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Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on live national television, which led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier. On this show, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top … read more

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577: Does Mindfulness Actually Make You Happier (or Better) at Work? | Prof. Lindsey Cameron

March 29th, 2023


People have mixed feelings about the popularization of mindfulness and meditation over the last 10 or 15 years with some referring to it as …

576: Jerks at Work | Amy Gallo

March 27th, 2023


This is the third installment in our Work Life series. In other episodes, we cover topics like imposter syndrome, whether mindfulness really works at …

575: Stop Working So Hard | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

March 24th, 2023


You can refresh your energy in just a few moments. If you do it mindfully, you'll boost your presence and attention for the rest of the day.

About …

574: Do You Feel Like an Imposter? | Dr. Valerie Young (Co-Interviewed by Dan’s Wife, Bianca!)

March 22nd, 2023


The phrase imposter syndrome has increasingly crept into the culture. If you haven’t heard of it, it basically means that you feel like you’re a …

573: Scott Galloway on: The Impact of Work on Mental Health, the Role of Luck in Success, and How Much is Enough

March 20th, 2023


This is the first of a four part series on work that we’re calling, “Work Life.” 

Work can play a huge role in our sanity and happiness, or lack …

572: A Meditation For Bleak Moments | Bonus Meditation with Jay Michaelson

March 17th, 2023


As skeptics, we can question if our lives have meaning. Reflecting on the impact of your good actions can counteract these desolate feelings.

About …

571: What Is Holding You Back From Greatness? | Lewis Howes

March 15th, 2023


It’s hard not to like Lewis Howes. He’s extremely open about his personal struggles, from childhood trauma to romantic challenges, from family drama to failure and self-doubt. Lewis is a voracious learner, relentless in …

570: You Are Not a Sh*tty Person | Carla Naumburg

March 13th, 2023


There’s so much compelling research behind the notion of self compassion. Even though many of us think we need an internal cattle prod in order to retain our edge, research shows that people who have a supportive inner …

569: Being Honest with Yourself is Hard. Here’s How to Do It. | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

March 10th, 2023


Feel the true strength and happiness that comes from courageous vulnerability, the valuable art of knowing yourself deeply.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis …

568: The Many Benefits of a “Paradox Mindset” | Dolly Chugh

March 8th, 2023


The human animal doesn’t love paradox. We love a clear, simple story. Us versus them. Good versus evil. But life is rarely like that. This is especially true when it comes to wrestling with history. Our guest today …

567: Jonathan Haidt on: The Upside of Striving, How to Build a Stronger Mind, And What to Do with Ideas You Hate

March 6th, 2023


Usually episodes of this show are organized around one big question, but today’s guest, Jonathan Haidt, is just too interesting for one clear focus. In this episode, we dig into a ton of fascinating topics, including: …

566: What to Do When You’re Pissed Off | Bonus Meditation with Jessica Morey

March 3rd, 2023


Go from "seeing red" to seeing the value in anger without being carried away by it and doing or saying things you'll regret later.

About Jessica Morey:

Jess Morey is a lead teacher, cofounder and former executive director …

565: A Radical Alternative to Revenge | sujatha baliga

March 1st, 2023


Very often, when somebody pisses us off, our first instinct might be to plan some sort of revenge even if we rarely, if ever, actually follow through …

564: How to be Less Judgmental (Of Other People – and Yourself) | La Sarmiento

February 27th, 2023


Meditation and mindfulness doesn’t uproot your capacity to be judgmental, but it can help you see the value in being judgmental by learning how to …

563: A Meditation for Bouncing Back from Rejection (Or Whatever Else Life Hurls at You) | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

February 24th, 2023


Learn how to grow your resilience by connecting to a positive attitude, resolve, and allowing yourself to say yes to difficult emotions.

About Sebene …

562: How to Get Over Rejection | Florence Williams

February 22nd, 2023


This is the last episode in our four-part series where we’re counter-programming against the way Valentine’s Day is often celebrated, and examining different kinds of relationships including romantic, friendship, and …

561: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make and Keep Friends | Dr. Marisa G. Franco

February 20th, 2023


Did you know that having friends can make you less depressed? One survey found that the average American had not made a new friend in the last five …

560: How to Say No | Bonus Meditation with Cara Lai

February 17th, 2023


Mindfulness isn't about making your heart open. It's about feeling however you feel, respecting that, and sometimes, saying no.

About Cara Lai:

Cara …

559: How to Handle Family Drama | Nedra Glover Tawwab

February 15th, 2023


If you’re part of a family, you’ve probably experienced some level of drama. Maybe it’s minor annoyances, like an uncle who chews too loudly. Maybe it’s divorce, sibling rivalry, or abuse. There are lots of flavors in …

558: Myths of Love, Sex, Dating, and Relationships | Myisha Battle

February 13th, 2023


This episode is part one of our four-part series where we’re counter-programming against the way Valentine’s Day is often celebrated, and examining different kinds of relationships including romantic, friendship, and …

557: A Meditation to Help You Listen to Your Gut | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

February 10th, 2023


Sharon expertly guides you through a body scan to help you feel relaxed and at home in your body.

About Sharon Salzberg:

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation pioneer, world-renowned teacher, and New York Times bestselling …

556: Deep Genealogy | Spring Washam

February 8th, 2023


So many people are interested in their family tree. What kind of lives did our ancestors lead and what do their stories say about us? Today’s guest, Spring Washam, asks us to reckon with the people who have come before …

555: Can You Really Trust Your Gut? | Amber Tamblyn

February 6th, 2023


There may be a temptation in some circles to dismiss intuition as witchy, folkloric, or unscientific but there’s actually a ton of science around …

554: Partying With Your Neuroses | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

February 3rd, 2023


Instead of fruitlessly trying to control everything in your life, take a lighter approach and throw a party for all that comes your way.

About Jeff …

553: Meditation Party: The “Sh*t Is Fertilizer” Edition | Sebene Selassie & Jeff Warren

February 1st, 2023


Today’s episode is the first in an experimental new series called Meditation Party. 

Dan takes listener calls with fellow meditators Sebene Selassie and Jeff Warren and get candid about their practices and dealing with …

552: Understand Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life | Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

January 30th, 2023


The better you understand your brain – and the more effectively you can work with it – the happier and healthier you will be. This is the central …

551: Use This Meditation to Achieve Some Equanimity in Your Relationships | Bonus Meditation with Pascal Auclair

January 27th, 2023


Let’s be real: relationships aren’t always easy. Connect in a more meaningful way to stay engaged and caring with balance and ease.

About Pascal …

550: The Science of Persuasion | Vanessa Bohns

January 25th, 2023


It can be difficult to grasp how much power of persuasion we actually have, or how to wield it wisely. 

In today’s episode we look at science-based …

From The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos | Being Here Now with Tony Hale

January 24th, 2023


We're sharing a preview of another podcast we love, The Happiness Lab. On The Happiness Lab, Dr. Laurie Santos explores all the ways we get our happiness wrong and what we can to do really feel better. She walks through …

549: Lessons From the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness | Dr. Robert Waldinger

January 23rd, 2023


Today’s guest is the man in charge of the world’s longest scientific study of happiness, a study that has been running since 1938. 

Dr. Robert …

548: An On-the-go Strategy for Reducing Judgementalism | Bonus Meditation with Jay Michaelson

January 20th, 2023


A busy city is an ideal place to cultivate loving-kindness and powerfully connect to those around you while you’re out and about.

About Jay Michaelson:

547: Adam Grant on Perfectionism and Procrastination

January 18th, 2023


According to guest Adam Grant, excellence does not require perfectionism, and rather than obsessing over the outcome of your work, there are better ways of measuring your own success. 

Adam Grant is a frequent flier on …

546: This Scientist Says One Emotion Might Be the Key to Happiness. Can You Guess What It Is? | Dacher Keltner

January 16th, 2023


Our guest today is one of the most prominent happiness researchers in the world, and he has come to the conclusion that living the good life boils down to one thing: finding awe. We’re going to learn what awe does to …

545: Is It Ever Enough? | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

January 13th, 2023


Stressed about the strained economy? You’re not alone. Sebene offers tools to help see the abundance we all have in our lives.

About Sebene Selassie:

544: The Dharma of Money | Spencer Sherman

January 11th, 2023


When we think about Buddhism or the dharma, we probably don’t think about money. 

But when the Buddha laid out guidelines about how to make an ethical livelihood, this didn’t preclude material success. This episode is …

543: The Psychology of Money | Morgan Housel

January 9th, 2023


Money is often a messy and complicated topic that provokes a lot of anxiety. 

Today’s show is the first episode of a two-part series on managing our …

542: The Enlightened Mind | Part 5 of The Dalai Lama's Guide to Happiness

January 6th, 2023


What is the Dalai Lama’s own meditation practice like? In this final episode, the Dalai Lama goes into great detail about the whys and wherefores of meditation, taking us way into the deep end. We cover single-pointed …

541: Is Reincarnation Real? | Part 4 of The Dalai Lama's Guide to Happiness

January 5th, 2023


One of the Dalai Lama‘s most challenging teachings, especially for secular western minds, is reincarnation. In this episode, His Holiness describes …

540: Wise Selfishness | Part 3 of The Dalai Lama's Guide to Happiness

January 4th, 2023


How can we get better at selfishness? That’s one of many fascinating topics we cover in this episode, in which we play snippets from Dan’s one-on-one …

539: The Cake Incident | Part 2 of The Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness

January 3rd, 2023


The Dalai Lama makes a risky move. When confronted by a young American woman coping with incredible loss, he does something surprising and counterintuitive. The incident surfaces a question that is more urgent now than …

538: The Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness | Part 1

January 2nd, 2023


Dan flies to Dharamsala, India to spend two weeks in the orbit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is the first installment of a five-part audio …

537: Your Chance for a Do-Over| Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

December 30th, 2022


In this practice you'll connect with your values and set an intention for how you want to show up today.

About Oren Jay Sofer:

Oren has practiced meditation in the early Buddhist tradition since 1997, beginning his …

436: Brené Brown Says You're Doing Feelings Wrong

December 28th, 2022


Brené Brown has found that most people are only able to identify three emotions: happy, sad and pissed off. 

In this episode we explore how better …

99: When It Comes to Habits, There Are Four Types of People. Which Are You? | Gretchen Rubin

December 26th, 2022


The New Year is approaching and this is a time when many of us think about making and breaking new habits. So today we’re bringing on one of the smartest people when it comes to habits, best-selling author and speaker …

536: How Not to be Owned by Your Cravings | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

December 23rd, 2022


Develop insight into your cravings and find some freedom by observing your thoughts and physical sensations when you are lost in desire.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in both the …

370: How Do You Love Without Being Attached? | Kevin Griffin

December 21st, 2022


Today we’re tackling some thorny dharma questions. For example: How do you love someone without attachment? How do you love yourself when the self is allegedly an illusion? 

Kevin Griffin is both a long time Buddhist …

316: How to Call People In (Instead of Calling Them Out) | Loretta Ross

December 19th, 2022


If you’re tired of the venom, preening, and predatory listening so common on all sides of our various cultural divides, this episode is for you. 

My …

535: How To Undermine the Inner Critic | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

December 16th, 2022


The delicate practice of self-forgiveness can help undo habits of self-judgment, self-criticism, and help you reclaim greater self-esteem.

About Diana …

534: How to Stop the War Against Yourself | Tara Brach

December 14th, 2022


It’s possible to actually be addicted to self-criticism, especially as a way to keep yourself safe. But evidence shows that’s not true, and today’s episode dives into strategies to deal with your own self-hatred. 

This …

533: A Self-Interested Case for Forgiveness | Jack Kornfield

December 12th, 2022


The allure of resentment, of holding a grudge or nursing your rage can be super powerful. 

In today’s episode, Jack Kornfield, one of the great …

532: A Meditation for Anxiety | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

December 9th, 2022


Sebene guides you through using physical touch points to reduce anxiety. This is a great alternative to focusing on breathing.

About Sebene Selassie:

Sebene Selassie was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white …

531: Could This Practice Improve Your Sleep, Sharpen Your Mind, and Decrease Unhealthy Cravings? | Kelly Boys

December 7th, 2022


Today we’re taking a run at something that is simultaneously a contemplative cliché and also a deeply desired psychological outcome: getting out of …

530: Your Anxiety Questions, Answered | Judson Brewer

December 5th, 2022


The subject of anxiety never seems to lose its relevance. In this special episode we answer listener voicemails with one of the world’s leading experts on anxiety. 

Dr. Jud Brewer is the Chief Medical Officer at …

529: Partying With Your Imperfections | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

December 2nd, 2022


This simple but profound meditation will help you flip the judgment switch and genuinely welcome whatever your life presents.

About Jeff Warren:

Jeff …

528: The Surprising Power of “Healthy Embarrassment” | Koshin Paley Ellison

November 30th, 2022


We’ve all got parts of our personality or our past that we’re ashamed of. We might refer to these parts of ourselves as our demons, our baggage, or our secrets; no one is immune.

So, how do you want to deal with this …

527: How To Handle Dread | Saleem Reshamwala

November 28th, 2022


Today we explore the entire dread spectrum with Saleem Reshamwala, who took a deep dive on this very common, very uncomfortable emotion. What is …

526: A Meditation to Help You Not Lose Track of What You Actually Care About | Bonus Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

November 25th, 2022


Setting intentions regularly can be an incredibly effective and deeply satisfying tool to map out how you want to live your life.

About Dawn Mauricio:

295: This Thanksgiving, How to Make Gratitude More Than a Platitude | DaRa Williams

November 23rd, 2022


Can gratitude be more than just a platitude? Our guest today argues: yes. 

DaRa Williams is a longtime practitioner and teacher of meditation. She is one of the guiding teachers at Insight Meditation Society, a graduate …

525: The Science of Motivation | Ayelet Fishbach

November 21st, 2022


There are all sorts of ways to struggle with getting things done. Maybe you’re a procrastinator, maybe you’re somebody whose energy flags in the middle of a project, maybe you’re too stubborn and don’t know when to …

524: Curiosity: An Antidote to Overwhelm | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

November 18th, 2022


Bring an open minded curiosity to your big emotions and get to know yourself more fully, developing resilience to deal with all the feels.

About …

523: A Masterclass in Handling Yourself When Things Suck | Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Daniel Goleman

November 16th, 2022


This episode is for anyone who has ever had a tough or tricky moment. In other words, everyone who is currently drawing breath on planet earth right now.

Today’s guests are powerhouse duo Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Daniel …

522: What Science and Buddhism Say About How to Regulate Your Own Nervous System | Deb Dana & Kaira Jewel Lingo

November 14th, 2022


Is it possible to learn to spot which state your nervous system is in and move from suboptimal states to much better ones? The subject of how to work …

521: Presenting The Dread Project

November 11th, 2022


The team over at our sister show, More Than a Feeling, are diving deep into an emotion that a lot of us can relate to: dread. And while that may …

520: Can You Really Trust Your Feelings? | Lisa Feldman Barrett & John Dunne

November 9th, 2022


A common idea in the west is that our feelings or emotions should be viewed with suspicion, superseded or overridden by rational thought, and that …

519: The Art and Science of Keeping Your Sh*t Together | Shinzen Young and James Gross

November 7th, 2022


In western culture, there's been a long held view that our ability to reason should be placed above our emotions. But the hard truth is that our …

517: Love In War | Esther Perel

November 4th, 2022


We’re sharing a very special episode from a frequent guest of the show, Esther Perel. In this episode, “Love in War with Esther Perel: Ukraine,” you’ll hear a couples session led by Esther, between a husband and wife …

518: Get Your Joy On | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

November 4th, 2022


Cultivate resilience by choosing to turn towards joy, and transform difficult times into growth opportunities and heartache into gratitude.

About La …

516: Robin Roberts on the Skill of Optimism

November 2nd, 2022


It is so easy to be pessimistic and, in fact, we are evolutionarily wired towards it with a built in negativity bias. This bias can be super useful, …

372: The Science of Making and Keeping Friends | Robin Dunbar

October 31st, 2022


Friendship might not necessarily be something you’ve considered to be an urgent psychological and physiological issue. One thing we explore a lot on …

515: A Meditation for When You’re in a Fight With Somebody You Love | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

October 28th, 2022


Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. By identifying what really matters to us, we can strengthen our most meaningful connections.

About Oren …

514: Six Buddhist Strategies for Getting Along Better with Everyone | Sister True Dedication

October 26th, 2022


Relationships can be tricky. Especially if you find yourself upset with someone, and instead of talking it through, you let it fester until one …

513: If You’ve Ever Doubted Whether Meditation Works, Listen to This Story | Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez

October 24th, 2022


You may remember hearing a massively viral story from a few years ago about a school in Baltimore that gave students meditation, instead of …

512: An Ingenious Way to Handle Your Inner Critic | Bonus Meditation Sharon Salzberg

October 21st, 2022


Instead of letting your inner critic control you, turn it into a caricature so you can find a little space in the relationship.

About Sharon Salzberg:

511: George Saunders on: “Holy Befuddlement” and How to Be Less of a “Turd”

October 19th, 2022


One of the great perils and problems of our age is that we sometimes become too entrenched in our views and attached to being right. 

According to …

510: Me, A Love Story: How Being OK With Yourself Makes You Better at Everything | Sharon Salzberg

October 17th, 2022


It might be hard to find a more annoying cliché than self-love; it can seem empty and inactionable. And even if you could make it work, I think many …

509: How to Deal With Stressful Thoughts | Bonus Meditation with Jessica Morey

October 14th, 2022


Relieve your anxiety by exploring the relationship between stress and thinking while learning to break unhealthy habit loops.

About Jess Morey:

Jess Morey is a lead teacher, cofounder and former executive director of …

508: Seven Buddhist Ingredients for a Happy Mind | Pascal Auclair

October 12th, 2022


Are you interested in suffering less? Today's guest, Dharma teacher Pascal Auclair, is going to talk about seven very specific and practical ways to train your mind for reduced suffering by exploring a Buddhist list …

507: An Episode for Overthinkers | Tuere Sala

October 10th, 2022


Thoughts are not your enemy in meditation. If you’re getting distracted while you meditate, that’s not necessarily a problem. Thoughts are natural. They’re always going to come. The point is not to clear the mind and to …

506: Undomesticate Your Mind | Bonus Meditation with Cara Lai

October 7th, 2022


Let your attention be fueled by interest and discover how meditation can feel more engaging and enjoyable.

About Cara Lai:

Cara Lai spent most of her life trying to figure out how to be happy, or at least avoid total …

505: The 5 Things That Are Ruining Your Meditation (and Your Life) – And How to Handle Them | Bonnie Duran

October 5th, 2022


The Buddha was an inveterate list-maker who gave us easy to remember checklists to help us do life better. One of the handiest lists the Buddha made was called the five hindrances, which is a part of the fourth …

504: How To Stop Living An Artificial Life | Karen Armstrong

October 3rd, 2022


Most of us come into the world with the suspicion that we are the center of the universe. This self-preoccupation is natural, but it can often lead to unhappiness in the form of rumination, wallowing, comparison, etc. 

503: Free Range Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

September 30th, 2022


Bringing awareness to everyday activities can be a taste of freedom to help you move through your day with clarity, energy, and well-being.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis Santos is a featured teacher on the Ten Percent …

502: The Mental States That Steal Your Calm | Bhikkhu Bodhi

September 28th, 2022


Ever have that experience where you catch yourself in a moment of anger, judgmentalism or fear? And, with a wince, immediately tell yourself a whole …

501: Messiness Is Not a Moral Failing | KC Davis

September 26th, 2022


Today we’re talking about an often overlooked source of suffering— housework. There are so many ways in which housework can be a bummer. Maybe we’re feeling guilty about the fact that our place is always a mess. Maybe …

486: Malcolm Gladwell on: Working From Home, Kindness, Sacrifice, and Making Mistakes

September 23rd, 2022


In this previously released episode, Malcolm Gladwell responds to backlash he received over his belief that working in an office—and the …

500: Unhappiness Is Not a Life Sentence | Christina Feldman

September 21st, 2022


Is it possible to be happy no matter what happens? Today we’re going right to the source of what makes us unhappy to learn how to disarm and disable potential suffering before it owns us. 

Everything that comes up in our …

410: Why You’re Not Seeing the World Clearly— and How to Fix It | Jessica Nordell

September 19th, 2022


Jessica Nordell is a science and culture journalist who has written for the Atlantic and the New York Times. She earned a B.A. in physics from …

499: An Antidote to Body Shame | Bonus Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

September 16th, 2022


Try this powerful metta practice where you connect directly with the feelings of loving-kindness in your body and then expand out to others.

