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Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, the doubts, the successes, the failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.We interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience of starting businesses. As we are building our own apparel company and … read more

152 Episodes | 2017 - 2019

The Best Way to Learn Facebook Ads | The Early Days (S3E6)

April 16th, 2019


Learning Facebook Ads, building an agency business, firing your clients and much more with Mojca Zove from Super Spicy Media


Evergreen Marketing Principles | The Early Days (S3E5)

April 4th, 2019


Discussing how adding value, asking questions, and listening to the customer can help grow a business, with John D Saunders.


Say "Yes" first, figure it out later | The Early Days by DULO (S3E4)

March 28th, 2019


Discussing how to building a design agency from scratch with Matt Ellis, founder of Honcho Agency


Bootstrapping vs VC funding #TEDbits (S3E3)

March 27th, 2019


When is the right time to bootstrap and when should you raise VC money?

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There's always another way #TEDbits (S3E3)

March 26th, 2019


When faced with a challenge remember there is always another way to go about it.

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Prepare a roadmap before your launch #TEDbits (S3E3)

March 25th, 2019


It's important to do your homework and have a roadmap before your launch.

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Adjusting your prices according to the market #TEDbits (S3E3)

March 22nd, 2019


Always adjust, always tweak your pricing startegy.

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Lessons on launching, funding and marketing a startup | The Early Days by DULO (S3E3)

March 21st, 2019


Sharing stories and lessons from two decades of building startups with Diane Tarshis, founder of Startup Distillery (S3E3)


Business lessons from Kanye and co. | #TEDbits (S3E2)

March 20th, 2019


Learning business from the world of hip hop.

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When you accept that everything is your fault | #TEDbits (S3E2)

March 19th, 2019


The buck stops with you.

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Working full-time on your business | #TEDbits (S3E2)

March 18th, 2019


How the experience differs when you go all-in on your business.

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Working with a co-founder who is also your brother | #TEDbits (S3E2)

March 15th, 2019


What's it like when your co-founder is also your brother?

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How to create content at scale | The Early Days by DULO (S3E2)

March 14th, 2019


How to create content at scale with limited resources? Discussing clever content creation models with Kareem Mostafa of Tribetactics.


The importance of balance in two-sided marketplaces | #TEDbits (S3E1)

March 13th, 2019


The supply and demand sides of a two-sided marketplace need to be in balance.

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Should you go with your gut when doing user testing? | #TEDbits (S3E1)

March 12th, 2019


When you have so much going on, it's OK to go with your gut.

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What are the negative effects of having too many tools? | #TEDbits (S3E1)

March 11th, 2019


Having too many tools can be intimidating.

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Useful resources for growth marketing #TEDbits (S3E1)

March 8th, 2019


Did you know about Julian Shapiro's Growth guide?

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How to grow a SaaS business | The Early Days by DULO (S3E1)

March 7th, 2019


Discussing growth marketing for entrepreneurs with Foti Panagio of Growthmentor (S3E1)

Foti Panagio is the co-founder of Growthmentor - a platform that connects founders and marketers with growth mentors. We were first …

S2E30 - Kitchen confidential with Julian and Marin

December 13th, 2018


Time to wrap up Season 2 of our podcast! We took the opportunity to have our 30th episode as the last of the year and the season. On this season …

S2E29 - How to turn a side-project into a full-time gig - Pat Walls, Starter Story

December 6th, 2018


On today's show, we talk to Pat Walls, Founder of Starter Story - a digital hub where successful entrepreneurs share their experience of how they …

S2E28 - Jackie Fast: How to ask for help when you are just starting

November 29th, 2018


On today's episode, we have Jackie Fast - founder of Slingshot Sponsorship, REBEL Pi, and a participant on The Apprentice.

Her first business – Slingshot Sponsorship – was started in her bedroom in 2010 with just a …

S2E27 - 6 lessons from 12 months of building DULO

November 15th, 2018


On this episode, Marin and Julian (the DULO founders themselves) sit down and share their top lessons learned over the course of the past year. 12 …

S2E26 - How to protect your IP, patents, and going door to door

November 8th, 2018


This episode is part two of our conversation with Shane and David from C2P Strain. We really hit it off the first time and found a lot of common ground. So, we decided to invite them again and continue the discussion …

Slog 54 - Influencer efforts continue

October 30th, 2018


Going strong with our influencer campaign + some updates from our latest content pillars.

