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Are you looking for a refreshing spin on Spirituality? enLIGHTenUP is an unconventional podcast of three friends and guests sharing informative, fun and sometimes off-the-wall conversations about spiritual topics ranging from Ascension Symptoms, The Event, UFO’s, The Matrix, Astral Travel, Self-Heal… read more

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2020 Vision Quests, Astrological Insights & Cosmic Cocktail Hour with Mary Dusina (2019)

August 22nd, 2019


The celestial movements reveal the workings of our soul-life, its cycles, rhythms and patterns and in this episode Mary Dusina, a natural …

113: Vampires, Mermaids & the Wicked & Wild Side of The Fairy Realm with Varla Ventura

August 15th, 2019


In this episode we are joined by Varla Ventura, the author of Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor: Ghosts, Seances and Tales of True Hauntings, as well as Fairies, Pookas, and Changelings: A Complete Guide to the Wild …

112: Tunnels of Hell, Chased by a Witch & Paranormal Investigations with The Morning Melon

August 8th, 2019


Today we are joined by The hosts of the Morning Melon podcast, Roderick Redding (Red), and Thurgood Wellington. At the young age of 21 both these young men are living a life without boundaries and without fear. They …

111: Robbing the Grave, Grandma's Got Guns & the Shackles of Domestication with Gary Sugar

August 1st, 2019


Gary Sugar is a Practitioner of Purpose and an advocate for advancement. One of his life missions is to help individuals get off the couch and change their lives, while creating legacies that will inspire the world. …

110: Shadow Hunting, I AM Discovery & Integrating Higher Self Into All 7 Chakras with Jessica Alstrom

July 25th, 2019


Jessica Alstrom joins the conversation once again. In this episode Jessica shares with us her own personal struggles in relationships and how her journey to heal herself and in turn help others to heal, led to the …

109: Unstoppable, Pregnant at 14 & Everything has a Solution until Death with Rocio Perez

July 18th, 2019


In this episode we are joined by the unstoppable Rocio Perez. Rocio is a powerhouse of determination and focus. Born into a life filled with …

108:Freed From Stuck, Unmasking the Ego and Bridges to Your Destiny with Susie Hayes

July 11th, 2019


In this episode we are joined by Susie Hayes. Susie is the author of the award-winning book “FREED from Stuck!” Susie is a Psychotherapist, a Certified Sex Therapist, a Certified Life & Business Coach as well as a …

107: Poltergeists, Channeling at a Car Dealership & Almost Killed by Veganism with Benjamin Stone

July 4th, 2019


Do you think you need to eat a Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, or a certain type of diet to be healthy or spiritual? 

Do you judge yourself or others for the diets they choose?

Well, today we are joined by, Benjamin Stone who …

106: Drinking The Kool-Aid, Escaping A Cult & Intuitive Intervention with Frank Lyford

June 27th, 2019


Former Heaven’s Gate faithful member, Frank Lyford, joins us today. Frank’s story about his 18 years as a member of the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult …

105: Hanging On by a Pinky Finger, Cultural Conundrums & An OG Returns with Michael Ronayne

June 20th, 2019


It’s our 2 year anniversary, so we thought we would surprise everyone with a visit from our original skeptic, Michael Ronayne. 

Michael’s shares with …

104: An ET Hook-Up, Whisperings Of The Angels, and Dancing On The Equal Sign with Michael Daniel

June 13th, 2019


Have you felt like there is a strange sensation of energy running through you?

