranoia is actually a Hemsworth brother. And not the good one. …

The Flop House: Episode #148 - Gangster Squad

March 22nd, 2014


Uh, one question, boss: Doesn't Gangster Squad kind of sound like WE'RE the Gangsters?We return to a big, old-fashioned Hollywood flop with Gangster …

The Flop House: Episode #147 - Devil's Pass AND Awards Floptacular

March 8th, 2014


The solution to "Devil's Kidney Stone."

In which Dan makes the mistake of thinking that, because Renny Harlin directed Devil's Pass, it would be …

The Flop House: Episode #146 - B*A*P*S

February 22nd, 2014


Sort of like M*A*S*H, but not about the army and terrible.Consider our debt to "He's the Housecat (Arthur's Theme)" music video contest winner Dan …

The Flop House: Episode #145 - R.I.P.D.

February 8th, 2014


Ryan Reynolds' abs are RIPD like lettuce.

We ease Elliott back into the Flop House groove with a movie right in our wheelhouse: the Men in …

The Flop House: Episode #144 - Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

January 25th, 2014


First confession: she peed in the pool.

Hallie closes out her monthlong residency subbing for the newly-dad-ified Elliott with a doozy. It's Tyler …

The Flop House: Episode #143 - Battle of the Year

January 11th, 2014


It's the Flop House crew vs. the Dream Team in an all-out dance/bad movie fight to the finish, as we discuss Battle of the Year. Meanwhile, Stu challenges our missing co-host for synopsis supremacy, Dan discusses …

The Flop House: Episode #142 - Getaway

December 28th, 2013


Go away, Getaway

Hawkey Holidays to all the little Flop House boys and girls. Your present is the movie-length chase scene Getaway.  Meanwhile,  Dan …

The Flop House: Episode #141 - Last Ounce of Courage

December 14th, 2013


You can have my Christmas when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

Hey, remember when we all used to celebrate Christmas? Last Ounce of Courage takes …

The Flop House: Episode #140 - After Earth

November 30th, 2013



It's the movie they tried to pretend M. Night Shyamalan had nothing to do with: After Earth.  Meanwhile,  Elliott introduces us to the Crypt Keeper's brother, Stuart meets his Phantasm hero, …

The Flop House: Episode #139 - Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

November 16th, 2013


Two is the Cloneliest Number

The three peaches spend this episode cloning around about Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, as part of a podcrawl with Read it and Weep (who took on Episode I) and Proudly Resents …

The Flop House: Episode #138 - Foodfight!

November 2nd, 2013


Simulates a real Foodfight, in that it leaves you pained, sticky, and wanting to vomit.

Hey, you guys ever think to yourself, "I like Toy Story, but …

The Flop House: Episode #137 - The Purge

October 19th, 2013


Sequel to "The Binge"

Hey guys, who do you think you're gonna murder during The Purge this year? Meanwhile, Dan argues for greater creativity in purge-crime, Elliott introduces "Spoiler Alert Rod Serling," and Stuart …

The Flop House: Episode #136 - ATM

October 5th, 2013


Really captures the boredom of waiting at the ATM.

Thank you ATM for blowing the lid off the all-too-common crime of ATM serial killing. Meanwhile, Stuart discovers the concept of the spoiler alert, and Elliott and Dan …

The Flop House: Episode #135 - Olympus Has Fallen

September 21st, 2013


Help, Olympus Has Fallen, and it can't get up!

(No detailed notes this week, because 2/3 of the Original Peaches are in Los Angeles this weekend, …

The Flop House: Episode #134 - Upside Down

September 7th, 2013


Unfortunately not the sequel to Topsy-Turvy.

Upside Down is a movie about two young lovers from planets with reverse gravity, and we somehow make it …

The Flop House_ Episode #133 - Bullet to the Head

August 24th, 2013


More accurately, bullet "in" the head, and then quickly "out" of the head.

Walter Hill has made several great movies in his career. Is Bullet to the …

The Flop House: Episode #132 - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

August 10th, 2013


The prequel to Teen Witch (we assume).

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters was produced by Adam McCay, so it was clearly meant as a goof, but is that enough? Meanwhile, Elliott makes an indecent proposal, Dan reveals a …

The Flop House: Episode #131 - Marmaduke

July 27th, 2013


We hope the psychic damage we endured was worth it do you guys: we finally caved and watched Marmaduke. Meanwhile, Elliott reveals Marmaduke's …

The Flop House: Episode #130 - The Scarlet Letter

July 13th, 2013


Ebert was right about you.

0:00 - 0:29 - Introduction and theme.0:30 - 8:00 - We take a long time to reveal something that's revealed in the episode title.8:01 - 40:09 - Nathaniel Hawthorne's timeless classic about bath …

The Flop House: Episode #129 - A Good Day to Die Hard

June 29th, 2013


Yippee ki-yay, mother floppers.

0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 39:03 - An old man goes to Russia and crashes a lot of cars.39:04- 43:35- …

The Flop House Movie Minute - LIVE SHOW EXCERPT

June 22nd, 2013


A little something extra from our Jaws: The Revenge live screening

The Flop House: Episode #128 - Red Dawn

June 15th, 2013



0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 36:26 - North Korea would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling …

The Flop House: Episode #127 - Safe Haven

June 1st, 2013


Oh Nicholas Sparks, you're the creepiest!

