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The Step-by-Step Process to Setup a List Building System for Your Blog

February 12th, 2019


When should you start off with your list building?

And what goes into putting together a fool proof list building plan in place?

Now that …

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Blog to Build Your Subscriber List

January 30th, 2019


In the last post we discussed about creating a reader profile for your blog. A reader profile primarily identifies your readers so that you can write for them.

At the same time, the reader profile also gives you …

Does HTTPS Help in Search Engine Rankings of Your Blog and Where to buy the right SSL Certificate?

January 24th, 2019


Have you ever seen a “Not Secured” notification in front of a website URL on the address bar?

What was your first thought when you saw that?

How to create a Reader Profile for your blog in 3 Simple Steps?

January 16th, 2019


Note – This is a continuation to the last post where we discussed about Buyer Personas.

Just go out there and publish a post every week..

Isn’t that the advice you generally get, when you are just starting to …

How to Create a Buyer Persona, its Importance and the Points to Keep in Mind

January 9th, 2019


Struggling with how to create a buyer persona for your blog or, website? Then you might want to read on for some simple tips to create one.

But before that, let me ask you a few questions.

Are you marketing …

The DKSpeaks Podcast is Back – What to Expect?

December 31st, 2018


“I am Back!”

T-850 (Terminator – Rise of the Machines)

Remember that famous dialogue from “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines”?

It’s that …

DKSP EP:52 – 9 Simple and Easy Tips to Fix the Slow Page Load Times of Your WordPress Blogs

April 9th, 2017


How does page load times affect your websites?

The other day I was searching for a specific recipe that I had bookmarked some time back. I was on my mobile phone and I had to quickly access the recipe blog.

I …

DKSP EP:51 – Why Clickbait Headlines like Buzzfeed Might Prove Disastrous for your blog

March 26th, 2017


Are You spending a lot of time writing Clickbait Headlines like Buzzfeed?

Then you might just be doing the worst thing you could ever do for …

DKSP EP:50 – Instagram Hashtags Best Practices for Better Engagement on Instagram

March 19th, 2017


If you are struggling with low engagement in your Instagram posts then these Instagram Hashtags Best Practices can help you improve the engagement.

One of the lifelines of Instagram is Hashtags. That is the pivot …

DKSP EP:49 – 11 Common Instagram Mistakes and How to Avoid them in a few Simple Steps

March 11th, 2017


Instagram marketing is huge and the fact that a lot of big brands are making a lot of money from Instagram, stamps its authority and makes it all the more important for internet marketers to check out the social media …

DKSP EP:48 – 5 Different Ways to Use Content Curation as part of Your Blogging Strategy

February 25th, 2017


What are the different ways to use Content Curation as part of your Blogging Strategy?

One of the questions I am asked the most, by people coming across my Content Curation course is the above. Most of them have never …

DKSP EP:47 – 4 Effective Curation Commentary Styles to Stand Out from the Crowd

February 18th, 2017


What is a Curation Commentary and what is the right approach to an effective commentary?

This is the 4 part in a series on Content Curation. You can …

DKSP EP:46 – Common Content Curation Mistakes to Avoid for Success in Content Curation

February 11th, 2017


So we are into the 3rd episode on Content Curation and in this episode we are going to discuss about the most common content curation mistakes.

DKSP EP:45 – What is Content Curation and the Types of Content Curation

January 28th, 2017


Wondering what is Content Curation and how you could make it a part of your content marketing strategy?

There was a lot of feedback that I got about …

DKSP EP:44 – The 10 Essential Tools for an Effective Content Curation Strategy

January 20th, 2017


Hello and welcome to episode 44 of the DKSpeaks Podcast.

Have you read some of the best weekly roundup on some of the top blogs around the web. Problogger does one for blogging and you will find many other blogs like

DKSP EP:43 – How to Research Keywords for Blog Posts Without Getting Frustrated?

January 13th, 2017


How to research Keyword for Blog Posts?

Welcome to another episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast. In continuation with what we discussed in the last episode, on long tail keyword research, in this episode we will be …

DKSP EP:42 – Long Tail Keyword Research Using a Simple Researching Method

January 6th, 2017


How do you do Long tail keyword Research?

Keyword Research is one of the most misguided aspects in internet marketing. There are a hundred different methods and theories out there that tells you how to do keyword …

DKSP EP:41 – How to do SEO Yourself for Your Blog in 3 Simple Steps without Overwhelming Yourself

November 20th, 2016


How to do SEO Yourself for your blog?

