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We share stories of overcoming trauma, accidents and illness to equip you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and dreams. You will hear from experts, authors, and entrepreneurs helping you to achieve a mindset that will keep you trying, learning and seeking your passion.

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Your host is been away for a little while this is a quick note to the people that listen to the show

July 30th, 2019


For those of you that have been a long-time listener of the show please tune in for this quick message from your host.


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Diz Runs Radio: Gina Johnson Relied On Running To Help Her Through Dark Times

June 24th, 2019


Denny Krahe of Diz Runs Radio shared my story on his podcast. We talked about quitting smoking, loosing weight and the relentless pursuit of achieving your dreams. You can find the show notes he wrote up at:

Healing From The Ground Up with Michael Hsu

June 17th, 2019


Many of us grow up feeling invisible or not good enough. Some of us are aware of it and others have yet to discover it. If we are faced with trauma …

How To Answer Why Did This Happen To Me? with Aaron Keith Hawkins

June 10th, 2019


Aaron was a Police Chief, Husband and Father when he experienced a close call with death. After realizing he could have suffered a heart attack, …

Vision With Geoff Hughes

June 3rd, 2019


Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. For our guest today, there has been no exception. He shares the story of his life; from being …

Something To Live For With Rob Decker

May 27th, 2019


How do you free yourself from the struggles and pains that started in the generations before you were born? What happens when a parent is not equipped with everything they need to parent well, and they are not able to …

Bullish on Bitcoin with Misha Yurchenko

May 13th, 2019


Have you ever made a mistake that took a while to get over? You asked yourself questions such as how did this happen and why? How about losing a …

Finding Meaning with John Graham

May 7th, 2019


John began life as an adventurer. He took on climbing mountains that have never again been climbed, was active in wars, revolutions and many …

ADHD a Superpower with Maneesh Sethi

April 29th, 2019


Our guest today often speaks on topics such as:

· How to raise millions for your startup

· Productivity hacks that work and 

· Travelling the world

Business Culture and Mindset with Julie Ann Sullivan

April 15th, 2019


Julie Ann Sullivan speaks about business culture and shares her journey from quitting her first job on the spot without savings or a plan to being …

Project Woo Woo with Lisa Orkin

April 8th, 2019


Living in LA as an artist is quite an adventure. Lisa shares her ups and downs with us today on the show! We talk about divorce, the grieving process and how to have fun in life.

Favorite Book:

The Alchemist: 

Master your Time, Talent and Treasures with Scott Maderer

April 1st, 2019


Episode 75 on The Synergy Mindset Podcast and Community.

Driving a long way down a country road, contemplating sending his car off the road, Scott made a decision in his mind to end his life. He had thought that his wife …

Do Good, Be Awesome with Steve Reiter

March 25th, 2019


Today I have the honour and privilege to speak with the cohost of the Eternal Leadership Podcast. He interviews incredibly inspiring and successful …

Kingdom Mindset with Christian CEO Kelly Baader

March 18th, 2019


Kelly Baader is here to share her inspiring story of how she had to overcome insurmountable odds since her childhood to achieve the success she enjoys today.

She is a wife and Mom, lives in Switzerland with a …

Setting Intentions that Succeed with Karen Liebenguth

March 11th, 2019


Over half of people that set intentions fail at succeeding with them but it's not you, it doesn't have to be. If you have started to fall away from the intentions you set on New Years or have fallen away completely, …

Helping Moms Ditch the Stress and Find Joy with Marina Pearson

March 4th, 2019


Marina Pearson is a mother, bestselling author, international TEDx speaker, investor and Joy Retreat Facilitator. Most of all she is a human Be-ing. She lives her life working on projects that light her up and in the …

Ending the Overwhelm and Stress with Nicole Burgess

February 25th, 2019


Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, and introvert empowerment coach to high achieving and sensitive …

Wyred to Win with James Newcomb

February 19th, 2019


"This too shall pass" is a powerful quote we hear when going through a storm in life. Our guest today is in the middle of one and instead of …