Do you suddenly want to learn more about health, wellness, spirit …

103:The Dangers of AI, Parallel Universes & New Earth with Aage Nost

June 6th, 2019


Today we are joined, once again with Aage Nost. Aage is an author and expert in fields such as UFO’s, Strange Science, the Paranormal, The real power of the Mind, The Universal Consciousness, Hidden Agendas, …

102: Gender Roles, Lost Intimacy & Why The Cabal Targeted Women with Justin Deschamps

May 30th, 2019


Justin Deschamps from Stillness In The Storm joins the enLIGHTenUP Crew today with some very thought provoking conversation about; Sexual Intimacy; …

101: Waking Up In The Twilight Zone, Life Starts at 50 & A Talking Crane with Carlo Artana

May 23rd, 2019


Today we come to you from the island of Grand Cayman—well 2 of us do!! Brian is holding down the fort back in Denver while Nicole and Lisa are …

100: Time Travel, Throwing 2 year Old Tantrums & Unrequited Love

May 16th, 2019


Today we are super excited to bring you our 100th episode!!! To celebrate Nicole and Lisa decide to share some incredibly personal and vulnerable …

099: Scaler Energy, 5G Protection & Hacking The Matrix with Helena Reilly

May 9th, 2019


If you’re looking to add another tool to your Ascension and personal development toolbox then you aren’t going to want to miss our show today as we …

098: Swallowed by Opioids, The Cheerleader Effect & A Gypsy Journey with Amber Frelin

May 2nd, 2019


Today we are joined, once again, by Amber Frelin. Amber becomes very vulnerable with us today as she shares her own personal story of addiction and …

097: The Mosaic, Swarm Intelligence & Getting Out of Jury Duty with Daniel Bruce Levin

April 25th, 2019


Join us as we start the show off rolling with some pre-show conversation where our guest, Daniel Levin, challenges Brian’s skepticism. Daniel has a …

096: The Sword & Chalice, Word Magic, and The Corruption Of The Spoken Word with Laurel Airica

April 18th, 2019


Today we have a fascinating show for you as we welcome Laurel Airica, the creator of WordMagic Global, a mind-bending, paradigm-shifting re-introduction to the English language that brings to light the ‘hidden’ …

095: A 90 day Time Out, Vegas Confessions & Relationship Pitfalls, Post Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Revolution Tour

April 11th, 2019


Get ready for a show packed full of some seriously enlightening information as the enLIGHTenUP crew, and guest Carolyn Mackey get silly, venerable, …

094: The Untold Anunnaki Story, Inner Earth & the Human Experiment with Rebecca Barfoot

April 4th, 2019


Are you ready to hear the other side of the Anunnaki story and take a trip to inner Earth? Well, then hang on to your hats, because once again we welcome Rebecca Barfoot to our show and she is going to share all that …

093: Ego Porn, the Hanged Man & the Sacred Masculine with Ross Cessna

March 28th, 2019


Get ready to become uncomfortable, because In this episode enLIGHTenUP and our guest Ross Cessna get raw and revealing. Ross Cessna is a writer, transformational coach, tarot reader and reiki practitioner. He uses his …

092: Defying the Matrix, Going to Jail for Spirit & Living Without Money with Lawrence Wendell, Pt 1

March 21st, 2019


If you have ever wanted to hear from someone that has exited the Matrix, then you are really going to enjoy today’s show and our guest, Lawrence Wendell. Lawrence describes himself as, The I AM that I AM; An aspect of …

091: Drowning In Fear, Commanding The Storm To Stop & Draining The Swamp with Nancy Byrne

March 14th, 2019


We have an inspiring show lined up for you today with Nancy Byrne, the Author of “Choices”; a cutting edge book that brings empowering “Choices” back to your life. In her book Nancy helps readers to transcend the limits …

090: Off Planet Contact, Awakening Alone & One Step From a Cardboard Box with Dave Parsons

March 7th, 2019


Dave Parsons is a Gulf War veteran and aerospace engineer who has worked mostly on missile programs for the government and military. After having an …

089: Soft Stalking, Dense People, Dense Times & the Precession of the Equinox with Jason Layton

February 28th, 2019


Jason Layton is a Metaphysicist, Author, Hypnotherapist, and Creator of "The Soul's Dream:”. A comprehensive course that explores the Age Old …

088: The Reptilian Brain, Anxiety Loops & The Illegal Diet Soda with Jen Ramsey

February 21st, 2019


If you suffer from anxiety or know someone that does, then you are going to LOVE this episode. Jen Ramsey has cracked the code on anxiety and shares a wealth of information, so you can too. Jen knows what it takes to …

087: Epigenetics, Bio-Hacking the Ego & A Mayan Confession with Amber Frelin

February 14th, 2019


Today we welcome another member of Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Revolution Team, Amber Frelin.