About …

498: What "Getting Out of Your Head" Actually Means | Dawn Mauricio

September 14th, 2022


It’s such a common desire to get out of our heads — to escape the nonstop, mostly self-referential chatter, the habitual storylines, the ancient …

497: How to Deal With Emotionally Immature People (Including Maybe Your Own Parents) | Lindsay C. Gibson

September 12th, 2022


Emotionally immature people (EIP’s) are hard to avoid and most of us, if not all of us, have to deal with them at some point in our lives. These interactions can range from mildly annoying to genuinely traumatic, …

496: Why Calm Is More Effective Than Reactivity | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

September 9th, 2022


Hope is a skill. Using the phrase ‘let it be’ invites us to be more relaxed with life and lets us envision a better world.

About Sebene Selassie:

Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia …

495: Why Is Everyone Talking About the Enneagram? And What the Hell Is It? | Susan Piver

September 7th, 2022


In the last couple of years, many people have been extolling the virtues of something called the "Enneagram" but—what the hell is it? 

On today’s …

494: How to Speak Clearly, Calmly, and Without Alienating People | Dan Clurman and Mudita Nisker

September 5th, 2022


Most of us talk all day long. We speak to each other, we type at each other, and of course, we talk to ourselves internally. Talking and listening is a key part of what it means to be human and It’s very hard to be a …

493: A Very Simple Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

September 2nd, 2022


Being aware of the breath is a foundation of mindfulness. The goal is to gently return, with growing kindness, again and again.

About Sharon Salzberg:

492: You’re Breathing Wrong. Here’s How to Fix It | James Nestor

August 31st, 2022


At times, self-improvement can seem like a never-ending hallway filled with limitless shame and insufficiency. So when something as simple as the breath falls into this category, it seems only natural to meet that news …

491: A New Way to Think About Your Money | William MacAskill

August 29th, 2022


Most of us worry about money sometimes, but what if we changed the way we thought about our relationship to finances? Today’s guest, William MacAskill, offers a framework in which to do just that. He calls it effective …

490: A Sit-Back, Relax, No-Agenda Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

August 26th, 2022


After an intense day, try this simple meditation to decompress and de-stress by getting comfy and putting your feet up.

About Jeff Warren:

Jeff is an …

219: How to Create an Exercise Habit Without Driving Yourself Nuts | Kelly McGonigal

August 24th, 2022


In this episode from our archives, psychologist Kelly McGonigal dives into her book The Joy of Movement and practical steps on how to develop healthy …

489: Can You Really Conquer Hatred Through Love? | Father Gregory Boyle

August 22nd, 2022


The idea of loving people no matter what— no matter how obnoxious or unacceptable their behavior is can sound simultaneously treacly and downright …

488: Are You Focusing on the Right Things in Your Life? | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

August 19th, 2022


Our busy lives rarely afford us time to reflect on what’s truly important. Remembering what matters most empowers us to engage meaningfully.

About La …

487: How (And Why) To Lose Yourself | Jay Garfield

August 17th, 2022


Today’s episode looks at one of the hardest Buddhist principles to grasp— the notion that the self is an illusion. Many people get stuck on the misunderstanding that they don’t exist. They look in the mirror and say, …

486: Malcolm Gladwell on: Working From Home, Kindness, Sacrifice, and Making Mistakes

August 15th, 2022


Since the start of COVID-19, more people are working from home, and with that, more people have strong opinions about whether or not it’s the best …

485: A Kind of Meditation You Might Be Overlooking | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

August 12th, 2022


Bringing mindfulness to walking is an opportunity to build awareness and relax the mind as you move about your day.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis Santos

484: Do You Want to Be Happier or Not? | Mushim Patricia Ikeda

August 10th, 2022


Oftentimes Buddhism can take a tough love, no nonsense approach to happiness by saying, if you want to be happier, sometimes you need to face hard truths. 

In today's episode we’re going to talk about a Buddhist list …

483: Four Ways to Boost Your Mindfulness Muscle | Joseph Goldstein

August 8th, 2022


These days, the word mindfulness has become a buzz phrase but very often people don’t know what the word actually means, much less how to practice …

482: A Meditation for When Things Suck | Bonus Meditation with Kaira Jewel Lingo

August 5th, 2022


Cultivating what’s good in us helps during times of both abundance and adversity. In fact, it’s when times are hard that we need it the most.

About …

481: How to Break Bad Mental Habits | Carol Wilson

August 3rd, 2022


There are so many benefits to mindfulness with one of the biggest being the cultivation of more self-awareness. This cultivation can lead to …

480: What is Sadness Good For? | Susan Cain

August 1st, 2022


Many of us may have a reflexive reaction when we notice we’re feeling down: we want it to go away. Maybe we think something is wrong with us and we automatically self medicate in any number of ways. But how do we square …

479: A Meditation for Pain Relief | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

July 29th, 2022


Sharon teaches you a simple breathing technique to release tension and reduce the intensity of a painful experience.

About Sharon Salzberg:

A towering …

366: How to Outsmart Your Pain | Christiane Wolf

July 27th, 2022


Sit in meditation for a few minutes and you’re likely to experience pain, either physical or psychological. Hang around the meditation scene for very …

478: Why You Keep Repeating Painful Patterns | Radhule Weininger

July 25th, 2022


We all have long-standing painful patterns of behavior or inner storylines that can cause us to react disproportionately or inappropriately to …

477: An Antidote for Anxiety | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

July 22nd, 2022


Find freedom from obsessive loops of fear by getting grounded in the body, dropping the stories, and bringing some kindness to the struggle.

About Sebene Selassie:

Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis …

476: How to Actually Be Present | Matthew Brensilver

July 20th, 2022


Today we’re gonna tackle one of the best known contemplative clichés: being in the present moment and inhabiting the now.

The present moment seems to be a state we aspire towards, but are rarely given practical …

475: Run Towards the Danger | Sarah Polley

July 18th, 2022


Often, when you’re afraid of something, the best advice is deeply counterintuitive, not to mention inconvenient: to turn toward the source of your fear.

Today we’re going to talk about the fear of confronting your own …

474: Next-Level Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

July 15th, 2022


Expand and strengthen your understanding of awareness through an exploration of focused, investigative, and flexible awareness.

About Diana Winston:

473: The Opposite of Depression | Samantha Boardman

July 13th, 2022


Depression is a debilitating problem both on an individual and a societal level and it has only gotten worse during the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, depression is now one of the leading causes …

472: How a Buddhist Monk Deals With Anxiety | Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

July 11th, 2022


Anxiety has long been a massive societal issue that has spiked during the pandemic.

In this episode, renowned Buddhist monk Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche talks in detail about how he personally works with anxiety and panic and …

471: What Does Interconnection Actually Mean? | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

July 8th, 2022


Connecting with the universal world wide web of meditators expands your perspective and helps cultivate a deep feeling of belonging.

About Jeff Warren:

470: An Episode About Anger | Jacoby Ballard

July 6th, 2022


In this episode, the social justice educator and activist Jacoby Ballard talks about a universal, or near universal, issue: anger. And, he offers us two mental skills that can help channel anger into something even more …

469: A Mystery That Matters | Anil Seth

July 4th, 2022


How, on this planet, did we go from molten lava and shifting tectonic plates to sentient beings? How are you awake and aware right now? Who and where …

468: Meditating on a Mystery | Bonus Meditation with JoAnna Hardy

July 1st, 2022


What and who are you? In this advanced exploration, you are invited to contemplate what is and isn’t definable about your identity.

About JoAnna Hardy:

JoAnna Hardy is an insight meditation (Vipassanā) practitioner and …

467: Five Ways to be Less Distracted | Shaila Catherine

June 29th, 2022


One of the most common and insidious complaints of meditators is distraction, which can be a frustrating and difficult obstacle. Even the Buddha …

466: The Science of Handling Uncertainty | Maya Shankar

June 27th, 2022


It seems like a design flaw in our species that we live in a world of constant change yet most of us are not comfortable with uncertainty. 

In this episode, we talk to Maya Shankar about how to get better at dealing with …

465: Dismantling Perfectionism | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

June 24th, 2022


Nourish yourself with some kindness and shift away from self-criticism towards accepting yourself fully, even your hardest parts.

About La Sarmiento:

464: How to Keep Friendships From Imploding | Esther Perel

June 22nd, 2022


“The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.” 

These words from the legendary Esther Perel have the power to genuinely change your outlook on life. But while it’s easy to hear them and …

463: Solutions to all of Your Moral Dilemmas | Michael Schur

June 20th, 2022


Life is filled with all kinds of moral dilemmas— from the mundane to the momentous. Should I lie and tell my friend that I like her ugly shirt? Can I …

462: How to Be With What's Bugging You | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

June 17th, 2022


Build resilience for tough situations. Learn the tools to develop self-empathy, clarifying what matters to you most and how to move forward.

About …

307: The Science of Emotional Intelligence | Daniel Goleman

June 15th, 2022


How much would your relationships improve if you could up your emotional intelligence game? That phrase, “emotional intelligence” or EQ, entered the …

461: 4 Ways Not To Be Owned By Your Sh*t | Susan David

June 13th, 2022


It’s completely natural when dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, shame, or any other unpleasant emotion, to just want it to go away.

Guest Susan David says that these discomforts are the price of admission to being …

460: This Will Put Things in Perspective for You | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

June 10th, 2022


Start focused on what's truly important. When you pause to remember the big picture, your day can move forward grounded in integrity & wisdom.

459: 5 Ways To Get Over Yourself | Pascal Auclair

June 8th, 2022


The phrase, “Get over yourself” is often used in a flippant way, but it’s actually speaking to a deep human need to get out of our heads and off our own backs. At a fundamental level, this is what Buddhism is all about— …

458: You Don’t Have to be Miserable While Doing Important Work | adrienne maree brown

June 6th, 2022


Our culture has oddly conflicting views about pleasure. 

In this episode, author adrienne maree brown explores the importance of pleasure and how it …

457: What’s Going on When You’re Procrastinating? | Jay Michaelson

June 3rd, 2022


Acknowledging the hard feelings that accompany procrastination can help you alleviate avoidance and accomplish the task at hand.

About Jay Michaelson:

Dr. Jay Michaelson is a Senior Content Strategist at Ten Percent …

456: Time Management for Mortals | Oliver Burkeman

June 1st, 2022


In a culture that values persistent productivity, one can be left feeling chronically behind. 

In this episode, author and recovering time management …

212: The Likeability Trap | Alicia Menendez

May 30th, 2022


Our guest this week is Alicia Menendez, an award-winning journalist, who finds herself in a common position for many women: caring way too much about …

454: A Meditation for Self-Criticism| Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

May 27th, 2022


Tune in mindfully to help alleviate the pain of feeling unworthy and cultivate more compassion and joy for yourself.

About Diana Winston:

Diana Winston

453: An Ace Therapist Gives Dan A Run For His Money | Dr. Jacob Ham

May 25th, 2022


Sometimes part of healing trauma means learning how to be human. 

This episode is the last episode of our Mental Health Reboot series to mark Mental Health Awareness Month. Dr. Jacob Ham, who was introduced in Stephanie …

452: How To Live With The Worst Things That Ever Happened To You | Stephanie Foo

May 23rd, 2022


We’ve all had difficult, and sometimes horrible things happen to us. 

While some people may be luckier than others, it’s rare that anyone goes …

451: Don’t Take What Happens in Your Head Personally | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

May 20th, 2022


Emotions can feel so personal. Joseph helps you get your feet back under you. Remember: your mind doesn't have to push you around.

About Joseph …

450: The Science of Loss and Recovery | Mary-Frances O’Connor

May 18th, 2022


Very few of us will live a life without loss. 

As part of our Mental Health Reboot series in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, this week’s episodes talk a lot about grieving. Mary-Frances O’Connor, an expert …

449: Loss is Inevitable. Here’s How to Handle It. | Kathryn Schulz

May 16th, 2022


There is an unstoppable flow of gain and loss within our lives. 

Processing this flow helps us to develop equanimity. In this conversation, Pulitzer …

448: Your Umbrella in a Sh*t Storm | Bonus Meditation with Matthew Hepburn

May 13th, 2022


Learn to find a feeling of protection and trust during a downpour of stressful thoughts or overwhelm.

About Matthew Hepburn :

Matthew is a meditation …

340: The Science of Hope | Jacqueline Mattis

May 11th, 2022


How does hope work? 

In this episode from the archives, Rutgers University clinical psychologist Dr. Jacqueline Mattis discusses hope from a …

447: Jonathan Van Ness on Shame, Shopping, Bodies, and Hope

May 9th, 2022


How do you find hope in a lifetime that has experienced more trauma than most? 

Guest Jonathan Van Ness says that the key is to stay curious and focus on happiness and joy, even if it’s just in a tiny corner.

Jonathan Van …

446: How to Use Meditation for Sleep | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

May 6th, 2022


This body scan meditation is designed to be simple and relaxing. It's the perfect bedtime companion for a good night's rest.

About Anushka …

445: The Science of Sleep | Dr. Sara Mednick

May 4th, 2022


If you’re trying to improve your sleep, thinking about doing so right before you get into bed might not be the best approach. 

Dr. Sara Mednick, is a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine, and …

444: How to Sleep Better | Diane Macedo

May 2nd, 2022


Sleep may be the apex predator of healthy habits, so why are so many of us getting terrible sleep? 

Guest Diane Macedo launched a very detailed personal investigation in order to fix her sleeping habits and joins us for …

443: More Than A Feeling | Saleem Reshamwala

April 29th, 2022


Most of us have gotten at least a little emotional at some point recently.  It’s natural. But why do we have emotions and how much should we pay …

442: Get Happier Without Losing Your Edge | Kamala Masters

April 27th, 2022


Can you become happier, more balanced, and practice equanimity without losing your edge? 

Guest Kamala Masters was one of the teachers at Dan’s first ever meditation retreat. In this episode she dives into how to develop …

441: A Thing Most Men Won’t Talk About | Aaron Flores

April 25th, 2022


Why is it that many men seem unenthusiastic about discussing body image issues? 

We take a deep dive into this topic with Aaron Flores, a Los Angeles-based registered dietician and nutritionist, and one of the few men …

440: Meditation for Short Attention Spans | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

April 22nd, 2022


Collect yourself in the morning to start off on your best foot. If you start collected, you’ll have better luck staying collected.

About Sharon …

348: How To Focus | Shaila Catherine

April 20th, 2022


Many of us find our minds flitting all over the place, in meditation and elsewhere. In today’s episode we’re going to learn practical techniques for boosting concentration on and off the cushion. This is the second …

439: Why You Can’t Pay Attention - And How to Think Deeply Again | Johann Hari

April 18th, 2022


What is it about modern life that is completely disrupting our ability to focus, and how much of it is our fault? 

Turns out, not a lot. A number of …

438: How to Stay Calm Without Being Passive | Bonus Meditation with Roshi Joan Halifax

April 15th, 2022


Returning to the practice of equanimity keeps you both grounded and receptive, especially during times of turmoil and uncertainty.

About Roshi Joan Halifax:

Roshi Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, …

318: A New Way To Think About Your Time | Ashley Whillans (2021)

April 13th, 2022


What if one of the keys to happiness is how intentional you are with your time?

Ashley Whillans is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School …

437: Unseating the Inner Tyrant | Ajahn Sucitto

April 11th, 2022


Often, we are our own worst critic.

In this episode, Buddhist monk Ajahn Sucitto explores ways to unseat the inner tyrant and make peace with the nagging voice inside of you that seems to always demand perfection, but …

436: Brené Brown Says You're Doing Feelings Wrong

April 8th, 2022


Brené Brown has found that most people are only able to identify three emotions: happy, sad and pissed off. 

In this episode we explore how better …

165: How to Argue Better | Oren Jay Sofer

April 6th, 2022


This episode dives into our archives to revisit the notion of communication as a learnable skill. Often some of the most painful situations you …

435: Mind-Blowing Sex | Dr. Lori Brotto

April 4th, 2022


What role does mindfulness and meditation play when it comes to sex? It may be the key to alleviating sexual distress in your relationships, and in …

434: Meditation for Control Freaks | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

April 1st, 2022


Get comfortable with uncertainty and cultivate trust in life, even in the most turbulent times.

About Sebene Selassie:

Growing up, Sebene felt like a …

363: How to Keep Your Relationships On the Rails | Kaira Jewel Lingo (2021)

March 30th, 2022


This episode explores a Buddhist tool for resolving conflict and keeping your relationships on the rails. This tool, known as the Beginning Anew …

433: How to Suffer Well | Brother Pháp Dung

March 28th, 2022


In January 2022, Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen master, peace activist, poet, and author passed away. He was the founder of the International Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. …

432: Cut the Strings of the Malevolent Puppeteer | Bonus Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

March 25th, 2022


It’s super normal to want what feels good and avoid what feels bad. Unlock your unconscious habits to make wiser & more thoughtful choices.

About …

431: The Joys of Insignificance | Ron Siegel

March 23rd, 2022


Many, if not all, of us have a nonstop, ambient thought-track running through our minds of: how am I doing? How do I look? Why did I say that? Am I running behind? What do other people think of me?

How did we get this …

430: From Evangelical Pastor to Buddhist Nun | Venerable Pannavati

March 21st, 2022


Venerable Pannavati is a former evangelical pastor who has been ordained in three separate Buddhist traditions: Theravada, Chan, and Mahayana. She’s the co-founder and co-Abbot of Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage and …

429: The Upside of Apocalypse | Lama Rod Owens

March 18th, 2022


We’re now entering year three of the pandemic, and even though we’re in a very different stage of the game, there are still so many questions: Is it safe or ethical to return to “normal”? How do you deal with people who …

428: Is It Possible You Are Irrational About COVID? | David Leonhardt

March 16th, 2022


As we enter year three of the pandemic, the psychology of COVID is no less complex or consequential. This episode features one of the most prominent …

427: How Do I Meditate When There’s a War Going On? | Claude AnShin Thomas

March 14th, 2022


How can we meditate when it seems like the world is falling apart? How do we titrate our news consumption? What do we do with our fears about World War III? How can we do anything constructive to help given how far away …

426: Shame is Psychic Constipation | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

March 11th, 2022


Self-compassion may appear soft, but it’s actually the very thing that allows us the strength & resilience to meet the challenges we face.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in …

425: Compassion Is the Ultimate Tool for the Truly Ambitious | Paul Gilbert

March 9th, 2022


Dr. Paul Gilbert OBE is a professor of psychology at the University of Derby, Founder and President of The Compassionate Mind Foundation, the founder …

424: Become an Active Operator of Your Nervous System | Deb Dana

March 7th, 2022


We don’t think about it this way, but as we move through the day, the various moods we inhabit — excitement, engagement, aggression, fear, dejection — they’re all dictated by, or correlated with, our nervous system, or …

A Ridiculous Meditation| Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

March 4th, 2022


Laughter is the best medicine. Use this practice to provoke a little lightheartedness and remember the beautiful ridiculousness of it all.

About Jeff …

423: A Serious Case for Humor | Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas

March 2nd, 2022


A common denominator among all of the great meditation teachers is a sense of humor. They take the teaching seriously, but they don’t take themselves seriously. So perhaps there’s a link between human flourishing and …

422: Climate Change as an Opportunity | Bhikkhu Anālayo

February 28th, 2022


Today’s guest makes an extremely convincing case that there are many self-interested reasons to look squarely at the reality of climate change. Bhikkhu Anālayo, who is originally from Germany, is a renowned …

Do This When Anxious | Bonus Meditation with Kaira Jewel Lingo

February 25th, 2022


Learn to connect with the true home of strength, wisdom, and clarity inside of yourself, a place of safety that no one can take away.

About Kaira Jewel Lingo:

Kaira Jewel Lingo, was an ordained nun of 15 years in Thich …

421: There’s No Part of Your Life You Can’t Make More Awesome | Jeff Warren

February 23rd, 2022


It is very easy to think about your meditation practice as being quarantined to those minutes when you’re dutifully sitting down with your eyes …

420: The Elephant in the Meditation Room | Christopher Ford

February 21st, 2022


Today’s episode is the culmination of a long search to find a countervailing force: a Buddhist Trump supporter. This search was born out of the …

Homicide Prevention Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

February 18th, 2022


What is real love, without the trappings? In this reflection, you'll learn how to tap into feelings of love while maintaining clarity.

