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101: Solving the Labor Shortage

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Michael Smith, Director of the Colorado Homebuilding Academy, joins us on the AOC to share how his nonprofit is tackling the labor shortage crisis in the construction industry. With a slogan, “Solving the labor needs of today; developing the workforce demands of tomorrow,” the Academy fulfills this mission through several programs. With a focus on collaboration with construction business partners for funding and partnering with public schools for programming, The Academy is garnering national attention for their innovative and important work.

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109: Experience Centers - How One Designer Found a Home at JXN Station

August 16th, 2018


Cindi McMurray, owner of CP Designs, joins Devon Tilly on the Art of Construction to share her decision to move her design business to Junction Station (JXN). With over 26 years in the design world, Cindi has survived…

108: SBL Series: Modular Builds - How Does it Work?

August 9th, 2018


Ken Semler, founder and President of Express Modular, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle podcast series to teach us about the modular building industry. Misconceptions about the industry abound - modular build…

107: EOS - Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System to Grow your Business

August 2nd, 2018


Kevin and Devon share how the Art of Construction and Mountain View Window & Door are growing and evolving, thanks to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Devon bought a $300K window and door company 6 year…

106: SBL Series: Insulated Concrete Forms - Building Your Foundation

July 26th, 2018


Pat McMahon and Trevor Brown of Amvic Building System join us on the Art of Construction SBL series to teach us about foundations. Amvic is a designer and manufacturer of several insulated products and specializes in …

105: Business Lessons from the Cabinet Maker Profit System

July 19th, 2018


Dominic Rubino, business coach and fellow podcaster from the Cabinet Maker Profit System, joins us on the Art of Construction to share tips to grow your business. Dominic is a successful entrepreneur who has started a…

104: Advice for Building Materials Manufacturers and Contractors

July 5th, 2018


Mark Mitchell, a Building Materials Sales and Marketing Growth Consultant with Whizard Strategy, joins us on the Art of Construction to help bridge the gap between manufacturers and contractors. Mark has a keen unders…

103: Creating Healthier Interior Environments

June 21st, 2018


Nonnie Preuss, the Executive Director of Wellness Within Your Walls, joins us on the Art of Construction to share how her company is connecting professions with healthy, eco-sensitive products that result in sustainab…

102: Growing Your Business - Tips from The Roofer Show

June 7th, 2018


Dave Sullivan, a fellow podcaster from The Roofer Show, joins us on the AOC with tips for growing your business, making more money and having more free time - roofing style. While Dave’s podcast is geared towards the …

100: Reflecting Back on 100 Episodes of the Art of Construction

May 10th, 2018


Nick May, fellow Chaise Lounge podcast host and owner of Walls by Design, joins us on this special 100th episode of the AOC. Nick was the first guest on the Art of Construction, launched on October 16, 2014! Nick is b…

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