The Atomic Library

6 EpisodesProduced by The Atomic LIbrary

The Atomic Library is a scripted audio drama following the staff of the Orson Welles Community Library of Haven Hollow, TX (home of the 1995 Most Okayest Rest Stop) five years after the "Allpocalypse."Written and produced by Chriss Chaney and Lara Tabri, sound editing and design by Chriss Chaney.

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S1 E1 - Inventory Day

April 6th, 2019


Welcome to episode 1. It's Inventory day. Meet the Staff of the Orson Welles Community Library, nestled in the.... hollow... that is Haven Hollow, …

S1 E2 - A Visit From The City Manager

April 9th, 2019


Welcome to episode 2. The City Manager is visiting and he has big plans for the Library. Can Hazel make him see sense? Can Marjorie keep Constance from distracting him with her resume? And what is happening on the …

S1 BookEND - Marjorie

April 16th, 2019


Welcome to BookEND 1, an Atomic Library mini-episode in which Marjorie Slump tries to craft the perfect love letter. Maybe she can call on a friend …

S1 E3 - In Search of... A Reference Librarian

April 23rd, 2019


Welcome to episode 3. It’s time to interview the candidates for Reference Librarian! One is too underqualified. One is too over… enthusiastic? One is juuuuuust right. Assuming she isn’t a spy.


The Atomic Library is a …

S1 E4 - Feral Story Hour

May 7th, 2019


Welcome to episode 4. Be afraid. It's ... toddler story time.

The Atomic Library is a scripted podcast following the staff of the Orson Welles …

S1 BookEND - "Dr" Benjamin Brittle

May 14th, 2019


Welcome to BookEND 2, an Atomic Library Mini-Episode in which Dr Brittle vents his frustrations toward many who have wronged him. Will he ever get to …

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