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The Team of Rivals Podcast is a weekly sports & pop culture podcast that covers baseball to the big screen and everything in between… Choose your team. Choose your weapon. Let’s get it on.

100 Episodes | 2018 - 2020

Season 4, Episode 33 – Elliott, You're Fired!

November 20th, 2020


Theo Epstein resigns. Disney airs one of the best episodes of The Mandalorian yet. But it was all overshadowed by the unfortunate, yet inevitable, news that Ron and Pete fired Elliott. It was a move that was a long time …

Season 4, Episode 32 – Frog Butt

November 13th, 2020


Ron, Pete and – eventually – Elliott jump on the pod this week to discuss Tony La Russa, Francisco Lindor rumors, the Cubs' and Cardinals' next moves, and an underwhelming Episode 10 of The Mandalorian.

Rewatch this …

Season 4, Episode 31 – Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?

November 5th, 2020


Friend of the Show Holy Elle drops in to discuss the Season 2 Debut of The Mandalorian with Ron and Pete. After an incredibly quick preview of the …

Season 4, Episode 30 – Off-Season Mayhem & Mando!

October 30th, 2020


Ron and Elliott carried the show this week with Pete DFA'd. They touch on the World Series; Rob Manfred's desire to keep some of the changes made in 2020; early signals from the Cardinals that spending may be light; …

Season 4, Episode 29 – Dude, You Don't Have the Sack to Do It

October 23rd, 2020


Returning from a three-week, technology-induced hiatus, Ron, Pete, and Elliott gather to review the end of the 2020 season and to speculate on what …

N The Cards - Episode 12, Is Wong Gone?

October 15th, 2020


With one, dare we say cryptic, Instagram post; we're left wondering if the Cardinals aren't bringing back their Gold Glove second baseman.  Tis the …

N The Cards - Episode 11 - The Central Divisions are DONE!

October 5th, 2020


@Dylan_Dinger joined Ron today to assess the Cardinals Playoff performance, 2020 regular season and what they would like to see happen for 2021.

Season 4, Episode 28 – Punch Ponce de Leon in the Face!

October 3rd, 2020


Ron, Pete, and Elliott logged on this week long enough to livestream the sixth through eighth innings of Game 2 of the NL Wild Card Series between the Cards and Padres and to watch Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Wil Myers own …

Season 4, Episode 27 – Willson Contreras Wants to Fight Everything

September 25th, 2020


With Elliott out this week, Ron and Pete jump on to discuss the final week of the MLB season, the Cubs and Cardinals' pathetic offenses, bad contracts, and the dismal future of both teams. The guys wrap up the night …

Season 4, Episode 26 – He Went Back to the D

September 19th, 2020


The Team of Rivals is joined this week by old friend, Adam Maurer, Writer, Director, Executive Producer, and star of the just-released independent …

Season 4, Episode 25 – A Fresh of Breath Air

September 4th, 2020


This week on the Team of Rivals, Ron, Elliott, and Pete discuss the weird 2020 trade deadline, the end (?) of Matt Carpenter, bases-loaded letdowns, and the "obnoxious" Cubs bench. They also celebrate the announcement …

Season 4, Episode 24 – Ron Nuttall, Master of Analogies

August 28th, 2020


This week, @Holy_Elle joined Ron and Pete to chat about the ongoing protest movement within professional sports, a$$hØle Cardinals fans, the MLB …

Season 4, Episode 23 – Beat It!

August 21st, 2020


Ron, Elliott, and Pete return from a hiatus to discuss the Cubs-Cardinals five-game series and their takeaways on Ian Happ, the Cubs' defense and suspect outfielders, Dylan Carlson, and the return (?) of Craig Kimbrel. …

Season 4, Episode 22 – Death Knell? (with Cubs Cards Cast)

August 7th, 2020


"Stay positive" has a whole new ring to it these days! Dan Curry (@DanCCC) and John Pearman (@JP_CCC) of the Cubs Cards Cast (@CubsCardsCast) joined …

Season 4, Episode 21 – Quaranteam of Rivals

August 1st, 2020


Pete, Ron & Elliott discussed real baseball this week! The Cubs are off to a good start with some stress concerning their bullpen. The Cardinals …

N The Cards, Episode 10 - "Not So Fast Baseball!", COVID said

July 29th, 2020


With baseball back, it would appear that things are going to get back to normal.  Not so fast says the sick Marlins players.  Arlington Lane joins …

Season 4, Episode 20 – Baseball & The Wars!