Thank you for following along.

Slog 53 - Influencer Campaign

October 23rd, 2018


Preparing a big influencer campaign, big for us at least 😉

Drop us a line if you are building a business! for next gen dress shirts.

Building a Product vs. Building a Business

October 18th, 2018


On this episode, we talk to Shane and David from Can 2 Pan Strain. Can 2 Pan Strain was specifically developed to solve dry paint stains and debris …

Finding Joy In Work Through Play And The Importance Of Quitting

October 5th, 2018


On today's episode, we welcome back Nathan Kontny, CTO at Rockstar Coders, but also a blogger, vlogger, and a constant experimenter and learner. …

Slog 51 - It's been a confusing week

October 4th, 2018


Quick catch up from our end 👍 Bit random so can't really summarize it here, but give it a listen 👍

❤️ Your 👂

S2E23 - Skip the gatekeeper and go directly to your audience

September 27th, 2018


On today's episode, we have David Michaels - senior vice president of the Daytime Emmy Awards at the National Academy of Television Arts and …

Slog 50 - A bit monotone, but important

September 25th, 2018


Latest updates from our side, topic of new blog and some podcasting action.

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Slog 49 - Do you like the background music?

September 22nd, 2018


Updates on attacking some more sales channels, namely Amazon EU and local markets.

We also added some background music throughout this episode. Let us …

S2E22 - How a passion grows into a business, Dale Spoonmore

September 20th, 2018


On today's episode, we have Dale Spoonmore from "From Seed To Spoon" - a platform that shows how you can grow your own organic produce economically, efficiently, and sustainably. Together with his family, Dale is the …

Slog 48 - DULO at the Emmys

September 18th, 2018


Few exciting podcasts lined up, attacking Amazon and some hand to hand combat old school commerce.

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Slog 47 - Birds and new prices

September 14th, 2018


Marin talks about birds, Julian outlines new content and pricing strategies to prepare for our second manufacturing batch.

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S2E21 - How to grow at your own, comfortable pace

September 13th, 2018


This week, we had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Adam Moore - a mental health specialist, counselor, and an entrepreneur. Adam is a licensed marriage and family therapist and co-owner of Sela Health, which operates …

Slog 46 - Nearly forgot to record this one

September 11th, 2018


Julian left the building, but remembered that we need to record this segment today, so came and recorded it. There you go, storytelling...

Slog 45 - Busy Saturday

September 8th, 2018


A lot of design, content creation and distribution work on a nice Saturday.

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S2E20 - How to decide when to leave or stay in a job?

September 6th, 2018


Our guest today is Vessy Tasheva - a career industry expert and talent scout at Enhancv. She also works as a career coach and writes regularly on her …

Slog 44 - Some new ideas brewing

September 4th, 2018


Marin gives a preview of the vlog and is starting to write his Founder's Newsletter. Julian is excited about some new product ideas before a call …

Slog 43 - Recording and working while traveling

September 1st, 2018


New podcast coming next week on the topic of employment and all the different career paths available for folks.

Julian's Founder Newsletter on the …

Slog 42 - Biodegradable fabrics and podcasting

August 28th, 2018


Julian is on the move and thoroughly testing new technology. Marin's excited about our podcast 🙏 Thanks for listening, we ❤️ your 👂 Check …

Slog 41 - Ryan Carson on the Early Days podcast

August 24th, 2018


Latest updates content creation and distribution wise. Had a blast having Ryan Carson (CEO and Founder of Treehouse) on the show some plans for the weekend.

If you like the way we are approaching documenting our process …

S2E19 - Ryan Carson: The Importance Of Knowing Your Why

August 22nd, 2018


Our guest on the show this week is Ryan Carson. Ryan is the founder and CEO of Treehouse - an education platform that makes it easy to learn code and …

Slog 40 - Amazon and the 750% increase

August 21st, 2018


Marin attacks Amazon, while Julian hacks Instagram.

