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The Dare to Dream Podcast is where Vincent Van Patten and Gregory Russell Benedikt challenge you to embark on the adventure of your life. They draw wisdom from guests and personal experiences traversing the unknown to exemplify what is possible when you have the courage to live a life that is truly … read more

139 Episodes | 2020 - 2023

DTD #139: Escaping The Prestige Pipeline and Revealing Your Most Authentic Self with Sophie Hamilton

September 25th, 2023


It's not every day that you get a text saying: "If you ever want to talk about leukemia / near-death experiences, modeling/body image, mental health stuff, and going for my dream, let's chat."

This is the text that …

DTD #138: 100 Days of Living Boldly & Talking to Strangers (Part 1)

September 19th, 2023


23 days ago Gregory decided to embark on a 100-day challenge. Each day, he is tasked with making a bold or outrageous request to a stranger.

On day …

DTD#137: Our Greatest Gift Is Being Our True Self, With Jesse Van Patten

September 10th, 2023


My younger brother Jesse Van Patten is one hell of an individual. Greg, Jesse and I caught up on Jesse's current ambitions at twenty years old as an …

DTD #136: We can't go at this alone. On friendship, deep feels & capping one year in Japan by summiting Fuji-San.

August 31st, 2023


Yo! Vinny here.

This weekend marks one year of living in Japan; when I had this dream of moving to a foreign country, I pictured me against the …

DTD #135: Difficult Goodbyes, Beautiful Beginnings & Our Favorite Books

August 22nd, 2023


Greg and I (Vinny), love to read. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, your grandma’s cookbook—nothing’s off limits. Not merely for entertainment, but because stories help us understand reality. They help us better know …

DTD #134: How To Become The Right Kind of YES Man or Woman

August 7th, 2023


This short solo episode with Gregory will leave you feeling bold, inspired, and hopeful. It is all about saying YES to life, reality, and challenges …

DTD #133: Life Happens In Waves—How To Stay Grateful Through It All

August 1st, 2023


Life is one heck of a roller coaster. It’s the ups and downs that shift our perspective—the seasons, the waves—which contrast one another and help us …

DTD #132: We're On This Earth To Feel Love

July 26th, 2023


The boys are back together!

You know it’s an episode full of laughs and epiphanies whenever that happens.

On this episode of DTD, Vinny …

DTD #131: How to Identify & Integrate Your Shadow Self to Release Shame and Guilt

July 19th, 2023


Carl Jung is famous for formulating the concept of the shadow self. Known as the "repressed self" or the "disowned self", these are the parts of us …

DTD #130: Making Social Media Not Only a Highlight Reel, But a Place Of Genuine Vulnerability and Connection

July 11th, 2023


Last week I (Vinny) posted two Instagrams: one that was a highlight reel of good things in my life, and twenty minutes later, one that showed me …

DTD #129: How Focusing On Enjoying My Life Has Led To More Peace & Happiness

July 3rd, 2023


In this solo episode, Gregory walks you through the powerful mindset shift he experienced recently. It's all about making sure that what you are …

DTD #128: The Remarkable Journey of Santana — Fighter, Lover, Student, Sage, Friend

June 26th, 2023


If we’re lucky, we’ll come across certain individuals in our lives and there will be an immediate connection. Be it a new bromance or a romance, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to get deep, personal, real. …

DTD #127: THIS is Where Most of Us Are Going Wrong

June 19th, 2023


Gregory is 17 hours into his conversational journey to speak with 100 people about their biggest dreams. He is quickly learning that nearly everyone is craving freedom. Financial freedom. Creative freedom. Lifestyle …

DTD #126: Create For No Other Reason Than To Make Your Soul Grow

June 12th, 2023


Why do we create? Why throughout history have artists painted, written, composed music, taken photos or performed dance routines in their rooms for nobody to see? 

As creatives, we’re enticed by the prospect of turning …

DTD #125: Fall In Love With The Process of Figuring Yourself Out

June 5th, 2023


Want to prove something? Prove that you are enjoying the process of figuring yourself out and chasing your current ambitions and curiosities.