APOLOGIES for the audio issues in this episode -- specifically Dan's ear-splitting levels. It does get …

The Flop House: Episode #126 - Playing for Keeps

May 18th, 2013


The Butler did it.

0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 34:16 - You play a good game, Butler! But do you play... for KEEPS?34:17 - 36:16- Final judgments.36:17 - 38:43 - A word from our sponsor.38:44 - 53:53 - …

The Flop House: Episode #125 - Smiley

May 5th, 2013


Warning: listening to this podcast may result in a Smiley attack.

0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 32:22 - It takes us even longer than …

The Flop House: Episode #124 - Stolen

April 20th, 2013



0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 36:00 - Some people just feel like home, y'know? Like Nic Cage in Stolen.36:01 - 38:56 …

The Flop House: Episode #123 - That's My Boy

April 6th, 2013


Boy-wise, whose would you say that is?

0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 36:29 - Samberg and Sandler. Together alphabetically, now together …

The Flop House: Episode #122 - Alex Cross

March 23rd, 2013


The beefy hand of justice!

0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 39:41- Alex Cross gonna make you jump, jump.39:42 - 43:32 - Final judgments.43:33 - 45:21 - Some brief plugs.45:22 - 55:43 - Flop House Movie …

Flop House Classic - Old Dogs

March 12th, 2013


A fan-chosen repeat of a classic episode. Enjoy re-living the misery!

The Flop House: Awards Floptacular 2013!

March 8th, 2013


0:00 - 0:32 - Floptacular introduction and theme.0:33 - 27:59 - A discussion of this year's Academy Awards. Remember when those were on? Like three …

The Flop House: Episode #121 - The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

February 23rd, 2013


Dan's surgery kept him from writing up detailed show notes, which is lame, we know. But come on. Between that and Oogieloves, hasn't he suffered enough?

The Flop House: Episode #120 - The Paperboy

February 9th, 2013


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 40:59 - When we were paperboys, we remember a lot less rough sex.41:00 - 42:38 - Final judgments42:29 - 54:32 - Flop House Movie Mailbag54:33 - 1:03:00 - The sad bastards …

The Flop House: Episode #119 - The Odd Life of Timothy Green

January 26th, 2013


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 34:36 - That kid's really turning over a new leaf. A NEW LEAF. GET IT? Aaaaah, you don't get it.34:37 - 37:20 - Final judgments37:21 - 38:06 - Plugs38:07 - 54:29 - The only …

The Flop House: Episode #118 - Total Recall

January 12th, 2013


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 42:19 - Hey, Len Wiseman's never made a bad action film starring his wife Kate Beckensale, right? Right?42:20 - 45:14 - Final judgments45:15 - 47:30 - Plugs47:31 - 57:19 - The …

The Flop House: Episode #117 - Seeking Justice

December 29th, 2012


0:00 - 0:30 - Introduction and theme.0:31 - 37:37 - The Original Peaches ring out 2012 and ring in the New Year with the man who has given us so …

The Flop House: Episode #116 - Rock of Ages

December 15th, 2012


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme.0:32 - 35:10 - Fan favorite Hallie Haglund subs in for Stu in our discussion of the jukebox gloss-fest, Rock of Ages.35:11 - 39:28 - Final judgments39:29 - 56:58 - Flop House Movie …

The Flop House: Episode #115 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

December 2nd, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 41:07 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter takes us on a 100% accurate tour through American history.41:08 - …

The Flop House: Episode #114 - Abduction

November 16th, 2012


Due to Election Day and vacation travel scheduling, show notes for this episode are unavailable. Our apologies. Here is a picture of a funny cat:

The Flop House: Episode #113 - The Devil Inside

October 28th, 2012


Detailed show notes canceled on account of hurricane.

The Flop House: Episode #112 - The Raven

October 13th, 2012


0:00 - 0:36 - Introduction and SHOCKtober theme.0:37 - 31:33 - Quoth The Raven, "Wouldn't it be cool if Poe, like, fought a serial killer?!"31:34 - …

The Flop House: Episode #111 - A Little Bit of Heaven

September 29th, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 31:34 - Isn't it always the way? You meet the man of your dreams, and God gives you butt cancer.31:35 - 32:44 - Final judgments32:45 - 41:55 - Some thanks, some plugs, but …

The Flop House: Episode #110 - Battleship

September 15th, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 37:37 - A movie as bloated and overlong as Battleship deserves one of our most bloated and overlong discussions, right?37:38 - 40:07 - Final judgments40:08 - 42:33 - A plug …

The Flop House: Episode #109 - Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

September 1st, 2012


Apologies for the lack of more detailed show notes, as 2/3 of the Flop House are busy traveling for the GOP and Democratic conventions.

