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Feeling Tired? The 7 Types of Rest with Saundra Dalton-Smith

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Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is an award-winning author, speaker, and board-certified internal medicine physician with an active medical practice near the Birmingham, AL area. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Baker College and Davenport University in Michigan teaching courses on health, nutrition, and disease progression. Dr. Dalton-Smith is a national and international media resource on the mind, body, spirit connection and a top 100 medical expert in Good Housekeeping Doctors’ Secrets. She has been featured in many media outlets including Women’s Day, Redbook, First For Women, MSNBC, Thrive Global, and Prevention. Her newest book is Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity, including ground-breaking insight on the seven types of rest needed to optimize your productivity, increase your overall happiness and live your best life.

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Addicted to the Superwoman Myth with Kelly Resendez of Big Voice

January 16th, 2019


What's success look like for women today? Is it smart (or even possible) to have "balance" and have it all - while staying healthy and sane? An honest look at those questions and more in this interview...

Kelly is the …

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January 14th, 2019


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In 2010, …

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September 8th, 2018


If everyone tells you the business model you want to design is crazy... do you do it anyway?  

What if you did, and you actually made it work?!

Johnathan Grzybowski, is rogue risk taker turned entrepreneur and national …

The Episode that Puts You to Sleep with Camille Nisich

September 8th, 2018


Burning the candle from both ends costs the US economy $63 billion a year in lost productivity.

The World Health Organization has stated that 1 in 2 …

Meet the Millionaire Mailman with Tom Nardone

September 8th, 2018


Do you believe it's possible to break free from the grind of a Job or business, regardless if you're a Blue Collar worker or a Doctor? It IS and the …

How to Keep Going When Tragedy Strikes with Trish Johnson

September 8th, 2018


When tragedy strikes you have two choices: let it take over and devastate your life, or choose to find the silver lining and move forward.

In Trish's story you'll discover the small shifts you can make that will …

Lost in the Social Media Tsunami with Cynthia Trevino

September 8th, 2018


Stop getting lost in the social media tsunami and learn to stand out and get noticed!

Women entrepreneurs who urgently want to learn how to speak their clients’ language, so they can grow their businesses, make more …

What's the Value of a Vision for Your Business? with Scott Beebe

September 7th, 2018


Have you forgotten to put a KEY piece in place in your business?

You might be surprised what this piece is and how it affects everything else in your business!

Scott Beebe is the Founder and Head Coach of …

How Not to Crash Your Business into a Mountain with Todd Palmer

September 6th, 2018


In this episode:

  • Knowing your numbers - revenue, profit, margins...
  • Should you work for free?
  • What's the key to building and scaling a real business?

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The Mind-Blowing Power of Mindset with Marcus Aurelius Anderson

August 13th, 2018


Marcus Aurelius Anderson is an author, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and High-Performance Coach to CEO’s, Executives, Leaders and Coaches.

While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal …

From Podcast Interviews to Sales (without Slime) with Natasha Che

June 25th, 2018


Natasha Che is the founder of Soundwise, an innovative audio publishing platform that helps podcasters build an engaged audience and convert listeners into customers. Natasha is also a personal growth teacher, an …

From Near Death to Limitless with Brad & Kasey Wallis

June 16th, 2018


Brad & Kasey's story might be the most unique path into a business heard yet... From a harrowing near-death experience, Brad discovered his purpose. Together he and Kasey now share a message of limitlessness and …

How to Reconnect with Your Body with Erin Burch

June 14th, 2018


Your Body is your strongest and most valuable asset. Learn how to connect and "drive" your future!

Erin Burch is the Founder of The Burch Method, the pre-eminent approach to reversing pain and aging.

Erin has been in the …

Empower Yourself with Alternatives - Aleksandra Nenadic

June 12th, 2018


As a registered physiotherapist, Aleksandra Nenadic treats patients of all ages with musculoskeletal conditions. She graduated with a Master’s in …

The Secret to Success in Business = 100 Men?!

April 18th, 2018


Can you imagine dating 100 men in a year?!  

You've got to hear how your love life affects your business success...