These …

DTD#124: Your Intrinsic Curiosity Longs To Guide You—Let It. With New Zealand Based Artist, Élisabeth Denis

May 22nd, 2023


Vinny sits down with his friend Eli, an artist and creative soul who has allowed her curiosity to guide her life in fascinating directions. …

DTD #123: Brothers In Life's Adventure - Funniest Stories & Greatest Revelations From Greg's Visit to Japan

May 15th, 2023


Over the past two weeks, Greg and I (Vinny) made soul-enriching memories in my home city, Osaka, Japan as well as sunny Fukuoka and a rain-drenched …

DTD #122: Why You Are Stuck in Your Comfort Zone (And How to Get Out) with Stacey Lauren

May 9th, 2023


I (Gregory) was a guest on my friend Stacey's podcast recently and we talked about the comfort zone. She asked me about how people can get out of their comfort zone more, and I was struck by a big thought. I realized …

DTD #121: Follow Your Own Path and Let People Talk - The Japan Reunion

May 1st, 2023


The boys are back together and it feels so good! It’s the morning of an adventure; before heading down south from Vinny's home in Osaka, Japan to Fukuoka, Greg and Vinny discuss some of the concepts they’ve been fired …

DTD #120: Breathe Your Way to Emotional Freedom and Better Relationships with Guest Jonathan Van Putten

April 24th, 2023


Jonathan Van Putten has been on an incredible journey of transformation and healing through breathwork. After experiencing several business heartbreaks and years of battling various addictions, Jonathan's life was …

DTD #119: It Takes Courage To Be Happy

April 17th, 2023


Over the past year, I (Vinny) have been asked in different ways if I’m always happy. This has made me ask myself, why? This question of whether I’m always happy has made me wonder if it seems as if I’m putting on a …

DTD #118: How to Live an Artistic Life Regardless of Your Profession

April 9th, 2023


You don't need to paint or write in order to live an artistic life. Creativity isn't just about creating tangible things in the world for others to see.

Rather, living artistically comes down to how you engage with each …

DTD #117: Bring More Joy and Fun Into Your Life By Understanding Martyr vs. Trickster Energy

April 2nd, 2023


After a nine-day surf trip in Panama, Gregory reflects on a few powerful realizations that stemmed from having ample time for leisure, afternoon …

DTD #116: What Japan's Cherry Blossoms (桜, Sakura) Teach Us About the Fleeting Beauty of Life

March 26th, 2023


This is my (Vinny) first spring living in Japan. What I love about this country is how each season is utterly unique. The autumn leaves (紅葉, …

DTD #115: Why We've Felt the Need to Slow Down and Open Up While Navigating the "Messy Middle"

March 21st, 2023


Much of the time, we want this show to provide the insights that we've gleaned from facing our fears, dealing with a problem and coming out on the other side. But we don't always have the answers. In reality we rarely …

DTD #114: A Valuable Roadmap To Discover What You’re Truly Here To Do

March 14th, 2023


Dare to Dream is a podcast to inspire you to embark on the adventure of your life. Some of us feel deep within our bones that we have this passion, this adventure, this life we long to pursue—however we're afraid. It's …

DTD #113: Leap Before You Look - Why a Meaningful Life Requires Courage

March 6th, 2023


It's easy to get attached to outcomes. 

We hope life will unfold in a neat and orderly way. When it takes a hard left turn, however, we cling to the …

DTD #112: How to Turn Feelings of Not Being Enough Into High Octane Motivation

February 27th, 2023


In this solo episode, Gregory opens up about feelings of inadequacy and "not being enough" that he has battled for years. He explores the mental …

DTD #111: Stay Light, Delve Deep - Our Philosophy For Dancing Through Life's Challenges

February 21st, 2023


There’s a life philosophy that sums up so much of what we’ve learned and hope to share here on The Dare to Dream Podcast: stay light, delve deep.

DTD #110: Don't Let Fear Hold You Back - How to Expand Your Comfort Zone

February 13th, 2023


Fear and self-doubt are some of the most insidious forces we are up against. They are what keep us playing small, afraid to take action on our biggest dreams. We are often our own worst enemies as we let our inner …

DTD #109: Why We're Obsessed With Seeking Meaningful Life Experiences

February 6th, 2023


Realizing our potential is a daunting endeavor. 

There's no crystal ball which will tell us who we'll become if we do A, B and C. Yet that's what makes it the greatest adventure we can have. Without a clearly defined …

DTD #108: Unlocking Synchronicity - The Power of Choosing Love Over Fear

January 30th, 2023


After an incredible month of traveling throughout Japan, I, (Vinny) am back home in Osaka with a resurgence of inspiration to share with y'all. Greg …

DTD #107: Helping Yourself Through Helping Others, a Client's Story of Letting the Love Back In

January 23rd, 2023


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with Gregory as your coach? 