The Flop House: Episode #108 - Passion Play

August 19th, 2012


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 35:10 - At least Passion Play is the first Megan Fox movie that's not bad BECAUSE of Megan Fox. That's gotta be worth something, right?35:11 - 38:26 - Final judgments38:27 - …

The Flop House: Episode #107 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

August 5th, 2012


0:00 - 0:36 - Introduction and theme.0:37 - 33:57 - It's not much of a Ghost Rider movie, but at least it has spirit.33:58 - 38:55 - A recap …

The Flop House: Episode #106 - Immortals

July 21st, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 3:57 - After a brief interjection from "The Top House," we take on the perversion of Greek mythology, …

The Flop House: Episode #105 - A Thousand Words

June 30th, 2012


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and theme.0:38 - 3:57 - Some talk of Dan's stubble and much talk of his national TV debut3:58 - 32:45 - A discussion of A …

The Flop House: Episode #104 - Atlas Shrugged

June 17th, 2012


0:00 - 0:29- Introduction and theme.0:30 - 2:12 - We re-introduce guest host Zhubin Parang2:14 - 36:55 - Hey look everyone! It's a dopey thing that …

The Flop House: Episode #103 - One For the Money

June 3rd, 2012


0:00 - 0:48- Introduction, live show reminder, and theme.0:49 - 4:23 - More nonsense than usual.4:24 - 36:18 - When you think "bounty hunter" you think Katherine Heigl. 36:19 - 38:55 - Final judgements38:56 - 50:17 - …

The Flop House: Episode #102 - Cowboys & Aliens

May 19th, 2012


0:00 - 0:31- Introduction and theme.0:32 - 2:15 - Stu talks Puerto Rico and celebrity beefs  2:16 - 36:29 - 'Allo 'allo, it's me, Danyul Craig, wot's …

The Flop House: Episode #101 - The Last Godfather

May 5th, 2012


0:00 - 0:35- Introduction and theme.0:36 - 9:15 - Our guest, Al Madrigal, regales us with tales of what it's like to actually appear in a Flop House-quality film.  9:16 - 49:40 - A discussion of The Last Godfather, a …

The Flop House: Episode #100 - Tango & Cash

April 21st, 2012


0:00 - 0:44 - Introduction and theme.0:45 - 3:50 - We waste a little time celebrating a meaningless milestone3:51 - 44:04 - A discussion of America's filmmaking apex: Tango & Cash44:05 - 1:00:00 - The Flop House …

The Flop House: Episode #99 - The Three Musketeers

April 7th, 2012


0:00 - 0:36 - Introduction and theme.0:37 - 5:37 - We discuss In Time's "Olivia Wildegate" scandal5:38 - 34:34 - The Three Musketeers has inspired at …

The Flop House: Episode #98 - In Time

March 23rd, 2012


But there was time! Time enough... at last!

The Flop House: Episode #97 - Awards Floptacular 2012

March 4th, 2012


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 34:00 - We discuss The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' top honor. You know, the one they entrusted to Billy Crystal.34:01 - 44:29 - We bestow the most coveted of …

The Flop House: Episode #96 - Dream House

February 18th, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:50 - The peaches reacquaint themselves with each other and this thing called "podcasting."2:51 - 30:20 - We discuss Nic Cage's latest Flop House joint, Trespass, which …

The Flop House: Episode #96 - Trespass

January 28th, 2012


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 6:41 - We introduce our special guest, fellow Daily Show writer Zhubin Parang, and extend thanks to all who came to the live show.6:42 - 37:15 - We discuss Nic Cage's latest …

The Flop House: Episode #94 - Conan the Barbarian

January 14th, 2012


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:30 - A lot of nonsense about bears.0:33 - 2:56 - The usual bullshit.2:57 - 32:08 - Conan hears the …

The Flop House: Episode #93 - Green Lantern

December 21st, 2011


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:56 - The usual bullshit.2:57 - 36:23 - Look! Up in the air! It's a Granny Smith apple! It's Kermit! No, …

The Flop House: Episode #92 - Country Strong

December 4th, 2011


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 4:03 - A little discussion of Stuart's wedding and related matters.4:04 - 34:24 - Kevin James tries so hard, bless his giant heart.34:25 - 36:45 - Final judgments36:46 - 41:46 …

The Flop House: Episode #91 - Zookeeper

November 21st, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 6:43 - We introduce our guest host, Hallie Haglund -- Daily Show writer, Dan-and-Elliott friend, and Elliott's office-mate --who regales us with embarrassing KalanTales.6:44 - …

The Flop House: Episode #90 - Red Riding Hood

October 29th, 2011


0:00 - 0:43 - Introduction and SHOCKTOBER theme.0:44 - 9:15 - It's the Original Peaches plus one, when we're joined by Stuart's soon-to-be best man Alexander Smith. Topics are discussed and bachelor parties alluded …

The Flop House: Episode #89 - Season of the Witch

October 15th, 2011


Show notes/timecode delayed on account of busy weekend.