Gratitude’s Lifeline with Rachel DesRochers

February 11th, 2019


"You can not be in gratitude and have lack at the same time. It is a conscious choice that you as a human being are making to say, I don't have …

When A Child Attempts Their Life with Anna Milne

February 4th, 2019


Suicide rates continue to rise and it has been estimated that it is the second leading cause of death in teens. Although it is all too common it is …

Mindset Monday with Terri Fry

January 28th, 2019


Do you ever tire from hearing about how positive you should always be while juggling all that life demands each day? There is a time for positivity …

Mindset Monday with Karly Nimmo

January 21st, 2019


Show notes coming soon........




Music, Corporate Innovative …

Mindset Monday for Frustrated Dads

January 15th, 2019


This post is for the secondary parent that struggles with feeling stress, fear and anxiety when being left alone with their children. In many cases it is Dad, and for the purposes of this article, I will refer to Mom as …

Heart for Jesus with Mike Stone

January 8th, 2019


Today we take a deep dive into the scripture and talk about having a renewed mind, forgiveness and Grace. Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to share the Grace of Jesus.

He co-hosts the Grace Coach Podcast with …

Second Chances with Rhonda Britten

January 2nd, 2019


Rhonda Britten shares a story that takes most peoples breath away. Today she is here to share the story of how her childhood was taken away in a moment when her father murdered her mother in front of her. The years …

The Mindset to Socialize Alcohol Free with James Swanwick

December 17th, 2018


Have you ever had one too many drinks at a social event and suffered from that regret of having said or done something that you only wish you could …

Burnout to Thriving Solopreneur with David Ralph

December 10th, 2018


Burnout to Thriving Entrepreneur with David Ralph

David was determined to see his business thrive. When he was given a stern warning from his doctor that he may only have 6 months left if he didn't slow down, he …

Frustrated, Stressed & In Debt to The Abundance Mindset with Nate Ridgeway

December 3rd, 2018


Welcome to the Synergy Mindset Podcast, Mindset Monday Edition.  Nate Ridgeway is here to share about the Scarcity Mindset vs. the Abundance Mindset.  We will find out what the Abundance Mindset is and how can we adopt …

Back from Heaven's Front Porch with Danny Bader

December 2nd, 2018


Life is a gift and at any moment can be taken from us. It is a miracle that our guest today is alive and here to share his amazing story. He brings …

Scarcity Mindset With Jiaying Zhao

November 26th, 2018


Today on Mindset Monday I speak with Jiaying Zhao about the Scarcity mindset and how it impacts everyone. She brings her own story about growing up in China living in an area experiencing poverty and tells us that is …

Post Traumatic Growth from Failed Relationships with Katrina Goff

November 19th, 2018


Have you felt the pain of losing someone that you love followed by the frustration of thinking about how difficult starting over would be? Post …

What is Missing with Doug Holt

October 29th, 2018


Mindset Monday with Doug Holt


What do you do when others think you have it made but deep inside you still feel like something is missing. You long …

Fixed and Growth Mindset with Ana Melikian

October 22nd, 2018


Mindset Monday with Ana Melikian

Ana shares her fascinating story of moving from Portugal to Phoenix Arizona in the United States. She had been traveling the world speaking in her academic life as a Psychotherapist and …

Healthy Mind and Hormones with Dr. Cobi

October 15th, 2018


Woman are like the thermostat of the home, there is a ripple into their families, jobs and everything they do if they are not well. This week on Mindset Monday is our first Practitioner interview with Dr. Cobi from …

Achieving Health Naturally with Ashley James

October 2nd, 2018


Ashley knows what it is like to feel like life is dark, hope is something for others, health is a dream and it is hard. At her worst point, she …

Massive Dreams with Valerie Groth

October 1st, 2018


The Ryan Banks Academy was a dream in Valerie's Mind for many years before it became a reality for the 2018/2019 school year. She shares the story …

Survivors Guilt with Ryan M. Esquivel

September 24th, 2018


Today on Mindset Monday, Ryan M. Esquivel shares his journey to overcome Survivors Guilt, PTSD and trauma to living a life that is full of love, joy …

Business Mom’s Mind Dump

September 10th, 2018


Take control of your thoughts, reduce your stress and flourish in this season of life.