This episode will give you the honest and unfiltered answer you are …

DTD #106: 18 Life Lessons From Reading My Journal Cover to Cover

January 16th, 2023


Hi DTD Fam! 

Gregory here. 

Every New Years' Eve, I sit down to read all my journal entries from the past year. I started this tradition in 2019 and have enjoyed looking back at how each year went. There's something …

DTD#105: Unmasked and Openhearted with Shannon Keating and Vincent Van Patten

January 9th, 2023


On this episode of DTD, I (Vinny) sat down with Shannon Keating, host of the Unmasked and Openhearted podcast.   

Shannon interviewed me, but this …

DTD #104: The Highs & Lows of Solo Travel, Drinking Saké, and Ringing In the New Year With Morgan Hathorn

January 2nd, 2023


On this end of the year holiday special, Vinny sat down with his oldest friend, his brotha from anotha motha, Morgan Hathorn. After leaving home in …

DTD#103: Small Continuous Steps Will Take You Where You're Meant to Go

December 26th, 2022


What do we do when there’s a dream that seems too big, too out there, too daunting?
We simplify.
We prioritize.
We take small, continuous steps in the direction which we’re called — not great, occasional leaps.
“Accomplish …

DTD #102: Make 2023 The Year of Systems, Not Goals

December 19th, 2022


This year, skip the New Years' Resolutions. There's a better way to set yourself up for success in 2023. Join Gregory in this solo episode where he …

DTD#101: The Beauty In the Mundane—Japan Field Notes PT. 1

December 11th, 2022


We all experience moments throughout the day which make us smile, make us think, lessen the weight, brighten the sky. Perhaps we think they’re not …

DTD #100: Would You Do It For Free?

December 5th, 2022


The only way to continue doing something meaningful and truly satisfying for the long haul is by loving it so much that you'd do it for free. 

The …

DTD #99: How Burnout Led to Crisis, Transformation, and the Path to Redefine Self Care with Dr. Cindy Tsai

November 28th, 2022


How do you start the process of figuring out what you want in life? When will you know you’ve landed on the right idea, what will truly make you …

DTD #98: Becoming a Better Friend to Yourself

November 20th, 2022


When a close friend comes to you with a problem, how do you treat them? Do you tell them all the things they’re doing wrong? Or support them by offering encouragement to get through whatever issue they’re facing? …

DTD #97: Overcome Your Resistance Without Compromising Your Values

November 14th, 2022


If you've ever sat down to (finally) start that project you've been putting off and thought "this is the perfect time to clean the entire house!", you have experienced Resistance. But how can we tell if the force we are …

DTD #96: Creating More Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life with Host of the Do The Thing Podcast, Stacey Lauren

November 7th, 2022


Want to experience more synchronicity and flow in your life? Start pursuing lofty goals, even if they are still in the rough draft phase. You’ll be surprised at the amount of serendipity you experience as things start …

DTD #95: Our Vulnerabilities Make Us Strong

October 31st, 2022


In this episode, I—Vincent—discuss some of the challenges I've been facing in Japan, and why our vulnerabilities actually make us stronger. Human. A …

DTD #94: When You Can’t Find the Solution, Be the Solution - How Katie Fletcher Followed Her Dreams and Founded Local Scoop, the Package-Free, Low-Waste Grocery Store

October 24th, 2022


After a trail of disappointing jobs, Katie Fletcher made the bold decision to go after her own dreams and stop looking for fulfillment in corporate …

DTD #93: What's the Worst That Could Happen? Exploring the Fantastical World of David Rees-Thomas

October 17th, 2022


David Rees-Thomas is the author of many short stories and books which span a variety of genres. David has also been Vincent’s head trainer to become a teacher with ECC in Osaka, Japan.