SEO or, search engine optimization is a big thing. Or, so it looks! And videos and articles that talk about link building, Private blog networks, Google penalties etc. make it …

DKSP EP:40 – How to Market on Instagram: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram Marketing

November 12th, 2016


How to Market on Instagram?

I am sure this is one question that anybody who has not seen the potential of Instagram and has never used it for …

DKSP EP:39 – Push Notifications for WordPress and Why it is a Better Alternative to Email Marketing?

November 4th, 2016



If you are wondering as to what push notifications for WordPress is, then you have not been reading some of the top blogs in the industry. Because …

DKSP EP:38 – How to Secure Your WordPress Blogs and Prevent it from Hackers and Malware

October 29th, 2016


How to Secure Your WordPress Blogs?

This is one thing that every blogger on the World’s largest blogging Platform – WordPress, is worried about.


Because WordPress is the world’s favorite CMS platform …

DKSP EP:37 – Single Optin Vs Double Optin – Which One to Choose and Why!

October 19th, 2016



Single Optin Vs Double Optin!

Its the question of “To be or, not to be”.

When I first started with SOLO ads, the first seller gave me a piece of advice – “If you want good conversions, then keep your optin settings …

DKSP EP:36 – 20 Instagram Marketing Tools to Boost Your Marketing Strategy and Engagement

August 7th, 2016


What’s Your Biggest reason to HATE Instagram, if at all you are?

I seem to have started loving this picture sharing social media site. If you had …

DKSP EP:35 – 2 Simple Ways to Make Money with Instagram & the Tools Required

July 10th, 2016


How much money did you make on Instagram, in the last month?

I know that is a slightly tricky question to ask and if you are anything like me, then …

DKSP EP:34 – 2 Simple and Easy Ways to Generate FREE Traffic to Your Blogs

May 4th, 2016


What is your single biggest worry about online assets – your blog, your websites and your money-sites?

If your response was anything other than “Security”, then you need to rethink. But if you answered in “Security”, …

DKSP EP:33 – 7 Factors that Hugely Impact Your Optin Form Conversion Rates

January 26th, 2016


What is your Optin Form Conversion rates?

If you have been into any form of online business, I am sure you know the importance of capturing your visitor’s email address. The single biggest reason for most internet …

DKSP EP:32 – Selling SOLO Ads Vs Relationship Marketing: What’s Best for Your Email List?

January 20th, 2016


Whenever I talk about SOLO ads, the first thing that I get asked is – What is right for an email list – relationship marketing or, selling solo ads?

DKSP EP:31 – 14 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a WordPress Theme for Your Blog

January 15th, 2016


What about your theme do you like the most?

If you answer was “look and feel”, then let me tell you that about 95% of the blog owners are with you. They also chose the theme for that exact same reason.

But is that the …

DKSP EP:30 – Making Money Online in 2016 – Which Business Model to Start off With?

January 3rd, 2016


What is the best business model for 2016?

The year 2015 is gone and it is time to look back at the year that went and evaluate all the goods and the bads. At the same time it is also the right time to put some concrete …

DKSP EP:29 – The 2016 Formula to Succeeding at Selling SOLO Ads in a Highly Competitive Market

December 25th, 2015


Is there a Secret Formula to Succeeding at Selling SOLO ads?

That was a question that I received from one of my listeners after the series that I …

DKSP EP28: How to Setup a WordPress Blog to Promote Affiliate Marketing Products

December 12th, 2015


How to setup a WordPress Blog?

This is one of the most common tutorials that you will find on Blogging. Search Google and you will find hundreds of tutorials that will teach you how to setup a wordpress blog. But the …

DKSP EP:27 – How to Research Keywords Efficiently Without Expensive Softwares

December 3rd, 2015


Almost 90% of people who get into affiliate marketing never make a single dollar from it!

That might sound demotivating and alarming but let me put …

DKSP EP:26 – A Simple Method to Analyze Your Affiliate Marketing Competition

November 24th, 2015


How do you analyze your affiliate marketing competition?

Affiliate marketing is extremely competitive. And with more and more people jumping into the affiliate marketing bandwagon, it will only increase further. The …

DKSP EP:25 – How to Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote – Affiliate Marketing Series:Part3

November 14th, 2015


What affiliate product that you are promoting is the most profitable?