Amber specializes in taking people onto their path of …

086: Beheading the Global Snake, Cryptocurrency & Akashic Records Link to the Internet with Christian Escobedo

February 7th, 2019


We have a very intriguing show lined up for you today as we welcome Christian Escobedo. Christian brings his unique expertise as a thought leader in the Global Freedom Movement. He strongly believes your creativity only …

085: A Fierce Retrograde, The Unmasking of Mankind & Spiritual Money with Jessica Alstrom

January 31st, 2019


Today we are excited to welcome back Jessica Alstrom, the Alchemist, for an extremely informative show. Jessica is Spiritual Money!! She teaches and mentors all over the world as a quantum life coach, medical intuitive, …

084:Astrological Wisdom, Spiritually Stubborn & Wise Words From a Young Star Seed, Live From The Waves of Light Conscious Cruise

January 24th, 2019


We are excited to bring you our first episode recorded in front of a live audience while on the Waves of Light Conscious Cruise. This is a very interactive, informative, and entertaining episode, as we take questions …

083: Ancient Pyramid Secrets, Atlantean Technology & Guardians of the Star Gate

January 17th, 2019


Today we welcome Dr. Kathy Forti, a clinical psychologist who began working with multidimensional beings to bring forth not only new technology, but …

082: 2019 Predictions, Eclipse Time Lines & Lunar Energies with Matthew Mournian

January 10th, 2019


The upcoming lunar eclipse energies, 2019 energy predictions
Instant Manifestation, Energy Blockages and The Energy Healing & Timeline Unification Event.


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081: Arcturian Transmissions, Sweat Lodges & Trinity Energy with Jody Maas

January 3rd, 2019


Jody Maas of is joining the conversation today to discuss:


the Trinity energy

experiences in sweat lodges

copper pyramids

energy empowerment

All of this and more in episode 081!

If you’re enjoying the …

080: QHHT, Shamanism & Perceived Happiness in Partnership with Elissa Stevens

December 27th, 2018


We love our listeners and today we are joined by one of you, Elissa Stevens, who is a QHHT practitioner. If you have wondered about QHHT and how it works, you’ll find out more about it in today’s episode. Elissa will …

079: Ascension Diets, Starseed Codes & Is the Matrix Hologram Real with Michelle Walling

December 20th, 2018


Michelle Walling, a Starseed Support Specialist, shares with us her wisdom on the Matrix. Some people say this Matrix isn’t real and others claim it is very much real. We are going to talk about how both of those …

078: The Relationship Body, Gene Cutters & An Ancestral Release Meditation with Eric Raines

December 13th, 2018


Eric Raines is back to share his wisdom and expertise with all of at enLIGHTenUP! He has an incredible way of explaining complex healing modes in a digestible manner that makes application seamless. And today we are …

077: Starseed Energetics, Glitches in the Matrix & Zero Point Awareness with Bora Yun

December 6th, 2018


Bora Yun of Starseed Energetics joins the conversation today to discuss many higher consciousness ideas as well as share with us her awakening journey. Bora uses her connection to tune into Starseed energies when …

076: The Ancient Practice of Eidetics & Healing Beyond the Conscious Mind with Wendy Yellen

November 29th, 2018


Today you will be able to join along in an ancient healing practice known as Eidetic Imagery. We are joined by Wendy Yellen, an International Transformational Expert, who will explain how Eidetics offers us healing with …

075: The Lemurian Plug, SLIders & Death Cap Mushroom Spinach Salads

November 22nd, 2018


Today’s show is all about frequency! Are you someone who is ‘super-charged’ and causing interference with your electronics and appliances? Wondering why this is happening? Thanks to a listener’s question, we talk about …