About Sharon Salzberg:

A towering figure in the meditation world, Sharon Salzberg is a …

419: The Good News About Your Inevitable Decline | Arthur Brooks

February 16th, 2022


The unavoidable truth is that our skills change as we get older. We invest so much in our professional success, and then at some point, things …

418: How Not to Ruin Your Relationships | Drs. John & Julie Gottman

February 14th, 2022


If you care about your long term health and happiness, the quality of your relationships is an area you should focus on. And the good news here is …

An Antidote to the Mortal Threat of Loneliness | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

February 11th, 2022


We all long to be seen and experience connection. Being fully present with your loneliness can actually be a powerful way to feel less alone.

About …

417: Why I’m Not a Buddhist | Evan Thompson

February 9th, 2022


This episode features Evan Thompson, author of the book Why I Am Not a Buddhist. Evan Thompson is a writer and professor of philosophy at the …

416: Hinduism 101 | Swami Tyagananda

February 7th, 2022


One of the most consistent requests we get from listeners is to explore non-Buddhist forms of meditation. That’s what we’re going to do with this episode. Our guest is Swami Tyagananda, who has been a Hindu monk since …

On Not Holding Grudges | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

February 4th, 2022


Finding forgiveness can help you feel lighter, freer, and more at peace. Diana says “it's not easy, but powerful, and completely worth it.”

About …

415: Why Self-Hatred Makes No Sense | Matthew Brensilver

February 2nd, 2022


This episode, with Matthew Brensilver, explores a compelling Buddhist question: does self-hatred, or self-love, make sense if the self is an illusion? Matthew Brensilver, PhD, is a clinical social worker and experienced …

414: What We Can Learn About Happiness from Babies | Alison Gopnik

January 31st, 2022


Dr. Alison Gopnik is a psychologist at UC Berkeley and one of the world’s leading experts in cognitive development. She is also the author of several …

Buddhist Lessons on Anxiety | Leslie Booker (2021)

January 28th, 2022


All week, we’ve been running  “best of” episodes as part of our Taming Anxiety series – and this is the final episode in that series. 

Leslie Booker (who goes by Booker) is one of America’s leading dharma teachers. She’s …

How to Break Your Anxiety Habit | Judson Brewer (2021)

January 26th, 2022


This week, we’re sharing some of the best episodes in our archives about anxiety. Dr. Judson Brewer is a psychiatrist and deep dharma practitioner who argues that anxiety is a habit, and is one that you can unwind. This …

Sara Bareilles: Anxiety, Anger, and Art (2021)

January 24th, 2022


This week, we're posting some of our best podcasts from the archives on a dragon many of us face internally – anxiety. The first episode of the series features Sara Bareilles. 

Sara Bareilles is a singer, songwriter, …

The Massive Power of Not Taking Sh*t for Granted | Bonus Meditation with Matthew Hepburn

January 21st, 2022


Gratitude, like hope, is a skill. Daily cultivation leads to lower stress levels, stronger relationships, and higher emotional resilience.

About …

413: The Science of Depression | Sona Dimidjian

January 19th, 2022


This episode features one of the world’s leading experts in depression and how meditation can help. Dr. Sona Dimidjian is a professor in the …

412: The Zen of Therapy | Mark Epstein

January 17th, 2022


Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Epstein, discusses his new book The Zen of Therapy, in which he explores how his decades of studying and practicing Buddhism has influenced his work as a therapist. 

In this episode, Dan and Mark …

Childproof with Yasmeen Khan: Parenting Changes Us, Whether We Like It or Not

January 14th, 2022


Being a parent is really freakin’ hard. Of course, it can also be incredibly rewarding and delightful. Either way, it consumes us. 

Childproof is a …

411: Are You Willing to Challenge Your Own Tribe? | Robert Wright

January 12th, 2022


Why, from an evolutionary perspective, is it so terrifying for many of us to contemplate challenging our own tribe? How comfortable would you be …

410: Ways to End Bias That Will Also Make You Happier | Jessica Nordell

January 10th, 2022


Jessica Nordell is a science and culture journalist who has written for the Atlantic and the New York Times. She earned a B.A. in physics from …

Do This When You’re About to Lose It | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

January 7th, 2022


These potent tools help ease intense frustration through calming breathing, listening to sound, and watching thoughts & feelings come and go.

409: For the Burned Out, Fried, and Exhausted | Emily & Amelia Nagoski

January 5th, 2022


The final episode of our New Year’s Getting Unstuck Series features Emily and Amelia Nagoski. Our goal with this episode, as it has been with all the episodes throughout the series, is to arm you with new ways of …

408: Can You Handle This? | Tara Brach

January 3rd, 2022


This is the third episode of our Getting Unstuck Series and we’re kicking off the new year with a giant in the meditation world. Tara Brach holds a …

How Not to Feel Like You Suck at Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

December 31st, 2021


The three most important words in mindfulness are "simply begin again." This meditation focuses on the key to all meditation techniques.

About Joseph …

407: How a Buddhist Teacher Gets Unstuck | Matthew Hepburn

December 29th, 2021


It’s the second episode of our Getting Unstuck Series. In this episode, Buddhist teacher and TPH fan favorite Matthew Hepburn offers a Buddhist lens on getting unstuck across many facets of our lives: from our …

406: That Rut You’re In – This One Word Could Pull You Out | Nedra Tawwab

December 27th, 2021


This is the first episode of our Getting Unstuck Series. This episode, featuring social worker and NYT bestselling author Nedra Tawwab has some incredibly practical advice for various forms of stuckness, and it …

How to Be OK with Change | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

December 24th, 2021


Relax into a flow of breath sensations, and hone your ability to decrease stress & resistance, and experience a more harmonious happy life.

About …

Karamo: How to Actually Do Self-Love (January, 2021)

December 22nd, 2021


With the approach of the new year (and perhaps New Year’s resolutions) we’ve decided to replay a very popular episode, featuring one of the most …

How to Change Your Habits | Katy Milkman (May, 2021)

December 20th, 2021


We’re almost at that time of year where we contemplate making New Year’s resolutions. So we decided to rerun an episode about the blazingly obvious …

Ten Percent Happier Presents: Childproof with Yasmeen Khan

December 17th, 2021


Being a parent is really freakin’ hard. Of course, it can also be incredibly rewarding and delightful. Either way, it consumes us. 

Childproof is a …

405: How You Can Help End Polarization and Inequality – and Get Happier, Too | Robert Putnam & Shaylyn Romney Garrett

December 15th, 2021


In this episode, Robert Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett discuss the recent book they co-authored, The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again.

Robert Putnam is perhaps best-known for …

404: What Is Nirvana? | Robert Thurman

December 13th, 2021


If you want to make change in a world filled with all sorts of horrors and obstacles, does it help or hurt to stay cheerful while you go about your …

How To Balance Happiness and Ambition | Twenty Percent Happier with Matthew Hepburn

December 10th, 2021


Check out this sneak peak into an episode of our new podcast Twenty Percent Happier, available exclusively in the Ten Percent Happier app

About Matthew Hepburn:

Matthew Hepburn is a straight shooting, clear thinking, …

403: This Episode Will Make You Stronger | Sister Dang Nghiem

December 8th, 2021


It’s hard to be a human. No matter how good things are for you, being alive is still hard; whatever your life circumstances are, we’re all subject to impermanence and entropy. This episode dives into a five-part …

402: How To Work Around Your Own Irrationality | Richard Thaler

December 6th, 2021


This episode explores how to make the infernally difficult challenge of habit formation a little easier, with guest Richard H. Thaler, who won the …

Rewire Your Relationship To Your Body | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

December 3rd, 2021


Gratitude practices are transformative. Experiment with gratitude for your own body, noticing the relaxation and ease that results.

About Anushka …

401: How to Embrace the Anti-Diet | Christy Harrison

December 1st, 2021


This episode is the second in our two-part Anti-Diet Series, and features guest Christy Harrison. Christy is an anti-diet registered dietitian and nutritionist, a certified intuitive eating counselor, and a certified …

400: Jameela Jamil on Mental Self-Defense

November 29th, 2021


Our guest for our 400th episode is actor and activist Jameela Jamil, who you may have seen on such shows as The Good Place, The Misery Index, and Legendary. Outside of her acting career, Jameela is known for launching a …

An Ancient Antidote to Holiday Stress | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

November 26th, 2021


This meditation will explore an ancient meditation on the classical elements of matter, helping you connect more deeply with your body.

Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised …

399: How to Get Out of Your Head | Willa Blythe Baker

November 24th, 2021


It is a common desire to get out of our heads, to escape the internal noise, the chatter, the Sturm und Drang, the sound and fury, etc. You hear about it in pop songs and poetry, this urge to be blown away, to …

398: The Right Kind of Suffering | Paul Bloom

November 22nd, 2021


Is there a good kind of suffering? Paul Bloom says, yes -- there is a kind of suffering that you choose. This voluntary suffering can reduce anxiety …

How Not To Be Owned By Your Emotions | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

November 19th, 2021


Joseph teaches you how to authentically accept difficult emotions to make them more manageable and less overwhelming.

Joseph is one of the most …

Best of the Archives: How Your Emotions Are Made | Lisa Feldman Barrett

November 17th, 2021


Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett is at the forefront of understanding human emotions: what they are, why humans evolved to have them, how they’re different …

397: How to Benefit From Religion, Even as a Nonbeliever | David DeSteno

November 15th, 2021


Dr. David DeSteno has embarked on a project he calls “religio-prospecting.” In other words, he has been looking at the scientific evidence that many ancient religious traditions can confer all sorts of benefits, whether …

Meditation: Simple, But Not Easy | Twenty Percent Happier with Matthew Hepburn

November 12th, 2021


Check out this sneak peak into an episode of our new podcast Twenty Percent Happier, available exclusively in the Ten Percent Happier app

About Matthew Hepburn:

Matthew Hepburn is a straight shooting, clear thinking, …

396: Don’t Side With Yourself | Matthew Hepburn

November 10th, 2021


Work can be one of the most difficult places to apply meditative concepts such as mindfulness, patience, and kindness. But work can also be an …

395: How to Handle Difficult People | Dawn Mauricio

November 8th, 2021


It’s been a problem ever since the dawn of humankind: how do we deal with jerks? What do you say to them? And how do you not make everything worse? And what if the jerk is you? 

We’re going to get into this and other …

394: Staying Sane at Work | Laurie Santos

November 5th, 2021


It turns out you can call up Laurie Santos and ask about any conundrum and she will respond with a veritable treasure trove of scientifically-grounded relatable wisdom. In this episode, we ask the question: how do you …

393: How to Give Feedback Without Ruining Everything | Kim Scott

November 3rd, 2021


One of the hardest things to do in any relationship is give feedback. It’s always dicey. You don’t want to be too aggressive. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But you also don’t want to be too indirect. 

That’s …

392: How to Fight Languishing (at Work and Everywhere Else) | Adam Grant

November 1st, 2021


This episode officially marks the launch of the Work Life Series, a brand-new, five-part series that’s all about how to live better lives at work. In each episode, we’ll be hosting meditation teachers, thought leaders, …

Mindfulness Under Pressure | Twenty Percent Happier with Matthew Hepburn

October 29th, 2021


Check out this sneak peak into an episode of our new podcast Twenty Percent Happier, available exclusively in the Ten Percent Happier app

About Matthew Hepburn:

Matthew Hepburn is a straight shooting, clear thinking, …

391: The Benefits of Thinking Like an Entrepreneur | Reid Hoffman

October 27th, 2021


The advice to “think like an entrepreneur” can, from a certain angle, come off as the kind of rote, tech-bro guidance you’d get from a millennial lifehacker. But Reid Hoffman makes a good case that all of us, whether …

390: A Buddhist Recipe for Handling Turmoil | Kaira Jewel Lingo

October 25th, 2021


We all know that change is inevitable and impermanence is non-negotiable. But somehow it can feel surprising, maybe even wrong, when we personally …

How to Stay Focused in Meditation | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

October 22nd, 2021


Regather your attention with this short meditation. Afterwards, you can use that newfound focus to make progress on whatever matters most.

About …

389: What the Buddha Taught About Friendship | Kate Johnson

October 20th, 2021


Friendship was important to the Buddha. In fact, there’s a whole passage in the Buddhist scriptures, or suttas, about friendship, with seven …

388: The Science of Training Your Attention | Dr. Amishi Jha

October 18th, 2021


Distraction is one of the top complaints of meditators -- and of pretty much every human being, in this era that has been dubbed the “info blitzkrieg.” In this episode, we’ll hear from Dr. Amishi Jha, who has spent …

Stepping Back From Stress| Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

October 15th, 2021


Taking a bigger perspective and staying grounded in the body helps us experience life’s inevitable stress without being taken over by it.

About Alexis Santos:

Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in both the …

387: Twenty Percent Happier | Matthew Hepburn

October 13th, 2021


In this special episode we’re going to do some mindful eavesdropping. You’re going to get a chance to listen in on a process that rarely, if ever, …

386: Sitting with Chaos | Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

October 11th, 2021


Very few of us relish chaos and disruption, but they are facts of life, given the nonnegotiable nature of change. In this episode with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, we’re going to talk about how to tune into the value of …

Embrace the Cheese Factor | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

October 8th, 2021


This session walks you through a guided visualization imagining immersing yourself in a pond of loving-kindness and letting the water infuse you.

385: The Awesome Power of "Touchy-Feely" | Carole Robin and David Bradford

October 6th, 2021


We talk a lot on this show about social connection, but in this episode we’re going to get super granular on how to actually do relationships better.

384: What to do About Eco-Anxiety | Jay Michaelson

October 4th, 2021


In the mental health community, there’s a new term: “Eco-Anxiety.”


Our guest in this episode, Jay Michaelson, has been thinking hard about climate change for many, many years. Michaelson is a meditation teacher, rabbi, …

Joy Vs. Happiness | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

October 1st, 2021


What if we told you that joy doesn’t have to be an accident? Learn how to develop joy in this guided session from Sebene.

About Sebene Selassie:

383: An "Erotic" Approach to the Climate Crisis | Dr. Andreas Weber

September 29th, 2021


In this episode we’re talking about increasing happiness by connecting to nature. 

Guest Andreas Weber is a renowned philosopher, biologist, and …

382: Stoicism 101 | Nancy Sherman

September 27th, 2021


You may have heard about stoicism, in the common parlance, as having a stiff upper lip, sucking it up, grinning and bearing it, suppressing your emotions, etcetera. Or you may have heard of Stoicism, the ancient …

How to Meditate with No Agenda | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

September 24th, 2021


Free your creativity with this light meditation and see where the momentum takes you. About Jeff Warren: Jeff is an incredibly gifted meditation …

381: What Does it Actually Mean to Be a "Whole Person"? | Scott Barry Kaufman

September 22nd, 2021


In this episode, we’re going to demystify concepts such as: self actualization, personal growth, authenticity, and bringing your “whole self” to the …

380: Psychedelics and Meditation | Michael Pollan

September 20th, 2021


Michael Pollan has done more than perhaps anybody else in recent history to change the conversation on the use of psychedelic drugs, or plant …

Accepting the Unpleasant | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

September 17th, 2021


Accepting the unpleasant: easier said than done. Joseph demonstrates how to overcome reactivity and build the skill of acceptance.
About Joseph …

379: How to Get the Wisdom of Old Age Now | Dilip Jeste

September 15th, 2021


Happiness levels are really high when we’re young. They then steadily dip through our 20s, 30s, and 40s, and bottom out in our early 50s–at which point, they make a sharp and sudden rise. Then, through our 60s, 70s, and …

378: Life, Interrupted | Suleika Jaouad

September 13th, 2021


Here’s a thought experiment: how would you handle it if you got a terrible diagnosis?
Of course, many of us have no choice but to find out. This is …

High-Fiving the Inner Critic | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

September 10th, 2021


Today’s meditation is animated by two profound insights. The first is that we don’t just tend to listen to our inner critic–we tend to believe it. And the second is that the path forward requires us to treat our inner …

377: A More Relaxed Way to Meditate | Alexis Santos

September 8th, 2021


A common problem among type-A people is trying to win at meditation. But the practice doesn’t work like that. If you over-effort, if you try to make something happen, it’s pretty much guaranteed not to happen. What is …

376: Letting Go of Perfectionism | La Sarmiento

September 6th, 2021


In this episode, we’re talking about the difference between kindness and what our guest, La Sarmiento, calls “radical kindness,” how to muster the strength to be kind to annoying people while setting appropriate …

This Will Make You Stronger | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

September 3rd, 2021


Deepen your inner strength and learn to draw boundaries and respond to injustice in this powerful loving-kindness meditation for yourself.
Watch Ted …

375: Reversing the Golden Rule | Jamil Zaki

September 1st, 2021


In this episode we’re talking about how what you believe— about yourself, or about the world — can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So if you …

374: The Evolutionary Case for Kindness | Dacher Keltner

August 30th, 2021


Here’s a question: Is there an evolutionary advantage to being kind? 
Our guest today is Dacher Keltner, an eminent scientist who will make the case …

How Not to Lose It with Your Loved Ones | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

August 27th, 2021


Develop the skill and sensibility of kindness, warmth, and goodwill by bringing your loved ones to mind.
We are bringing you this Ten Percent Happier …

373: Optimizing Your Stress | Modupe Akinola

August 25th, 2021


Stress – which many of us despise and try to avoid – does not actually have to be a bad thing. Rather, it’s our relationship to stress, our mindset about stress, that determines whether we are helped or harmed by it. …

372: The Science of Making and Keeping Friends | Robin Dunbar

August 23rd, 2021


Friendship might not necessarily be something you’ve considered to be an urgent psychological and physiological issue. On this show, we spend a lot …

Rewiring Your Motivations | Bonus Meditation with Jess Morey

August 20th, 2021


Brighten your mind and be a force for good today by practicing intentions of kindness, generosity, and honesty with Jess.
Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. Subscription required. Apple TV+ and/or select content may not be …

Improving Your Relationships - Buddhist Style | Martine Batchelor

August 18th, 2021


This great deep-Dharma episode is all about using an ancient, fascinating, and readily-accessible Buddhist concept as a way to improve your interactions with other human beings. The concept in question is called vedana, …

371: Help, Work Sucks | Cal Newport

August 16th, 2021


A lot of us right now would probably agree that the technologies meant to make our jobs easier are actually stressing us out. (Think: the email and …

How to Be Cool with All of You | Bonus Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

August 13th, 2021


You are complex and contain multitudes. Try this refreshing take on loving-kindness and offer love to all the different parts of yourself.
Watch Ted …

370: How Do You Love Without Being Attached? | Kevin Griffin

August 11th, 2021


In this episode we’re tackling some thorny dharma questions. For example: How do you love someone without attachment? How do you love yourself when the self is allegedly an illusion? 
Our guest today is a repeat …

369: How To End The War With Your Body | Sonya Renee Taylor

August 9th, 2021


It is incredibly common for many of us humans, whatever our gender, to be at war with our bodies -- trying to live up to the people we see in the …

Try This for Stress | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

August 6th, 2021


Being kind to ourselves in hard times bolsters our resilience, so we can learn from setbacks rather than getting stuck in rumination.
Watch Ted Lasso …

Escape From Zombieland | Koshin Paley Ellison

August 4th, 2021


Modern life has turned many of us into zombies. We walk around with our noses in our phones, constantly on the hunt. We’re not looking to eat people’s brains, per se, but we are looking for mindless hits of dopamine -- …

368: A Rarely Accessed Source of Joy | Roman Mars

August 2nd, 2021


Today’s episode is about finding joy, pleasure, interest, and even gratitude in a surprising source: everyday objects and infrastructure. 
Our guest Roman Mars is the host and creator of 99% Invisible, a radio show and …

Counteracting Your Negativity Bias | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

July 30th, 2021


Often we forget to acknowledge the good in our lives. Happiness and well-being can be as accessible as simply recalling moments of kindness.
Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. Subscription required. Apple TV+ and/or select …

367: The Price of Secrecy | Michael Slepian

July 28th, 2021


This episode is all about secrets. 
Did you know that there are 38 categories of secrets—and statistically, according to Michael Slepian, you probably have about 13 of them right now?
Slepian is the Sanford C. Bernstein …

366: How to Outsmart Your Pain | Christiane Wolf

July 26th, 2021


Sit in meditation for a few minutes and you’re likely to experience pain, either physical or psychological. Hang around the meditation scene for very …