The author of "Love Yourself …

How to Find Your Outrageous Confidence with Cindy Holbrook

April 11th, 2018


Click play and discover how to find your outrageous confidence! Confidence isn't what most of us think it is... and there's a way to quickly increase …

Why Selling Sucks - and How You Can Make Money Not Selling - with Jennie Bellinger

January 28th, 2018


You're probably doing it wrong.

Sales, that is.

If you're in network marketing - don't miss this episode!

Discover why selling sucks and you don't have to do it... there's another choice and coach Jennie Bellinger shares a …

What’s Your Why? Ignite Your Story! with Paula Brown of Chilightful

January 18th, 2018


What's the "why" behind what you do in business? How do you share it with others? How does it empower you and keep you going?

Tune it for a …

What Can You Learn from an International Escape? Find Out with Rosie Aiello’s Story

January 15th, 2018


About eight years ago, Rosie Aiello after a 25 year marriage, engineered an international escape to save her daughter and herself from domestic …

A Bigger Love - How to Create the Relationship You Desire with Sam & Patrick Cullinane

January 10th, 2018


We grew up dreaming of fairy tale princesses and knights in shining armor... but in real life the dragons win, the princess is cranky and the knight is off fighting battles alone...

With so many relationships and …

This is Entrepreneurialism Unscripted - A Candid Conversation with Therese Skelly

November 16th, 2017


What happens when you put two entrepreneurs together who've known each other and worked together for nearly a decade? 

An unscripted conversation about marketing, mindset, and the real meaning of success.

Connect with …

Daily Practice for a Better Planet with Scott Simons

November 11th, 2017


Scott defines himself as an Ecopreneur meaning he puts people, purpose and the planet before profit.

Scott’s mission is to inspire a daily practice of …

What You Think You Know is Wrong - The Truth About Health & Fitness with Jonathan Price

November 8th, 2017


With 16 years of experience as a personal trainer and nutritionist, Jonathan Price of Nourished Performance busts through the myths we hear about how to get and stay healthy and fit. From cheat days to strict diets to …

Shifting the Educational System to Success with Jen Molitor, Renegade Teacher

November 6th, 2017


Jen Molitor is a Renegade Teacher, on a mission to get people fired up about improving our education system and lifting up educators so they can help …

Building a Legacy Business - The Papa Lemon Series with Paul Dixon

November 4th, 2017


Paul Dixon spent decades working in the toy industry from Target to Disney. Then he and family decided to launch a series of children's books based …

Stop the High Pressure Sales! Try a Love-Based Business Approach Instead with Michele PW

November 2nd, 2017


Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the "Love-Based Business" series of books that share how to sell more with love and build a …

Get Your Wisdom Out There: PeggyLee Hanson

October 30th, 2017


" love to share that when you are open to the world the world opens up to you. Your story needs to be told because someone is waiting to hear what …

The ComeBACK Formula: How to Transform Crisis into Possibility with Sandra Younger

October 28th, 2017


Sandra Younger survived California’s biggest wildfire. Her best-selling book about the disaster, “The Fire Outside My Window,” has been acclaimed as required reading for residents of wildfire country, adopted as a …

Get Found and Get Clients with Jared Warner of

October 26th, 2017


What's working right now to get found and get clients? Listen in on this fascinating interview with specialist Jared Warner and discover new ways you can reach more of your ideal clients.

Connect with Jared for more info …

Avoid the #1 Deathbed Regret: Dawn Gluskin of Blissed Communications

October 25th, 2017


In this episode... special guest Dawn Gluskin of

After a 7-figure business faliure, Dawn threw out the rule book and …

The Price of Perfection is Bankruptcy: Strategic Business with Mitch Russo

October 24th, 2017


Tune in as we discuss business lessons learned from rock bands, how passionate business owners can scale and grow... plus "the price of perfection is bankruptcy."

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Discover and Share Your WOW: How to Show Up and Speak Up with Diane Curran

October 23rd, 2017


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In this episode... special guest Diane Curran of

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How to Create Instant Connection: Science of Neimology with Sharon Lynn Wyeth

October 19th, 2017


Are you ready to discover a superpower science that'll empower you to create instant connections, and be a more confident salesperson for your business? (Shake your head "yes" with me here.) 

Click PLAY now and then be …

Welcome to The Art of Giving a Damn

August 15th, 2017


Discover what inspired this podcast... and what you can expect as you tune in for the conversations.

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