074:Corrupt Platforms Will Fail, Ascension vs 5G Networks & the Purpose of Duality With Marina Jacobi

November 15th, 2018


We live in crazy times and Marina Jacobi comes back to Enlighten Up to share some new information she received over the summer and recent weeks. We are literally in a battle of dark versus the light and with all of the …

073: Conversations With A Mantis Being, Sleep School & Healing Off-Planet Beings with Rebecca Barfoot

November 8th, 2018


Rebecca Barfoot, a multi-dimensional energy intuitive, seer and channel , brings her high frequency energy to the show today for an episode you …

072: Orenda, The Unemployed Higher Self & Spiritual Lineage with Lana Marconi / Michael Philpott

November 1st, 2018


We welcome Lana Marconi of and Michael Philpott today to discuss everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to 5D! Lana is an Award Winning Independent Documentary Filmmaker with her most recent release, …

071: Starseed Past Lives, Firefly Besties & Brian’s 1st Vision with Erin Gallagher

October 25th, 2018


We are dropping into the Akashic records once again and this time it’s to explore Lisa’s soul! Erin Gallagher is back to read the records and today …

070: The Body Snatcher, 3 Skeptics, Ego Incoming & Ascension Descending

October 18th, 2018


We have a FIRST here at Enlighten Up! Today you are getting 3 skeptics and no guest…because our guest aborted the interview when she realized none of us were picking up what she was throwing down. You’ll find out why …

069: The Hologram Never Lies, ‘Awakening Schizophrenia’ & Multidimensional DNA with Jennifer Hough

October 11th, 2018


Jennifer Hough, a seer, alchemist, author and Awakening Facilitator, joins Enlighten Up to discuss how to build bridges of consciousness using our …

068: Parasitic Entities Harvesting the Orgasm, Technology Hijacking Intimacy & Reclaiming Divine Sovereignty with Amelia Aeon Karris

October 4th, 2018


Amelia Aeon Karris joins the conversation today to share with us her knowledge and wisdom on our sacred sexual energy. Through an intense Kundalini activation, Amelia discovered that our orgasms were being harvested by …

067: Project Stargate, Cancer Corruption, UFOs and Anal Probes & Chemtrail History with John Mathis

September 27th, 2018


John Mathis is back to enlighten us all with his knowledge, experience, and unforgettable humor! We go down some fun rabbit holes and the first one …

066: A Pleiadian Activation, Train Rides Back to 1991 & Visiting A Water Planet with Nori Love

September 20th, 2018


Enlighten Up gets HYPNOTIZED! Brian, Lisa and Nicole have all been under hypnosis with Nori Love and today they share with you their individual …

065: Opening the Akashic Records, Soul Lessons & Trusting Your Abilities with Erin Gallagher

September 13th, 2018


A month ago, Brian put Erin Gallagher to the test of reading his Akashic Records so that we could compare her reading to his first Akashic reading …

064: A Praying Mantis, the Mandela Effect & Awakening to Your Soul Mission with Matthew Mournian

September 6th, 2018


The awakening process is a very unique journey that can be filled with expected and unexpected events. Today, Matthew Mournian joins our conversation …

063: The Magic Sky DJ, An Agnostic & Gifts vs Transactions with Chuck Onslow

August 30th, 2018


Chuck Onslow, the author of the book An Agnostic's Guide to Spiritual Growth... And Shit! joins us today to discuss all things spiritual and shit. The road to spirituality is definitely not paved and well defined. Find …

062: White Magic, Spells, Symbolism & Out of Body Experiences with Joe Rupe

August 23rd, 2018


Joe Rupe from Lighting the Void radio show joins us on Enlighten Up to discuss white magic. He brings his deep passion and knowledge for the esoteric forward to help us understand what magic really is. How does magic …

061: EFT, Dream Warnings, Consciousness Malware & EMF Toxicity with Larry Burk

August 16th, 2018


We are joined by Larry Burk who believes that our physical symptoms are messages from our body to transform our lives and today we are going to …