How Not To Be A Jerk (Even with Difficult People) | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

July 23rd, 2021


With guidance from Oren, this session will let you experiment with ways to find a genuine sense of kindness for yourself and for others. To find this meditation in the Ten Percent Happier app, you can search for …

The Art and Science of Compassion | Thupten Jinpa

July 21st, 2021


It can be incredibly frustrating when life-changing, world-changing concepts such as compassion and kindness are often presented as cliches, because scientific research strongly suggests that learning how to practice …

365: The Voice in Your Head | Ethan Kross

July 19th, 2021


The craving, complaining, and comparing voice in our heads can be the source of incalculable suffering, but is it all bad? And are there ways to talk …

Be Aware and Don’t Cling | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

July 16th, 2021


Too many expectations can lead to disappointment. This meditation helps you avoid preconceived notions and see what is already there.
About Joseph …

364: Getting Over Yourself | Joseph Goldstein

July 14th, 2021


For the uninitiated, Joseph Goldstein is one of the cofounders of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) alongside Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. …

363: How to Keep Your Relationships On the Rails | Kaira Jewel Lingo

July 12th, 2021


Today’s episode is about a Buddhist tool for resolving conflict and keeping your relationships healthy. Today’s guest, Kaira Jewel Lingo, was an …

Can You Be Curious Without Getting Judge-y? | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

July 9th, 2021


In this session from Oren, learn how to use meditation to become less reactive and more open in relationships, conversations, and your life.
To find this meditation in the Ten Percent Happier app, you can search for …

The Science of Happiness | Emiliana Simon-Thomas (2020)

July 7th, 2021


In a previous interview with Dan, the Dalai Lama said something along the lines of, “everyone’s selfish; that’s the way we’re wired. But if you’re …

362: Rethinking Your Relationship to 'Stuff' | The Minimalists + Oren Jay Sofer

July 5th, 2021


We’ve been meaning to tackle our relationship to 'stuff' for a while now. This subject can go deep. It’s not just about decluttering (although that can actually be pretty substantial work); it’s about rethinking your …

Joseph Goldstein on Self-Compassion | Bonus Meditation

July 2nd, 2021


Self-compassion is powerful, but it's not always easy to acknowledge your own pain. This meditation helps you default to compassion.
To find this …

361: Why Men Armor Up | Daniel Ellenberg

June 30th, 2021


Today's episode is a deep dive into the male operating system and how it can be upgraded. Today's guest, Daniel Ellenberg, is a psychotherapist, marriage and relationship therapist, author, and facilitator. He has been …

360: Self-Compassion Ain’t Always Soft | Kristin Neff

June 28th, 2021


There’s a widely held assumption that if you have a warmer, friendlier relationship with yourself, you will not only slack off and be ineffective, but also that you will be a doormat. My guest today says: not true. …

The Delusion of Perfection | Bonus Meditation with Leslie Booker

June 25th, 2021


The struggle to keep up in the era of social media is universal. Bring compassion to your inner critic & release the delusion of perfection.
About Leslie Booker:
Booker brings her heart and wisdom to the intersection …

359: The Hard Questions That Might Save Your Relationship | Susan Piver

June 23rd, 2021


Today we have some counterintuitive relationship advice. If you’re in a tough spot with your loved one, why would you want to have a deep chat about …

358: Buddhist Lessons on Anxiety | Leslie Booker

June 21st, 2021


Taming Anxiety Series - Episode 4: Welcome to the final episode in our Taming Anxiety Series! Today's guest, Leslie Booker – who goes by "Booker" – is one of America’s leading dharma teachers. She began sharing the …

357: Strategies for Social Anxiety | Ellen Hendriksen

June 18th, 2021


Taming Anxiety Series - Episode 3: As we move into summer and more and more vaccines go into arms, your town or city (or state or country) may soon be opening back up, if it hasn’t already. Some of us are ecstatic. A …

356: Anxiety, Explained | Luana Marques

June 16th, 2021


Taming Anxiety Series - Episode 2: Anxiety is very common -- but also commonly misunderstood. So today we’re doing a show that you might think of as: Everything You Wanted to Know About Anxiety (But Were Afraid to Ask).

355: Sara Bareilles: Anxiety, Anger, and Art

June 14th, 2021


Taming Anxiety Series - Episode 1: Today is a big day here on the podcast, both because we have a fantastic new episode, and because this episode is actually kicking off a series we have been wanting to produce for a …

A Strategy for the Toughest Emotions | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

June 11th, 2021


Bring wisdom and compassion alongside difficult emotions by first calming your body & mind and then opening to the feels with acceptance.
About …

354: The Surprising Upsides of Self-Deception | Shankar Vedantam

June 9th, 2021


Anyone with a passing familiarity with Buddhism will know that “delusion” is rarely, if ever, mentioned in a positive way. In fact, the Buddha included delusion (aka: confusion about the way things really are) on his …

353: Chris Bosh: Making Your Inner Voice Your Ally

June 7th, 2021


One of the more surprising lessons I’ve learned as an ambitious person is that perhaps the best recipe for success is... keeping your ego in check. For a long time, I subconsciously believed that you needed to be …

Dan Tells A Meditative Story

June 4th, 2021


In this episode from the excellent podcast Meditative Story, recorded a couple of years ago, Dan shares a candid look at his attempts to connect more with his son, Alexander, on their first father-son trip. 
Meditative …

352: Why You’re Burning Out -- And How to Fix It | Leah Weiss

June 2nd, 2021


Covid appears to have brought on a spike in burnout, especially among women, millions of whom have exited the workplace since the pandemic began. So what is burnout, exactly? How do you know if you qualify? How do you …

351: A Buddhist Approach to Patience | Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

May 31st, 2021


These are not hospitable times for the mental skill of patience. Instant gratification has never been more thoroughly scaled. You can order food, taxis, and shampoo from your phone. Streaming services autoplay the next …

Strong Back, Soft Front | Bonus Meditation with Roshi Joan Halifax

May 28th, 2021


Returning to the practice of equanimity keeps you both grounded and receptive, especially during times of turmoil and uncertainty.
About Roshi Joan Halifax:
Roshi Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, …

350: How to Be Courageous | Stacy McClendon

May 26th, 2021


Many of us know that meditation can confer benefits such as self-awareness, calm, and compassion, but what about courage? My guest today says, yes. Meditation can boost your courage quotient. And she will talk about …

349: Meditation is Not Just a Solo Endeavor | Pamela Ayo Yetunde

May 24th, 2021


There’s a meditation pitfall that’s pretty easy to fall into. In fact, I’ve fallen into it many times. It’s this idea, which we can hold consciously …

Concentration 101 | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

May 21st, 2021


Concentration is the backbone of meditation. Strengthen your ability to return to the present with this basic, but essential, technique.
About Jeff Warren:
Jeff is an incredibly gifted meditation teacher. He's trained in …

348: How to Focus | Shaila Catherine

May 19th, 2021


Living as we do in an era that has been called the info blitzkrieg, staying focused can be extremely difficult for many of us. This can be true when …

347: What You Can Learn About Your Relationships from a Former Neo-Nazi | Shannon Foley Martinez

May 17th, 2021


We’ve got a provocative but deeply practical episode today. All of us have people in our lives — whether it be our personal lives, our professional lives, or even just people we see on TV — with whom we disagree. So how …

The Four Most Important Habits in Life | Bonus Talk with Jeff Warren

May 14th, 2021


Practices like meditation help us cultivate habits that help instead of hurt. Here are four of them.
About Jeff Warren:
Jeff is an incredibly gifted …

346: The Gospel of Adequacy | Miguel Sancho & Felicia Morton

May 12th, 2021


Often on the show, we bring on incredibly accomplished meditation practitioners or influential researchers who have deep things to teach us, based on their personal experience or professional pursuits. And while many of …

345: How to Change Your Habits | Katy Milkman

May 10th, 2021


To state the blazingly obvious, creating healthy habits can be infernally difficult. But why? And what are the best strategies for getting around …

A Non-Obvious Way to Relax | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

May 7th, 2021


Using the practice of gratitude, you can learn to relax your body and settle your mind.
About Anushka Fernandopulle:
Anushka teaches meditation, works …

344: How to Handle Anger, Uncertainty, and Self-Loathing | Mushim Patricia Ikeda

May 5th, 2021


When somebody wrongs you, what is the wise way to handle your anger? Is forgiveness possible? What about friendliness? My guest today has a lot of thoughts about how to handle anger and how to respond to people who mean …

343: What Everyone Who Meditates Should Know | Chenxing Han and Duncan Ryūken Williams

May 3rd, 2021


If you meditate (or do yoga, for that matter), you may have been taught by a Westerner, but you owe a gigantic debt of gratitude to the giants and geniuses in Asia who developed these practices. This fact can be …

A Deep Hack for Dealing with Family | Bonus Meditation with Anushka Fernandopulle

April 30th, 2021


Develop the skill and sensibility of kindness, warmth, and goodwill by bringing your loved ones to mind.
About Anushka Fernandopulle:
Anushka teaches …

342: The Science of Building Better Relationships | Marissa King

April 28th, 2021


The idea of networking can be fraught. For some people, it might, at times, seem either icky or pathetic to deliberately try to make friends, either in a personal or professional context -- especially since so many of …

341: The Art and Science of the World’s Gooiest Cliche | Barbara Fredrickson

April 26th, 2021


One of our primary missions on this show is to rescue vital ideas that have lapsed into cliches. There are so many important concepts out there that many of us might be tempted to dismiss because they are encrusted with …

What’s Good | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

April 23rd, 2021


Counteract negativity bias by appreciating the goodness in life: simple acts of kindness, moments of beauty, and even your own good efforts.
About …

340: The Science of Hope | Jacqueline Mattis

April 21st, 2021


Today we’re talking to a renowned psychologist who has come up with five strategies for cultivating hope. Dr. Jacqueline Mattis is a clinical …

339: Why Buddhism Is Inherently Hopeful (Despite All the Talk of Suffering) | Oren Jay Sofer

April 19th, 2021


Buddhism can get a bad rap as being hopelessly pessimistic -- in no small measure because one of the Buddha’s first principal pronouncements was, “Life is suffering.” But if you listen to the rest of his spiel, you will …

How to See Hope in the Everyday | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

April 16th, 2021


Learning to trust life moment-to-moment is a powerful practice. Check it out.
About Sebene Selassie:
Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in …

338: Discomfort: A Counterintuitive Source of Hope | Sebene Selassie

April 14th, 2021


As you may know, we are in the midst of a two-week series on hope – a concept we are trying to rescue from the realm of rote cliche and empty bromides. Our belief is that hope, when properly understood and practiced, is …

337: Hope Is a Skill | George Mumford

April 12th, 2021


Spring is here. Vaccines are entering arms. But for many of us, hope can feel slippery and fleeting. Even with the pandemic seeming to abate, there's still a lot of uncertainty and suffering. That’s why, starting today, …

How to Handle Restlessness | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

April 9th, 2021


In this guided meditation, Joseph unpacks what restless energy is all about, showing you how to go from restless to restful.
About Joseph Goldstein:

Three Mindfulness Strategies from Joseph Goldstein (2020)

April 7th, 2021


To inject a little sunshine, perspective, and wisdom, we thought it might make sense to repost one of our favorite conversations of the last year. This is a straight up meat-and-potatoes meditation talk from the one and …

336: How Your Emotions Are Made | Lisa Feldman Barrett

April 5th, 2021


Today’s guest is at the forefront of understanding human emotions: what they are, why humans evolved to have them, how they’re different from …

A Great Way to Relax | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

April 2nd, 2021


Learn to use mindfulness of your natural breath as a way to create relaxation for yourself, any time, any place.
About Oren Jay Sofer:
Oren Jay Sofer …

335: A Pressure Cooker for Insight | Bart van Melik

March 31st, 2021


The great meditation teacher Ram Dass once said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” My guest today comes with tools …

334: Three Lessons from Happiness Research | Emma Seppälä

March 29th, 2021


People in the mindfulness meditation world often note that what we’re teaching is not a breathing exercise; the goal is to just feel the breath as it …

Mindfulness in the Body | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

March 26th, 2021


Is your mind racing to the past or future? Practice bringing awareness to the body and breath as a way to reconnect to the present.
About Sebene Selassie:
Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, …

333: The Self-Interested Case for Examining Your Biases | John Biewen

March 24th, 2021


Too often, the process of looking at your biases can be presented like eating your vegetables. But one of the most fascinating and rewarding things I have attempted to do in recent years is to take a good, hard look at …

332: The Profound Upside of Self-Diminishment | George Saunders

March 22nd, 2021


There is a powerful scene in a novel called Lincoln In the Bardo, where President Abraham Lincoln has come to the cemetery where his young son, …

Getting Out of Your Own Head in Everyday Life | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

March 19th, 2021


When we're busy, we can get caught up in thoughts about what we're doing. Instead, you can practice bringing your attention to the doing itself. 
About Alexis Santos:
Alexis has practiced and taught Insight Meditation in …

331: How to Understand Oneness | Roshi Norma Wong

March 17th, 2021


Today we’re diving into a concept that is simultaneously one of the oldest contemplative cliches and one of the most profound head scratchers — …

330: How This Plague Ends (and What It Tells Us About Human Nature) | Nicholas Christakis

March 15th, 2021


We all remember that fateful week, almost exactly a year ago, when it all seemed to sink in for so many of us–when Tom Hanks got sick, the NBA …

How To Handle It When People Let You Down | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

March 12th, 2021


Feeling let down is hard. We can’t control others, but practicing equanimity will help you feel more ease and acceptance.
About Diana Winston:
Diana …

329: How to Break Your Anxiety Habit | Judson Brewer

March 10th, 2021


To mark the first anniversary of the week in March 2020 when Covid fundamentally altered our lives, we’re launching a special two-part series. Today, we’re going to be talking about anxiety, which has been spiking …

328: A Conversation about Abuse, Agency, and Mindfulness | Tanya Selvaratnam

March 8th, 2021


Before we dive in, a warning: this conversation includes descriptions of abuse and violence.
As you may know, March 8th, the day we’re dropping this …

Coming into Balance | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

March 5th, 2021


Coming into balance is about accepting that balancing is a process, not a destination. Sebene will help you make the most out of the process.
About Sebene Selassie:
Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis …

327: Uprooting Your Delusions | Andrea Fella

March 3rd, 2021


I know you guys, and it is pretty clear you love deep dharma episodes. Today we’ve got a dharma episode that is quite timely. As you all know, we …

326: How to Make a Masterpiece | Pete Docter

March 1st, 2021


We’re all creatives, whether we think of ourselves that way or not. In so many aspects of your life, from planning your future to planning a meal to curating your social media, you need to be able to both envision and …

Freedom Anywhere | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

February 26th, 2021


In this guided meditation (which you can do anywhere), Joseph helps you relax the habit of personalizing everything, so you can live with more ease.

325: A New Way to Think About Addiction | Annie Grace

February 24th, 2021


The stereotypical depiction of fighting addiction makes it seem highly unpleasant: White knuckling, sweating it out, detoxing, going cold turkey–you …

324: Your Craving Mind | Kevin Griffin

February 22nd, 2021


This is an episode about our craving, grasping minds. Whether you have struggled with a classic addiction or not, we all have addictive tendencies; we all wrestle with desire. I often think about a provocative question …

Forgive Yesterday and Reset | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

February 19th, 2021


Sometimes we get stuck in yesterday’s mistakes. Reset by using the freshness of each new breath and start your morning with ease.
About Sebene Selassie:
Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, …

Making it RAIN | Tara Brach

February 17th, 2021


Today we’re going to talk about a massively useful acronym, which can be used both on the cushion and in your free-range living. The acronym is RAIN …

Holding it Together When Things Fall Apart | Pema Chödrön

February 15th, 2021


We’re now almost a full year into the era of Covid restrictions, and I suspect that many of you, as I am, are starting to internalize the fact that, …

You Are Not Alone | Bonus Meditation with Joanna Hardy

February 12th, 2021


Use meditation to connect to how you’re feeling and to unlearn the habit of abandoning yourself when you most need to feel connected.
About Joanna Hardy:
JoAnna Hardy can talk about meditation to pretty much anybody. She …

323: How (and Why) to Hug Your Inner Dragons | Richard Schwartz

February 10th, 2021


How do you relate to the more difficult— and even ugly— aspects of your personality? How do you feel about yourself when you are, say, in a …

322: A Deeply Healthy Kind of Perfectionism | Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

February 8th, 2021


We have talked a lot on this show about how perfectionism can have pernicious impacts on your psyche. Today we’re going to talk about how, by contrast, a certain kind of perfection is very much worth aiming for. We’re …

I Don’t Want to Meditate | Bonus Meditation with Matthew Hepburn

February 5th, 2021


Is meditation the last thing you want to do right now? This one’s for when closing your eyes and watching your breath sounds like torture.
About Matthew Hepburn:
Matthew Hepburn is a straightshooting, clear thinking, and …

321: The Joy of Being Wrong | Adam Grant

February 3rd, 2021


My guest today makes a fascinating and potentially life-changing case. He argues that we need to reconsider how we view intelligence. He says that instead of viewing intelligence as the ability to think and learn, we …

320: The Buddha’s 8-Part Manual for a Good Life | Brother Pháp Dung

February 1st, 2021


Today we’re talking about one of the Buddha’s first and most important lists: the Eightfold Path. I’m kinda surprised we’ve never done a deep dive …

The Upside of Impermanence | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

January 29th, 2021


Take a moment to pay attention to the good things that are already here, and get in touch with the basic satisfaction of being alive.
About Joseph …

319: How to Do Nothing | Jenny Odell

January 27th, 2021


For an audience of meditators (or aspiring meditators), the idea of doing nothing shouldn’t be foreign. But, speaking from personal experience, it is …

318: A New Way to Think About Your Time | Ashley Whillans

January 25th, 2021


For many of us, in this pandemic, our relationship to time has become particularly fraught. You may be noticing that, with no limits on your work …

Everything You Wanted to Know About Self-Love But Were Afraid to Ask | Bonus Q&A with Jeff Warren and Susan Piver

January 22nd, 2021


Today, expert meditation teachers Jeff Warren and Susan Piver return to respond directly to the questions that you, our listeners, have been submitting to us about self-compassion. It’s a tricky concept, so it’s no …

317: Non-Preachy Ethics | Jozen Tamori Gibson

January 20th, 2021


We’re diving in on another Buddhist list today. One of the many things I like about the Buddha is that, as far as I can tell, he pretty much always aims his messages, even the hard-to-swallow ones, at the pleasure …

316: How to Call People In (Instead of Calling Them Out) | Loretta Ross

January 18th, 2021


On this Martin Luther King day, it’s tempting to fear that America, and the world, may never have been further away from the kind of inclusive society that Dr. King called for so eloquently. So today, we are, I hope, …

How to Work with "The Comparing Mind" | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

January 15th, 2021


Nothing compares to now. Let Jeff help you find freedom and ease from constant comparing by embracing this very moment.
Take a few minutes to help us out by answering a survey about your experience with this podcast! …

315: A Big Dose of Perspective | Jack Kornfield

January 13th, 2021


This is exactly what I needed right now: a huge, helpful dose of perspective in the midst of the political crisis gripping America -- a crisis which, …

314: A Wise and Counterintuitive Way to Meditate in a Crisis | Lama Rod Owens

January 11th, 2021


If you’re either seething or scared — or both — in the aftermath of the attack on the US Capitol, this one’s for you. In times of national and …

313: National Trauma–Now What? | Jon Kabat-Zinn Special Edition

January 8th, 2021


I don't know about you, but I felt a lot of anger, fear, and sadness while watching those horrifying images from the United States Capitol on …

312: You're Doing Resolutions Wrong. Here’s How to Fix It. | Dr. Laurie Santos

January 6th, 2021


New Year’s Series Episode 4. Today we’re going to dive into the science behind why so many of us get New Year's resolutions so wrong -- and how we …

311: Karamo: How To Actually Do Self-Love

January 1st, 2021


New Year’s Series Episode 3. We talk with Karamo about how to practice self-love--and why doing so is the opposite of selfish.
Karamo was the first out gay Black man on reality TV when he appeared on MTV’s The Real …

310: The Scientific Case for Self-Compassion | Chris Germer

December 30th, 2020


New Year’s Series Episode 2. We talk with Chris Germer about the scientifically-proven benefits of self-compassion; how to practice self-compassion in your life; the disutility of shame; and the connection between …