July 22nd, 2020


With one week to go until baseball, Pete was missing but @Holy_Elle stepped in to save the show. The crew talked about the upcoming MLB opening day …

Season 4, Episode 19 – NERDS!!!

July 3rd, 2020


Lots of anger leads off this week's show, as Ron finds inspiration in Ian Desmond's opt-out statement. How much longer can baseball go on like this before it becomes irrelevant?

F**kin' Rob Manfred.

From there it's Star …

N The Cards - Episode 9 with Palmer Alexander III

June 28th, 2020


Palmer Alexander III @thelegendkil joins Ron early on a Sunday morning to talk baseball and to catch us up with all that is happening on N The Zone Network.

Season 4, Episode 18 – Rants

June 19th, 2020


Elliott rants about baseball; Ron rants about Aubrey Huff; Pete rants about the terrible ESPN documentary. The Team of Rivals is not happy with MLB's "progress" towards a 2020 season,  they're skeptical of the …

Season 4, Episode 17 – Frustration Reigns

June 12th, 2020


Frustration reigns as MLB and the Players Association appear no closer to a deal for the 2021 season. Ron and Pete give a half-hearted defense of the Major League owners before answering a viewer question about Matt …

Season 4, Episode 16 – E: MLB

June 5th, 2020


This week's podcast starts with the darkest opening in years (ever?), as Ron, Pete, and Elliott log on to discuss the opportunity that baseball will probably miss at bringing the country together. They also go deep into …

N The Cards - Episode 8 - Baseball, what in the hell are you doing?

May 30th, 2020


It's too early to start bitching about sports on a Saturday right?  We have enough things to worry about these days.  Baseball has a chance to come back and in a big and positive way.  So what do they do?  They risk …

Season 4, Episode 15 – The Sun Also Rises

May 29th, 2020


Ron, Pete, and Elliott launch a new era of the Team of Rivals Podcast by reminiscing about the birth of their sports and pop culture fandom and how …

Season 4, Episode 14 – End of an Era…

May 23rd, 2020


The Team gathers for the last time as a baseball-only podcast to discuss their boredom with the current state of MLB and to celebrate the extraordinary storytelling abilities and insight of former St. Louis Cardinal, …

Baseball Changes, and So Are We

May 21st, 2020


A new format and show is in the works. We love baseball, but through this tough period of time, we've found that we love talking about a lot of things throughout sports and entertainment. We're going with our guts and …

N The Cards - Episode 7, Are we getting closer to getting back?

May 21st, 2020


There is some baseball news in the works.  MLB and ownership has agreed on a "get back to baseball" proposal and the MLBPA will be reviewing as early as Friday.  It won't be an easy hill to climb, but baseball does have …

N The Cards - Episode 6: Let's Catch Up. Shall We!?

May 9th, 2020


Ron is back on his solo gig for N The Cards.  What will baseball be when it gets back?  New divisions and how they will pan out for 2020, outfield …

Season 4, Episode 13 – I Don’t Want to Touch Your Ugly Face

May 9th, 2020


It's Quarantine WEEK 9(!), and we're going Old School… With Elliott working late (yeah, right!), Ron and Pete hop on for what they thought would be a …

Season 4 Bonus Episode – "Hope"

May 7th, 2020


The Team of Rivals – with an assist from special guest Scott Nuttall – gathers for a special Star Wars Day podcast to discuss the finale of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. The guys discuss their satisfaction with the "Siege …

Season 4, Episode 12 – Ron Solo Frozen in Carbonite

May 2nd, 2020


It's Week Seven of Quarantine, and the Team of Rivals rolls on. Ron, Pete, and Elliott gather again to discuss their drink choices, potential 2020 …

Season 4, Episode 11 – Braden Takes Over!

April 25th, 2020


After a ridiculous series of technical fits and starts (no joke, check out the full show on Facebook or YouTube), and with no developments on the …

Season 4, Episode 10 – Dr. Nuttall

April 17th, 2020


Week Four of the Quarantine. Ron dreams of his PhD. Pete eats steak. Elle works her glutes. Elliott wears his mom's clothes. Buffa drops by. Yeah, …

Season 4, Episode 9 - Quarantine, Week 3

April 3rd, 2020


When will baseball return? The Team of Rivals has some theories, which will all likely be wrong. So how are Ron, Pete, and Elliott keeping themselves entertained while stuck at home with no sports?