The Flop House: Episode #88 - Priest

October 1st, 2011


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and theme.0:38 - 4:10 - We introduce our guest, Tom Silvestro, and gripe more about our ongoing technical problems.4:11 - …

The Flop House: Episode #87 - My Soul to Take

September 17th, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 6:43 - The technical difficulties saga continues.6:44 - 30:01 - You'd think there would be a lot to talk …

The Flop House: Episode #86 - The Happiest Millionaire

September 2nd, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 4:17 - We discuss our recent technical difficulties.4:18 - 27:57 - You'd think there would be a lot to …

The Flop House: Episode #85 - Limitless

July 31st, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 2:23 - Elliott's public airing of grievances.2:24 - 39:26 - We find a surprising amount to say about the …

The Flop House: Episode #84 - Sucker Punch

July 17th, 2011


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 5:28 - Tales of Cobra Commander and Twin Sitters5:29 - 32:05 - Zach Snyder somehow finds a way to ruin …

The Flop House: Episode #83 - I Am Number Four

June 25th, 2011


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 5:48 - We discuss our GLOWING Onion AV Club mention.5:49 - 33:34 - Nothing starts a franchise better than a movie clearly only designed to start a franchise.  Case in point: I …

The Flop House: Episode #82 - Drive Angry

June 12th, 2011


0:00 - 0:38 - Introduction and theme.0:39 - 31:15- We officially turn this bad movie podcast into a Nic Cagecast, with our discussion of Drive Angry.31:16 - 33:36 - Final judgments.33:35 - 48:15 - Flop House Movie …

The Flop House: Episode #81 - The Roommate

May 28th, 2011


0:00 - 0:41 - Introduction and theme.0:42 - 8:29 - Stuart helps Dan deliver some big news by setting up a bit at length and then seeming totally uninterested in the payoff.8:30 - 29:35 - We seem to have less to say …

The Flop House: Movie Minute #36 - A Shameless Plug

May 21st, 2011


The gang had to take the week off, but Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh from the zine "I Love Bad Movies" ( are here to tell you about an exciting LIVE FLOP HOUSE EVENT, that the floppers are preparing …

The Flop House: Episode #80 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

May 7th, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 5:56 - The usual gang takes a few moments to reacquaint themselves, after a month of guest hosts, and …

The Flop House: Episode #79 - Knight and Day

April 22nd, 2011


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 6:57 - We're so delighted by our special MYSTERY GUEST (whose identity is ruined in the show description) that we take even longer than usual to get to the point.6:58 - 47:29 …

The Flop House: Episode #78 - Gooby

April 10th, 2011


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 4:28 - We introduce guest host Andy Rocco, and challenge him to justify himself.4:29 - 47:22 - We find a surprising amount to talk about in Gooby, almost managing to keep to …

The Flop House: Episode #77 - Skyline

March 27th, 2011


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 30:55 - We discuss the Battle: Los Angeles prequel, Skyline.  What, it's not a prequel?30:56 - 34:20 - Final judgments.34:21 - 53:05 - Donations and Flop House Movie …

The Flop House's Third Annual Awards Floptacular

March 5th, 2011


0:00 - 0:53 - Red carpet introduction0:54 - 35:51 - In contrast to EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET and our usual tendency to hate on things, we actually didn't mind the Oscars. 35:52 - 45:25 - Flop House Movie Mailbag45:26 - …

The Flop House: Episode #75 - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

February 17th, 2011


p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 20.0px; font: 13.0px 'Trebuchet MS'; color: #cccccc}

0:00 - 0:35 - Introduction and theme

0:36 - …

The Flop House: Episode #74 - Valentine's Day

February 5th, 2011


0:00 - 0:39 - SEXY Introduction and theme0:40 - 3:27 - We work ourselves up into discussing the movie with some of our usual gibberish.0:28 - 36:41- Cuddle up tight with your loved one and share your most romantic pair …

The Flop House: Episode #73 - Devil

January 22nd, 2011


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme0:33 - 36:30- Sure M. Night Shyamalan makes amazing Flop House movies as a director and as a writer, but can he bring that same anti-magic as a producer?36:31 - 38:18- Final …

The Flop House: Episode #72 - Killers

January 8th, 2011


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 4:00 - We re-introduce guest host Lou Fernandez of Lou Reads the Internet for You.4:01 - 34:20 - We talk …

The Flop House: Episode #71 - The Last Airbender

December 19th, 2010


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme.0:32 - 33:37 - How much air could an airbender bend if an airbender could bend air? The answer is surprisingly …

The Flop House: Episode #69 - Big Money Rustlas

November 12th, 2010


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 4:15 - We kill a little time needling Elliott and remembering Dino de Laurentiis.4:16 - 29:36 - Fuckin' movies, how do they work?29:37- 33:16 - Final judgments33:17 - 39:27 - …

The Flop House: Episode #68 - Teen Witch

October 29th, 2010


p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 20.0px; font: 13.0px 'Trebuchet MS'; color: #010101}

0:00 - 0:35 - Introduction and SHOCKTOBER …

The Flop House: Episode #67 - The Uninvited

October 16th, 2010


0:00 - 0:39 - Introduction and SHOCKTOBER theme.0:40 - 35:46 - Turns out "The Uninvited" isn't a horror movie about an angry guest who didn't get invited to Elliott's wedding.  Instead, it's about ghosts or crazy …

The Flop House: Episode #66 - Blood: The Last Vampire

October 2nd, 2010


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and SHOCKTOBER theme.0:38 - 8:47 - We spend nearly ten minutes introducing our special guest Federico Hatoum, and explaining why we've been M.I.A. for over a month.8:48 - 28:49 - We talk about …

The Flop House - Episode #65: Old Dogs

August 15th, 2010


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 6:13 - So much talk about weddings that you'd think you were listening to three schoolgirls, if not for …

The Flop House: Episode #64 - Repo Men

July 30th, 2010


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:34 - 27:35 - Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker repossess both our will to live and to discuss the movie Repo Men.27:36 - 33:19 - Final judgments, and Elliott rambling Lethal Weapon 2 …

The Flop House: Episode #63 - From Paris With Love

July 9th, 2010


0:00 - 0:16 - Introduction and theme

0:17 - 34:17 - Luc Besson is usually good for some dumb thrills.  Take away the thrills, and you have From Paris With Love.