060: Spiritual Paths of Addiction, Kurt Cobain Synchronicities & Erinspirational with Erin Gallagher

August 9th, 2018


The path to awakening is never the same for all of us and at many times it can seem the opposite of what many would expect but that is quite simply …

059: Ascension Codes, Eclipse Energy, ATM Interference & North North Polarity with Neo Glimmer

August 2nd, 2018


Neo Glimmer joins the show today to share with us a very unique experience when he lost 11 minutes of time and found himself in another reality with …

058: Bending Time, Finding Your Edge & 365 New Experiences with Ken Hughes

July 26th, 2018


What would happen if you woke up every day knowing you were going to do something you had never done before? How would that change the way you look …

057: Event Updates, Soul Blueprints, Toroidal Fields & the Lunar Eclipse with Linda McGillis

July 19th, 2018


We went through a partial solar eclipse last week and are preparing for a total lunar eclipse next week so we brought back Linda Good McGillis to …

056: A.I., Parallel Realities & Using Consciousness to Power a Device with Kosol Ouch

July 12th, 2018


We are going millions of years into the future to a parallel reality with Kosol Ouch. During a trip to Cambodia, Kosol fell asleep for 25 minutes at …

055: Manifesting via Orgasms, Cancer's Anger Frequency & Leveling Up with Jessica Alstrom

July 5th, 2018


Have you ever healed yourself from a physical ailment or disease? Do you know someone who has? Jessica is going to discuss how the ability to heal ourselves lies within our very own empowered choices of responsibility. …

054: Elite Agendas, Media Manipulation & Manufactured Consent

June 28th, 2018


Have you paid attention to the movies and tv shows you watch? Are they purely being produced for entertainment purposes or is there a deeper agenda …

053: Love - The Sacrificial Lamb, Birthday Banter & Honest Reveals

June 21st, 2018


It's our birthday! Listen in today for some interesting reflections on what we have learned over the year from this podcast...and where we feel we may have been burned. We open up about what has changed for us and what …

052: The Universal Soup of Consciousness, Pineal Antennas & Moses’ Praying Protocols with Aage Nost

June 14th, 2018


Welcome back Aage Nost for a great discussion about using our mind to access the Universal Mind. Why do some people have instant access and others struggle to make any connection at all? Aage shares with us a simple and …

051: Shopping at the Cosmic Costco, Remote Viewing & Reptilian Encounters with John Mathis

June 7th, 2018


Today we are joined by John Mathis, a spirit communicator and remote viewer, who will open up his Pandora's box of experiences to us. What may seem like acid trips to some, are actually spirit-induced (not drug-induced) …

050: Predictions Gone Bad, Programming the Mind & Michael's Encounter With A Witch and Her Pimp

May 31st, 2018


Have you ever been let down by a prediction that never happened? What can this tell us about ourselves when it comes to trusting within first before trusting outside of us? In today's episode we talk about some of our …

049: Shit Snake Moon Cycles, Raspberry Beaver Butt & Birth Control

May 24th, 2018


Today we answer a listener's email questions about health beyond food and our spiritual perspectives on birth control. Once again, we have Brian to …

048: The Birth of an Asshole, Praying with Expectations, Business Deals with God & Saving Brian's Soul

May 17th, 2018


In today's episode, our beloved Brian will grace us all with his journey from being a devout Christian to believing God doesn't exist. This helps us understand why he has the stance he does on many issues on this …

047: The Event, DNA Activation Truth Codes, 40 Days in a Van with Jesus & Zero Point Energy Healing

May 10th, 2018


If you are looking for more information on the 'Event' then this episode is for you! We are joined by guest Linda Good McGillis today who has her …

046: A Scientist’s Kundalini Awakening, Entities in Caves & Fasting Like Jesus

May 3rd, 2018


Today we are joined by an agnostic scientist who was turned into spiritual believer overnight through an incredibly intense Kundalini spiritual awakening. Michael Daniels shares the details of this profound experience …