School is back and for us Professional Mom’s it can be a time …

Second Chance Story with Rachel Barber

September 2nd, 2018


When Rachel first found out she had Mitochondrial Dysfunction and experienced her body shutting down she had nearly lost all hope. Severe fatigue and muscle pain had kept her unable to live the life she desired and she …

Cerebral Palsy Warrior with Heather Hancock

August 28th, 2018


Heather was born premature and with Cerebral palsy. She was the first handicapped child mainstreamed into Calgary, Alberta’s public school system and …

4-Day Work Week with Wade Galt

August 20th, 2018


Mindset Monday

Wade hosts the 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur podcast and is committed to helping 4,444,444 people create their own 4-day work week lifestyle. Wade has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, a Master's Degree in …

The Mindset to Perform with Katrina Froese

August 13th, 2018


When I went to the Place Maillardville Community Centre for a community event I was drawn to the Princess table and shortly after her performance began. My son and granddaughter were very excited and it didn't take long …

Arthritis Under 30 with Jacob McCrae

August 2nd, 2018


Every Day Is A Second Chance Real Life Story Edition. Sharing real-life stories of those that have overcome illness, accidents and trauma. Welcome to our community! Show notes available at


Orphans from Gun Violence and Healing with Angela True

April 25th, 2018


Sharing inspiring stories of healing at Find out the skills and mindset our guests have used to heal from illness, accidents and trauma.

Our guest today is Angela True sharing her courageous …

Overcoming Leukaemia During Pregnancy with Jan Pratico

March 25th, 2018


Jan’s  Second Chance Story

Imagine finding out you have Leukaemia when you are still under 30, not only with a three-year-old but while pregnant. The …

30 Day No Alcohol Challenge with James Swanwick

February 26th, 2018


Today I have the privilege of speaking with James Swanwick, the author of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, helping people reduce or quit using …

Thriving Despite a Rare Lung Disease with Nicole Wipp

January 26th, 2018


Nicole spent over 30 days in the hospital and was diagnosed with a rare lung disease. She was told she would have a lifespan of up to 8 years and she …

Life Happens, Live It! With Jake French

December 24th, 2017


In the blink of an eye, Jake's life changed course and he ended up being paralyzed from the chin down. In just a few short days, he made the decision to choose to adopt the motto Life Happens, Live it! It took some time …

After Cancer What's Next? with Louise Ennis

November 25th, 2017


Louise had just completed 4 years of university and began her dream job as a Dental Hygienist when she was given a cancer diagnosis and only 4 years to live without life changing surgery.

In this interview she …

Finding Inner Peace with Chris Shea

October 25th, 2017


Chris Shea tells us about a low point in his life and then shares what he learned from it and how he found inner peace. Sharing a few coaching tips, he tells us how we to can begin the journey to find inner peace.

Devastating Tornado to Resilient Communities with Dr. CJ Huff

September 27th, 2017


C.J. Huff is a Husband, Father, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Consultant living in Joplin USA.  For 7 years he was Superintendent of Joplin …

Winning The Battle of the Mind with Connie Strasheim

August 26th, 2017


Connie Strasheim is a health care reaseacher and writer sharing natural and holisic methods of healing. She focuses on helping others with Cancer and …

Overcoming The Odds from a Car Accident with Miklós Szigeti

December 25th, 2016


Miklós Szigeti's Mother was told her son would not attend law school or function in any normal capacity by the doctors helping him after he was …

Deciding to Thrive from a Jail Cell with Fidel Rodriguez

November 19th, 2016


Could you imagine what it would feel like to shift careers without realizing that it would lead to a path of overcoming marital betrayal (with …