Season 4, Episode 8 – Two Birds & CJ's Zombie Attack

March 28th, 2020


Despite nowhere to go and no baseball, The Team of Rivals did their thing anyway. The Two Birds on a Bat crew, Bengie Molina and Jim Cromer, dropped …

Season 4, Episode 7 – I Don't Bacon Wrap My Filet

February 21st, 2020


Is bad publicity better than no publicity? If Rob Manfred was deliberately trying to destroy baseball, what would he have done differently? If you …

Season 4, Episode 6 – "We're not going this year, I don't think!"

February 7th, 2020


After Elliott joins this week's podcast (late!), the fellas do a DEEP position-by-position comparison of the Cubs and Cardinals, as currently constructed.

Season 4, Episode 5 – Wine Spritzers, Seltzers, & Baseball

February 1st, 2020


The guys (and @Holy_Elle) jump on to discuss a whole host of baseball bullets: Is Arenado going to the Cubs?! Are the Reds the best team in the NL …

Season 4, Episode 4 – The King Has Arrived

January 25th, 2020


Derek King sits in for Pete this week and joins Elliott and Ron on the regular show. They guys talk a little lingering trade speculation with the …

Season 4, Episode 3 – Bad Form

January 17th, 2020


The ToR gang jumps on to discuss the cheating scandal that has claimed three managers and one GM. @Holy_Elle then joins to talk about midwinter …

Season 4, Episode 2 – Swing Porn

January 10th, 2020


Ron, Elliott, and Pete return after a long holiday layoff to discuss the Liberatore trade and the potential for Nolan Arenado to land in the NL …

Season 4, Episode 1– DeRp $ Is Worse Than Stupid Money

December 14th, 2019


Not a whole helluva lot happened at the Winter Meetings for our two teams, but there is a lot more to talk about this year compared to last year. …

N The Cards Ep 5 - Winter (Meetings) is Coming!

December 9th, 2019


Prepare yourselves.  Winter is coming.  The Winter Meetings are set to happen this week in San Diego, CA.  What will the Cardinals do?  Will they stick to the script and lay low?  Will they surprise us?  I hope they do, …

Season 3, Episode 27 – Ego Lifting Baby Yoda

December 6th, 2019


Pete and Ron are joined by @Holy_Elle to discuss the warming Hot Stove, Elle's fitness tips, and their mutual love for all things The Mandalorian. …

Season 3, Episode 26 – I Don't F#$K!$& Know

November 23rd, 2019


The Big Three are back, baby! They talk about the Astros hacking scandal, the impending trades(?) of Wilson Contreras and Kris Bryant, and the Return of the Mack. But this is the Team of Rivals, so you KNOW that they're …

Season 3, Episode 25 – The Offseason Begins

November 10th, 2019


Ron and Pete woke up early on a Sunday morning to talk about the quiet and not-so-quiet happenings with the Cardinals and the Cubs. With the Cardinals likely to see Ozuna walk, what will happen in the outfield, at third …

N The Cards #4

November 3rd, 2019


This is Ron's stand alone show and will now be added to the Team Of Rivals Podcast feed.  So for you Cardinals fans, this all about the Cards.

Season 3, Episode 24 – The Ross Era Begins

October 27th, 2019


Pete and Ron handle this installment talking about baseball's popularity issues, game times & channels that make no sense, the Cards impressive …

Season 3, Episode 23 – NLDS Cards @ Braves [with guest @Holy_Elle]

October 4th, 2019


Pete missed this week's show, but the rest of The Team gathered to talk about Game 1 of the NLDS between the Cardinals and Braves. Joining them was …

Bonus Episode – D23 Star Wars Review

September 11th, 2019


If you're into baseball and only baseball, skip this one. Pete, Ron, and Elliott stick around after the regular show to talk about all that was …

Season 3, Episode 22 – Pucker Up

September 7th, 2019


The Team recorded for nearly 2 hours this week, but only the first 50 minutes were about baseball. Part One ends in a strange way, with the rest of the episode released as a bonus later in the week. Pete, Elliott, and …

Season 3, Episode 20 – Fallout [The "Lost" Episode]

August 23rd, 2019


Red’s out. The Infiltrator and The Director join Elliott, Pete, and Ron to discuss the Cardinals’ lack of activity at the trade deadline and the Cubs’ STUNNING last-minute moves. They spend a lot of time on the Cards …

Season 3, Episode 21 - Performance Enhancement

August 23rd, 2019


After a month's "hiatus" (thanks Ron), the Team spends a few minutes catching up on the last few weeks' happenings, before delving into the boring modern game and the electronic strike zone. Brecklyn and Ron then go off …

Season 3 Bonus Episode – It's Deadline Time!

