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The Avocado Social Club

59 EpisodesProduced by Natalia Albin and Fraser BellWebsite

Couple Fraser and Natalia discuss topics inspired by the issues affecting the lives of those in their 20s during the 2020s. From politics to pop culture, their different points of view and backgrounds (Mexico and the UK) make for interesting, in-depth discussion. Email us at theavocadosocialclub@gma… read more

59 Episodes | 2018 - 2021

Yes, All Women Are Afraid

March 15th, 2021


This week, following the death of Sarah Everard, women across the UK have been speaking out about the constant fear they live in. We are taking this …

Starting a Business During Lockdown

February 15th, 2021


Over the last year of lockdown, many have been lucky enough to find a new passion, project or even a new business - even in a time where doing so has been incredibly challenging (possibly even more than usual). We …

The Story Behind the Meme and What Does It Say About Us?

January 26th, 2021


Why do we like memes so much? We have a chat around individual and collective stories of memes and the phenomenon that comes with them. We all share …

Pop Culture Catch Up and Understanding the Paris Agreement

November 30th, 2020


A big catch up on everything we've been watching, reading and enjoying over the last month of lockdown. Then diving into The Paris Agreement, the implications of international climate change efforts, how it might shape …

Are Televised Debates Good for Politics or Good for Business?

October 26th, 2020


Let's chat about televised debates! Do we actually need them? Do they make a difference to people's voting tendencies? Or is it all there just because it's good for businesses? From their history to the current status …

Too Much Wellness?

September 28th, 2020


Is there such a thing as too much wellness? In this episode Fraser and Natalia delve into the good, the bad and the ugly in the wellness industry, inspired by Netflix's (Un)Well and researching some of the biggest …

Are Our Grandparents Taking Over the Internet?

August 10th, 2020


Over the last five years, there has been a rise of what's being called 'senior influencers', basically people who are 60+ gaining a lot of traction on social media and beyond. In the first episode of the new series, …

How to Start a Brand

July 17th, 2020


Starting a brand or a business seems to be a trend amongst our generation, but how do you actually go about it? We have a chat about our challenges and what we've learned from creating and starting our own brand. From …

Does Cancel Culture Actually Work?

June 29th, 2020


In this episode, we delve into cancel culture. The idea of being cancelled, what it means, how it works and its differences with call-out culture. …

Mental Health Series: Wellbeing in the Workplace with James Naylor

June 8th, 2020


In our third and final episode of Mental Health Series, we caught up with James Naylor, Co-Founder at Livitay. Livitay is a platform created to bring wellbeing into the workplace and we discussed how to stay well at …

Mental Health Series: Psychiatry and Stigma with Shannon Hilton

May 25th, 2020


In our second week of the Mental Health Series, we talk to psychiatry trainee Shannon Hilton about what it’s really like to work in psychiatry and treat patients with mental illnesses. We delve into stigma, the work …

Mental Health Series: The Importance of Therapy with Amaya Albin

May 19th, 2020


In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re bringing you a mini-series on mental health, where we will interview different experts about different mental health issues.

Our first guest is psychoanalyst Amaya Albin. …

The Race to Win Streaming

May 13th, 2020


Streaming is the new normal for television production and with that comes new competition. From Netflix to Disney+, from HBO to Apple TV and now the new kid in town, Quibi... what does this competition mean in terms of …

The Politics of Coronavirus Worldwide

May 2nd, 2020


This week we delve into the international response to coronavirus. How different governments have managed it and public opinions around it, from …

Home Cooking in the Age of Coronavirus

April 3rd, 2020


While millennials are shown as a generation that generally cooks from home more than the average Boomer, 40% of meals are still consumed outside the home. Now with COVID-19, we're looking at a lot more people having to …

A Guide to Being Stuck Indoors

March 25th, 2020


While we're all staying home, the world may seem bleak, but we're bringing you a little guide of everything you can do while stuck inside. On our first Instagram live podcast, we compile our own recommendations with …

The Day Mexican Women Disappeared

March 18th, 2020


In this episode we delve into what's happening with women in Mexico, why they have created a historic movement, the unprecedented march on March 8th and their strike on March 9th, when they all decided to "disappear" …


March 4th, 2020


Let's chat about the 'OK Boomer' phenomenon! From where it came from to the generational divide we're in, we explore the reasons behind the expression.