309: The Ultimate New Year's Resolution | Susan Piver and Jeff Warren

December 28th, 2020


New Year’s Series Episode 1. We talk with expert meditation teachers Susan Piver and Jeff Warren about a radical approach to the new year: self-compassion. Susan and Jeff help introduce the New Year’s Meditation …

A Shortcut to Gratitude | Bonus Meditation with Jay Michaelson

December 25th, 2020


Feel the sweet happiness of gratitude for those who have helped you over the years, the kind benefactors in your life.
Excited about our upcoming New Year's Challenge? Download the Ten Percent Happier app today to get …

The Anti-Diet | Evelyn Tribole (January, 2020)

December 23rd, 2020


I, like many people, have the potential to get pretty dysregulated around food and body image. A lot of men don’t talk about this stuff, but there is …

Vulnerability: The Key to Courage | Brené Brown

December 21st, 2020


Vulnerability is not something I ever personally considered to be a valuable skill to cultivate. That is, until I met today’s guest, Brené Brown-- …

A Counterintuitive Remedy for Stress | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

December 18th, 2020


Being kind to ourselves in hard times bolsters our resilience, so we can learn from setbacks rather than getting stuck in rumination.
About Sebene:

Kryptonite for the Inner Critic | Kristin Neff

December 16th, 2020


I don’t know about you, but there have been many times during this wrenching year where I have made my pain even worse by adding on layers and layers of self-criticism. There’s a notion that is deeply ingrained in our …

308: Manure for Enlightenment | Fleet Maull

December 14th, 2020


The notion of transmuting the difficult stuff in your life into something positive has become a cliche. Turning lemon into lemonades, making your …

A Great Way to Get Out of Your Head | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

December 11th, 2020


Caring about others' well being actually enhances our own. Practice and see how this beautiful quality begins to transform your experience.
About …

307: The Science of Emotional Intelligence | Daniel Goleman

December 9th, 2020


How much would your relationships improve if you could up your emotional intelligence game? That phrase -- emotional intelligence -- entered the …

306: A Meditator in the Arena | Sam Harris

December 7th, 2020


Sam Harris (no relation to me, by the way -- although I wouldn’t mind it) has had a formative impact on my contemplative development. He was one of …

What is Happiness? | Bonus Meditation with Jay Michaelson

December 4th, 2020


What is happiness? Investigate how happiness is created, what it’s really like, and learn to access the simple happiness of right now.
About Jay Michaelson:
Dr. Jay Michaelson is the Editor of Wisdom Content at Ten …

305: Secrets from the Happiness Lab | Laurie Santos

December 2nd, 2020


2020 has already sucked extremely hard, but we may now be entering even more difficult months ahead, as winter sets in. So we asked Professor Laurie …

304: What You Can Learn from the Buddha’s Wife and Aunt | Pamela Weiss

November 30th, 2020


The women around the Buddha dropped a ton of useful wisdom, but I suspect you haven’t heard much about that. Why? Why have these women been largely …

Generosity | Bonus Talk with Norman Fischer

November 27th, 2020


Is it possible--or even wise--to stay generous and open right now, given the perennial stresses of the holiday season and the unique stresses of …

303: Depression and Anxiety: Your Old Enemies, Your Best Friends| Zindel Segal

November 25th, 2020


Winter is coming. Not to get all Game of Thrones on you, but... while there are some optimistic signs on the horizon in the form of vaccines, it …

302: The Words of the Buddha | Bhikkhu Bodhi

November 23rd, 2020


When I first got interested in meditation, all the talk of the Buddha that I encountered in the various books I was reading and lectures I was attending seemed like more of a bug than a feature. I was looking for …

Flipping the Stress Switch | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

November 20th, 2020


Release the grip of stress by playing with perspective, zooming in and waaay out, and feeling into the wild weather patterns of life.
We hope you …

301: A Holiday Survival Guide for Difficult Conversations | Bill Doherty

November 18th, 2020


What to do if you find yourself marooned at your Thanksgiving meal, facing a voluble uncle who is spewing political ideas you find abominable? Our …

300: Six Words to Get You Through a Bad Day | Bonnie Duran

November 16th, 2020


It feels like the right time to drop a deep Dharma episode. And this one has a twist. Bonnie Duran is a professor in the Schools of Social Work and …

Antidote to Overwhelm | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

November 13th, 2020


Take the edge off out-of-control overwhelm and gain some agency in how you respond when everything feels like it’s crashing down.
About Oren Sofer:

299: Relationship Advice from a “Mega Monk” | Haemin Sunim

November 11th, 2020


My guest today does a fantastic job of speaking in a not-at-all-annoying way about the inarguably important yet potentially very cheesy concept of self-love. Haemin Sunim is a Korean “mega monk” who has developed a …

298: How (and Why) to Hack Your Empathy | Jamil Zaki

November 9th, 2020


Kindness and empathy are loaded propositions right now. When you hear those words, you might think: Eh, those are soft skills that won’t help me get ahead. Or: If I’m too nice, I will get trampled. Or: I need my anger …

Post-Election Uncertainty | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

November 6th, 2020


During this wild moment of uncertainty, join Oren to ease your anticipation anxiety and soothe the troubling tumult of the unknown.
We hope you …

297: Dealing with Uncertainty, Anxiety, and Anger | Special Post-Election Edition | Lama Rod Owens

November 4th, 2020


In the wee hours of election night, we consult Lama Rod Owens on uncertainty, anxiety, rage, and self-care.
Join Dan and Rev. angel Kyodo williams …

296: How to Use Social Media without Losing Your Mind | Randy Fernando

November 2nd, 2020


Given that social media has been blamed for rising levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and political polarization, is it possible to use this …

An Acronym To Keep You Sane | Bonus Meditation with Roshi Joan Halifax

October 30th, 2020


Use Roshi Joan’s GRACE tool to not just engage with difficult people in your life, but genuinely know your personal integrity along the way.
We hope …

295: How To Be Grateful When Everything Sucks | DaRa Williams

October 28th, 2020


In the face of the seemingly unremitting horrors of 2020, is it possible -- or wise -- to generate gratitude? My guest today argues: yes. DaRa Williams is a longtime practitioner and teacher of meditation. She is one of …

294: Vitamin E: How To Cultivate Equanimity Amidst Political Chaos | Election Sanity Series | Roshi Joan Halifax

October 26th, 2020


#294: Vitamin E: How To Cultivate Equanimity Amidst Political Chaos | Election Sanity Series | Roshi Joan Halifax
It’s part four in our Election …

Earth, Wind, and Fire (Not the Band) | Bonus Meditation with Tuere Sala

October 23rd, 2020


Find resilience and self-regulate by connecting with physical sensations that evoke the universal elements of fire, earth, & wind.
Quick reminder: …

293: A Star, Utterly Unguarded | Brett Eldredge

October 21st, 2020


We’ve backed away from celebrity interviews on the show of late, because we got a lot of feedback from listeners saying they had trouble relating to some of our more famous interviewees. I am confident that is not going …

292: The Opposite of Schadenfreude | Election Sanity Series | Tuere Sala

October 19th, 2020


There’s an old expression: “Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little bit.” I love that saying, because it speaks to how hard it can be to take …

Increasing your Attention Awareness | Bonus Meditation with Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

October 16th, 2020


In this potent meditation on one point, hone your capacity to direct your attention where you want without shutting out the rest of the world.
Good News everyone, our Free Election Sanity meditation challenge starts in …

291: Three Mindfulness Strategies from Joseph Goldstein

October 14th, 2020


There will be no talk of election or pandemic on this episode. This is a straight-up, meat-and-potatoes meditation talk from the one and only Joseph …

290: The Immense Power of Giving a Crap | Election Sanity Series | Rev. angel Kyodo williams

October 12th, 2020


Do you remember that band, The Shins? They had a popular song that appeared on the soundtrack for that Zach Braff movie Garden State. Anyway, they …

Reset Your Nervous System | Bonus Meditation with JoAnna Hardy

October 9th, 2020


If you enjoyed this meditation, sign up for our Election Sanity Series email guide.
It will recap all of the podcast episodes each week. It’ll include …

289: Fun Is a Trainable Skill (And It Doesn't Involve Your Phone) | Catherine Price

October 7th, 2020


At a time like this, fun may seem frivolous. But our guest today is going to argue — convincingly, in my opinion — that fun is absolutely essential …

288: What's Love Got To Do With It? | Election Sanity Series | JoAnna Hardy

October 5th, 2020


In an election season characterized by misinformation, mistrust, and now a positive covid test from the President-- we’ve been plunged headlong into …

Fear Itself | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

October 2nd, 2020


When you’re stuck in fear and other strong emotions, intentionally feeling what’s happening with acceptance can be a game changer.
To find this meditation in the Ten Percent Happier app, visit

287: Can You Change Your Relationship With Fear? | Dr. Abigail Marsh

September 30th, 2020


There’s no shortage of fear these days -- the virus, the climate, racial injustice, political tumult… I could go on. But can you change the way your …

286: Feeding the Mind | Dr. Mark Hyman

September 28th, 2020


Today we’re going to get a deep take on the old cliche, “You are what you eat.” Usually that expression speaks to the impact of food on our bodies, …

Happiness Doesn't Have to be an Accident | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

September 25th, 2020


Happiness doesn't have to be an accident. In this session from Diana, train your mind to become more and more joyful.
To find this meditation in the …

285: What’s the Point of Joy Right Now? | James Baraz

September 23rd, 2020


In my opinion, purveyors of joy can come off as oily and unctuous, even in the best of times. Like walking impersonations of Rainbow Brite. But in …

284: How To Handle A Narcissist (Including, Maybe...Yourself) | Keith Campbell

September 21st, 2020


“Narcissist” is a word that gets thrown quite a bit, including by me -- often, semi-facetiously, about myself. But until this conversation, I didn’t actually know what the word meant. My guest today is Keith Campbell, …

Anxious? Listen to This. | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

September 18th, 2020


During major life transitions your emotional and mental world can kick into overdrive. Learn how to stay in the eye of the hurricane.
In the Ten Percent Happier app, you'll find this same meditation in different lengths …

283: The Buddha’s Foundational Listicle | Phillip Moffitt

September 16th, 2020


Way before Buzzfeed, the Buddha was creating listicles: The Seven Factors of Enlightenment, The Three Jewels, The Eight Worldly Winds... I could go …

282: The “Lifequake” Survival Guide | Bruce Feiler

September 14th, 2020


We have another themed week for you, with two episodes about how to navigate major life changes-- clearly a resonant theme, given the various dumpster fires that are raging in our world right now. Coming up on …

What To Do When You Get Angry? | Bonus Meditation with Jessica Morey

September 11th, 2020


Go from "seeing red" to seeing the value in anger without being carried away by it and doing or saying things you'll regret later.
About Jessica Morey:
Jess Morey is the executive director and lead teacher of Inward Bound …

281: What a Buddhist Monk Learned from Nearly Being Assasinated | Bhante Buddharakkhita

September 9th, 2020


When you first encounter Bhante Buddharakkhita, the wise and affable Abbot of the Ugandan Buddhist Center, you might be tempted to think: this guy’s been a meditator since shortly after exiting the womb. But his story …

280: One Man’s Planetary Quest for Happiness | Ravi Patel

September 7th, 2020


How do you strike work/life balance when you feel overwhelming pressure to provide for your family? How do you balance gender roles in a modern …

Try This Meditation Before You Try to Change the World | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

September 4th, 2020


Following on from our episode with Sharon Salzberg on Wednesday we’re dropping a bonus meditation from the set of new meditations she has within the …

279: How To Stay Politically Engaged Without Losing Your Mind | Sharon Salzberg

September 2nd, 2020


In the heat of an election that is both incredibly nasty and hugely consequential, it might be tempting to try to shut out all the feelings of anger, frustration, and powerlessness. But my guest today makes a compelling …

278: How To Stay Centered When You’re Skiing Off a Cliff | Angel Collinson

August 31st, 2020


Angel Collinson is a badass in every sense of the word. She’s one of the world's best extreme skiers, a meditator, and a climate activist. In this …

Reflecting on Your Life | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

August 28th, 2020


Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., she was a tomboy Black girl who loved Monty Python and UB40. She never believed she …

277: This Conversation Actually Explains Oneness With The Universe | Sebene Selassie

August 26th, 2020


I grew up with that famous Groucho Marx joke, “I wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me as a member.” It always resonated with me. As …

276: Are We All Traumatized? | Dr. Pat Ogden

August 24th, 2020


It’s a human urge to return to normalcy after a cataclysmic event. But if we rush back to normalcy without taking a beat, without metabolizing what …

How Not To Be Yanked Around By Your Emotions | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

August 21st, 2020


Joseph Goldstein is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world -- a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society -- …

275: Improving Your Relationships, Buddhist Style | Martine Batchelor

August 19th, 2020


This episode is a mix of the technical, the practical, and the delightful. We’re talking about a meditation technique that can impact relationships, …

274: The Case for Optimism | Dr. Jonathan Salk

August 17th, 2020


The virus has exploited so many weaknesses of our culture. But having exposed the weaknesses, such as inequities and reckless individualism, could …

Three Resilience Tools for Stressful Times | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

August 14th, 2020


About Sebene:
Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., she was a tomboy Black girl who loved Monty Python and UB40. She never …

273: A Master Class in Resilience | George Mumford

August 12th, 2020


Today we have a master class in resilience. My guest is George Mumford, who has overcome some towering difficulties in his own life, including an …

272: The Secrets of Gritty People | Angela Duckworth

August 10th, 2020


This week on the show, we’re exploring the interrelated themes of grit and resilience -- both massively resonant and relevant issues in the era of …

You Are Not Your Thoughts | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

August 7th, 2020


Joseph Goldstein is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world -- a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society -- …

271: The Antidote to Burnout | Leah Weiss

August 5th, 2020


At a time when work has become more challenging than ever, we’re going to explore one myth and one revelation. The myth -- which many of us, myself included, have consciously or subconsciously incorporated into our …

270: You Don’t Exist. But You Actually Do. Wait, What? | Guy Armstrong

August 3rd, 2020


In this episode, we take a simple, useful, and down-to-earth stroll through one of the most confounding -- but liberating -- concepts in Buddhism. On …

Soothe Anxiety to Sleep | Bonus Meditation with Matthew Hepburn

July 31st, 2020


Today (7/31) is the last day to join the Summer Sanity Challenge: a free 21 day meditation challenge. The goal here is to help you build resilience …

269: The Sex Episode | Devon and Craig Hase

July 29th, 2020


Buddhists don’t tend to shy away from talking about body parts -- but usually it’s more along the lines of meditating on things like spittle, defecation (otherwise known as poop) and the inevitable decay of the body. So …

268: How to Get Sleep in Anxious Times | Dr. Donn Posner

July 27th, 2020


I don’t know about you guys, but my sleep has suffered quite badly during the last few months. Today’s guest really got me thinking about this issue …

Performance Anxiety | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

July 24th, 2020


On July 27, we're launching the Summer Sanity Challenge: a free 21 day meditation challenge. The goal here is to help you build resilience so that …

267: How Do You Optimize Your Performance When Everything Sucks? | Pete Carroll & Michael Gervais

July 22nd, 2020


How do you optimize your performance when life is utterly disrupted by a pandemic? Are optimism and confidence trainable skills? Can we get over our fear of other people’s opinions? These are some of the questions we …

266: The Case for "Doing Nothing" in a Time of Crisis | Sebene Selassie & Jeff Warren

July 20th, 2020


At a time of multiple, mutually-reinforcing dumpster fires, meditation can seem counterintuitive. Instinctively, many of us might prefer to rush to …

How Not to Be Owned by Desire | Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein

July 17th, 2020


Learn how to become mindful of desire, creating more room for choice instead of automatically reaching for the thirtieth cookie.
You can find …

265: The Upside of Desire | Cara Lai

July 15th, 2020


In Buddhism/meditation circles, desire or wanting is often considered a no-no. But is this line of thinking sometimes taken too far — or simply misunderstood? Can we turn our desires — for food, sex, etcetera — into …

264: The Brain Science of Enlightenment | Rick Hanson

July 13th, 2020


Today we’re going to nerd out about what enlightenment (or, if that word is triggering, let’s just call it “high doses of meditation”) can do to your brain — and, more practically, how we can derive these benefits even …

An Infinitely Portable Meditation Technique | Bonus Meditation with JoAnna Hardy

July 10th, 2020


You can find meditations on relaxation and much more on our app. Visit to download the Ten Percent Happier app and kickstart your meditation practice. Visit to sign up today.
Listen to …

263: The Buddha's Four-Part Strategy for "Ultimate Happiness" | Sally Armstrong

July 8th, 2020


"Mindfulness" has become a buzz phrase. There are books on mindful parenting, mindful lawyering, even mindful sex. But what does the word even mean? …

262: Why We're All Suffering from Racial Trauma (Even White People) -- and How to Handle It | Resmaa Menakem

July 6th, 2020


It’s easy to think of racism as a virus that lives in your head. But my guest today makes a compelling case that it also lives, in very profound and often unseen ways, in your body. Resmaa Menakem is a therapist and …

Getting Out of Your Head | Bonus Meditation with Diana Winston

July 3rd, 2020


You can find meditations on compassion and much more on our app. Visit to download the Ten Percent Happier app and kickstart your meditation practice. Visit to sign up today.
Listen to …

261: Can Faith Be Useful - Even for Atheists? | Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

July 1st, 2020


Faith is a loaded word in some circles, but in this episode, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel makes her case for it - in ways that might surprise you. We also discuss: what she means by the phrase "being realistic," the power …

260: The Science of Happiness | Emiliana Simon-Thomas

June 29th, 2020


In this episode, at this fraught moment in history, we're bringing on a leading scientist to help us tackle one of the most pernicious misconceptions that humans have ever fostered. The very roots of the word …

Emotional Awareness | Oren Sofer Bonus Guided Meditation

June 26th, 2020


You can find Oren's meditation on emotional awareness and much more on our app. Visit to download the Ten Percent Happier app and kickstart your meditation practice.
Listen to Oren's meditation in the app:

259: How You Can Help Transform America's Racial Karma | Dr. Larry Ward

June 24th, 2020


What can you, as an individual, do to help break the cycles of rage, pain, fear, and violence that continue to grip America - and many other parts of …

258: Why Your Bad Habits (and Addictions) May Be Getting Worse - and How Mindfulness Can Help | Dr. Jud Brewer

June 22nd, 2020


Do you find yourself overeating during this stressful time? Maybe drinking or smoking more than you would like? What about shopping or gambling? And …

Antidote to Fear | George Mumford Guided Meditation

June 19th, 2020


You can also directly access this meditation in the app through this link:
Where there is fear, there are seeds for compassion. Learn how to sit with fear, not lose …

257: The Dharma of Harriet Tubman | Spring Washam

June 17th, 2020


I had always known Harriet Tubman as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, repeatedly risking her own life to lead slaves out of the South. But in this episode, my friend, the great meditation teacher Spring Washam, …

256: White People, Drop the Shame and Get Curious | Shelly Graf

June 15th, 2020


In this episode, we go there. All the way there. All those horrifying little thoughts that white people might have - eg: Have you ever felt superior to, or suspicious of, black people? - let's drag them out of the …

See Through Unconscious Bias | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie

June 12th, 2020


Listen as Sebene helps you cut through patterns of self-judgement and prejudice toward others with the simple tools of curiosity & kindness.
If …

255: The View of American Turmoil from the Other Side of the World | Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

June 10th, 2020


We have spent the past few episodes talking with black and white Americans about race. But for this episode I wanted to get the view from outside. So I called up a man on the other side of the planet who is widely …

254: White People Talking About Whiteness | Eleanor Hancock

June 8th, 2020


Many, if not most, white people don't think of themselves as racialized. Race, we might tell ourselves, is an issue for people who have different …

Waking Up to the Distortion of Racism | Bonus Talk with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

June 5th, 2020


If we were to walk past the fires of oppression, we would be walking past one of the widest gateways to liberation.
About Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Zenju …

253: An Uncomfortable (But Meaningful) Conversation About Race | Lama Rod Owens

June 3rd, 2020


Many of us come to meditation for comfort. But, especially for white people, right now is a time to embrace our discomfort. Lama Rod Owens encourages me to step way out of my comfort zone in this conversation, and I am …

252: You Can't Meditate This Away (Race, Rage, and the Responsibilities of Meditators)

June 1st, 2020


There is fury in America's streets - and we, as meditators, have the opportunity to use our practice to do the hard work of seeing things clearly (including the ugliness in our own minds), and responding wisely. I'm …

251: The Dalai Lama's Advice for Right Now

May 27th, 2020


How do we handle pandemic-induced anxiety or grief? What does a spiritual guru do to relax while on lockdown? We put those questions - and more - to …

250: Holding it Together When Things Fall Apart | Pema Chodron

May 25th, 2020


Pema Chodron has seemingly been trying to prepare us for this pandemic for years, through a series of popular books, with titles such as When Things …

How Not to Say Stupid Stuff When You're Stressed | Susan Piver TPH Live Bonus

May 22nd, 2020


Sometimes when you get stressed, you say dumb stuff and that is still happening to me, even after having meditated for over a decade. But in Buddhism, there's a way to deal with this. They call it right speech or …

249: Don't Let This Crisis Go To Waste | Roshi Joan Halifax

May 20th, 2020


Roshi Joan Halifax is definitely not arguing the pandemic is a good thing, but she also believes we shouldn't let this crisis go to waste. It's a …

248: How to Be a Good and Sane Citizen in Ugly Times | Ezra Klein

May 18th, 2020


Rest assured, this is not an episode where we're going to argue about politics. Instead, it's about how to maintain our happiness, calm, sanity, …

Facing Uncertainty | Bonus Meditation with Alexis Santos

May 15th, 2020


Discomfort with the unknown is a natural human response. This meditation will help you relax as you practice allowing the rhythm of life to unfold.