34:18 - 36:55 - Final judgments

36:56 - 41:30 - …

The Flop House: Episode #62 - Legion

June 19th, 2010


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme0:35 - 40:51 - God has decided to punish us. Not by sending all of the angels from heaven to wipe out humanity - …

The Flop House: Episode #61 - Surrogates

June 5th, 2010


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme0:33 - 34:34 - Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry, when we take you out in our discussion of Surrogates.34:35 - 37:20 - Final judgments38:21 - 45:55 - The Flop House Movie …

The Flop House: Episode #60 - All About Steve

May 20th, 2010


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme0:35 - 2:30 - We reintroduce special guest host Brock Mahan.2:31 - 36:53 - We put on our critics' high-heeled red leather books to take on the no-rom, no-com, rom-com All About …

The Flop House: Episode #59 - Law Abiding Citizen

May 9th, 2010


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme0:34 - 2:24 - We waste a few minutes talking about how long it's been since we've invaded your ear-holes.2:25 - …

The Flop House: Episode #58 - Twilight: New Moon

April 11th, 2010


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme0:35 - 37:36 - Hail, hail, the gang's all here. Which gang? All of the supposedly-full-time Flop House co-hosts!  …

The Flop House: Episode #57 - Sorority Row

March 27th, 2010


0:00 - 0:36 - Introduction and theme0:37 - 8:10 - Before getting down to business we discuss Stuart's vacation, Dan's nasal surgery, and the acting career of guest host Eric Zuckerman.8:11 - 39:48 - We talk about …

The Flop House_ Episode #56 - Whiteout

March 6th, 2010


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:31 - 5:00 - We reintroduce guest co-host Amanda Melson, and spend nearly five full minutes reminiscing about …

The Flop House: Episode #55 - The Ugly Truth

February 21st, 2010


0:00 - 0:30 - Introduction and theme 0:31 - 3:35 - Stuart wastes all of our time by discussing his upcoming 30th birthday. 3:36 - 34:25 - If your criteria for a romantic comedy is that it contains the words "the" and …

The Flop House: Episode 54 - Gamer

February 7th, 2010


0:00 - 0:36 - Introductions and Theme0:37 - 33:42- We welcome Matt Koff, our second guest host of a still-young 2010, and we introduce him to a rising star named Gerard Butler, in a little film called Gamer.33:43 - …

The Flop House: Episode #53 - Hannah Montana: The Movie

January 23rd, 2010


0:00 - 0:34 - Introductions and Theme0:35 - 3:00 - We welcome Elliott back and, for some reason, Stuart wastes time quizzing him and Dan about current events.3:01 - 37:24 - We discuss Hannah Montana: The Movie, because …

The Flop House: Episode #52 - Dragonball: Evolution

January 10th, 2010


0:00 - 0:36 - Introductions and Theme0:37 - 3:47 - We introduce our guest co-host, Nigel Wood.3:48 - 29:50 - We discuss 90 minutes of bright colors, …

The Flop House: Episode #51 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

December 12th, 2009


0:00 - 0:32 - Introductions and Theme0:33 - 1:37 - We introduce our special guest, Flop House contest winner Dash.1:38 - 43:35 - As four comic book …

The Flop House: Episode #50 - Delgo

November 22nd, 2009


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme0:35 - 3:40 - We devote a little time to patting ourselves on the back for reaching fifty episodes.3:41 - 28:51 - We celebrate our fiftieth anniversary by discussing Delgo, the movie …

The Flop House: Episode #49 - Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

November 8th, 2009


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and theme0:38 - 39:10- We dive right in and discuss a movie based on a video game character that was only popular because …

The Flop House: Episode #48 - The Chaos Experiment

October 26th, 2009


0:00 - 0:56 - Introduction, APOLOGY, and theme0:57 - 4:00 - The return of Dan's least favorite reoccurring segment.4:01 - 41:41- Dan, Stu, and Elliott make vicious fun of a movie you've never heard of, giving the lie to …

The Flop House Movie Minute #31 - VIDEO - The Flop House Live

October 18th, 2009


Our first ever video podcast lets you join us in NYC, at the UCB Theater, for the Flop House's guest appearance on Andy Rocco's Hipster Show.

The Flop House: Episode #47 - The Unborn

October 10th, 2009


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and SPOOKY theme0:35 - 2:27 - The usual off-topic nonsense up front.2:28 - 30:44- Finally, the pro-abortion, …

The Flop House: Episode #46 - Obsessed

September 27th, 2009


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme0:34 - 4:14- We engage in a hilarious bit about how everyone spent last weekend.4:15 - 28:26- Race-baiting mixed with Fatal Attraction seems like a recipe for trashy film fun.  And …

The Flop House Movie Minute #30 - New Web Address

September 20th, 2009


A commercial for our new, more convenient web address.