Miracle Of Mindset On The Hudson With Dave Sanderson

October 16th, 2016


No one survives a plane crash.... this is what Dave thought as the plane went down and he watched out the window to see when his last seconds would …

Angus Nelson Free Meditation

September 11th, 2016


Angus Nelson Meditation

Get your free ebook at


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Finding God at Rock Bottom with Angus Nelson

September 11th, 2016


Are you in search of real happiness, joy fulfillment and perhaps satisfaction? Could you imagine what life would be like if you had good jobs, …

No You Cantc’er with Melissa Marshall

July 10th, 2016


Melissa Marshall, of the, No You Cant'cer Foundation, was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer and ended up receiving a colostomy bag in 2013. …

Healing From Cancer, A Harley And Nature with Noel

May 10th, 2016


Could you imagine putting off a medical checkup for three years while trying to support your wife and family? Then finding out you have cancer and it …

Career Burnout with Claire Yeung

April 16th, 2016


Claire Yeung contracted a mysterious virus that took her out of life for over 6 months. Looking back she tells us she believes it was caused by …

Naval Fire Fighting Training Accident with David Rachford

March 10th, 2016


David Rachford wanted to get off the farm and joined the military. He had a dream of going to explosive ordnance disposal school. First, he had to do …

Miscarriages and Healing with John John Genovese

February 11th, 2016


This Family Shares Their Pain And Miracles So You Never Have To Feel Alone John John Genovese shared his story of how he healed from Degenerative Disc Disease and Gastric Bypass in the last episode. After months of hard …

Degenerative Disc Disease And Gastric Bypass With John John Genovese

February 10th, 2016


John John Genovese dreamed of living the good life of being a newlywed and starting a family. Having an early start to his working career, his life …

Healing After Divorce with Stacy Curtis

January 10th, 2016


Could you imagine finding out that the charming man you married was really a sociopath that was cheating on you? Now imagine that the difficult part …

Healing From Physical Abuse with Lori Jean Finnila

December 10th, 2015


Healing From Physical Abuse by Creating Music

with Lori Finnila

Imagine having seizures as a child from abuse at a young age, then being abused by the father of your child and suffering very physical injuries. The …

The Big House to The Chess House with Eugene Brown

November 22nd, 2015


He was raised in two parent home with good morals and values yet slipped into the street culture and made some poor choices in his early years. …

Healing from PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

November 11th, 2015


Imagine taking medicine that your doctor prescribed and then suddenly finding yourself in the hospital suffering an adverse reaction, that burns two layers of your skin from your body.

Then surviving to end up having …

Cancer, Kids and Victorious Healing with Holly Boyce

October 10th, 2015


Holly was living the life she had dreamed of. She was living in her happy home, in a nice neighborhood with her happy family and then while preparing …

Concussion Survivor to Healing Others with Terri Lawton

September 30th, 2015


Terri was given a second chance at life after she was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. She had a backpack full of flowers that she had picked …

Overcoming Sexual Abuse with Bobbi Parish

August 10th, 2015


Join us as Bobbi Parish, A Trauma Recovery Coach, shares her own personal story of overcoming sexual abuse.

She struggled with shame, depression, feeling unloved and went through a period of homelessness.

Bobbi found the …

Finding Your Identity with Jamie Gilbert

July 10th, 2015


Do you know what it is like to put everything you have into something and then have it come to an end? You put so much into it that it became your identity and now without it, you don’t know what to do?

Jamie Gilbert …

Overcoming Cancer to Running Boston Marathon with Bruce Van Horn

June 10th, 2015


Have you ever felt as if life has handed you too many problems and felt like you would never be able to break away from the darkness? Perhaps you …

Deciding to Thrive from a Jail Cell with Fidel Rodriguez

May 21st, 2015


Fidel shares a story about how his life hit rock bottom, and he wanted to disappear into the shadows. It is hard to find hope when you're in that place, but he did, and today he tells us how.