Throughout training, David …

DTD #92: Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be

October 10th, 2022


Putting your ass where your heart wants to be is how best-selling author, Steven Pressfield, advises you to achieve your dreams. In order to get what you want out of life, you need to do the necessary work. If you want …

DTD #91: Self-love, Radical Acceptance, and The Power of a Growth Mindset with Scotty Huffman

September 29th, 2022


Growing up as an avid snowboarder and surfer, Scotty Huffman believed that working in the action sports industry would bring him the meaning that he …

DTD #90: Life’s Best Experiences Are On the Other Side of Fear

September 23rd, 2022


On this short solo episode, Vinny uses his current journey teaching English in Japan to express how the best experiences in life—those that ask us to …

DTD #89: The Value in Discovering What You Don't Want with Writer Hudson Rennie

September 19th, 2022


Hudson Rennie is a full-time writer, a digital creator and an all-around creative human being. Deciding to forgo college, he worked through his …

DTD #88: Moving to Japan and Running an Ultra-Marathon, How Monumental Life Events Have Shifted Our Perspectives

September 8th, 2022


We've had some pretty extreme perspective shifts recently. Vinny moved halfway across the world to Osaka, Japan, where he will be teaching English for the next year, maybe more! Gregory, in an attempt to run (pun …

DTD #87: Bringing Positive Wellbeing to the Workplace with Catherine Mattice

August 25th, 2022


Catherine Mattice is passionate about helping people feel good at work. She's a strategic HR consultant who assists organizations in building …

DTD #86: It’s Not About the Destination, But Who You Become On The Journey

August 22nd, 2022


Yes, we’re 86 episodes in and still clarifying the purpose of this podcast. Isn’t that how it should be? An ever-changing project that grows as we do.

DTD #85: Why You Must Live a Story Worth Telling

August 15th, 2022


You must live a story worth telling. 

That doesn't mean you have to climb Mt. Everest wearing a speedo at the age of twelve or bicep wrestle a shark in the Galapagos; it means you are consistently doing things that …

DTD #84: Timeless Advice That Has Changed Our Lives

August 5th, 2022


It’s only once you muster up the courage to live a life that’s truly yours - to take that first step - that everything falls into place.   

This is …

DTD #83: Quitting Our Jobs and Embarking on Our Hero's Journeys - What it's Been Like

July 28th, 2022


You know the hero’s journey: the ancient myth where the hero leaves home, embraces the unknown, slays the dragon, and returns home an altered …

DTD #82: Embracing the Shadowed Soul with Melissa Jennewein

July 21st, 2022


“I wanted to live,” writes Melissa Jennewein in her book Shadowed Soul: Wandering to Find Your Inner Compass. “Not just live, but understand what …

DTD #81: Live Like a Lion, Not an Ant

July 15th, 2022


The boys are back together for a quintessential episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast.

The discussion revolves around taking the pressure off and …

DTD #80: EPISODE SWAP from the Discomfort Theory Podcast: Uncovering Your Best Self with Gregory Russell Benedikt

July 9th, 2022


The Dare to Dream Podcast is all about showing up and doing the work no matter what. It's about staying consistent with your dream in the midst of the storm of life. We got to practice what we preach this week as Vinny …

DTD #79: Finding Peace, Play, and Healing with Wolf Castillo

July 1st, 2022


Life has a funny way of connecting you with the people you are supposed to meet. And it's often in the least grandiose of circumstances that the …

DTD #78: Visit Yourself and Have a Good Time, with Iris of Calabria, Italy

June 24th, 2022


Vincent spent three weeks working as a volunteer in Calabria, Italy, under the guidance of Iris. Iris is somebody that makes you smile, laugh, …

DTD #77: This is The Moment You've Been Waiting For

June 17th, 2022


So often we believe some future moment will make us happy. Because of this, we lose sight of what’s right in front of us. We lose touch with what surrounds us. We disconnect from reality, our sense of self, and one …

DTD #76: The Value of a Good Cry (Our First Solo Episode)

June 9th, 2022


Today we made Dare to Dream history. Not because we cried live on the air, (we've already done that before) but because Gregory recorded our first …

DTD #75: How Writing and Coaching Can Change Your Life, with Author, Attorney, and Nonprofit Founder, Debra Mares

June 3rd, 2022


Debra Mares is a real-life Wonder Woman. 

Having seen professional success as an attorney, a nonprofit founder, an author, and a teacher, Debra's …

DTD #74: Life Can Only Improve When You Honor Your Word to Yourself and to Others

May 26th, 2022


There is much we can't control in life. But if there's one thing we can control, it's honoring our word. 