The Flop House: Episode #45 - Skinwalkers

September 13th, 2009


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:32 - 3:58- We introduce our guests, lycanthropy activists Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers.3:59 - 35:58 - What are "Skinwalkers?" Are they ancient legendary beasts?  Are they sufferers …

The Flop House: Episode #44 - Knowing

August 29th, 2009


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme0:34 - 33:52 - The original Peaches unearth a time capsule with a warning for all mankind: avoid Knowing.33:53 - …

The Flop House_ Episode #43 - Righteous Kill

August 15th, 2009


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and theme0:38 - 5:20 - We spend some time discussing Stuart's penis and introduce our guest host, Meghan O'Neill.5:21 - 36:59 - How many lousy movies do two of the greatest actors of their …

Movie Minute Klassic - Comic Heroes

August 9th, 2009


The Flop House gets just as lazy in August as anyone else, so while we're on vacation, please enjoy this rerun of our most popular movie minute.

The Flop House: Episode #42 - Paul Blart: Mall Cop

August 2nd, 2009


0:00 - 0:30 - Introduction and theme0:31 - 3:09 - We introduce our guest host, Brock Mahan.3:10 - 30:55 - We watch that mall cop movie. No, not that one. The dumb one.30:56 - 34:00- Final judgments34:01 - 39:42 - The …

The Flop House Movie Minute #28 - Criterion Collection

July 26th, 2009


Lou Fernandez of helps us out by lending his melifluous pipes and his sophisticated producing style to this advertisement.

The Flop House_ Episode #41 - 12 Rounds

July 20th, 2009


Dan was out of town this weekend, so he didn't have time to write full
show notes for this episode, but he did have time to post it, and HERE

The Flop House Movie Minute #27 - Oscar Double Down

July 12th, 2009


Thanks to recording in advance, we're a little late to the party discussing the Oscar Best Picture change.

The Flop House: Episode #40 - Friday the 13th

June 28th, 2009


0:00 - 0:35 - Introduction and theme0:36 - 39:20 - We apparently have more to say about Friday the 13th than any movie we've watched previously.39:21 - 43:40- The most shocking final judgments yet.43:41 - 51:24 - …

The Flop House: Episode #39 - Bride Wars

June 13th, 2009


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:32 - 2:22 - We introduce our guest host: stand-up comedian and comedy writer Amanda Melson.2:23 - 31:20 - In …

The Flop House: Episode #38 - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

May 30th, 2009


0:00 - 0:41 - Introduction and theme0:42 -  31:36 - We discuss Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the movie that made talking Chihuahuas a national sensation. Wait... I'm thinking of Taco Bell.31:36 - 38:38 - Final judgments38:39 …

The Flop House Movie Minute #25 - Remake Reuse Recycle

May 25th, 2009


Elliott lists some terrible remake ideas, while Stu contributes a remake he'd like to see.

The Flop House: Episode #37 - Seven Pounds

May 17th, 2009


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:34 -  27:04 - Will Smith.  Rosario Dawson.  A Jellyfish.  The formula for a blockbuster smash?  We discuss …

The Flop House Movie Minute #24 - 18 Again, Again

May 11th, 2009


America swaps bodies with its younger self, to go back to a time when body-swap movies were popular.

The Flop House: Episode #36 - The Spirit

May 3rd, 2009


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme0:34 -  31:12 - After a brief trip south of the border, we talk about The Spirit. The movie that manages to make …

The Flop House: Episode #35 - Fireproof

April 16th, 2009


0:00 - 0:35 - Introduction and theme.0:36 - 29:03 - We are way, way too soft on Fireproof, in order to avoid ticking off our vast, yet nonexistent, audience of evangelical listeners.29:04 - 35:26 - Final judgments. …

The Flop House: Episode #34 - Mirrors

March 28th, 2009


0:00 - 0:38 - Introduction and theme.0:39 - 30:46 - Is Mirrors scarier or less scary than any other horror film starring an inanimate object?30:47 - 33:46 - Final judgments.  33:47 - 43:35 - Letters from listeners and a …

The Flop House Movie Minute #22 - Extended Outtakes

March 22nd, 2009


Since people seem to enjoy the outtakes, here's an extended peek behind the Flop House curtain, with even more talk of Demon Knight and other topics.

The Flop House: Episode #33 - An American Carol

March 15th, 2009


No time for show notes this week, but enjoy the episode.

Academy Awards Flopstacular 2009!

March 1st, 2009


Apologies for the sound quality of this show.  We had sound issues we weren't aware of until well after the taping.0:00 - 0:26 - Theme0:27 - 45:34 - …

The Flop House Movie Minute #20 - Pool Cleaning

February 21st, 2009


Clean up in your Oscar pool the scientific way!

The Flop House: Episode #31 - Swing Vote

February 15th, 2009


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 3:41 - We introduce guest host extraordinaire Will Hines.3:42 - 33:37 - What happens when the American …

Flop House Klassic - Untraceable

February 8th, 2009


Dan was on vacation this week, and he owns all the recording equipment.  So, until next week's new episode, please enjoy this re-run.