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Slog 39 - Best slog yet

August 17th, 2018


Marin has energy and answers a Reddit question.

Julian just sent out the latest Founder's Newsletter and introduces the BS Excuse Buster List.

Check …

S2E18 - How Do You Go Far By Simply Asking?

August 16th, 2018


On this episode, we have Hafeez and Chris who bring you "The Roommates" podcast - a late-night conversation taking you behind the scenes of "becoming" featuring all the people, conversations, and perspectives you’d …

Slog 38 - Short but sweet

August 14th, 2018


New vlog yesterday, made a little video that we can use to promote the podcast on social and looking into our Alexa skill, which we still have no idea what's going on.

For all your dress shirt and entrepreneurship …

Slog 37 - Marin finds his voice

August 10th, 2018


The longest slog the history of slogs.

Marin goes into storytelling mode and does so in a slower that usual speaking speed.

Julian laughs quite a bit …

Slog 36 - Repurposing video content and creating an Alexa skill.

August 7th, 2018


Being bootstrapped we need to squeezee out and repurpose all the content we can. In this case, some raw video content from our product shoot that will become nice creative ammunition we can use for portrait video …

Slog 35 - Busy Friday

August 3rd, 2018


Some operational stuff, drawing the monthly giveaway winner, Julian writes and sends out his Founder's Newsletter and some work on the website.

Marin …

Slog 34 - Sometimes you have nothing to say

July 31st, 2018


A "meh" slog. Mediocre at best.

Slog 33 - Helps to have a co-founder when traveling

July 29th, 2018


Julian is in the move and Marin is covering the business operations.

Always nice to have a teammate you can trust, so that the process keeps moving …

S2E17 - How To Start A Podcast?

July 26th, 2018


The Early Days Podcast S2E17 - Kevin Horek

On this episode of the show, we talk with Kevin Horek - a radio and podcast host of the Building the Future Show. Kevin interviews startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and …

Slog 32 - A Remote Company

July 24th, 2018


Julian is on the move this week and gives his side of the story with Marin putting in his $0.02 after. Who said an apparel company can't be a remote …

Slog 31 - Kylie Jenner

July 20th, 2018


In our last newsletter we do a little case study on Kylie Jenner. Just about to record a podcast and some outreach to local Amsterdam concept stores.

We love you 👂(kinky) and respect your time listening to us. ❤️🙏

Slog 30 - Not the usual non-iron dress shirt

July 17th, 2018


Some small updates + why we need to educate on why we use performance fabrics to achieve the non-iron effect, instead of default cotton that is …

Slog 29 - The Washing Machine

July 13th, 2018


Doesn't get more Early Days than recording with a washing machine in the background.


Slog 28 - Digital Advertising Update

July 10th, 2018


A more technical update on how we are approaching paid advertising with small budgets to test out the waters.

Peace of mind and confidence -> Check …

The Early Days Podcast S2E16 - Ben Smith, Julian, and Marin

July 5th, 2018


Entrepreneurship = Giving

It's a pleasure to welcome back Ben Smith to the podcast! Ben, who was our guest earlier in the year, is an entrepreneur, currently exploring the voice tech/marketing space. He also is an …

Slog 27 - Recorded after an insightful chat with a fellow entrepreneur

July 3rd, 2018


Amazing chat with Ben Smith ( from Voice Entrepreneur and our thoughts right after it. Marin is going to be a coding teacher for a few …

Slog 26 - Moving slow is still moving

June 29th, 2018


Quite a busy week for both of us in our day jobs, so we had to delay some DULO work. Happens. It's part of the process and as long as we are moving in the right direction, slower speed at times is completely fine.

Check …

Slog 25 - If you're a happy employee, great. If not, do something about it.

June 26th, 2018


Some thoughts on branding and finding your tribe through your truth.

Check out the new website at and let us know what you think!

The Early Days Podcast S2E15 - Patrick Henry, QuestFusion

June 21st, 2018


Fundraising and Venture Capital for Startups

Today's guest is Patrick Henry of QuestFusion. Patrick is a technology CEO and product positioning and …


June 20th, 2018


Marin ruins my intro and we talk about how we feel regarding the new and improved website.