In fact, the most common approach in affiliate marketing is to pick any random product that fits you interests or, plans and to start promoting it.

DKSP EP:24 – How to Get Accepted into Affiliate Networks – Affiliate Marketing Tips Part – 2

November 4th, 2015


Do You Have a Definite Plan for Marketing?

Did you get rejected yet again?

Affiliate Marketing is all about finding the best affiliate networks and picking the best affiliate programs and offers. You might already know …

DKSP EP:23 – Types of Affiliate Marketing: Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Series – Part 1

October 29th, 2015


What’s the difference between CPA and PPL?

Now that is a question that I get often in the emails that I get. In fact when I started off with affiliate marketing, this was the term that I was confused about the most.

I …

DKSP EP:22 – 5 Different Ways to use Periscope for Business

October 22nd, 2015


Are you on Periscope?

It has become so common these days. Social Media channels get launched and suddenly there is a rush from marketers to make use of the latest thing in the market. Some work and yet others do not. …

DKSP EP:21 – How to Make Money Online Without Investment – Viewer Question

October 14th, 2015


“How to Make Money Online without investment?”

90% of the people coming onto the internet to make money, come in with this question. In fact I was not any different. I still remember the first time I searched the …

DKSP EP:20 – 10 Most Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes that You Should Avoid

October 7th, 2015


The Facebook Advertising Wormhole!

It’s something you can really get sucked into. And funnier is the fact that you will not even realize that you …

DKSP EP:19 – How to Use Facebook Video Ads Effectively for Your Business

September 30th, 2015


What was the one thing that you noticed about the videos that you see in your Facebook Newsfeed?

Let me tell you!

Facebook Videos in the Newsfeed autoplays but without sound. If you have not noticed it until now, you …

DKSP EP:18 – Understanding Youtube Ads and Why you might just be doing it all Wrong!

September 23rd, 2015


Did you try YouTube video ads yet?

Youtube ads have become one of the most sought after form of advertising these days, thanks to all the promotions from the GURUs. Everybody is talking about Youtube ads and making …

DKSP EP17: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Another Social Media Advertising Course

September 16th, 2015



What was the last internet marketing course that you bought?

There is an 80% chance that it was a course to do with some social media advertising – most probably Facebook ads, and which promised you that you will …

DKSP EP:16 – Tips and Strategies to Build a Successful Solo Ads Business – Part 3

September 4th, 2015


Hello and welcome to episode 16 of the DK speaks podcast. This is part three and the final episode in building a successful solo ad business. In the …

DKSP EP15: How to Successfully Build a Profitable SOLO Ad Business – Part 2

August 27th, 2015


Welcome to Episode 15 of The DKSpeaks Podcast. This is DK. In this episode we will be continuing with our discussion on Building a SOLO ad business.

I am assuming, you have completed the actionables that we discussed …

DKSP EP14:How to Successfully Build Your SOLO Ads Business-Part 1

August 20th, 2015


Hello and welcome to Episode 14 of The DKSpeaks Podcast.

In the last week’s Podcast, we discussed about buying traffic especially using SOLO ads. There are a lot more strategies in SOLO ad buying which can help you get …

DKSP EP13: Solo Ads Buying Strategies – How to Build Your Email List for FREE!

August 12th, 2015


Hello and welcome to episode 13 of the DKSPeaks Podcast. IN todays episode we are going to discuss about SOLO ads – how to generate traffic with …

DKSP EP12: 10 Ways to Build Your Email List Fast from 0 to 10K in less than 90 days!

August 5th, 2015


Hello and welcome to Episode 12 of the DKspeaks Podcast.

The last week was a happening one in Technology, thanks to the launch of the much awaited …

DKSP EP11:What are Buyer Keywords – Doing Keyword Research the Right Way!

July 29th, 2015


If you have signed up to email newsletters from any of the big internet marketers, I am sure you would have heard about the launch and the …

DKSP EP10: Email Marketing Best Practices for Building and Managing a Responsive List

July 22nd, 2015


“The Money is in the List” is something that you hear the moment you jump into internet marketing and it follows you whenever and wherever you go.

DKSP EP09: Making Money with FIVERR – The Best Option to Start Making Money!

July 12th, 2015


Before we get onto today’s episode, I wanted to let you all know about a few changes that I am making to this show here. As per all the requests and suggestions that I received, we are moving to a weekly frequency from …

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