On this episode of The Dare to Dream …

DTD #73: Epiphany at the Opera, with Electropop Artist Barrett Crake

May 19th, 2022


American electropop artist Barrett Crake was living the life that many American college grads dream of. He'd landed an impressive gig after …

DTD #72: Fuel For Your Soul

May 13th, 2022


After the recent guest episodes of The Dare to Dream Podcast, Vincent and Gregory are back in action recording together and they're way too happy …

DTD #71: Break Free From Your Past and Create Your Own Identity, with Author Neha Sonney

May 6th, 2022


For many of us, it can feel like where we come from is where we're going to go; that our past defines our future; that how we were raised is by …

DTD #70: Upgrade Your Life Through Breathwork and Cold Exposure with CEO & Certified Wim Hof Instructor, Reis Paluso

April 29th, 2022


When someone asks you if you're ready to upgrade your life, I hope you say yes. That's what Reis did, and his willingness to step into the unknown led him on a wild journey of introspection and self-discovery. From …

DTD #69: Transcending Where We Come From with the Brazilian World-Traveler, Bruno Schroeder

April 21st, 2022


Bruno is a guy who spreads joy in this world.

For the first guest appearance of The Dare to Dream Podcast overseas, Vincent had the privilege of hanging with his mate and hostel co-worker while staying in Lisbon, …

DTD #68: Must We Live the Life That's Expected of Us?

April 16th, 2022


Warning: this episode may feel like a bit of an existential life crisis. In it, we explore a few of life's questions that we are currently grappling …

DTD #67: Living in a Hostel, How to Use Social Media While Traveling, and Why You Need to Live an Interesting Life

April 9th, 2022


Have you ever had so much fun at a hostel while traveling that you asked yourself, "I wonder what it would be like to LIVE here?" No? Well we'll tell …

DTD #66: Vinny's Launch to Lisbon - DTD Goes International

April 1st, 2022


Today was a special moment in Dare to Dream history. This episode was recorded as Vinny was sitting in Montreal, waiting to board his flight to Lisbon, Portugal, where he will be living in a hostel for the next three …

DTD #65: Living a Life Without Regret, w/ Columbia-Based Writer Sara Burdick

March 24th, 2022


Columbia-based writer Sara Burdick is a curious soul, a world traveler, a seeker of truth and meaning — a dreamer. What’s unique about Sara is that …

DTD #64: The Paradoxical Art of Doing Less But Getting More

March 17th, 2022


This episode is a quick 20-minute pop where we use a thought-provoking article by Mark Manson as a springboard to explore the concept of doing less while getting more. 

It's easy to assume that the harder we work, the …

DTD #63: Let Your Thoughts Die So You Don't Have To, with Professional Skateboarder Mitchie Brusco

March 10th, 2022


Mitchie Brusco’s life has revolved around skating since he first stepped on a skateboard at age 3. His tribe of mentors includes extreme athlete …

DTD #62: Quick Hits of Wisdom and How Our Lives Are Changing

March 4th, 2022


Random thoughts. Mysterious musings. Lots of laughter. 

What more can you ask for!?

This episode epitomizes why we started The Dare to Dream Podcast: we discuss life changes we're undergoing, lessons we're learning, …

DTD #61: Living a BIG Life with Author, Leader and Perennial Seeker Rick Broniec

February 25th, 2022


Over the past 70 years, Rick Broniec has continuously broken the mold of what is expected of him as a man, a Midwesterner, and a chemistry teacher. 

DTD #60: Learning To Love the Man in the Mirror with Australian Ninja Warrior, Brandon Clift

February 19th, 2022


Growing up as a professional gymnast, Brandon always wanted to hold a world record. Little did he know that he'd achieve that feat by being …

DTD #59: Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

February 11th, 2022


If you zoom way out and take a look at your life, what is most important? 

What would your inner child tell you to focus on? 

Is there ever a …

DTD #58: Fortune Favors the Bold

February 3rd, 2022


In this high-energy episode, we discuss the idea of flirting with life, and how we’ve put this idea to the test by striking up conversations and getting into as many strange situations as possible.

Get ready for some …

DTD #57: Dare to Live a Life That’s Truly Yours with Paris-Based Creative Shabnam Ferdowsi

January 28th, 2022


“Have you ever felt paralyzed with ambition before?” Writes Paris-based creative Shabnam Ferdowsi in her article on

“A dream so daunting …

DTD #56: Comedian/Philanthrepreneur/Ironman Daniel Powell, an Ordinary Man Leading an Extraordinary Life

January 21st, 2022


Daniel Powell is a San Diego local legend. 