July 30th, 2019


Ron and Pete are joined by Dan and John from Cubs Cards Cast to discuss this year's trade deadline. What are the Cubs and Cards likely to do in the next 36 hours? Which players are they ready to move on from? Will the …

Season 3, Episode 19 – Cheeks

July 26th, 2019


With Elliott on the DL, it's up to Brecklyn, Pete, and Ron to discuss Addison Russell's demotion, the hottest team in the NL (no, not the San Francisco Giants), and the impending trade deadline. Which Cubs and which …

Season 3, Episode 18 – Fire in the Belly!

July 12th, 2019


It only took 20 minutes for the crew and @Holy_Elle to talk about baseball, as everyone agrees that the NL Central – especially the Cubs & …

Season 3, Episode 17 – "I Think I Got Ya Numbah!"

June 21st, 2019


For the second week in a row, our full crew is back. Ron, Pete, Elliott, and Brecklyn sat down to talk about the All-Star Game and voting, the Rays …

Season 3, Episode 16 – You Look Better Now (What Happened to You?)

June 14th, 2019


Everybody – yes, EVERYBODY – is In tonight, as Ron makes a return from his family vacation. The Team talks about Lord Stanley's Cup, the most recent Cubs-Cardinals series, and the vexatious season that Cardinals fans …

Season 3, Episode 15 – Aaron Mullins Returns

June 7th, 2019


Aaron Mullins makes an unscheduled appearance on this week's show with Elliott and Pete to discuss the Cubs' signing of Craig Kimbrel, the Cardinals' …

Season 3, Episode 14 – Buy Elliott's House!; or, Pi à la Mode

May 24th, 2019


Brecklyn graduates! Elliott's back! Aaron Mullins is driving home!

The Team of Rivals (with Special Guest Aaron Mullins) discusses the Cardinals' …

Season 3, Episode 13 – With Honors

May 18th, 2019


After a lengthy absence, Brecklyn returns, and on the verge of graduating with honors! She and Pete discuss the angst that Luke Gregerson is giving Cardinals fans right now, the return of Addison Russell, the Zobrist …

Season 3, Episode 12 – Rarer Than Bigfoot

May 3rd, 2019


It's starting to look like a two-team race in the NL Central as the Cardinals and Cubs face off for the first time this season with a three-game set at Wrigley Field. But who cares about that, when we've got a Ron …

Season 3, Episode 11 – We Don't Watch Your Team If We Don't Have To

April 26th, 2019


It's CubsTalk with Pete and Elliott!

With Brecklyn out working on her thesis, the resident Cubs fans make a game attempt to discuss the First Place Cardinals' recent hot streak, led by their suddenly resurgent offensive …

Season 3, Episode 10 – Three Out of Four Ain't Bad

April 19th, 2019


Yes, Ron's still on hiatus, but Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete continue to soldier on. Things are starting to tighten up in the NL Central, as the …

Season 3, Episode 9 – They Kidnapped Elliott!

April 15th, 2019


With Ron still on hiatus and Pete attending Star Wars Celebration, the WDIIA crew shanghaied Elliott for this week's show. They discuss a good week for the Cubs, a bad week for the Brewers, and a great week for the …

Whose Division Is It Anyway? Episode 2

April 10th, 2019


Blake Root, Jacob Foote, and Brecklyn Carey get together to discuss the first week of the 2019 season. They discuss the demotions of Carl Edwards, …

Season 3, Episode 8 - The Doom Boners Strike Back

April 5th, 2019


We're one week in… Is it too early to panic?! Friend of the Show Aaron Mullins joins Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete to discuss the first week of …

It's All About the Setup [Pop Culture Bonus Episode]

March 30th, 2019


Guest host and friend-of-the-show Adam Maurer sits down with Elliott and Pete to discuss what Marvel/Disney gets right and what DC/Warner Bros. gets wrong in their respective superhero universes. Adam provides the kind …

Season 3, Episode 7 - Baseball. Is. Back!