We are looking for people to interview for our new series on the …

The Trials and Tribulations of Taylor Swift

February 5th, 2020


Let's chat about Taylor Swift! On her new Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana ( Lana Wilson, 2020), she brings up a lot of issues with …

Long Distance Relationships: Closing the Distance

January 25th, 2020


In this week's episode, we discuss what it's like to move from a long to close distance relationship.

The Tale of Meghan and Harry

January 12th, 2020


Let's chat about Meghan and Harry! What brought them to make the decision to step back from being senior royals? What does it actually mean and what are they going to do next? It's one of the most talked about stories …

Best of the Decade

January 8th, 2020


Happy New Year! From films and tv to music and books, what have been some of the best cultural productions of 2010-2019? Let's chat about some of the …

Joker and its Controversies

November 21st, 2019


Let's chat about Joker! The new-ish Todd Philipps film tells the story of how the iconic Batman villan came to be who he is. We talk about the controversy it sparked, it's messaging and generally how we felt about it.

Is Greta Thunberg the voice of a generation?

October 14th, 2019


Let’s have a catch up! Welcome to season 3, a lot has happened since our last episode, join us as we get up to date. We also have a chat about Greta Thunberg, who she is, her impact and whether or not she is the voice …

Who is Boris Johnson?

August 26th, 2019


Let's chat about the UK's new Prime Minister! From his background in politics and journalism to his voting track record and various other scandals …

The Ethical Implications of Shopping at Amazon

July 29th, 2019


Let’s chat Amazon! After this year’s Amazon Prime day breaking subscription and shopping records, we decided to talk about the moral standards of the giant company that now sells world-wide. From their tax avoidance to …

On Preserving History: The Notre Dame Case

July 16th, 2019


Let's chat about humanity preserving historic monuments! We focus on the case of the Notre Dame Cathedral to analyse a much deeper need to preserve and the implications of it.

The Technology From our Childhood

June 26th, 2019


Let's chat about tech! Especifically those that give us nostalgic feelings now. We talk about how much everything has changed, what we miss and how …

Reality TV and Love Island: Body Diversity, Mental Health and the (in)Authentic

June 4th, 2019


Let's chat about Love Island! The massive Reality Show is back this week with its fifth season and there's a lot to discuss. On Love Island and every Reality Television show, from the body diversity they promised after …

Internet Censorship Around the World

May 28th, 2019


Let's chat about the types of internet censorship around the world, how our countries compare to others and the implications around it. We talk about the vast content being created, the impossibility of censoring under …

Our current obsession with authenticity

May 13th, 2019


Let's chat about our obsession with searching for authenticity in social media. How curating authenticity seems to be the new trend and comodity and the projections we create when someone doesn't deliver.

Is it ethical to have kids in the face of climate change?

April 21st, 2019


Let's chat about the pressing millennial debate about whether or not we should have children due to the current issues with climate change.

On the Leaving Neverland Documentary and its Implications

March 27th, 2019


Let’s chat about Leaving Neverland! The two part documentary series details the abuse two now-men suffered to the hands of Michael Jackson when they were children. In this episode, we have a lengthy conversation on the …

The Shamima Begum debate and the Jussie Smollett case

February 25th, 2019


Let’s chat about some of the most debated topics of the week! We discuss the Shamima Begum case and the reasons why she should or shouldn’t be …

What's the deal with El Chapo?

February 18th, 2019


Let’s chat about El Chapo. His trial just reached a conclusion and he was, unsurprisingly, found guilty. What was the trial good for, though? We talk about the revelations it brought and it’s possible, if any, …

The past and future of "influencers"

February 12th, 2019


Let’s chat “influencers”! From their history and the first time brands came up with the concept to now, the competition, the differences between …

What to look forward to in 2019

February 6th, 2019


Welcome to Series 2 of The Distance Diaries! Let’s have a chat about the new year and what we are looking forward to. From politics, to film and …

We only believe convenient news and the hardest parts of running a business

November 12th, 2018


Let’s chat about why we only believe the news that is convenient to us, whether it’s fake or not. We also have a reflective chat on what the most challenging parts of running a business and freelancing have been.

Robert …

Anxiety in the modern age and useful life skills

November 6th, 2018


Let’s chat about anxiety. More and more high profile people have been talking about it and, in turn, we’ve all been chatting about our own anxiety feelings with our friends.