You might find him suited up as his alter-ego Captain Challenge while leading a flash mob dance party; spreading joy through his stand-up comedy; finishing a marathon in …

DTD #55: Thriving in the Unknown, Reinventing Yourself, & Leaning Into Love with Actress and Soap Opera Superstar Eileen Davidson

January 7th, 2022


Actress and daytime soap star Eileen Davidson followed her heart at an early age and has been thriving in the unknown ever since.

We’re all going …

DTD #54: Health, Connection, and Pursuing What's Meaningful—Our Recipe for Happiness in 2022

January 1st, 2022


When it comes down to it, what do we truly need to make us happy? 

This meaningful episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast puts a bow on 2021; we're …

DTD #53: Outlasting Adversity and Prioritizing Happiness with Actor & Writer Duke Van Patten

December 17th, 2021


Hanging out with Duke Van Patten is like drinking a cup of strong black coffee on a sunny day with Robert De Niro or Hugh Grant or perhaps Jimmy …

DTD #52: Seek Your Dream Life, Not a Dream Job

December 10th, 2021


Spoiler alert: It should be illegal for two people to have this much fun together. If you’re not prepared to witness what happens when two best …

DTD #51: Sitting Down with Syence, LA's Hottest Up-and-Coming Electronic Music Duo

December 3rd, 2021


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Zach Montoya and Brayden James, better known by their artist name: Syence. These two dudes met in a science …

DTD #50: Celebrating 50 Episodes and the Wisdom That Has Saved Us from Ourselves

November 24th, 2021


For the fiftieth episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we reflect on the essential wisdom that has inspired us most profoundly while on this journey …

DTD #49: Lindsay Bilezikian’s Quest to Heal the World (and Herself) Will Leave You Feeling More Present and Joyful in your Mind, Body and Soul

November 19th, 2021


Lindsay Bilezikian is a multidimensional human being who is on a quest to heal the world. By day, Lindsay serves her community as a certified Pilates …

DTD #48: The Stoicism Starter Pack — Leverage This Ancient Philosophy to Combat Anxiety and the Fear of Being Judged

November 12th, 2021


Stoicism is an ancient philosophy with modern benefits, associated with figures such as one of the last "good" Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius, and …

DTD #47: Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere—Here's How to Make It Work for You

November 5th, 2021


Social media has undoubtedly shifted the bedrock of society. 

We live our lives through our little screens just as much as we exist in the real world. Is this catastrophic? De-humanizing? Downright frightening? Well, …

DTD #46: Practical Philosophy, the Hero's Journey & Modern Courage, with Dane Sanders

October 27th, 2021


Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. The Lion King.

In the classic hero’s journey, the hero leaves the familiar and sets out into the unknown. They face adversity and fall to their knees. Yet, they overcome, and …

DTD #45: Listening To Your Inner Voice Will Make Life a Whole Lot Better

October 23rd, 2021


Your inner voice; it's probably talking to you right now. The angel and the devil on your shoulders. 

We often give our inner voice a negative …

DTD #44: Building Dreams in the Digital Space, with Tech-Focused Entrepreneur Tallulah Daly

October 15th, 2021


Entrepreneur and business owner Tallulah Daly is one cool, composed, tech-savvy woman. Tallulah grew up in Malibu, CA, yet defied the odds when she …

DTD #43: You're on Your Path. Enjoy Every Second of It

September 30th, 2021


We don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re having a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Join us for a comical dialogue on philosophy, vulnerability, …

DTD #42: How to Find Your Way When the World Keeps Telling You No, With Vincent Van Patten Sr.

September 24th, 2021


Vincent Van Patten Sr. has paved his way in the world through perseverance, love, and grit.

On this episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Vinny’s dad, Vincent, to discuss his …

DTD #41: Raising The Bar of Happiness With Entrepreneur and Spiritual Sage, Matt Winkley

September 16th, 2021


At age 26, with a broken heart and a burning desire to be his own boss, our guest Matt Winkley moved across the country and started asking these big …

DTD #40: Open Your Eyes and Strengthen Your Heart With Content Creator & Holistic Nutritionist, Isa De Burgh

September 10th, 2021


It’s never too early to take full control of your health and overall wellbeing. In fact, if you’re young like us, it’s about time you do.

Perhaps you …

DTD #39: Overcoming Fear & Finding Yourself with Digital Nomad Tom Kuegler

September 2nd, 2021


This is a very special episode, and evidence of what is possible when we Dare to Dream!