The Flop House Movie Minute #19 - Oscar Bait

February 1st, 2009


We make up for our lost movie minute with our longest supplemental episode yet, about how the Oscars are always wrong.

The Flop House: Episode #30 - Bangkok Dangerous

January 25th, 2009


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:32 - 22:00 - Watch out for Nicholas Cage. That motherfucker is BANGKOK Dangerous.22:01 - 34:35 - We get bored …

The Flop House: Episode #29 - Step Up 2: The Streets

January 11th, 2009


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:32 - 2:00 - We reintroduce ourselves, after our long winter's nap.2:01 - 33:51- In the long tradition of dance films, this is certainly one of them.33:52 - 36:40 - Final …

The Flop House Movie Minute #18 - Misfit Toys

December 22nd, 2008


Christmas specials under the microscope.The music you hear in this episode is Hark the Herald Angels sing, as performed by Doug Hammer on the album Noel, courtesy of, which provides free Christmas …

The Flop House: Episode #28 - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

December 14th, 2008


0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and theme.0:35 - 5:04 - We spend the first five minutes talking about a movie about toys that WASN'T the one we watched, released more than a decade ago.5:05 - 11:14 - We make a brief feint at …

The Flop House: Episode #27 - 27 Dresses

November 22nd, 2008


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:15 - Mustaches are much discussed.2:16 - 32:22 - We talk about the Katherine Heigel rom-com 27 Dresses, and show our affinity for the material by staying on-topic almost …

The Flop House Movie Minute #16 - Missed Connections

November 15th, 2008


We present this alternate, much shorter, version of the Al Pacino film 88 Minutes.

The Flop House: Episode #26 - 88 Minutes

November 9th, 2008


0:00 - 0:30 - Introduction and theme.0:31 - 5:02 - We explain why we're the dynamic duo this week, and talk about how much we miss Stuart.  Also: we engage in the name-droppiest name dropping yet, as Elliott tells the …

The Flop House Movie Minute #15 - Hor-nutz!

October 26th, 2008


Stuart's harrowing tale of survival is now a zany comedy starring Seth Rogan.

The Flop House: Episode #25 - The Happening

October 19th, 2008


0:00 - 0:39 - Introduction and theme.0:40 - 41:28 - It's a Flop House event!  We've been waiting so long for the DVD release for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening that we jump right in and don't stop talking about it …

The Flop House Movie Minute #14 - McShane-McCain

October 11th, 2008


In the first edition of Name Droppin', Elliott talks about working with Ian McShane.

The Flop House: Episode #24 - Prom Night

October 4th, 2008


0:00 - 0:37 - Introduction and theme.0:38 - 1:54 - The whole team is back together again, so to celebrate they ramble off-topic for a while.1:55 - …

The Flop House Movie Minute #13 - Rainy Day Fun

September 27th, 2008


We give you directions on how to make your own Flop House at home.

Flop House Klassic - Bratz

September 21st, 2008


What do you get when Stuart is out of town on vacation, Elliott is busy transitioning from one high-stress television comedy job to another high-stress television comedy job, and Dan is having Internet problems?  A …

The Flop House: Episode #23 - Wild Hogs

September 14th, 2008


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:45 - We welcome back Elliott Kalan, make fun of Stuart, and reintroduce Ritch Duncan.2:46 - 40:22 - We make up for our spottily-released late summer shows by making this our …

The Flop House: Episode #22 - Vantage Point

August 24th, 2008


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:30 - We introduce our guest co-host, leggy comedienne Sara Schaefer.2:31 - 35:29 - We each give our vantage points on the film Vantage Point.  See what I did there?  I made …

Flop House Movie Minute #11 - Listener Feedback

August 10th, 2008


We talk with the listeners, walk with the listeners.

The Flop House: Episode #21 - One Missed Call

August 3rd, 2008


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 1:57 - We take a moment to discuss Stuart's choice of attire.1:58 - 38:02 - We discuss the film One Missed Call, the movie that asks the question, "Can anything be all bad, if …

On Vacation

July 27th, 2008


The movie minute is taking a summer vacation this week, but we don't want to leave you empty-handed, so enjoy this audio sketch.

The Flop House: Episode #20 - 10,000 B.C.

July 21st, 2008


0:00 - 0:33 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 2:47 - We have our usual difficulty getting down to business.2:48 - 30:30 - Would 10,000 B.C. have been …

The Flop House Movie Minute #10 - Teen Wolf

July 13th, 2008


Warm nostalgia swaddles the show, as the gang discusses Teen Wolf.

The Flop House: Episode 20 - Premonition

July 6th, 2008


0:00 - 0:31 - Introduction and theme0:32 - 30:20 - After welcoming back oft-absent co-host Elliott Kalan and dispensing with some off-topic comics talk, we celebrate Independence Day by examining the slow decline of …

The Flop House Movie Minute #9 - Twin Sitters

June 30th, 2008


We briefly discuss a barbarian-sized hit. Also: fully clothed breasts!