Fidel's website

Why Do My Relationships Fail with Paul Colaianni

April 24th, 2015


Have you ever been in a relationship that failed and been left with feelings of hurt, anger, frustration or wondered Why? I know I sure have, and so …

Our Scars are Places of Healing with Matt Ham

April 10th, 2015


What does Rich mean to you and why should you take the time to think about it?

"For so long, I felt like I was failing in life because I never had a …

The Fort Leavenworth Story with David Mike

March 26th, 2015


The Fort Leavenworth Story

Mike served his country, was a responsible and respectable member of society until one night he made a choice that changed his life forever.  He was offered a pill; that happened to be ecstasy. …

Canada's First Death Coach with Stephen Garrett

January 8th, 2015


What Can We Learn From A Death Coach?

Could you imagine finding out that someone you love died suddenly and unexpectedly? Stephen lost his sister and …

Faith and Stroke Recovery with Reverend Ray Rose

December 11th, 2014

  • How can a small measure of faith help some overcome the challenges that come with having a stroke?

    What happens when you know the odds are not …

Healing after War in Iraq with Chaplain Moreno

December 4th, 2014


Honor is very important to Marines.  You always do the right thing. What happens when someone does something that is against their own moral framework?

What happens if it is so bad to them, that it affects their marriage …

Escaping Death with Christopher Hostetler

November 20th, 2014


Could you imagine if your child was playing in the backyard, and the next thing you know, his friend has come to get you, to let you know he has been …

Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp Part 2

November 13th, 2014



Hi everyone, I am so grateful that you're here and listening to the information Nicole is going …

Estate Planning with Nicole Wipp

November 6th, 2014


Hi everyone, I am so grateful that you're here and excited to bring our guest, appearing as an expert in estate planning. She will not be giving …

Overcoming Cancer As a Teen with Timothy Lawson

October 29th, 2014


Timothy lives in The District of Columbia. He has lived in about a dozen different places over the last 10 years but came from the Greater North …

After Effect from War in Iraq with Chaplain Moreno

October 22nd, 2014


John served 13 months in Iraq, with the USA military. He had numerous near-death experiences. Today he shares the most prominent one with us, and the effects it had on him.

After his time in the army, he was able to find …

Train Trestle Fall to Inspiring Speaker with Dale Spencer

October 2nd, 2014


At the young age of 20, Dale slipped and fell from a railroad trestle, and in that moment, his life was dramatically changed. He spent two and a half months in the hospital and had to learn how to live life in a …

Devastating Horse Accident to Thriving Business Coach

September 24th, 2014


John Ramstead  

I am blessed to share an inspiring story that touched my soul and filled my heart. John overcame tremendous injury in an accident that …

Surviving a Brain Tumour with Optimism

September 3rd, 2014


Martin Bailey shares his extraordinary story of recovering from a brain tumor, optimism and achieving your dreams.


Near-Death Experience

Martin was in Antarctica on a boat when he felt a popping sensation in his head. It …

Second Chance at Life and Marriage

August 27th, 2014


Nick was given a second chance at life when he was hit head-on by a Buick as a teenager.  He was incredibly resilient and bounced back quickly. Life …

Miracle Boy Falls From Train Trestle and Survives

August 20th, 2014


Joel shares such an impactful and moving story, that I found myself tearing up during the interview a few times. Tissue alert, he was only 5 years …

Amazing 300+ lb weight loss

August 13th, 2014


Less Stratford  


Les works in the food industry and takes time for his health every day as well as spends time with his family.



My podcasting friend Sam Lomelli introduced Les and I. He interviewed Les on his podcast, …

Jordan Agolli Life Threatening Car Accident

August 12th, 2014


Jordan is only 19 years old!! He works in a marketing company that has an incredible culture. He has a podcast, a mastermind group and has recently …

00 Heart Attack at 34

August 11th, 2014


In the first episode, Joel Boggess, of Relaunch, interviews our host Gina as she shares her story of heart trauma and the making of this new podcast.


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