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I spent last week on vacation with family in Williamsburg, VA. One of the pivotal moments in US history. A place that is home to Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. Places that defined our country—the good and bad. These locations are full of terrific and terrible things. These places are full of people taking risks for an opportunity.

Think about it for a second. You are living in a country. Things are established. Yet, you decide to make a trek to a new land that has been rumored. A land that had to develop civilizations that resemble what you are accustomed to (as there were many civilizations already there). A place that had to struggle in its own issues and problems. That is some very significant risk. Many people died making it to North America.

What is a risk in your life that you need to take? It may not be traveling to an unknown land, but it is significant for your life. This decision may also affect your future generations. I now live in the land that was traveled to over 400 years ago.

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