March 29th, 2019


Ron's still off on walkabout, and Brecklyn is studying for her LSATs, so our good friend Adam Maurer joined Elliott and Pete to talk Opening Day, demotions and designations, the Kyle Hendricks extension, and 2019 season …

Season 3, Episode 6 - Goldmine

March 25th, 2019


Captain Ron is taking a hiatus, but he left the keys in the ignition, so Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete are taking the pirate ship out for a joyride. This week, they discuss Mike Trout's massive contract extension, the …

Season 3, Episode 5 - Brecklyn Builds an Ark

March 15th, 2019


With Brecklyn heading for higher ground, Ron, Pete, and Elliott discuss the thawing of relations between the MLBPA and owners, Carlos Martinez, and …

Season 3, Episode 4 - Game of Rivals/Team of Thrones?

March 6th, 2019


Ron takes a week off and Brecklyn is studying for an exam, so this week's episode of ToR is very Cubs heavy. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Elliott and Pete steer the ship into the choppy waters of Bryce …

Season 3, Episode 3 – Cuz It’s a Pun

February 27th, 2019


Pete was out on this episode but Ron, Elliott, and Brecklyn covered the opening of Spring Training games by discussing the Cardinals flurry of …

Season 3, Episode 2 - Thank You for That Question

February 23rd, 2019


Braden hijacks the start of the show with a tribute to his love, MLB The Show. The Team then turns to discussions of the Manny Machado signing and the free agent market, the pitch clock, CMart's injury, Dallas Keuchel, …

Season 3, Episode 1 - Sunglasses at Night

February 13th, 2019


Ron, Pete and Elliott get together to discuss the start of Spring Training, the new (?) free agent reality, and the triumphant return of the Stomping Grounds Post of the Week!

Season 2, Episode 57 - There’s No Timestamp on Racism

February 7th, 2019


The Team fights through Brecklyn's internet issues for the season's last episode to discuss Racist Ricketts, Hunter As Prey, The Phillies Phlop, the Luke Hagerty Comeback Story, and a very disappointing NL Central …

Season 2, Episode 56 - Change My Mind!

February 2nd, 2019


The full crew is back in business this week and with the free agent market colder than Chicago's weather, they're left to speculate on which teams …

Season 2, Episode 55 - "Boring" Topics

January 25th, 2019


Brecklyn has gone full-on Typhoid Mary, leaving Ron and Pete to do a show with Droolin' Elliott, who was high on life after major oral surgery. They …

Season 2, Episode 54 - Pete LaCock!

January 18th, 2019


The Four Are One! Elliott's awake and Ron is barely hanging on, but the Team of Rivals got together to preview the Cubs Convention and the Winter …

Season 2, Episode 52 – The Phone Lines Are Open!

December 21st, 2018


The full Team of Rivals crew is back! Brecklyn, Elliott, Pete, and Ron discuss Andrew Miller signing with the Cardinals, the ongoing Addison Russell …

Season 2, Episode 51 – And Then There Were Two

December 14th, 2018


With Ron out for a medical emergency and Elliott felled by a migraine headache, Brecklyn and Pete were left to see how much of a mess they could make …

Season 2, Episode 50 - "I Love Gooold!"

December 7th, 2018


Brecklyn is under the weather, so Josh Potter kindly joined Ron, Pete, and Elliott to discuss the two big developments in RivalsLand: The Cardinals' …

Season 2, Episode 49 - Pete Saw Aaron's Poll (Pole?!)

November 30th, 2018


With Brecklyn out studying for finals, the guys gather to discuss the quickly accelerating offseason. When will Jerry Dipoto stop dealing? How much of a madman is Brodie Van Wagenen? Are the Cubs really laying low this …

Season 2, Episode 48 - TMI for Brecklyn

November 17th, 2018


CAUTION: This is a baseball-themed episode. The Team covers a wide range of topics, starting off with pumpkin spice, Elliott's fantasy football team, and Pat Mahomes' voice before finally settling in to discuss a wide …

Season 2, Episode 47 - The Explicit Show (F&@K!)

