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#1: Whales of New York

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Hundreds of years of hunting decimated whale populations around the world. More than 50 years since global whaling restrictions were put in place, the North Atlantic right whale is still on the verge of extinction. Other species have begun to bounce back - notably humpback whales, which have returned to the waters around New York City. But now they face a new danger: swimming in the East Coast’s busiest shipping lanes.



“Vulcanizing Society” by Barnacled

“Complect for…” by Kosta T

“Denzel Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Emmit Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Helmer Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Zither Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions



Gotham Whale

Eric Jay Dolin

Results from the New York Bight buoy

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