Tom Kuegler is a business owner, a vlogger, and top writer on where he created the publication The Post Grad Survival …

DTD #38: The Stellar Life of Rad Dad and Fitness Legend, Dan Miller

August 27th, 2021


From the snowy mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Australia; from a restaurant founder and owner of eleven years to being a lead on the …

DTD #37: Forget About Success and Listen to Your Intuition

August 23rd, 2021


Success. Money. Happiness. Love. 

These are all targets that many of us are aiming at. Yet what if the best way to attain these outcomes was to …

DTD #36: Mastery Means Treating Everything With a Light Touch

August 15th, 2021


There will always be moments in life that weigh heavy on our shoulders. But what if we could handle all of life, even these weighty experiences, with …

DTD #35: Your Problems Are Making You Grow—Why You Shouldn't Wish They Were Different

August 3rd, 2021


The Dare to Dream Podcast is our way to share what we’re learning, how we’re growing through challenges, and what’s inspiring us to think …

DTD #34: Lessons from the Tao Te Ching to Help Us Ease Into the Flow of Life

July 23rd, 2021


In life, there is a time for doing, often by pushing towards a goal with determination. There is also time for stepping back, reflecting, and letting …

DTD #33: Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, Ever.

July 15th, 2021


On episode #33 of the Dare to Dream Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting actress and life coach Betsy Russell. Betsy has led an exciting life of going for her dreams, leaving home to pursue acting at seventeen years …

DTD #32: Being In the Trenches of Your Own Heart and Soul

July 7th, 2021


Daring to dream is a daily commitment of believing that there is something more to go for; it’s realizing we can get more from ourselves, that this life is worth giving everything we have. Yet more doesn’t mean …

DTD #31: Stop Waiting For Permission to Change Your Life

June 30th, 2021


It’s been a year since the two of us joined forces, jumped into the void of uncertainty, and began living the lives we were born to live. While we certainly don’t have it all figured out—nothing, really—we have learned …

DTD #30: Focus On Today and the Future Will Take Care of Itself

June 19th, 2021


When we give our absolute attention to the moment, it feels like time fades away and becomes nonexistent. We’re not focused on the future or the …

DTD #29: Dare to Dream Goes Pro

June 13th, 2021


Last week we turned the page—now we’re starting a new chapter. 

With new mics and summer upon us, we’re excited. As we both seek guidance and wisdom from others who have been in our shoes before, we’re discovering that …

DTD #28: We're Turning A Page

June 6th, 2021


We’re turning a page—perhaps you feel it too. 

The tides are shifting and a new story is ready to be written. 

On this episode of the Dare to Dream Podcast, we throw it back to episode one by returning to Zoom by …

DTD #27: Gratitude, Leadership, & Breathing Deeply

May 22nd, 2021


If you focus on what you lack, you'll lose what you have. If you focus on what you have, you'll gain what you lack. 

Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, describes this as one of his key life principles. His recent …

DTD #26: How to Feel Grounded and Move Forward Through Seasons of Uncertainty

May 7th, 2021


Perhaps you’re not exactly where you want to be.

You are somewhere, of course; but often it’s easier or less frightening, not to stop and look around, not to ask questions, in fear of what the answer might be.

Are you …

DTD #25: How Thinking Deeply Will Shape Your Habits

April 30th, 2021


When was the last time that you set aside time for some meaningful introspection? Put another way, how often do you let yourself sit in your own …

DTD #24: How Meditating On Our Mortality Gives Life Profound Meaning

April 23rd, 2021


Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means “Remember that you must die.”

The phrase has its origins in ancient Rome, where it is believed that slaves …

DTD #23: Untangling Life's Preconceived Expectations

April 16th, 2021


In this episode, we explore the concept of a "life ultimatum," the demand we put on ourselves to be a certain person or have specific things (like a …

DTD #22: Create Boundaries So You Can Break Them

April 9th, 2021


In a world with seemingly endless possibilities, it's easy to get overwhelmed. The plethora of options and choices we face every day can lead to decision fatigue and hours spent wondering what to do next. The good news …

DTD #21: Surrendering To Life: Our Favorite Lessons From Michael Singer's Life Changing Books

April 1st, 2021


Michael Singer is a bestselling author, meditation center founder, and former software programmer.

Two of his books, The Untethered Soul and The …

DTD #20: Don't Die With Your Music Still In You

March 26th, 2021


We all have a special gift to give to the world, a song to sing. Whether it's through our art, our humor, or our sparkling personalities, we all possess a gift to make this world a better place. 