247: Weird Dreams, Family Relationships, and Collective Trauma | Dr. Mark Epstein

May 13th, 2020


Why are so many of us having such weird dreams these days? How do we successfully interact with family members while on lockdown? Are we all …

246: Losing Your Patience? Here's How to Get it Back

May 11th, 2020


This pandemic is a colossal test of our patience - from dealing with family to interminably long wait times on calls with the unemployment office to …

Three Tools to Help You Get Through This | Dr. Rick Hanson Bonus Talk

May 8th, 2020


Three best practices for coping and resilience, based on neuroscientific and psychological research from Rick Hanson.
You can find Rick Hanson's talk, …

245: The Other Side of the Pandemic | Rev. angel Kyodo williams

May 6th, 2020


What will we be like when this thing is finally over? Will we be even more fearful and divided? Or is there a realistically rosier scenario? This is …

244: Small Ways to Improve Your Everyday Life Right Now | Gretchen Rubin

May 4th, 2020


I call Gretchen Rubin the "Swiss Army Knife for Happiness." Present her with a problem, and she will flood you with practical, customized solutions. …

A Meditation for Money Worries | Sebene Selassie

May 1st, 2020


Stressed about the economy? You're not alone. Sebene offers tools to help see the abundance we all have in our lives in this guided meditation.
You …

243: Can You Be OK With Uncertainty? | Jack Kornfield

April 29th, 2020


On this episode, a bad news / good news situation. Let's start with the bad news: human beings are not wired for uncertainty. It short circuits our system. The mind wants to plan, to work things out - and, in a …

242: A Buddhist Approach to Money Worries | Ethan Nichtern

April 27th, 2020


No matter what your economic situation is, you have likely experienced some money worries during this pandemic. I know I have- and I say that as someone who is in an extremely fortunate position. So many people have …

How to Handle our Collective Grief | Sharon Salzberg Bonus Meditation

April 24th, 2020


In this meditation Sharon helps you navigate the feelings and sensations of grief safely, using the breath as a neutral landing place for your attention.
Meditation available on Ten Percent Happier:

241: Crisis Advice from "Meditation MacGyver" | Jeff Warren

April 22nd, 2020


Jeff Warren is someone for whom I have a special affection. We chronicled our friendship in a book we co authored, called Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, in which we took a gonzo cross-country bus trip to help people …

240: Why We're All Grieving - and How To Deal With It | David Kessler

April 20th, 2020


Most, if not all, of us are experiencing a cocktail of challenging emotions these days - whether in the background or in the foreground of our psyche. Speaking personally, I thought my primary issue was anxiety, but I …

Loneliness & Belonging | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

April 17th, 2020


In times of loneliness, there are practices that can help. Oren offers words and wisdom to help you rekindle a sense of belonging.
Find more meditations and courses from Oren on the Ten Percent Happier app:

239: How to Go Easy on Yourself in a Pandemic | Dr. Kristin Neff

April 15th, 2020


It's easy to add insult to injury in this pandemic by beating ourselves up. Why are we not exercising more? Eating less? Or boosting our …

238: You Don't Have to be Alone to be Lonely | Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy

April 13th, 2020


Our guest this week gives a bracingly candid account of loneliness - one made all the more remarkable by the fact that he is a former surgeon general.
Even before the current coronavirus pandemic, we were in the midst of …

Don't Take on Others' Stress | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren

April 10th, 2020


Stress doesn't have to be contagious. This session will guide you through staying boundaried, calm, and kind when stress is in the air.
Meditation Available on Ten Percent Happier:

237: Is It Still OK to Be Happy? | Sylvia Boorstein

April 8th, 2020


Even in the middle of a pandemic, it's still OK to experience delight. That's per legendary meditation teacher, Sylvia Boostein. In fact, she says, …

236: Love in the Time of COVID | Esther Perel

April 6th, 2020


The coronavirus outbreak may pose one of the greatest challenges to romantic relationships in modern memory. For those of us living in close quarters with spouses or partners, how do we live our day to day without …

How to Calm Down | Bonus Meditation with Matthew Hepburn

April 3rd, 2020


Bring yourself down from a level 10 to a level 2—stimulating the calming parasympathetic nervous system with validated timeless practices.
Matthew …

235: Joseph Goldstein | Meditating In A Pandemic

April 1st, 2020


A statement of the blazingly obvious: we are living in stressful times. A statement of the slightly less obvious: meditation, while not a panacea, …

234: How to Engage Corona-Deniers (and Other Ethical Dilemmas)

March 27th, 2020


So many of us have people in our lives who we feel are not taking this pandemic seriously enough. How do we handle them? Yell, lecture, call them out on Twitter? What about flooding them with articles? Or is there a …

233: Sharon Salzberg Makes Me Feel Better

March 25th, 2020


If, given the deeply suboptimal circumstances in which we find ourselves right now, you are cycling through anxiety, depression, anger, and apathy, I suspect this conversation with legendary meditation teacher Sharon …

Jack Kornfield on Ten Percent Happier Live | Bonus Episode

March 23rd, 2020


In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. Hence my new project -- Ten Percent Happier Live. Every weekday, we'll offer a free live sanity break, featuring some of …

232: How to Actually Get Work Done at Home | Rasmus Hougaard & Jacqueline Carter

March 20th, 2020


We are in the middle of a giant, global experiment in remote work. Even in the best of times, working from home is tricky. You're surrounded by distractions: pets, laundry, Netflix. But in the midst of this pandemic, …

231: Parenting in a Pandemic | Susan Kaiser Greenland

March 18th, 2020


We're in the middle of one of the greatest tests for parents in modern memory. Tens of millions of us, cooped up in our homes with our kids, as a consequence of the coronavirus. Susan Kaiser Greenland can help. She's a …

How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety | Special Edition

March 13th, 2020


We're all being inundated with unsettling news about the new coronavirus, but there isn't a lot of information out there about how to stay sane, balanced, and calm in the midst of this pandemic. So that's what this …

230: Work Less, Get More Done | Alex Soojung Kim-Pang

March 11th, 2020


Many of us can feel burnt out, tired or stretched too thin. It can be hard to balance everything on our plates, especially in work environments that …

229: Buddhism Without Beliefs | Stephen Batchelor

March 4th, 2020


Stephen Batchelor is a Buddhist teacher who takes an unconventional approach to the practice. He was more of a scholar, studying logic and philosophy …

228: The Medieval Executioner in Your Head | Valerie Brown

February 26th, 2020


Valerie Brown grew up in poverty in Brooklyn, New York. When she was a teenager, her mother passed away and her father left her to fend for herself. …

227: Race is Not Tangential to Meditation | Rhonda V. Magee

February 19th, 2020


Rhonda V. Magee is a Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco and an internationally-recognized thought and practice leader focused on …

226: The Dharma of Instagram | Yung Pueblo

February 12th, 2020


Yung Pueblo (Diego Perez) grew up in poverty after his family immigrated from Ecuador to Boston, Massachusetts. He fell into heavy drugs in his …

225: Happiness Takes Work | Sonja Lyubomirsky

February 5th, 2020


Sonja Lyubomirsky has been studying human happiness for 30 years. As a professor at the University of California Riverside, her research has centered around things people can do to become happier. In this episode she …

224: Tara Brach: Making it RAIN

January 29th, 2020


Being open to the feelings of anxiety and fear can be terrifying, but Tara Brach, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Insight Meditation …

223: Jon Kabat-Zinn | Meditation as a Love Affair

January 22nd, 2020


Jon Kabat-Zinn has been a key player bringing mindfulness meditation to the mainstream. In 1979, he introduced the now world-renowned …

222: How to Become a Regular Meditator (and More) | Alexis Santos

January 15th, 2020


While in medical school in the mid-90's, Alexis Santos found himself in the midst of a spiritual crisis. At one of the top medical schools in the …

221: All Your Sleep Questions, Answered | Dr. Matthew Walker

January 8th, 2020


Dr. Matthew Walker is a sleep scientist with a PhD in neurophysiology. His research investigates the impact of sleep on human health and diseases …

Bonus Talk: How to Build a Meditation Habit That Sticks | Dan Harris

January 6th, 2020


Dan shares four best practices to help you build and keep up the meditation habit.
Join the Free New Years Meditation Challenge:
Have a question for Dan? Leave us a voicemail: …

220: The Anti-Diet | Evelyn Tribole

January 1st, 2020


Award-winning registered dietitian Evelyn Tribole inspires people to rethink their relationship with food and enjoy eating. In today's diet culture, …

219: Making and Breaking Habits, Sanely | Kelly McGonigal

December 26th, 2019


For as long as she can remember, Kelly McGonigal has felt motivated to understand the causes of pain and suffering and find ways to relieve them. …

218: The Profound Upsides of Mortality | Nikki Mirghafori, PhD

December 18th, 2019


Nikki Mirghafori has been an Artificial Intelligence scientist for nearly three decades. She never intended to become a Buddhist teacher, but after establishing herself in her AI career, she devoted her time to …

217: The World's a Mess, But Don't Freak Out | Norman Fischer

December 11th, 2019


Norman Fischer is a poet, writer, and Zen priest who has dedicated his life to studying, practicing and teaching Zen Buddhism. After graduating from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, he moved to San Francisco to learn how to …

216: How to Thrive Under Stress | Elizabeth Stanley, PhD

December 4th, 2019


Elizabeth Stanley has a long history of stress and trauma. In this episode she talks about the adversities she has suffered, which include a near death experience and losing her eyesight for extended periods of time …

215: What's Your Motivation? Thubten Chodron

November 27th, 2019


Thubten Chodron was born in Chicago and grew up near Los Angeles. She felt her life's calling was to help others, so she became a teacher, landing …

214: The Case for Devotion, Kittisaro and Thanissara

November 20th, 2019


Kittisaro graduated from Princeton as a Rhodes Scholar and went on to Oxford before going to Thailand to ordain with Ajahn Chah in 1976. He was a …

213: Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel

November 13th, 2019


Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author Esther Perel is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern …

212: The Likeability Trap, Alicia Menendez

November 6th, 2019


Our guest this week is Alicia Menendez, an award-winning journalist, who finds herself in a common position for many women: caring way too much about …

211: How to Make it in Hollywood (and everywhere else), Brian Grazer

October 30th, 2019


Brian Grazer is a Hollywood giant! He’s made more than 100 films including Splash, Apollo 13 and the best-picture-winning A Beautiful Mind. He tells …

210: Meditation, Therapy, and "Murderous Rage", Dr. Susan Pollak

October 23rd, 2019


Dr. Susan Pollak found refuge in meditation at a young age, introduced to it by a family member. Describing herself as an anxious and neurotic kid, …

Bonus Meditation, Self-Compassion Break, Kristin Neff, PhD

October 19th, 2019


Self-compassion may not be your strong suit, but with this introductory training, you’ll develop more resilience, kindness, and ease in life.
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See …

209: Kryptonite for the Inner Critic, Self-Compassion Series, Kristin Neff, PhD

October 16th, 2019


Life can be challenging. It’s comforting to have kind, supportive people around you to help you through it. Dr. Kristin Neff believes it’s equally …

Bonus Meditation, See Yourself Compassionately, Jessica Morey

October 12th, 2019


Self-Compassion may not be your strong suit, but with this introductory training, you’ll develop more resilience, kindness and ease in life.
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See Yourself Compassionately:

208: Doing Diversity Work Without Shame, Self-Compassion Series, Sydney Spears

October 9th, 2019


Dr. Sydney Spears is a professor at the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare and holds a PhD in Clinical Social Work from Smith College. As …

Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Self-Compassion

October 5th, 2019


Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Self-Compassion
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207: A Radical Approach to Productivity, Self-Compassion Series, Jocelyn K. Glei

October 2nd, 2019


We are all guilty at times of taking on too much. Our guest this week, Jocelyn K. Glei, explains some of the benefits of taking a step back. She discusses the importance of slowing things down to prevent burnout and …

Bonus Meditation with Joseph Goldstein, Be Simple & Easy

September 28th, 2019


Life is already complicated enough. Meditation doesn’t have to be, if we learn to be simple and easy.
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Be Simple & Easy:

206: Finally... The Joseph Goldstein Episode

September 25th, 2019


One of the first American Vipassana teachers and the co-founder of Insight Meditation Society, Joseph Goldstein, is a highly recognized name to many …

205: Living on Overtime, David C. Fajgenbaum

September 18th, 2019


David Fajgenbaum, a young, promising medical student, could not have imagined he would become a patient in the same hospital he was serving his …

204: Love, Death, Tech and Psychedelics, Jack Kornfield, Meditation O.G.

September 11th, 2019


As far as meditation teachers go, they don't come more highly regarded than our guest this week, Jack Kornfield. Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, India and Burma. He has taught …

203: Civility Pays, Christine Porath

September 4th, 2019


For Christine Porath, meditation was one way of coping with a toxic work environment. Her own experience, paired with watching her father suffer a …

202: Can Meditation Prolong Your Life?, Dr. Peter Attia

August 28th, 2019


Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice focusing on the applied science of longevity. In other words, his practice aims …

Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Walking Meditation

August 24th, 2019


Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, Walking Meditation

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201: Doing "The Work," Byron Katie

August 21st, 2019


At 43 years old, Byron Katie was unhappily married, suffered from depression and agoraphobia and was addicted to codeine and alcohol. In fact, she …

200: Sharon Salzberg, A Meditation Master Stares Down Death

August 14th, 2019


World-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg recently faced a very serious health scare and a true test of her decades of practice. In this very candid conversation Sharon tells us what happened to her, how her …

199: Patrick Dempsey, Meditation: The Secret to His Success

August 7th, 2019


Patrick Dempsey is not just a pretty face. Sure he's widely known for playing McDreamy, aka Dr. Derek Shepherd, on ABC’s Grey's Anatomy, but that hardly scratches the surface. A meditator since the 1980's, he's used …

198: Meditation And Loss, Dean Valoras

July 31st, 2019


On March 19th of last year, Dean Valoras' life changed forever. That is the day he lost his teenage daughter Alexandra to suicide. Alexandra was an …

197: Escape from Zombieland, Koshin Paley Ellison

July 24th, 2019


Human beings are wired for social connection. Sadly, thanks in large part to the internet, mobile phones and social media, we are seeing an increase …

196: Stress Better, Modupe Akinola

July 17th, 2019


We all encounter stress, but what we sometimes overlook is that stress can be useful, it is, after all, built into us by evolution. Our guest this …

195: Inveterate Fretter, Accidental Buddhist, Sylvia Boorstein

July 10th, 2019


If there was such a thing as a mind-ectomy or a mind transplant, our guest this week, Sylvia Boorstein, tells us she would have had it, confiding, "I …

194: Atomic Habits, James Clear

July 3rd, 2019


An athlete as a kid, a devastating sports injury would change James Clear's life forever. While a sophomore in high school, a baseball bat struck …

193: Enough-ness and the Hungry Ghost, Narayan Liebenson

June 26th, 2019


Most kids are not spending their time in solitude exploring the abilities of the mind. In that way, Narayan Liebenson was not like most kids. …

192: The Art of Growing Up, Jerry Colonna

June 19th, 2019


Jerry Colonna is the CEO and co-founder of, an executive coaching and leadership development firm committed to the notion that better …

191: Can Meditation Improve Politics? Chris Ruane and Jamie Bristow

June 12th, 2019


Chris Ruane has been a member of the British Parliament for more than 20 years. As a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, he wanted to share the …

190: The Fundamental Mystery of the Mind, Annaka Harris

June 5th, 2019


As a child Annaka Harris suffered from migraines. Searching for ways to cope with that pain, she became curious - wondering "what is this pain" and "where is it coming from?" The line of questioning shifted her …

Bonus: Ten Percent Happier Talks “Just This,” Diana Winston

May 29th, 2019


Experiencing bliss is easy - so easy you might miss it.

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189: Type A Nun, Mindful Parenting, and Natural Awareness, Diana Winston

May 29th, 2019


Diana Winston first learned about meditation as a kid, but it wasn’t until she traveled to Asia following college that her practice really took off. …

188: Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport

May 22nd, 2019


It’s hard to deny our society’s increasing dependence on, if not addiction to, email, apps and social media. If we recognize it as a problem, then how do we fix it? Cal Newport is a computer science professor at …

187: Is Enlightenment Possible for Regular People, Daniel M. Ingram

May 15th, 2019


Daniel M. Ingram sparked controversy in the Buddhist world when he declared himself to be an arahat, the term commonly used for a person who has reached the final stage of enlightenment. In this week's episode, Ingram …

186: The Importance of Dying Before You Die, Helen Tworkov

May 8th, 2019


Helen Tworkov first encountered Buddhism in Nepal during the 1960's and has studied in both the Zen and Tibetan traditions. She has also studied with Mingyur Rinpoche, a well-known Tibetan Buddhist meditation master. …

185: Brené Brown, Vulnerability: The Key to Courage

May 1st, 2019


Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston and has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and …

184: The Zen Priest with an MBA, Marc Lesser

April 24th, 2019


At just 21 years old Marc Lesser took a year-long leave from his education to explore meditation. His one year leave would turn into 10 when he …

183: Fighting Depression with Social Connection, Johann Hari

April 17th, 2019


Suffering from his own long battle with depression, social scientist and author Johann Hari yearned for a greater understanding of what caused it and what might help combat it. Hari set out on a journey to not only meet …

182: Imposter Syndrome, Politics and Sensuality, Dr. Jay Michaelson

April 10th, 2019


Our guest this week, Jay Michaelson, wears many hats. He is the author of six books and over three hundred articles on religion, sexuality, law, and …

181: Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Life After Suicide

April 3rd, 2019


With suicide being the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, the likelihood is that nearly every person in this country knows someone who has died by suicide. In just the last couple of weeks, we learned of …

180: Dolly Chugh, How Good People Fight Bias

March 27th, 2019


We all have biases, and only by acknowledging them can we make a conscious decision to not act on them. That's one of the teachings of our guest this …

179: Anuradha Bhagwati, Activism Against Military Sexual Assault

March 20th, 2019


Our guest this week, Anuradha Bhagwati, is a writer, activist, yoga and meditation teacher, and Marine Corps veteran. She founded the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN), which brought national attention to sexual …

178: Gretchen Rubin, Outer Order, Inner Calm

March 13th, 2019


Gretchen Rubin describes herself as a writer who relentlessly explores human nature to understand how we can make our lives better. Through her bestselling books and her award-winning podcast, Happier with Gretchen …

177: Mirabai Bush, Conversations on Loving and Dying

March 6th, 2019


This week's guest, Mirabai Bush, has co-written a book with spiritual teacher Ram Dass entitled "Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying. In the book, and in our conversation, Bush explores how death …

176: Arthur C. Brooks, Love Your Enemies

February 27th, 2019


Social scientist, author and podcast host Arthur C. Brooks believes America has developed a "culture of contempt." He feels we increasingly view …

175: Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, The Mind of the Leader