Check it out at 🙏

Slog 23 - Tuesday 19th June 2018

June 19th, 2018


Marin is paying attention to the creative and keeping a track on a white board. Julian is writing and putting in his & $0.02 of work on the …

Slog 22 - Marin had a busy day

June 15th, 2018


For the record, my pick for the world cup - Portugal (Julian).

Subscribe to the podcast and check out our dress shirts from performance fabrics at …

Slog 21 - Showed Up

June 13th, 2018


One of the more boring slogs, but we had it on the calendar to do and we showed up 🙂 1>0

It's a marathon, not a sprint this business building thing and keeping the momentum and the discipline is an important aspect.

Slog 20 - Tuesday Slog

June 12th, 2018


Marin gives us the rundown, Julian says a few words, Instagram was down, BUT went back live during our slog recording, so we might have to have …

Slog 19 - A little friday update

June 8th, 2018


Marin is working on the new website and Julian sent out his Founder's Newsletter.

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For the best European dress shirts …

The Early Days Podcast S2E14 - Anthony Mellor

June 7th, 2018


A 19 Year Old Building a Business Around His Passion

Meet Anthony Mellor, founder of Absolute Fitness Apparel. At just 19 years of age, Anthony …

Slog 18 - Appearances on other podcasts

June 6th, 2018


Grateful to have a few guest appearances on other podcast + some other updates from our side.

Thanks for listening, share, and subscribe 🙏

Slog 17 - The everyday slog

June 5th, 2018


Little (really was) update on what's happening at DULO HQ.

For our monthly giveaway and the product we are currently working on visit

If …

Slog 16 - Saturday = work day

June 2nd, 2018


The usual dose of nearly daily updates on our operation on a calm Saturday free of our full-time jobs, being able to focus on DULO 100%.

If you find …

The Early Days Podcast S2E13 - Q&A with Yours Truly

June 1st, 2018


On today's episode, we answer questions about our business. It's always fun to respond to questions from our community that hopefully, bring value to …

Slog 15 - Stepping up the LinkedIn game

May 30th, 2018


The usual update on the state of the DULO union. Updates to the podcast page and cover art and first LinkedIn article.

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Slog 14 - #MarinIn🇧🇬 Trip Summary

May 25th, 2018


Marin calls in and gives us the rundown of how the trip went and what he managed to accomplish.

From all the content we are putting out, the Slog will become a main pillar, which we plan on hitting very hard.

If you enjoy …

Slog 13 - Choosing images from the shoot

May 23rd, 2018


Hackermoon article is live and we were busy with choosing the best shots from all the images taken during the product shoot to update our product pages.

Thanks for listening, we love your ear ❤️

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Slog 12 - Summary of the product shoot

May 18th, 2018


Marin calls in to update us on how the first ever above €80 product shoot went and Julian gives an update on what he's working on.

If you like this …

The Early Days Podcast S2E12 - Ben Smith

May 18th, 2018


Future Voices: Alexa Skills and Voice Assistants

In our latest episode, we host Ben Smith, a voice entrepreneur. Ben is the founder of Chancebending Ventures as well as where he aims to educate others about …

Slog 11 - Just about to record a podcast 🎙️

May 16th, 2018


Just about to record a podcast with Ben Smith from Voice Entrepreneur. The guy is putting out 🔥 content in the voice space and entrepreneurship in general 👍

Thank you for your support and giving our little podcast a …

Slog 10 - #MarinIn🇧🇬

May 15th, 2018


The usual slogfest of an update, this time Marin calling in from Bulgaria, where he is in the midst of preparing our first proper (more than 80 euro …

Slog 09 - Marin kills it and Julian plays tennis in a dress shirt.

May 12th, 2018


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The Early Days Podcast S2E11 - Endcrawl

May 10th, 2018


How to build a lean, profitable business that solves a problem in your industry

On the show today we have Pliny and Alan from Endcrawl - a Saas …

Slog 08 - Choosing a model

May 9th, 2018


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Slog 07 - New intro and outro

May 8th, 2018


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Slog 06 - Small Updates

May 5th, 2018


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Live from our fulfillment center - SLOG 05

May 5th, 2018


Quick update from where we pack the shirts. If you like this format, subscribe, like, share. It helps us a lot!