November 10th, 2018


This week's show starts off on the wrong foot and goes down from there. Scott Boras dominates this show, kind of like he dominates the offseason. In between quotes from this week's Boras Press Conference, the crew …

Season 2, Episode 46 - Title Goes Here!

November 2nd, 2018


The Grand Slam is back for a second week in a row, and they cover the first week of the offseason, talking about their reactions to the World Series, contract options being picked up (or not), Clayton Kershaw, the …

Season 2, Episode 45 - Bionic Swingers!

October 26th, 2018


We have issues. Lots of them. 1) Pete is back. 2) All of us are here. 3) Will the Dodgers win one game in this World Series? 4) Who is Harper more valuable to: The Cards or the Cubs? 5) San Diego. 6) What's wrong with …

Season 2, Episode 44 - Speculation Is Fun Until Somebody Loses an Eye!

October 19th, 2018


Ron and Brecklyn start solo, until Elliott finally wakes up and joins the show mid-intro. Writer/producer/director Adam Maurer joins them on this …

Season 2, Episode 43 - There's Mo-where to Hide!

October 12th, 2018


Pete is out this week, so John Pearman from Cubs-Cards Cast was kind enough to sit in our Cubs chair for this week's show. Joined by Elliott, Ron, and Brecklyn, he tackles the end to both the Cardinals and Cubs seasons, …

Season 2, Episode 42 - Combobulated Recap, or Sideshow Joe

October 5th, 2018


It's a very dark podcast this week, as both the Cubs' and Cards' seasons have come to a close. Elliott and Pete lay out their shortcomings of Cubs skipper Joe Maddon, and their admiration for Theo Epsteisn's …

Bonus Episode - Cubs vs. Brewers Tiebreaker Recap

October 2nd, 2018


Ron, Pete, Elliott – plus special guests Adam Maurer, Dustin Duquenne, and Braden – jumped on to give their takes on Game 163 between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs. Pete and Elliott don't have the most …

Season 2, Episode 41 – THE FINAL BATTLE: Cards vs Cubs

September 28th, 2018


The Team was at full strength this week! Ron, Pete, Elliott, and Brecklyn brought the business! They discussed the most recent match-ups, and the …

Season 2, Episode 40 - Pimpin' Ain't Fine

September 21st, 2018


Elliott is M.I.A. Have you seen him?

Brecklyn, Ron, and Pete get together this week to discuss pimped doubles, Nostalgia Night, Minor League …

Season 2, Episode 39 - There's a Lady in the Room

September 14th, 2018


Brecklyn Carey brings balance to the show and joins Ron, Pete and Elliott as permanent co-host! The gang talks about Joe Maddon's curious personnel decisions - including Pedro Strop's injury - and the Cardinals …

Season 2, Episode 38 – The Playoffs Are in Sight! Here… We… Go!

September 7th, 2018


Elliott and Ron kick off this episode with some nonsense before Pete dials in while on the road home. They talk Brandon Morrow, Josh Donaldson, umps who hate Joe Maddon, and Ohtani's arm unraveling. They eventually come …

Season 2, Episode 37 - If You're Not Watching Live, You're Not Living

August 31st, 2018


Pete and Ron were joined by Adam Maurer to fill in for the missing Eliott Duy. Gene Bonds also crash-landed to talk about the National League's best division, why nobody blocked Daniel Murphy going to the Cubs, Josh …

Season 2, Episode 36 - What Was That?!

August 24th, 2018


Cubs minor league enthusiast Tim Huwe joins the boys to talk about the Cubs' system and draft and development strategies. The guys also have a quick discussion of this week's big moves – Adams to the Cards, Murphy to …

Season 2, Episode 35 - A Big Wong Fan

August 17th, 2018


Brecklyn Carey of Birds on the Black joins the guys for a wide-ranging discussion of the Card's recent hot streak, Pete's "feud" with Bleacher Nation, intraleague play, robot umpires, and a host of other topics.

Season 2, Episode 34 - Oh 18! ("My Precious!")

August 10th, 2018


Adam Maurer guests as the guys TRIED - they really did! - to talk about the MVP status of Javier Baez and Matt Carpenter; Shohei Ohtani's latest …

Season 2, Episode 33 - I'm Skeksis and I Know It

August 3rd, 2018


The Cards look rejuvenated. Cole Hamels looks good in his first start as a Cub. The Central looks like the best division in the National League. Ron, …

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