The Flop House: Episode #20 - Jumper

June 22nd, 2008


0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.0:33 - 1:21 - We introduce special guest host, Matt Koff.1:22 - 29:19 - Jump! For my love! Jump in! ...Is a song we'd rather be listening to, than watching the film Jumper, starring …

The Flop House Movie Minute #8 - Twisted Trailers

June 15th, 2008


Trailers for some of this summer's biggest films.

The Flop House Movie Minute #7 - Deleted Scenes

June 2nd, 2008


We present an extended cut from a horror movie classic.

The Flop House: Episode #16 - Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

May 17th, 2008


In the battle between Alien and Predator, there can be only one winner, and you can bet it's not the viewing public.  Meanwhile, Stuart reveals a shocking secret about vaginas, Dan does a sub-par 70's TV impression, and …

The Flop House Movie Minute #6 - Con Men

May 11th, 2008


The Flop House makes a foray into near-journalism and visits the NY ComiCon.

The Flop House: Episode #15 - D-Wars: Dragon Wars

May 4th, 2008


We answer the question, "How bad could a movie with dragon wars possibly be?"  Meanwhile, Dan pitches a new Bikini-themed movie, Elliott has a …

The Flop House Movie Minute #5 - Moral Lessons

April 27th, 2008


A heartwarming story about spiders disintegrates into despair and recrimination.  Enjoy!

The Flop House Movie Minute #3 - Coming Attractions

April 5th, 2008


We devote this Flop House Movie Minute to the ultimate in nostalgia sequels.

The Flop House: Episode Thirteen - The Invasion

March 30th, 2008


In our least-edited show yet we discover that big stars, glossy production values, and a classic story can't save you from being snatch'd by the Flop House, as we discuss The Invasion.  Meanwhile, Elliott tries to sell …

The Flop House Movie Minute #2 - A Beckinsale Tale

March 23rd, 2008


In the second of our short, supplemental episodes, noted raconteur Stuart Wellington describes his encounter with noted werewolf-hunter Kate …

The Flop House: Episode Twelve - Awake

March 15th, 2008


0:00 - 0:30 - Introduction and theme.0:30 - 3:21 - We waste a fair amount of time talking about our new microphones.3:22 - 28:50 - Jessica Alba AND Hayden Christensen?  Is there any way the movie Awake CAN'T be …

The Flop House Movie Minute #1

March 9th, 2008


We're going to start producing short, supplemental episodes to put out in weeks without a full-length Flop House, so that listeners don't have to …

The Flop House: Episode Eleven - Awards Floptacular

March 6th, 2008


Special guest Elliott Kalan returns to discuss what has been called "The Academy Awards of movies," the Oscars. Meanwhile, Stuart hands out tips about the Internet, Dan learns what it means to be a really unlikely …

The Flop House: Episode Ten - Good Luck Chuck

February 25th, 2008


Comedian Ritch Duncan joins us, to talk about Good Luck Chuck, starring "comedian" Dane Cook, in a poignant film about love lost, found, and crotch-biting penguins. Meanwhile Dan makes a plea for exploitation …

Flop House Episode Nine - Next

January 28th, 2008


In this episode, Colbert Report staff writer Frank Lesser joins us, to see what happens next, in Next (hint: it has something to do with Nicholas …

The Flop House: Episode 8 - I Know Who Killed Me

December 20th, 2007


Daily Show segment producer and Metro columnist Elliott Kalan joins us, to discuss Lindsay Lohan's tour de force dual performance as a girl and …

The Flop House: Episode Seven - Mr. Brooks

December 7th, 2007


In our first episode sans Simon, we welcome friend-of-the-show Jeanette Laird to the guest host seat, to discuss the Kevin Costner split-personality serial killer film Mr. Brooks.  Meanwhile, Stuart makes a movie pitch, …

The Flop House: Episode Six - Perfect Stranger

November 18th, 2007


In this episode, the gang chats about Perfect Stranger, the top Internet chat-based thriller that was released twenty years after Internet chatting was invented. Meanwhile, Stuart engages in some creative screenplay …

The Flop House: Episode Five - Saw III

October 29th, 2007

In the second of our special Halloween episodes, the gang gets caught in the deathtrap that is Saw III.
Meanwhile, Simon spins an elaborate handstand analogy, Stuart gets turned on by Icyface, and Dan offers Jigsaw's …

The Flop House: Episode 4 - The Number 23

October 8th, 2007


In this episode, the team examines the sure-misfire team-up of Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher. The Number 23.  Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, Simon rails against twist endings; Stuart discusses digital sex (but not in …

The Flop House: Episode Three - A Sound of Thunder

September 17th, 2007


The Flop House team listens to (and, unfortunately, watches) A Sound of Thunder.  Meanwhile, Simon plans a diamond heist, Stu does a little Edward …

The Flop House: Episode Two - Memory

September 1st, 2007


In the second episode of The Flop House, the team travels deep into unexplored reaches of the Billy Zane catalogue, to unearth the a repressed (or at least barely theatrically released) Memory.  Meanwhile, Simon …

The Flop House: Episode One - Stealth

August 14th, 2007


In the inaugural episode of The Flop House, the team examines Rob Cohen's fighter-plane-run-amok film Stealth.  Meanwhile, Simon discusses sex toys, Stuart does some video store filing, and Dan mispronounces "sentient" …

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