045: The Masculine vs Feminine Debate, Victimization Energy & Michael's Favorite Trigger 'You Just Need To Love Yourself'

April 26th, 2018


Understanding the powers of the divine masculine and feminine energies is paramount to reaching harmony within so that it may be reflected in your …

044: Parasite/Implant Removal, Chakra Integration, Astral Dream Tags & a Qi Meditation with Eric Raines

April 19th, 2018


We have an incredible announcement for all of you today as well as an incredible guest joining us on the show! Eric Raines, who currently implements …

043: Visiting Past Lives, Future Lives & Galactic Lives Through Hypnotherapy w Nori Love

April 12th, 2018


Today we regress into past lives and progress into future lives with Nori Love joining the conversation. Nori is a hypnotist who works with others to help them heal their NOW by going into their past or future lives. We …

042: Quantum Manifestation, Bilocation, Jumping Timelines & Energy Philanthropy w Marina Jacobi

April 5th, 2018


We welcome Marina Jacobi, author of the Harmonic Reactor and Nano Technology to our show today. Marina channels and downloads information through …

041: Tribalism, Labels, Open-Mindedness & Acknowledging the Shadow Self

March 29th, 2018


Today we discuss all things related to Tribalism. Tribalism can be very positive but currently its being used as a weapon of separation to fuel hatred and anger. What happens when people come together and share opposing …

040: CBD, Misperceptions & Healing Stories with Jack Studebaker

March 22nd, 2018


We welcome Jack Studebaker, Founder of Saving Grace Oil, to the show today. We are going to talk all things CBD from how it is different from marijuana to the incredible healing stories from people using his products. 

039: Intuitive Timing, Dowsing, Michael the Witchdoctor & Astrology with Lisa Allen

March 15th, 2018


Have you ever wondered when an event in your life may come to pass? Your next relationship? A new job? The discovery of your purpose? Today we …

038: Reading A Skeptic's Akashic Records, Past Lives & Higher Self Arguments w Maureen St Germain

March 8th, 2018


If you've ever wondered what an Akashic Records reading would be like, you are going to love today's episode. One of our resident skeptics has agreed …

037: Alternative Health vs Big Pharma, Money Talks & the Intuitive Body

March 1st, 2018


Welcome back for an old school episode of four friends having an open conversation about health and spirituality. We'll share our thoughts and …

036: Paranormal Activity, Alien Landing Pads & the Spiritual Vagina with Marcus Spellbound

February 22nd, 2018


This week's episode is filled with intriguing life stories from our guest Marcus Spellbound who is only publicly speaking out about them for the 2nd time. From a young age, Marcus has been exposed to many experiences …

035: Astral Travel, the Consciousness Cloud, Peanut Butter & Dream Densities w Sterling Nicole Bennett

February 15th, 2018


We welcome Sterling Nicole Bennett to the show today to discuss her experiences with Astral Travel! We'll hear about how she was able to prove that …

034: Near Death Experiences, DNA Activation, UFOs, Bigfoot & Starseeds with James Gilliland

February 8th, 2018


We welcome James Gilliland, founder of ECETI ranch, to our show today. James brings us a wealth of knowledge that blends science and spirit …

033: The Mind Created Illusion, Recording the Voices of Dead People & Reversing the Aging Process with Aage Nost

February 1st, 2018


Have you ever wondered if it's truly possible to reverse the aging process of your cells? Today we welcome Aage Nost to the show who has a plethora …

032: Bad Behaviour, Math and Sciencing Your Feelings & Brian's Love Experiment

January 25th, 2018


We are happy to announce that Brian Koenigberg has officially joined Enlighten Up as a full-time co-host. Today's episode focuses on a question he …

031: Sleep Paralysis, Lucy-fur, Bloodline Karma & a Twin Star Exclusive with Korinne Wilson