Many of us, however, …

DTD #19: Don't Let Technology Get in The Way of Your Dream

March 17th, 2021


We live in the most technologically connected time in history, yet, we're the loneliest we've ever been. Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates are …

DTD #18: It's Not About You

March 10th, 2021


There's someone out there who needs you. 

Often we get in our own heads and tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, that what we’ve been through doesn’t matter, that we don’t have a voice. But your voice is more …

DTD #17: The Small Steps That Have Led to This Surreal Moment

March 4th, 2021


The journey has only just begun. Still, it feels surreal to be where we are now compared to a year ago. 

In this episode, we break down what it means …

DTD #16 From the Road: Did You Enjoy Your Life?

February 26th, 2021


We are zippin’ down the I15 and feeling inspired. We both had a bit of an existential crisis this week and came out the other side stronger. We go over the two questions Greg will begin to ask himself in any situation …

Episode 15: The Power of Gratitude

February 19th, 2021


The search for happiness is one of the most essential of human experiences. We search, scour, and seek the experiences and things in life that will …

Episode 14: You Can’t Fail If You Dream Big Enough

February 12th, 2021


Success means taking that first step toward your dream. Everything else that comes up along the way is part of the beautiful journey. There’s no such …

Episode 13: Self Love is The Answer

February 5th, 2021


Self love; why does it feel so difficult? On this episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we discuss how to make amends with our inner voice to …

Episode 12: The Greatest Lessons We've Learned In Life

January 29th, 2021


This is an episode that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It encompasses many of the insights, lessons, musings, and thoughts that have …

Episode 11: Start The Day in The Best Way Possible

January 15th, 2021


The morning routine is a time-tested way to begin the day in a positive mindset. In this episode, we dive deep on the Miracle Morning, based on the book Miracle Morning by author and success coach Hal Elrod. We bring …

Episode 10: Your soul isn't here to achieve; your soul is here to grow

January 7th, 2021


In The Dare to Dream Podcast season one finale, Greg and Vincent discuss Vincent's recent road trip through the Pacific Northwest and how getting out …

Episode 9: When optimizing our lives goes too far

December 9th, 2020


In episode 9 of The Dare to Dream Podcast, Gregory and Vincent discuss how "optimizing" our lives can lead us to focus too heavily on accomplishments and checking off a to-do list. Gregory tells how he's shifted his …

Episode 8: Why we must hold on tightly to our dreams, but remain open to how they may come about

November 30th, 2020


In episode 8 of The Dare to Dream Podcast, Vincent and Gregory speak vulnerably and from the heart on what they're experiencing during this changing …

Episode 7: What will 2020 mean to you?

November 20th, 2020


In episode 7 of the Dare to Dream Podcast, Gregory and Vincent discuss the importance of solitude and scheduling time to be by yourself. As we near …

Episode 6: Greg's foray into the carnivore diet, Vinny's November writing challenge, & becoming valuable before your valued

November 10th, 2020


In episode 6, Gregory and Vincent discuss what it's like to eat nothing but meat for a month, Vinny's approach to daily writing and his November writing challenge, and what has inspired them to become valuable. They end …

Episode 5: Overcoming resistance, the voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough

September 27th, 2020


In episode 5, Gregory and Vincent discuss the ways they overcome resistance, the incessant voice in our heads which tells us we're not good enough. They explore how the power of the human imagination is often scarier …

Episode 4: Sitting down with performing artist, storyteller, and social entrepreneur - Timothy John

September 14th, 2020


In this episode, Vincent and Greg sit down with their first guest Timothy John, a leader, dreamer, and master storyteller. We discuss the benefits …

Episode 3: Embracing change & letting go of our past identity

August 16th, 2020


In this episode, Vincent and Greg discuss embracing change and how a seemingly negative event is often a blessing in disguise. They dive into the …

Episode 2: Discussing the inner dialogue, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, & measuring life based on achievements

August 5th, 2020


In this in-person episode 2, Greg and Vincent discuss several topics, including the inner human dialogue, and how we speak to ourselves throughout the day. Second is the mindset shift that comes from being comfortable …

Episode 1: Adapting to a New Lifestyle and Mindset

July 9th, 2020


In episode 1, Vinny and Greg discuss the lifestyle and mindset changes they have implemented since departing from their corporate jobs to face the great unknown. Join them as they detail their initial feelings, small …

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