The Early Days Podcast S2E10 - Jeremy Scharlack

May 3rd, 2018


How a YouTube Channel Evolves into a Business

On the show today we have Jeremy Scharlack, founder of - an online 3D design tool. Jeremy …

Slog 04 - Monthly Giveaway April

May 1st, 2018


Please, subscribe, share and rate the podcast! It help us in spreading the word about our journey ❤️

Or visit our website at for THE …

SLOG 03 - Kingsday in 🇳🇱

April 27th, 2018


Wrapping up the week at DULO HQ with a return to vlogging, more podcasting and our first Founder's newsletter. Like, share, subscribe if you enjoy …

The Early Days Podcast S2E9 - Joseph Pack

April 26th, 2018


Mental Health and Remote Work

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin …


April 25th, 2018


New homepage. Student project update and plans for content in the next couple of days.

The Early Days Podcast S2E8 - Oliver Anwar

April 20th, 2018


Side-Hustles and Profits at University

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name …

The Early Days Podcast S2E7 - Nhat Vuong

April 12th, 2018


One Man's Goal to Bring Clean Water to Lebanon

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

The Early Days Podcast S2E6 - Robin Vander Heyden

April 5th, 2018


How to Build a $50K/Month Agency Business

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My …

The Early Days Podcast S2E5 - Ryan Heybourn

March 29th, 2018


The Power of Community When Launching A New Business

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast — a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from …

The Early Days Podcast S2E4 — Mike McGrail

March 22nd, 2018


How to Start a Modern Marketing Agency and Grow Organically

Welcome to The Early Days Podcast — a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business …

The Early Days Podcast S2E3 - Tracy Osborn

March 15th, 2018


Welcome to The Early Days Podcast — a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin Gerov and with my co-founder …

The Early Days Podcast S2E2 - Armin Ghojehvand

March 9th, 2018


Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin Gerov and with my co-founder …

The Early Days Podcast S2E1 - Konstantinos Synodinos

March 2nd, 2018


Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, and doubts, the successes, and failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

My name is Marin Gerov and with my co-founder …

Origins #44 -- DIY Product Photography

January 23rd, 2018


On this episode we go behind the scenes of how we instrumented our very own DIY product photoshoot.

Have a look at it live here:

Origins #43 -- Sticking to who you are

January 18th, 2018


On this episode we share some thoughts and reflections on our content strategy and general approach to running the business.

Check out what we are …

Origins #42 -- Taking time off in December

January 5th, 2018


On this episode we talk about the importance of taking time off to recharge and refocus.

At DULO we are redefining the dress shirt, making it a …

Origins #26 -- Practicality

December 7th, 2017


On this episode from July 25th 2017 we build our first Shopify website.

This is what we do:

Origins #25 -- Commitment to quality

November 30th, 2017


On this episode of the show we go back to mid-July when we decided to double down on quality also when it comes to the content we were producing.

Origins #24 -- BrandCraft

November 23rd, 2017


On this episode of the Audio Experience we go back to July and refocus on building the brand.

This is what we do:

Origins #23 -- Planning our first collection

November 16th, 2017


July 4, 2017. On this episode we take a look back at the planning process behind our first Origins collection. You'll hear how we selected our colors …

TDS 20 -- DevLifts

November 11th, 2017


On this episode of the show we talk with JC Hiatt and Thad Daniels from DevLifts - a community that helps developers to cultivate a healthy …

Origins #22 -- The DULO Show

November 10th, 2017


On this episode of the show e go back to June 27th, 2017 - the time we started The DULO Show. Podcasting has been a great networking tactic and here …

Origins #21 - New vlog gear & first original segment

November 2nd, 2017


Jun 20, 2017. On this episode we reflect on some feedback we've received from our audience about branding shortcomings. Also, we came up with our …

TDS 19 - Lynne Tye, Key Values

October 28th, 2017


We have a chat with Lynne Tye, founder of Key Values ( Key Values is a platform that helps match people with engineering teams that share their values.