Why is it that it seems so common now and …

Where are we a year post Me Too?

October 16th, 2018


Let's chat about #MeToo and the impact it's had on both Hollywood and other industries a year on. How much of a change has it made? Is the fact more …

Experiencing an earthquake and tips to reduce stress

October 12th, 2018


Let’s chat about what it’s like to experience an earthquake. What does it feel like and how do people normally deal with it? We also have a little talk about some ideas to reduce stress, especially in the last few …

The men and women double standards and what are introverts and extroverts?

September 27th, 2018


Let's chat about the standards we hold women to versus what we hold men to. In the frame of the reaction to the Serena Williams case, we talk about …

Should brands take a political stand and what are the worst streaming shows?

September 19th, 2018


Let’s chat about the Nike case! Should brands take political stands? What are the biggest risks and benefits that come frome it? Is it important to …

The new world of work and what's special about the last part of the year?

September 7th, 2018


Let's chat about work for millennials! People tend to say we switch jobs too much but, why is that? What's the new economy looking like and is it really a bad thing that we want to do something we enjoy? We also talk …

Minimalisim and Veganism, what's the story?

August 27th, 2018


Let's chat about two lifestyles! Minimalism as the new anti-consumerist trend that is, somehow, not quite against consumption. Veganism as the …

Tech that has changed your life and how negative or positive really is Instagram?

August 22nd, 2018


Let's chat about tech! These are the companies that have changed everyone's lives in the past few years so much that we can't think of what life used to be before them now. On our second topic, we tackle comparison and …

Mexico City vs London Special

August 14th, 2018


Let's chat about the cultural differences between Mexico City and London! We live in different parts of the world, both really big cities, so what's …

Long Distance Relationships Special

August 6th, 2018


Let's chat about long distance relationships! After three and a half years of being in one, we might have some answers to the most common questions …

Privacy in the internet era and how can you take on a long flight?

July 30th, 2018


Let's chat about how the internet has morphed our privacy ideas. We take on the case of #PlaneBae to examine what we consider private today, how we relate to other people, and how it is or isn't okay morally. On a …

010: On health care systems and how can you make your living space a home?

July 23rd, 2018


Let's chat about health care! It's the NHS's 70th anniversary and that got us thinking into its benefits, problems and how it compares to systems in countries like the US and Mexico. On a lighter note, we also talk …

The effects of the plastic straw trend and the top Wimbledon headlines

July 16th, 2018


Let's have a chat about plastic straws! How much of a difference are you actually making and what else can we do? We also talk about Wimbledon and the headlines of the tournament, especially what made it an interesting …

Should we separate art from the artist and what are the best holiday tips?

July 9th, 2018


Let's chat about separating art from the artist in a post-MeToo era. Can we and, most importantly, should we do it? We also talk a little about the …

Mexico Elections Special

June 30th, 2018


Let's chat about the Elections happening this Sunday in Mexico! A guide on basic things to know: who are the candidates? who is likely to win? what's the future looking like? That and more on this special episode!

Are scooters the future of city transport and what's it like to move out?

June 26th, 2018


Let's chat about alternative city transport! What's the future for an industry that's looking for more options that are eco-friendly? We also have a little talk about what it's like to move out of your home and into a …

Trump and Kim Jong-un are friends now and how do you stop bad habits?

June 18th, 2018


Let's chat about the North Korea/US summit, its consequences and what it looks like for the rest of the world. In our life question of the week, we chat about the bad habits people sometimes have a hard time breaking …

World Cup special and how do you react when you get knocked down?

June 11th, 2018


Let's talk about the World Cup! One of the biggest sporting events in the world, we discuss some interesting facts and the ethical issues of it happening in Russia. We also talk a little bit about what to do when life …

Ethical fashion and are you good with office etiquette?

June 4th, 2018


Let's talk about a topic close to our hearts, what is ethical fashion? From why it matters to how you can be more ethical. We also have a chat about office etiquette, how can you be a good intern, employee and boss. 

The …

What's happening with our online data and are you in a toxic friendship?

May 28th, 2018


Let's talk about our online data! Can companies like Cambridge Analytica manipulate you and is that the most worrying thing? Also, let's chat about …

Should we care about the Royal Wedding and are you on the right path?

May 27th, 2018


Let's discuss whether we should care about the Royal Wedding with so much going on in the world and how to know if you're on the right career path?

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