January 18th, 2018


Today we welcome Korinne Wilson, the Occult Priestess, to our show and get ready because this episode is bursting with incredible stories, channeled …

030: Human Batteries, Liberation from the Matrix, Chemtrails & Awakening the Youth with Alexis Buck

January 11th, 2018


We welcome Alexis Buck of the Ascension Diaries to our show today for a very interesting conversation about the matrix. We talk about how humans are being used like batteries and possibly tricked into reincarnating back …

029: Feeling Lonely, Not Judging Judgy People, Reincarnation & Mike the Death Expert

January 4th, 2018


Happy New Year! This is our first show of 2018 and to get an idea of how our audience is experiencing their own awakening, we've brought Bianca …

028: The Akashic Records, Alligator Energy Feeders & No More Karma w/ Maureen St. Germain

December 28th, 2017


Welcome back Maureen St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D, as she goes into much deeper understanding of the Akashic Records. According to Maureen, …

027: Channeling We Are the Power of 10, Your Frequency Family & 2018 Energy Insight w/ Michelle Paisley Reed

December 21st, 2017


We welcome back Michelle Paisley Reed, internationally bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and spirit channel. After getting into a great discussion about channeling and Michael's skepticism of it all, Michelle …

026: Skinwalkers, Gods WIFI, the Power of Love & Demon Doorways

December 14th, 2017


This episode marks our 6th month anniversary! It's been such a fun ride up til now so we are going to give you our updates on where we stand on some of the topics we have discussed to date as well as bring up some new …

025: Dark Night of the Soul, Conscious Feeling & Breaking Ribs on Toilets

December 7th, 2017


As we seek to love ourselves and others more, none of this is possible until we have embraced our shadow self. When we begin to face our darkness, this is called the Dark Night of the Self. In today's episode, we dive …

024: Reiki, Awakening to Psychic Gifts & Avoiding Psychic Scams with Michael Philpott

November 30th, 2017


The more we awaken on the spiritual jourey, the more we tune into our innate gifts. Our guest today, Michael Philpott, didn't awaken to his energetic …

023: Self Healing, Energetic Weight Loss & the Cosmic 2x4 w/ Jeremy McDonald

November 23rd, 2017


We are joined by Jeremy McDonald today, Managing Editor of the blog Stillness in the Storm and author of Peace Be Still. As well we have Brian the …

022: Light Language, Lisa’s Channeling & a Heart/3rd Eye Opening Transmission with Jamye Price

November 16th, 2017


In today's episode we explore Light Language with Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language. We're going to get into what it is, what's the purpose, and why more people are beginning to speak this language.

You've …

021: The Red Pill, Rabbit Holes, Hollywood & Waking Up from the Dream

November 9th, 2017


Have you ever experienced a moment in time when everything you thought to be true was crumbling into a pile of false lies? Michael, Lisa, and Nicole …

020: Waking Up in 5D, Fairies & the Interdimensional Lost and Found w/ Maureen St. Germain

November 2nd, 2017


Maureen St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D, joins us on this week's episode to break down what it means to live in 5D versus 3D. 

Maureen does a great job and simplifying the different dimensions and how it pertains …

019: Dream Interpretations & Hidden Messages with Jim Dierickx

October 26th, 2017


We welcome back Jim Dierickx to our show and if you haven't already please check out episode 007: Angels, Demons, Free Energy & Interdimensional …

018: Carbon, Climate & Cow Farts (a fun discernment exercise) with Brian Koenigberg and Heather Sartain

October 19th, 2017


It's no secret that we at Enlighten Up like to challenge what we are told to be truths as we walk this spiritual journey. As we awaken to our own …

017: Who Am I, Jim Carrey, Ascension & Mike's 1st Michaelism

October 12th, 2017


Understanding who we are is one of the major foundations of the journey of Self. Until we truly understand ourselves deep beyond the superficial …

016: Chakras, Sex, Energy & DNA Floaters

October 5th, 2017


Ever wonder what happens on the energetic level when you have sex with someone? Did you know that if after the fact, you never see that person again...they are connected to you forever?