We went over building a product and company from …

Origins #20 -- On a Call with Our Supplier

October 26th, 2017


On this episode we reflect on a phone call we had with our manufacturing partner, just weeks away from finalising our first production order.

Follow …

Origins #19 -- Good Ideas and Opportunities

October 19th, 2017


On this episode Marin shares his experience after a trip to Bulgaria in mid-May. Several meetings with friends and former colleagues resulted in a …

Origins #18 -- Setting Up Shop

October 12th, 2017


On this episode of the Origins Audio XP we go back a couple of months to share some considerations about setting up an ecommerce platform, online ads …

TDS 18 - Chris Rasker, KANE

October 7th, 2017


On this episode of The DULO Show we met with KANE — an Amsterdam based watch company. We sat down with the founder, Chris Rasker, who for the past two years has dedicated his time on building a sustainable business in a …

Origins #17 -- Initial Product Feedback

October 5th, 2017


On this episode, we share the initial reactions from our first batch of samples. We started by making 25 samples that we gave to testers (close …

TDS 17 - Peter Larsson, The FLAWD podcast

September 30th, 2017


In this episode we talk to Peter Larsson host of The FLAWD (Focused Lifestyle and Winning Disciplines) Podcast, where he talks about optimising performance and lifestyle.

He is also a coach in …

Origins #16 -- Julian Back Home

September 28th, 2017


On this episode we go back to the time when the very first sample shirts arrived. Follow our story on

TDS 16 - Richard Taylor, Harrison Blake Apparel

September 22nd, 2017


On this episode we talk with Richard Taylor from Harrison Blake Apparel. We cover Richard's entrepreneurial journey, his passion for writing and we go deep on what it takes to make a podcast. A lot of specifics and …

TDS 15 - Papa Joe Aviance

September 17th, 2017


In this episode we sit down with Papa Joe Aviance to talk about losing 250 pounds by walking, recording a top 10 record hit, as well as building a brand around a wide array of personal passions, ranging from fitness to …

Origins #15 -- Soft Launch Feedback

September 15th, 2017


On this episode we share what the initial perception of our soft launch was like. Follow our story on

James Lee, Columbia West College || The DULO Show Ep. 14

September 8th, 2017


On this episode of the show we meet James Lee who is the co-owner and marketing chief at Columbia West College​. We talked about the origins of the …

Origins #14 -- Soft Launch

September 7th, 2017


On this episode, we share our first impression as full-time content creators. We go over the decision to start executing and share with the world …

Nathan Kontny, Highrise: Chemistry, Software Development and CRM || THE DULO SHOW Ep. 13

September 2nd, 2017


In this episode we sit down with Nathan Kontny, CEO of Highrise, a spin-off company from Basecamp.

Highrise is the sweet spot CRM, when Excel is too little and Salesforce is too much.

Nathan talks about how he actually …

Origins #13 -- Revisiting Patience

August 31st, 2017


Faced with another delay regarding the production of our first batch of samples, we decided to not hold off anymore and start telling the world about …

Dimitar Mihaylov: Building Something Worth Dying For || The DULO Show Ep. 12

August 25th, 2017


How do you turn a passion project into a lasting, sustainable business? Dimitar Mihaylov, founder of BB-Team, shares his experience on building something worth dying for. On this episode Dimitar shares how he is running …

Origins #12 -- The Patience Game

August 24th, 2017


On this episode we share some thoughts on being patient and how we dealt with a little delay along the way. There is no point in waiting and be frustrated when something doesn't play out as you expected. Instead, …

ROWLAN: Advice for artists and entrepreneurs from a born hustler || The DULO SHOW Ep. 11

August 19th, 2017


What does it take to be a successful hip-hop artist? 6 years of hustle before you are ready for the grand stage!

On this episode we had the pleasure …

Origins #11 -- Trip Retrospective

August 16th, 2017


On this episode we do a debrief on the accomplishments of the trip to meet the samples. Hear some thoughts about how we were thinking about the progress and process up to that point.


We want to remove the hassle …

Double F Clothing || THE DULO SHOW Ep. 10

August 12th, 2017


In this episode, we sit down (us in chairs, he in his car ;) with Cisco, founder of Double F Clothing.