February 20th, 2019


Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter from the Potential Project discuss their mission of enhancing performance for leaders and large organizations …

174: Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, The New Right Stuff

February 13th, 2019


Having dreamed of space since she was a little girl, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides wants to use the power of space to shift our perspectives, connect us with each other and our home planet and become the kind of species we …

173: Sam Harris and Dan Harris Live Show

February 6th, 2019


Neuroscientist, philosopher, best-selling author and podcast host Sam Harris teams up with Dan this week for a special podcast recorded in front of a live audience. Dan and Sam discuss a variety of topics including what …

172: Mark Epstein, Combining Buddhism and Western Psychotherapy

January 30th, 2019


If it were not for this week's guest, Dan Harris may never have found meditation. Mark Epstein, M.D. is a psychiatrist and the author of a number of books about the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy. Dr. Epstein …

171: Frank Ostaseski, What Death Can Teach Us About Living

January 23rd, 2019


Frank Ostaseski experienced death at a young age, losing his mother as a teenager and his father just a few years later. In his search for healing, …

170: Ellen Hendriksen, Rising Above Social Anxiety

January 16th, 2019


You remember that old commercial where the guys says, "I'm not only the Hair Club President, but I’m also a client."? That's kind of how Ellen …

169: Oliver Burkeman, The Power of Negative Thinking

January 9th, 2019


Oliver Burkeman writes about social psychology, self-help culture, productivity, and the science of happiness in This Column Will Change Your Life …

168: Jeff Warren, New Year, New You

January 2nd, 2019


With the new year upon us, it's the perfect time to help you make those resolutions stick. This week Dan Harris and his "Meditation for Fidgety …

167: Ben Feder, Making Every Day a Sabbatical

December 26th, 2018


Ben Feder was the CEO of a tremendously successful company, but it was coming at great personal cost. Returning home from his worldwide business …

166: Paula Faris, Journey of Faith

December 19th, 2018


You may know Paula Faris as the former co-host of ABC's The View or Dan's former co-anchor on ABC's Good Morning America weekend edition. What you …

165: Oren Jay Sofer, Practicing Mindful Communication

December 12th, 2018


In every conversation we have, from mundane to serious, our personal motivations drive what we say. But most of the time we are not aware of what our personal motivations are and we can end up mindlessly saying …

164: Ruth King, Being Mindful of Race

December 5th, 2018


For many years it was Ruth King's job to work with large corporations, making them aware of racial bias within their company and helping them rectify it through diversity training and leadership development programs. …

163: Michael Gelb, Applying Genius Thinking

November 28th, 2018


Michael Gelb found his calling during a tumultuous time in American history. It was during the polarized 1970s Gelb decided he wanted to look for …

162: Amos Lee, Reaching Out Through Music

November 21st, 2018


Musician Amos Lee started meditating in college as a way to cope with his mother's breast cancer diagnosis and his own Generalized Anxiety Disorder. …

161: Matt Gutman, The Boys in the Cave

November 14th, 2018


ABC News Senior National Correspondent Matt Gutman is, unfortunately, no stranger to tragedy, both in his career as a journalist and his personal …

158: Tal Rabinowitz, Forgoing Hollywood and Finding Meditation

October 24th, 2018


Tal Rabinowitz was a top executive at NBC, developing some of the network's high profile comedy programs, but after nearly 20 years in the business she was let go. And then, SHE let go. Rabinowitz found herself burned …

157: Adam Grant, The Benefits of Generosity

October 17th, 2018


Kindness has a bad rap, often being viewed as a sign of weakness. But Adam Grant, an award-winning researcher and Wharton's highest-rated professor, tells Dan Harris good guys don't have to finish last. In fact, …

156: Shawn Achor, The Science Behind Gratitude

October 10th, 2018


While so much of science is dedicated to finding the causes and cures for depression, anxiety and stress, Shawn Achor studies the opposite. He is a happiness researcher. Achor looks at the science of happiness and uses …

155: Strauss Zelnick, Becoming Ageless

October 3rd, 2018


At just 32 years old Strauss Zelnick became the president and chief operating officer of 20th Century Fox. He was young, successful and appeared to …

154: Susan Piver, Buddhist Wisdom for Modern Relationships

September 26th, 2018


Susan Piver was a tough girl. Like, crime-fighting, head of the Boston chapter of the Guardian Angels tough. After nearly being killed by a drunk driver, her path led her to yoga, meditation and Buddhism -- which, by …

153: Brett Eldredge, Country Star Discusses His Vulnerability

September 19th, 2018


Platinum-selling country artist Brett Eldredge has the headlining tour, the sold-out venues, the number one hits and an Insta-famous dog named Edgar, …

152: Scott Rogers, Embracing Your Adversary

September 12th, 2018


While working on a difficult case with some particularly difficult opposing council, Scott Rogers said he had a moment during a mindfulness sitting …

151: Dan St. Germain, 'Takes a Village to Keep Me Going'

September 5th, 2018


Comedian and writer Dan St. Germain has earned laughs on "The Break with Michelle Wolf," "Superior Donuts," The White House Correspondents Dinner, …

150: Mallika Chopra, Introducing Middle Schoolers to Meditation

August 29th, 2018


Mallika Chopra calls meditation "a great gift" to her life, not only because she said it causes a dramatically positive change in her father, Deepak Chopra, but also because it has helped her through her own parenting …

149: Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, 'Potential of Tsewa Is in Everyone'

August 22nd, 2018


Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, whose most recent book is "Training in Tenderness: Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, the Radical Openness of Heart That Can …

148: Thomas McConkie, The Mormon Meditator

August 15th, 2018


Having been raised in the Mormon faith, Thomas McConkie was feeling a little lost after he had a falling out with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his family and his faith-based community. When he …

147: Elizabeth Cutler, SoulCycle Co-Founder

August 8th, 2018


After having two kids, Elizabeth Cutler had a friend suggest she try spin classes as a way to lose weight and less than a year later, she and her …

146: Culture Abuse, Finding Peace in Punk Rock

August 1st, 2018


For a long time, Culture Abuse's 31-year-old frontman David Kelling didn't want to perform in public. As all five members of the San Francisco-based …

145: Light Watkins, 'Simplify the Approach'

July 25th, 2018


"There was more snowstorms than meditators in Alabama when I was growing up," said Light Watkins, who started a career as a working model before switching gears to become a yoga teacher and then dove into the world of …

144: Spring Washam, 'What Was Creating All This Suffering?'

July 18th, 2018


Spring Washam was on a meditation retreat when she felt herself falling apart, so much so that she picked up "the red phone," screamed out "HELP." …

143: Scott Edelstein, When Spiritual Leaders 'Stray'

July 11th, 2018


Spiritual leaders often have great influence over their followers but there are times, author Scott Edelstein says, when some leaders will use their …

142: Jeremy Richman, 'There Is Hope in Helping'

July 4th, 2018


Jeremy Richman remembers his daughter Avielle as a fun spirit with "this unbelievable smile that she would just give out to anybody," who was as …

141: Alison Wright, World-Traveling Photographer

June 27th, 2018


Her body badly broken in a horrific bus crash in Laos, Alison Wright was still trying to breathe as she realized that she may not make it out alive. But not only did she survive, the award-winning National Geographic …

140: Scott Norton, The Condiments Guy Who Meditates

June 20th, 2018


Since invading the condiments market with Sir Kensington's, a line of ketchup, mustard and other spreads, company co-founder Scott Norton said meditation has helped him slow down and have better self-assessment under …

139: Diana Butler Bass, 100 Days of Gratitude

June 13th, 2018


Author and religion scholar Diana Butler Bass has tried on many forms of Christianity, from growing up Methodist to becoming an Evangelical Christian …

138: Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Meditating While Having ADHD

June 6th, 2018


Stephanie Sarkis, an author and expert in ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorder and chronic pain, brings a unique perspective to her work because she herself struggles with ADHD and anxiety. Working mostly …

137: Roshi Joan Halifax, 'Turning Towards the Suffering'

May 30th, 2018


Roshi Joan Halifax came to New York City by way of New Orleans in the '60s with a thirst to engage in social justice, protesting "everything related to discrimination," she said, and the Vietnam War. Halifax, whose …

136: Sally Kohn, 'We Need to Fix Hate'

May 23rd, 2018


It was around the time she decided to go on her second meditation retreat that Sally Kohn, a gay, Jewish, community organizer turned political …

135: Paul Gilmartin, The Battles in Our Heads, Uncensored

May 16th, 2018


Comedian Paul Gilmartin was the host of TV's "Dinner and a Movie" for 16 years, but smiling and acting happy on-screen often "felt like lifting 500 …

134: Thupten Jinpa, The Importance of Compassion - LIVE!

May 9th, 2018


Dan Harris leads a conversation with Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama's longtime English-language translator and a monk for over 25 years, about the …

133: Catherine Price, Redefining Your Relationship with Your Phone

May 2nd, 2018


It was an "out of body moment," Catherine Price said, when she realized her newborn daughter had been looking up at her but she had been looking down …

132: George Haas, Regulating the 'Fear Mind'

April 25th, 2018


George Haas has worked as a filmmaker, an artist, a doorman at "every major nightclub in New York City" in the '80s, and now he's a meditation teacher in Los Angeles, but even his meditation journey has many turns. …

131: Ezra Klein, How We Interact with Politics Matters

April 18th, 2018


Vox's editor-at-large and journalist Ezra Klein, formerly of The Washington Post, has made a name for himself as a political commentator, finding …

130: Janice Marturano, How to Be a Better Boss

April 11th, 2018


Janice Marturano was a vice president at General Mills working on the Pillsbury merger deal in 2000 when she lost both her parents, and began a …

129: Daniel Pink, 'When' Can Make a Big Difference

April 4th, 2018


"All of us in our lives make decisions about when to do things. 'When should I work out? When should I do this kind of work, when should I do that …

128: Andrea Petersen, Untangling from Anxiety

March 28th, 2018


When author and Wall Street Journal reporter Andrea Petersen was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at age 20, she was relieved to finally have a …

127: Lewis Howes, Former Pro-Athlete on Removing 'Mask of Masculinity'

March 21st, 2018


As a former pro-football player and two sport All-American, world-record holding athlete, Lewis Howes built his life around being the tough, "get …

126: Hansa Bergwall, Reminding Us That We Die So That We Live

March 14th, 2018


The WeCroak app, which sends reminders that you're going to die -- five times a day, is not meant to be morbid, founder Hansa Bergwall said, but to make us stop and appreciate the moment we're living in. "Remembering …

125: Lt. Col. Jannell MacAulay, Teaching 'Mental Push-ups' in US Air Force

March 7th, 2018


Dr. Jannell MacAulay, a lieutenant colonel and flight instructor in the United States Air Force with over 3,000 flying hours as a combat veteran, …

124: Rhonda Magee, Law Professor Using Mindfulness to Defeat Bias

February 28th, 2018


"Part of what I have decided for myself - it's a decision - I don't want to be part of the pain, creating more pain in the world, for myself or for others," said Rhonda Magee, a law professor at University of San …

123: Brad Katsuyama, Wall Street Reformer

February 21st, 2018


Brad Katsuyama's blood pressure levels were "out of control" and he decided to make a significant change in his life. The Canada native left his job …

122: Bob Roth, Meditation Teacher to the Stars

February 14th, 2018


Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and David Letterman are just some of the dozens of celebrities who sought out Bob Roth to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM), a mantra-focused meditation practice. Roth, who has been a …

121: Susan Kaiser Greenland and Annaka Harris, Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

February 7th, 2018


Susan Kaiser Greenland, an author and former corporate attorney, and Annaka Harris, an author and editor, work together to teach mindfulness …

120: Tim Ferriss, Host of 'The Tim Ferriss Show,' Author

January 31st, 2018


Tim Ferriss, the host of "The Tim Ferriss Show" podcast and the author of several best-selling books, including "The 4-Hour Workweek" and "Tribe of Mentors," has built an entire empire around offering life-hacking …

119: Yael Shy, Helping College Students Fight Stress and FOMO

January 24th, 2018


Yael Shy, the author of "What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond," says she came to meditation from "a lot of suffering" as a student at New York University in 2001 -- the same year the World Trade Center …

118: Danica Patrick, Racing Superstar

January 17th, 2018


Danica Patrick is one of the most successful female drivers in racing history, having been the first and only woman to win an IndyCar race. Since …

117: James Altucher, Master of Reinvention

January 10th, 2018


James Altucher, an entrepreneur, writer and host of "The James Altucher Show" podcast, is a master of reinvention, so much in fact that the title of one of his 18 books is "Reinvent Yourself." Altucher has built and …

116: Manoush Zomorodi, Host of 'Note to Self' Podcast

January 3rd, 2018


Manoush Zomorodi, the host of WNYC's "Note to Self" podcast, is an advocate for boredom because allowing our minds to wander, she says, can lead to …

115: Your Meditation Questions, Answered!

December 27th, 2017


We close out the year by hearing from you, our loyal listeners! We recently set up a voicemail where listeners left questions for our host Dan Harris and he answers a selection of them that range from how to start a …

114: Dr. Bianca Harris

December 20th, 2017


Dan interviews his wife, Bianca Harris, who is a big part of the storyline in his new book, "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book." She resisted starting a meditation practice for years, but has …

113: Jeff Warren, After the '10% Happier' Road Trip

December 13th, 2017


Meditation teacher and writer Jeff Warren and our host Dan Harris reflect on their January 2017 road trip, in which they traveled from New York City to Los Angeles to talk with people about what keeps them from …

112: Dr. David Vago, This Is Your Brain on Meditation

December 6th, 2017


There has been an explosion of research in recent years on what meditation does to the brain, but as neuroscientist Dave Vago points out, the science of putting meditation under neuro-imaging is still quite young. Vago, …

111: Ginger Zee, ABC News Chief Meteorologist (Bonus!)

December 1st, 2017


On "Good Morning America," Ginger Zee is known as ABC News' bright, always-smiling chief meteorologist, but now she is sharing that, in reality, she …

110: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, 'The Lost Art of Good Conversation'

November 29th, 2017


Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the head of the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and Shambhala International, has a new book out called, "The Lost Art of Good …

Guided Meditation: 'A Reflection On the Important Things' by The Minimalists

November 23rd, 2017


With the holidays (and shopping season) upon us, we asked our friends The Minimalists (Ep. #32) for a short meditation to help us focus on what's …

109: Bonnie St. John, Former Olympic Skier, Motivational Speaker

November 22nd, 2017


Author, motivational speaker and former pro-skier Bonnie St. John had her right leg amputated at age 5, but that has never slowed her down. The San Diego native made a Paralympics run in 1984 and became the first …

108: Charles Raison & Vladimir Maletic, Tackling Depression with a Mind-Body Approach

November 15th, 2017


Chuck Raison, a psychiatrist and a professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, and Vlad …

107: Andrew Scheffer, The Wharton Monk

November 8th, 2017


Andrew Scheffer's decision to try meditation after his freshman year of college launched him on a journey where he traveled the world, spent over a …

106: Shiza Shahid, Malala Fund Co-Founder

November 1st, 2017


Growing up in a post-9/11 Pakistan, Shiza Shahid had what she called an "activist childhood," where she volunteered in prisons, refugee camps and …

105: Leslie Booker, Activism and the Dharma

October 25th, 2017


Leslie Booker was working as a wardrobe stylist, dressing models for a living, and was looking for a way to transition out of the industry and her winding path -- she lives a nomadic lifestyle -- eventually brought her …

104: Adam Levin, X Ambassadors Drummer

October 18th, 2017


As the X Ambassadors' fame grew, drummer Adam Levin noticed he was always waiting for something to go wrong. With more success, came more anxiety, "and that's not a fun way to live," he said. Levin talks about how the …

103: Sally Quinn, Walking the Labyrinth

October 11th, 2017


When author and journalist Sally Quinn needs a moment of peace or clarity, she said, "I walk the labyrinth." A labyrinth walk has long represented a journey or pilgrimage and Quinn uses it for walking meditation -- her …

102: Anderson Cooper, CNN Anchor

October 4th, 2017


Anderson Cooper, a 23-year news veteran, is the anchor of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" and a contributor to CBS News' "60 Minutes." His reporting for …

101: Nicholas Hoult & Danny Strong, 'Rebel in the Rye'

September 27th, 2017


The new biopic about reclusive author J.D. Salinger explores his formative years, from struggling writer, to serving in World War II, to publishing his famous and controversial 1951 novel, "The Catcher in the Rye," to …

100: Tom Bergeron, 'Dancing With the Stars' Host

September 20th, 2017


On a live show, anything can happen, but Tom Bergeron trusts he can handle it. The host of ABC's hit dancing competition show, "Dancing With the Stars," has been meditating for over 35 years and credits his years of TM …

99: Gretchen Rubin, 'The Four Tendencies'

September 13th, 2017


In her new book, "The Four Tendencies," best-selling author and speaker Gretchen Rubin breaks down what she denotes as four different personality …

98: Daniel Goleman, Dr. Richard Davidson, 'Altered Traits' (Bonus!)

September 8th, 2017


Dan Goleman and Richie Davidson, both titans in their respective fields and best-selling authors, have co-written a new book out now entitled, …

97: Justin von Bujdoss, Buddhist Chaplain at Rikers Island

September 6th, 2017


Justin von Bujdoss was working as a hospice chaplain in New York City, traveling all over the five boroughs and greater metropolitan area to visit …

96: Jaimal Yogis, A Surfer's Quest for Zen

August 30th, 2017


Being out on a surfboard, when it's just you and the ocean, is "a meditative space," Jaimal Yogis said, "There's a certain amount of solitude that's …

95: Robert Wright, 'Why Buddhism is True' (Bonus!)

August 25th, 2017


"Progress on the meditation path tends to involve moral progress. You tend to become a better person as well as a happier person... I personally …

94: LeAnn Rimes, Grammy-Winning Artist

August 23rd, 2017


LeAnn Rimes has been making a name for herself and her powerful voice since her early teens -- she's the youngest person ever to win a Grammy -- and …

93: Ethan Nichtern, 'The Dharma of The Princess Bride'

August 16th, 2017


"I don’t claim that ['The Princess Bride'] is a Buddhist story, but I do think it has some Buddhist elements," Ethan Nichtern said. "It's a deconstructed fairytale that's... really about trying to navigate relationships …

92: Moby and Google's Bill Duane at Wanderlust Hollywood (Live!)

August 9th, 2017


In the final installment from the "10% Happier" road trip, Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren ended their cross-country tour at a …

91: Anurag Gupta, Attorney 'Hacking' Unconscious Bias

August 2nd, 2017


Anurag Gupta, who immigrated to the U.S. from India at age 10, has devoted much of his adult life to helping reduce racial inequality and transform …

90: Rich Roll, Vegan Ultra-Endurance Athlete

July 26th, 2017


Shortly before his 40th birthday, Rich Roll was walking up a flight of stairs when he suddenly felt like he was about to have a heart attack. That …

89: Lt. Richard Goerling, Mindfulness in Police Work

July 19th, 2017


At a time when there have been controversial police shootings of unarmed civilians and many officers risking their lives to protect their communities …

Guided Meditation: Getting Out Of Your Head in an Age of Polarization

July 17th, 2017


It's easy to become addicted to the constant stream of information coming at us from the 24-hour news cycle, social media, and our own desire to be informed. Led by Sebene Selassie (Podcast Ep. #42), this meditation …

88: Virginia Heffernan: Writer, 'Trumpcast' Podcast Co-Host

July 12th, 2017


Virginia Heffernan, who has written for several major publications including as a television and Internet culture columnist for the New York Times, …

87: Rep. Tim Ryan, Teaching Congress to Meditate

July 5th, 2017


In another installment from the "10% Happier" road trip, Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren sat down with Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, at the …

86: Gary Vaynerchuk, Media Industry Leader

June 28th, 2017


VanyerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk got his start as "the wine guy" when he launched one of the first wine e-commerce websites in the U.S. He began making a wine video blog as YouTube was coming up and went on to build an …

85: Mark Coleman, Meditating in the Great Outdoors

June 21st, 2017


Renowned mindfulness teacher Mark Coleman, founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute, has led wilderness meditation retreats from …

84: James Gimian, Mindful Magazine Publisher

June 14th, 2017


James Gimian, who has been in publishing since the '70s, started covering the emerging mindfulness movement for a small magazine years ago when he …

83: Josh Groban, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Actor (Bonus!)