Find out how sex creates an …

015: Negative Energy, Cord Cutting & Astral Healing

September 28th, 2017


Have you ever felt like despite your best intentions or efforts, you act completely out of character and have no idea why? Do you feel like despite your best efforts, some things just never go right? 

In today's episode …

014: S.O.S My Faiths Been Rocked, Self Awareness & Freaky Dreams

September 21st, 2017


Have you ever believed so much in something or someone only to one day have it all ripped out from underneath you? Did it turn your world upside …

013: Meditation, Violet Flame, Visions & Michael's Adoption Plans

September 14th, 2017


Meditation can take on different forms and there's no 'right' way to do it for everyone. We're going to discuss our thoughts on meditation, what we've experienced, what worked and didn't work and some easy techniques to …

012: Communication With Your Guides - Angels, Numbers & Synchronicities

September 7th, 2017


Do you know people who talk about getting messages from divine sources like angels? Have you wondered what those messages look or sound like? How do you know when 'someone' from the higher realms is trying to …

011: Crystals, Atlantis & Mike's Money Maker

August 31st, 2017


In today's episode, Nicole and Lisa discusses how crystals are not just 'rocks'. Despite Michael's skepticism, he opens up how he never goes anywhere …

010: The Pineal Gland, Higher Self Protection & Geomagnetic Field Correlations w/ Heather Sartain

August 24th, 2017


We welcome Heather Sartain to our show today who is a professor at the University of Houston, has a degree in Geophysics and Astronomy, is an expert on the pineal gland, and was recently on Cosmic Disclosure with David …

009: Michelle Paisley Reed on Channeling & Messages from the Power of 10 (Part 2)

August 17th, 2017


This is part 2 of last week's episode on channeling and today Michelle goes into channel to bring forth the group who call themselves the Power of …

008: Michelle Paisley Reed on Channeling & Messages from the Power of 10 (Part 1)

August 10th, 2017


In today's episode we are joined by Michelle Paisley Reed, an international #1 best selling author on Amazon who's written multiple books and …

007: Angels, Demons, Free Energy & Interdimensional Time Travel with Jim Dierickx

August 3rd, 2017


Today we are joined by Jim Dierickx, an inventor who describes himself as 'whole brained' allowing him to access the left brain logic and the highly …

006: A Love Conspiracy - Chemicals vs Spirituality & Being Selfish vs Disney Expectations

July 27th, 2017


In today’s episode we deconstruct what ‘love’ actually is and to keep the playing field even we’ve brought on another male to guest co-host with us. We’ve all heard the term unconditional love but do many of us love …

005: Avatars vs the Higher Self & Spirit Joyrides During a Blackout

July 20th, 2017


In today’s episode, we discuss how raising your vibrations benefits your life and the people around you. Did you know when raising your vibrations, you expand your energy field and people will be attracted to your …

004: Good Vibrations, Energetic Mosquito Repellent & Michael's 1st Vision?

July 13th, 2017


When people tell you they're raising their vibrations, what does that really mean? And why are they doing it? Is there a deet free way to repel mosquitos? And why was Michael so scared from his 1st vision while trying …

003: Spiritual Frauds, Discernment & Our Good Ol' Friend the Ego

July 6th, 2017


In this episode, Michael shares with us what happened to a friend of his who put all of her faith in a spiritual Guru only to find out this Guru was not who he seemed to be. This leads into the importance of personal …

002: Genesis, Jesus, Strip Clubs & Spiritual Journeys (Part 2)

June 29th, 2017


In today's episode we get into the debate of coincidences and synchronicities, Michael emphatically shares his thoughts on the judgmental world, and …

001: Genesis, Jesus, Strip Clubs & Spiritual Journeys (Part 1)

June 22nd, 2017


Meet your co-hosts Nicole Frolick, an author & inspirational speaker who stepped out of the ‘spiritual closet’ holding a bottle of red wine when …

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