Number 10 is a milestone of an episode, entering double digits and also the first guest we've had who is from our own …

Origins #10 -- Meet The Samples

August 9th, 2017


On this episode we meet the very first samples...and they were yellow! Listen for the details and how and why we ended up with yellow samples in the …


August 7th, 2017


On this episode of the show we had Italian Football TV and we talked about their experience building the brand and their online presence - consistency and persistence being prominent variables in their approach. Listen …

Origins #9 -- BizDev in Bulgaria

August 3rd, 2017


On this episode we go back to Bulgaria for the second time to register the company and take care of some extra administrative tasks.
We want to …

You asked, we answered || THE DULO SHOW EP. 8

July 31st, 2017


It's time for some good ol' fashioned QnA! Earlier this week we asked you to submit questions about our business and we answer a collection of these …

Origins #8 -- Second Trip Home

July 27th, 2017


On this episode we go down memory lane to our second trip to Bulgaria where we met with our manufacturing partner and saw a first prototype for our …

DULO Meets HOLLYWOOD || The DULO Show Episode 7

July 21st, 2017


On this episode of the show we had a very special guest from Hollywood - Kent Speakman (@kentspeakman). Kent is a serial entrepreneur, entertainer …

Origins #7 -- Thoughts on Marketing Strategy

July 20th, 2017


Document, don't create! This is the strategy we have adopted at DULO for our marketing and content creation activities. Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, …

Fighting for survival, persistence, and building up coworkers || The DULO Show -- Episode 6

July 15th, 2017


We sat down with Hristo Georgiev, CEO and founder of Centroida - a Bulgarian software development company. Hristo shares his fascinating …

Origins #6 -- Fabric Samples

July 13th, 2017


On this episode Julian shares the process around the first shirt samples - the preparation of the brand, the fabric and more.
We are building an …

Evidence-Based Hustle || The DULO Show 05

July 8th, 2017


In this episode we had the pleasure to sit down with a fellow Bulgarian - Nicola Tomov from Aesthetic by Science.
In our chat with Nicola, we cover a …

Origins #5 -- Branding

July 6th, 2017


On this episode we share how our brand name was conceived, including the variations we went through and the reasoning behind our final choice.


We are building an apparel business and documenting every step of the way. …

It's just marketing, bro || The DULO Show 04

July 1st, 2017


We are talking to Andrew Maff, head of marketing for Scubana ERP and more. Andrew lives and breathes marketing - truly his passion and he sure drops …

Origins #4 - Some Learnings

June 29th, 2017


On this episode of the Origins Audio XP we share some thoughts on starting a business.
At DULO we are building an apparel business and documenting …

Building an audience, delivering value || The DULO Show 3

June 24th, 2017


We sit down with Mitch Fraker (@mitchfraker) - a great guy who builds a career as a personal trainer as well as a marketing consultant. We met Mitch …

Origins #3 - Trip Back Home

June 22nd, 2017


On this episode we take a trip down memory lane to revisit our first scouting mission to Bulgaria. Back then we knew almost nothing about the …

From $500 to a several million dollar business || The DULO Show 02

June 17th, 2017


On this episode we met with Johnny Bunn of Redeemed Productions ( who built a wedding photography business from $500 to …

Origins#2 - Planning the Trip

June 15th, 2017


On this episode we are planning a trip to meet with potential sourcing and manufacturing partners.
This is the Origins Audio Experience, produced by DULO. We are building an apparel business, documenting every step of …

How do you optimise your energy? || The DULO Show 001

June 11th, 2017


How do you optimise for energy? When you are building a business you need a lot of energy reserves to deal with all the issues and work that is part of the process. It is not always smooth or easy, so you need a good …

Origins 001

June 8th, 2017


This is the first episode of our "Origins" podcast - an audio documentary about building an apparel business. On this episode, Julian gives a very …

The one we talk about ourselves | DULO PODCAST 000

April 16th, 2017


In this very first episode of our podcast we talk about ourselves. A friend was visiting us and we took the opportunity to introduce who we are and what we do.


We are documenting the journey of building DULO. Make …

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