June 9th, 2017


This a special pre-Tony Awards episode of the podcast with multi-platinum recording artist and actor Josh Groban, who is nominated for best lead …

82: Cory Muscara, Mindfulness Teacher, Former Monk

June 7th, 2017


Cory Muscara, 27 years old, admits he first tried meditation because he wanted to impress his college girlfriend -- but it changed his life forever. …

Guided Meditation: Remembering Your Goodness (Bonus!)

June 5th, 2017


In conjunction with Sharon Salzberg's new book, "Real Love," the folks at the 10% Happier app recorded a series of six audio meditations that can be …

81: Sharon Salzberg, 'Real Love'

May 31st, 2017


"I think people do things motivated by love, certainly more strongly sometimes, and more successfully, than when motivated by hate... I think love is …

80: Bellamy Young, TV's "Scandal" Star

May 26th, 2017


ALERT: This episode contains "Scandal" spoilers! Bellamy Young, best known for playing Mellie Grant on ABC's hit show, "Scandal," said making meditation part of her daily routine has helped improve her sleep and process …

79: Willoughby Britton, Jared Lindahl -- Does Meditation Have a Dark Side?

May 24th, 2017


Many of us get into meditation because we want to be calmer, less stressed and less yanked around by our emotions, but sometimes there are unwanted effects. Brown University researchers Willoughby Britton, an assistant …

78: Lodro Rinzler, Meditation for the Heartbroken

May 17th, 2017


Buddhist meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler, who had been meditating for most of his life, found himself dealing with multiple, heartbreaking …

77: Jen Kirkman, Comedian, Author

May 10th, 2017


Stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman was introduced to meditation at a young age and over the years has tried a bunch of different outlets, from 'body scan' practice to mantra to meditation classes, to help her deal with panic …

76: Jeffrey Walker, Former JPMorgan Exec, Philanthropist (Bonus!)

May 5th, 2017


Jeffrey Walker served 25 years as the CEO and cofounder of CCMP Capital, the $12 billion successor to JPMorgan Partners, JPMorgan Chase & Co's global private equity group, the vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase & …

75: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Creator of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

May 3rd, 2017


Jon Kabat-Zinn was on a meditation retreat in the late '70s when he had an idea to marry science with mindfulness and bring the practice into …

Guided Meditation: Jon Kabat-Zinn (Bonus!)

May 3rd, 2017


Want to give meditation a try? Here's a great place to start. It's a free, guided meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of mindfulness-based …

74: Russell Simmons, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author and Activist

April 26th, 2017


Def Jam music label founder Russell Simmons had his first experience with stillness at a yoga class -- which he admits he took because girls were there. “I went to class because of a lot of hot chicks. It's true,” …

73: David Leite, Food Writer, Memoirist (LIVE!)

April 19th, 2017


In a special edition of the "10% Happier" podcast, Dan Harris leads a discussion with David Leite, author of "Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love and Manic Depression," in front of a live audience in New York …

Guided Meditation: Thoughts Are Not Solid (Bonus!)

April 17th, 2017


Life is always changing, and so are our thoughts.  In this free guided meditation, Anushka helps us become aware of our ever-changing thoughts, and …

72: Daniel Goleman, Diving into 'Emotional Intelligence' (Bonus Episode!)

April 14th, 2017


"The human central nervous system and brain is designed the same around the world... and there probably is a lot of spontaneous rediscovery in …

71: Sam Harris, 'Waking Up' Podcast Host, Neuroscientist

April 12th, 2017


Sam Harris, who has no relation to our beloved host, is a scientist, a controversial skeptic and the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including "The End of Faith," "The Moral Landscape" and "Waking Up" …

70: Clair Brown, Economist, Author of 'Buddhist Economics'

April 5th, 2017


Clair Brown, an economics professor at UC-Berkeley and a Tibetan Buddhist, was teaching an introductory course when she asked herself, "How would …

69: Jewel, Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Actress (Bonus!)

March 31st, 2017


Jewel, whose poetic songs about relationships and heartache dominated the airwaves in the '90s, used writing as an outlet to deal with anxiety through a tough childhood and later, homelessness. She began looking for …

68: Jerry Colonna, 'CEO Whisperer' and Founder

March 29th, 2017


Jerry Colonna was working as a venture capitalist in New York City during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and as he walked by wreckage of the World Trade …

67: Colin Beavan, the 'No Impact Man'

March 22nd, 2017


In his famous book and documentary film project, "No Impact Man," Colin Beavan, a senior Dharma teacher in the Zen tradition, chronicled a year of …

66: Profs. Holly Richardson & Matt Jarman, Virginia Military Institute

March 15th, 2017


Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Lexington, Virginia, was another stop on the cross-country meditation tour, where our host Dan …

Guided Meditation: Coming to Center (Bonus!)

March 13th, 2017


Here's a meditation from one of Dan's favorite teachers on the planet, Jeff Warren. In this simple practice, Jeff guides us in using the center-line of the body as an object of focus. The goal is to inch closer to that …

65: Sylvia Moir, Tempe, Arizona, Police Chief

March 8th, 2017


During their cross-county meditation bus tour in January, our host Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren stopped in Tempe, Arizona, to talk …

64: Shinzen Young, Meditation Teacher

March 1st, 2017


Shinzen Young first became fascinated with Asian culture as a Jewish teenager growing up in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Now a renowned meditation …

Guided Meditation: Shinzen Young (Bonus!)

March 1st, 2017


Want to give meditation a try? Here's a great place to start. It's a free, guided meditation from Buddhist scholar and meditation teacher Shinzen …

63: Billy Crudup, 'Jackie,' '20th Century Women' Actor (Oscars Bonus Episode!)

February 24th, 2017


We're offering a special pre-Oscars edition of the podcast this week with actor Billy Crudup. Best known for his role as 70s rock star Russell …

62: Hannah Hart, Creator of YouTube's 'My Drunk Kitchen'

February 22nd, 2017


Hannah Hart is best known for her bubbly personality and boozy cooking mishaps on her mega-popular YouTube series, "My Drunk Kitchen," so many fans …

61: Dr. Judson Brewer, Using Mindfulness to Beat Addiction

February 15th, 2017


Psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer was researching better treatment options for alcohol and cocaine addiction patients and found, …

60: Matthieu Ricard, French Monk and 'World's Happiest Man'

February 8th, 2017


Tibetan Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, who is originally from France, earned the moniker "world's happiest man" after brain scans taken during a …

59: Mary Karr, Best-Selling Poet and Master Memoirist

February 1st, 2017


Mary Karr has shared many dark pieces of her past in her memoirs, from a painful childhood, to a long struggle with alcoholism and depression, to …

58: Elvis Duran, Morning Radio Show Star

January 25th, 2017


The host of the mega-popular Top 40 radio show, "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show," has never shied away from dishing out "real talk" to his millions …

57: Jeff Warren & the '10% Happier' Road Trip! (Bonus Episode!)

January 20th, 2017


Canada native Jeff Warren was a "chronic over-thinker" who got into meditation sort of by accident while working as a science journalist and now he's an established meditation teacher. Warren and our host Dan Harris are …

Guided Meditation: Inauguration + Working with Strong Emotions

January 19th, 2017


The recent election has elicited strong emotions from people across the political spectrum. In this guided meditation from Dan's "10% Happier" app, …

56: George Stephanopoulos, ABC News Chief Anchor

January 18th, 2017


George Stephanopoulos, the co-anchor of "Good Morning America" and the host of ABC News' Sunday morning political affairs show, "This Week," first …

55: Soren Gordhamer, Being Mindful in Silicon Valley

January 11th, 2017


Soren Gordhamer is the founder and host of the Wisdom 2.0 conference, which is lauded as one of the largest gatherings of meditators in the world, but it also has been the target of controversy. Raised in Lubbock, …

54: Vince Horn, Buddhist Geek on Struggling with Nirvana

January 4th, 2017


Vince Horn, the co-founder of Buddhist Geeks, says when he reached nirvana, he found it "disappointing" and "anti-climactic," which set him on a new journey to map his experience. A practicing meditation teacher from …

53: Josh Radnor, "How I Met Your Mother" Star Back in Theater

December 28th, 2016


Josh Radnor, best known for playing Ted Mosby on TV's "How I Met Your Mother," started practicing meditation over a decade ago after he went through a break-up and never really stopped. Radnor's career extends beyond TV …

52: Andrew Olendzki, Teaching Old-School Buddhism

December 21st, 2016


Andrew Olendzki is a Buddhist scholar of the Pali canon, the original, authentic teachings of the Buddha that have been passed down for centuries. He …

51: Handling Holiday Stress (Bonus Episode!)

December 19th, 2016


From the pressures of buying and receiving gifts to surviving awkward office parties, the holidays can be a stressful time of year. On a special …

Guided Meditation - Holiday Stress: 'SURF the Urge'

December 19th, 2016


We all have urges that are hard to resist this time of year. Dan's got a little tool for you to SURF these urges without reacting to them during the …

50: Joe DiNardo, Grief and Meditation

December 14th, 2016


Joe DiNardo, a businessman and attorney from Buffalo, New York, was married to his wife Marcia for 15 years when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. DiNardo used to his years of meditation practice to …

49: Robert Thurman, Renowned Buddhist Scholar

December 7th, 2016


Bob Thurman, the father of actress Uma Thurman, was one of the first Americans to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk. He later gave up his robes …

48: John Mulaney, Comedian Turned Broadway Star

November 30th, 2016


John Mulaney, known for his stand-up comedy and his work on "Saturday Night Live," first turned to meditation while filming a short-lived sitcom that …

47: Jessica Morey, Teaching Meditation to Teenagers

November 23rd, 2016


Jessica Morey has turned what some may see as the impossible -- teaching teenagers how to meditate -- into her life's work. Morey, who attended her first meditation retreat at age 14, is the co-founder and current …

46: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Renowned Indian Yogi and Mystic

November 16th, 2016


Born and raised in India, Sadhguru says he spent his childhood and adolescence as a "super skeptic" who didn’t grow up "with anything spiritual or …

45: Colin O'Brady, Pro-Endurance Athlete

November 9th, 2016


Fewer than 50 people have accomplished the Explorer's Grand Slam, a challenge of summiting the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and …

44: Duncan Sheik, '90s Rocker Turned Broadway Composer

November 2nd, 2016


Duncan Sheik first made a name for himself in the mid-90s with the hit song, "Barely Breathing," and has since reinvented himself as a Broadway composer. He won two Tonys and a Grammy Award for music he composed for the …

Guided Meditation: Election Stress (Powers of Ten)

November 1st, 2016


This election has been brutal on the American psyche (on both sides of the aisle). In this meditation from Dan's "10% Happier" app, Jeff Warren leads us in a guided practice to gain perspective and find a bit of …

Guided Meditation: 'Driving'

October 28th, 2016


It can be tough to carve out time for meditation. That's why we recruited Alexis Santos to teach us how to apply mindfulness 'On The Go.' In this …

43: Judge Jeremy Fogel, Using Mindfulness on the Bench

October 26th, 2016


About 20 years ago, Judge Jeremy Fogel was serving as a superior court judge in California. But when he felt that it was causing him a lot of stress, he started looking for a way to center himself, and found meditation …

42: Sebene Selassie, A Life of Service While Fighting Breast Cancer

October 19th, 2016


Sebene Selassie's career has taken her all over the world. An Ethiopian immigrant, Selassie grew up in the Washington, D.C., area. Her father left her family in the '70s to go back to Ethiopia and became a guerrilla …

41: Robin Roberts, "GMA" Anchor, Cancer Survivor (Bonus Episode!)

October 17th, 2016


"Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts has more than 30 years of experience in the radio and television business and said it was her "GMA" …

40: Election Stress Special (Bonus Episode!)

October 16th, 2016


In the midst of what some are calling the ugliest election ever, millions of Americans say they're feeling more stressed, anxious and just plain exhausted from it. One therapist even coined a term for this: "election …

39: Jason Stirman, Ex-Twitter, Medium Exec Turned App Entrepreneur

October 12th, 2016


Jason Stirman went to his first meditation class when he was working at Twitter. An early employee there, he eventually quit Twitter with founder Ev …

38: Eileen Fisher, Fashion Icon

October 5th, 2016


Eileen Fisher weaves mindfulness and social consciousness throughout her multimillion-dollar clothing company and in her personal life. After being …

37: Tony Wright, Exonerated After 25 Years (Bonus Episode!)

October 4th, 2016


Tony Wright spent 25 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. This past August, a Philadelphia jury acquitted Wright of the 1991 rape and murder of an elderly woman after his lawyers, including two from Innocence …

36: Spring Washam, Meditation and Dharma Teacher

September 28th, 2016


Spring Washam was selling timeshares and struggling with depression when she decided to embark on a journey to work on her mind. After looking into …

35: Alan Cumming, Actor, Author, Activist

September 21st, 2016


Alan Cumming is an award-winning actor on the Broadway stage and on-screen, a New York Times best-selling author, director, comedian and activist. …

34: Elizabeth Vargas, ABC News Anchor

September 14th, 2016


Elizabeth Vargas has been known throughout her 30-year career for her strong reporting around the world, her tough interviews and her steadiness during breaking news coverage. But now for the first time, Vargas reveals …

Guided Meditation: 'The Training Ground'

September 9th, 2016


Want to give meditation a try? This is a great place to start. Meditation can seem simple, even trivial. But the mental muscle we exercise in beginning again (and again, and again) is an excellent training ground for …

33: Chef Eric Ripert

September 7th, 2016


Chef Eric Ripert, of the famed Le Bernardin in New York City, is one of the world's best chefs, an Emmy-winning cooking show host and a cookbook author. But while Ripert was building a name for himself in the heat and …

32: The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

August 31st, 2016


Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have been through a lot together. They grew up together in Dayton, Ohio, both in families that struggled to make ends meet. They went on to climb the corporate ladder together …

31: Dr. Michael Gervais, Sports Psychologist

August 24th, 2016


Mike Gervais is a high-performance sports psychologist who works with athletes, most famously as the mindfulness coach for the Seattle Seahawks, on …

30: Jesse Israel

August 17th, 2016


A few years ago, Jesse Israel was a sophomore film student who had just signed an up-and-coming college band to a record label he co-founded out of …

29: Dr. Richard Davidson

August 10th, 2016


Dr. Richie Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, has been meditating for over 40 years. But it was the Dalai Lama himself who convinced Davidson …

28: Oren J. Sofer

August 3rd, 2016


Oren J. Sofer, a former child actor turned longtime meditation teacher, was a 19-year-old college student in New York City when he said he felt …

27: Mingyur Rinpoche

July 27th, 2016


Mingyur Rinpoche, the author of "The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness," is a study of contradictions. On one hand, he's been formally recognized as the reincarnation of two Tibetan meditation …

26: Dan Ryckert

July 20th, 2016


Dan Ryckert works in an industry where you wouldn't imagine there would be a whole lot of meditation: Video games. Ryckert is a senior editor at the …

25: Claire Hoffman

July 13th, 2016


Author and journalist Claire Hoffman has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since she was 3 years old. When she was 5, she and her family …

24: Dr. Amishi Jha & Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt

July 6th, 2016


Dr. Amishi Jha, a neuroscientist and an associate professor of psychology at the University of Miami, and Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt of the U.S. Army …

23: Mario Batali

June 29th, 2016


World-renowned chef Mario Batali has 28 restaurants, 10 cookbooks, a daytime cooking show, a food emporium in New York City, and now plans for a food theme park. He also -- somehow -- finds time to keep a daily …

22: Dr. Mark Epstein

June 22nd, 2016


Buddhist psychiatrist and author Dr. Mark Epstein has for years written about the overlap between Western psychotherapy and Eastern Buddhist philosophies. Epstein sat down with Dan Harris to talk about the impact …

21: Arianna Huffington

June 15th, 2016


Arianna Huffington has a multimillion-dollar media website that reacts to world events by the millisecond, she's a mother of two -- and yet she says …

Guided Meditation: 'Dictators of the Mind'

June 13th, 2016


Want to give meditation a try? Here's a great place to start.
When left unchecked, our thoughts exert enormous influence over our lives. But when we become aware of them, we realize that they are little more than nothing.

20: Adam Shankman

June 8th, 2016


Acclaimed movie producer and director Adam Shankman is best known for his upbeat, family-friendly movies, including "Hairspray," "A Walk to Remember" and "The Pacifier," but behind the scenes, Shankman says he spent …

19: Emma Seppala

June 5th, 2016


Success and happiness: Can you have one without the other? Many may assume that these two things are at cross purposes but Emma Seppala, the science director of Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism …

18: Chade-Meng Tan

June 1st, 2016


Chade-Meng Tan was employee No. 107 at Google. But the software engineer's career took a turn when he began teaching meditation to the company's …

17: Chodo and Koshin

May 25th, 2016


Thinking about death can be supremely difficult. Many of us try not to think about it at all – until we have no choice. But two Zen Buddhist monks …

16: Ali Smith

May 18th, 2016


Ali Smith goes into some of the toughest neighborhoods in one of the toughest cities in America, and teaches yoga and meditation to troubled and …

15: Gretchen Rubin (Our Long-Lost Pilot Episode)

May 13th, 2016


In our pilot episode, which we recorded back in January before we moved into a fancy radio studio and had any clue what we were doing (this part hasn't changed much), Dan invited author and speaker Gretchen Rubin over …

14: RuPaul

May 12th, 2016


When he was 28 years old, RuPaul Andre Charles found himself broke and living on his little sister's couch in Los Angeles. "It was a really, really, …

13: Steve Armstrong

May 11th, 2016


Enlightenment (or, more specifically, exactly how one gets enlightened) has become a somewhat taboo subject. For years, American meditation teachers have largely avoided discussing what's known as "the progress of …

12: Thupten Jinpa

May 4th, 2016


Thupten Jinpa may be best known for being the Dalai Lama's longtime English-language translator. But now Jinpa is working to get his own message across. In his new book, "A Fearless Heart," Jinpa touches on the course …

Guided Meditation: 'Struggle as Feedback'

April 29th, 2016


Want to give meditation a try? This is a great place to start. If you're struggling, it means something is going on that you're not accepting. The struggle is the feedback. Instead of pushing through, ask yourself "What …

11: Lama Tsomo

April 27th, 2016


Lama Tsomo is one of the first American women to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist lama, or spiritual teacher. Born Linda Pritzker, she is part of the family that built the Hyatt hotel chain. But Lama Tsomo embarked on …

10: Leigh Brasington

April 22nd, 2016


Leigh Brasington has been practicing meditation for decades and is one of the most prominent American teachers of Jhana meditation. The Jhanas are a set of altered states of consciousness associated with profound …

9: Margot Bingham

April 20th, 2016


Actress and singer-songwriter Margot Bingham has moved from playing the role of jazz singer Daughter Maitland in HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" to a …

8: Sharon Salzberg

April 13th, 2016


A towering figure in the meditation world, Sharon Salzberg is part of a small group of people who helped bring meditation over from Asia to the United States. Growing up in New York City, Salzberg had a traumatic …

7: George Mumford

April 6th, 2016


George Mumford has taught mindfulness and meditation to some of the greatest athletes of all time: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, …

Guided Meditation: 'Simply Begin Again'

April 1st, 2016


The three most important words for a beginning meditator may be, "Simply Begin Again." This short episode is a bit different. It's a guided meditation from the 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics app, featuring …

6: David Gelles

March 30th, 2016


The author of "Mindful Work," New York Times reporter David Gelles is a self-described "sporadic meditator." During the day, Gelles says he uses …

5: Amy Cuddy

March 27th, 2016


Amy Cuddy has created a bonafide sensation in the world of happiness and well-being. A social psychologist at Harvard Business School and a New York …

4: Dr. Jay Michaelson

March 23rd, 2016


Dr. Jay Michaelson is a lawyer, a rabbi, a legal/religion columnist for The Daily Beast, an LGBT activist, a professor, and an author of six books. …

3: Brian Koppelman

March 18th, 2016


The filmmaker and co-creator of the TV show "Billions" talks about his practice of Transcendental Meditation.

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2: Weezer's Rivers Cuomo

March 11th, 2016


Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has been writing and singing hit songs for more than two decades. But this Grammy-winning rocker, whose lyrics about relationships, promiscuity and drug use helped Weezer become what some …

1: Dalai Lama

March 11th, 2016


How can you live a happier life? In our debut episode, Dan Harris sits down with the Dalai Lama and Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist and founder of …

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