Take A Knee For Marvel Vs DC

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A podcast from a few blerds who love and respect all things Marvel and DC. Well not all things.

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Episode 18- The Battleground Returns and Young Justice

February 10th, 2019


This week we have another Battleground with Storm taking on Jon Stewart, and Uncle Oz has a feeling it could be very one sided. We talk some …

Episode 17- Game of Thrones and Casting Batmans Rogues

February 3rd, 2019


This week we talk about Game of Thrones with a focus on season 1 and 2 as we prep for the big return. We still need a lot of prepping! We also cast the Batmans potential rogue gallery of villains. Veez and Uncle Oz give …

Episode 16- Superhero or just a Hero

January 27th, 2019


This week we are talking about the difference between a hero and a superhero. We also talk about who fits into those categories. Then after we talk …

Episode 15- Ladies Night

January 20th, 2019


This week we talk all about the ladies. We talk about some female characters we think should get more shine, some who are underrated, and why we …

Episode 14- Open Mic Night 2: The Intervention of Regular Scott

January 13th, 2019


Its another edition of Open Mic Night and we bring on a listener to represent the people. The conversation goes from the Gotham tv series, Surviving …

Episode 13- Marvel vs DC Battleground

January 6th, 2019


This week we come at you with the first ever Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC Battleground. We talk about why The Killing Joke movie Batman is the worst Batman ever. We rate Birdbox and Uncle Oz gives MGK a new nickame. All …

Episode 12- Take a Knee Year End Awards

December 30th, 2018


Its the last show of the year and we are handing out awards to close 2018 out. We give awards for best and worst movie of the year, best Chris in the MCU, best team up, and plenty more.

Recorded on 12/27/18

Episode 11- Aquaman with Migs

December 23rd, 2018


This week we have DefyLifes go to movie guy Migs joining us to talk all about the new Aquaman movie. We announce the winner of our first giveaway, and Oz finds something else to add to his favorite things list along …

Episode 10- A Crisis is Coming

December 16th, 2018


We have our 10th episode and our first giveaway this week. We also have a guest on, Suave the Thinker and surprise surprise he had us thinking. We talk about the Avengers 4 trailer that was released and go in depth …

Episode 9- Elseworlds

December 9th, 2018


Another week another show. This week we are previewing the big 3 night Arrowverse Elseworld Crossover and discussing its comic book origins. We give …

Episode 8- Open Mic Night

December 2nd, 2018


This week we are coming at you with our very first Open Mic Night. No preplanned topics just a couple blerds talking whatever comes to our minds. DC animation or Marvel live action? Titans, a rant on Wonder Woman, talk …

Episode 7- "We were supposed to talk about the Justice League"

November 25th, 2018


This week we were supposed to be talking about the Justice League the whole show, that didn't happen. Instead Justice League is saved for the desert …

Episode 6- The X-Men

November 18th, 2018


This week we come at you with another banger of a show. We are talking all things X-Men and how Dick Grayson might be the best X-men of all. Ok not really but he is brought up for some reason. We talk some news first …

Episode 5- Mantles And Those Who Carried Them

November 11th, 2018


This week we are coming at you with another action packed show looking at some of the different characters to hold certain mantles in comics. We look …

Episode 4- Black Superhero’s Part 2

November 3rd, 2018


Coming back at you with part 2 of our discussion about the black superhero. Before we wrap up though we kick things off with a battle Marvel vs DC style. Daredevil vs Green Arrow, who ya got? After that we dive into …

Episode 3- Black Superheros/Black Sci-Fi Part 1

October 27th, 2018


The guys come at you with another packed show this time looking at the current state of the black super hero and the black sci fi genre. Oz and Veez give their perspectives on the situation and talk about some of the …


October 20th, 2018


In this episode we are talking all things Netflix marvel comic shows. We break down all 5 with strong opinions as always. We talk our favorite moments, shows, and characters. Veez is back with a vengeance demanding …

The Arrowverse

October 20th, 2018


This episode is all about the arrowverse which is just starting back up on the cw. We talk about all the shows, give some predictions, and some very strong viewpoints.

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