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Ep 035: Brain Powered Weight Loss w/Eliza Kingsford

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This week on the Progress over Perfection Podcast, I'm interviewing someone very special to me. Technically I'm breaking all the rules (they say you shouldn't interview your own family, but you know what? I LOVE to do everything people tell me not to do, because lets face it, life's too short to follow the straight and narrow path and not do what feels right). So this week, my sister Eliza Kingsford, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss is here to share the truth behind the obesity epidemic, why 70 % of the population is considered over weight, why mindfulness is such a crucial component in creating lasting behavior changes and last but certainly not least, why people may have the wrong idea about struggling with binge eating and what the clinical term actually means. 


Connect with Eliza:

Website: ht

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Follow Eliza on Social Media: @ElizaKingsford

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