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A horrifying and hilarious podcast! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.

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The Radium Girls

August 2nd, 2022


You know how big companies are evil and terrible to their employees? Well, this is not a new phenomenon. 

Join us as we learn about the Radium Girls. These women got good jobs helping out with the war effort except (big …

The Lancashire Witches

June 14th, 2022


America learned so many of its terrible traits from England. One of them was the concept of: call a bunch of women witches and see what happens (nothing good).

We had Salem. But 80 years earlier, England had …

Mary Vincent

June 5th, 2022


This show has a lot of terrible things in it. That's kind of our thing. And the story of Mary Vincent and what the scum of the Earth, Lawrence Singleton, did to her is terrible.

But this story is more that terrible.  It …

The Yuba County Five - Part Two

May 30th, 2022


The most mysterious case we have done in a while concludes this week with part two of the Yuba City Five.  I have been thinking about this case for …

The Yuba County Five

May 22nd, 2022


This case is the most baffling set of events we have covered in quite a while.  Five men go to a basketball game and never come home.  Seems like it is straightforward but oh my goodness it is anything but that.  This …

The Michigan Dogman

May 16th, 2022


It's like a night watchman can't even patrol the manufacturing plant they work for without encountering a dog man.

Night Watchmen, a local politician …

The Hinterkaifeck Murders

May 9th, 2022


This week, special guest Hannah Selector and Acadia investigate the Hinterkaifeck Murders.

Almost exactly 100 years ago, en extended family on a small German farm were found dead.

Who did it?  Well, there were weird …

Al Kite

May 1st, 2022


We do a lot of stories about upsetting topics. But this one? This one? This one has to be one of the most senseless, terrible things we have covered in a while.

Not that it will make you mistrust everyone you know and …

Pedro Lopez - The Monster of the Andes

April 23rd, 2022


Pedro Lopez spent the 1970s in Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. Over that time span he sexually abused and murdered more than 100 little girls.

The only …

Sally Horner - The Real Life Lolita

April 16th, 2022


You probably know that Lolita is a book by Vladimir Nabokov about a pervert perving on a child.

But you might not have known that there was a real …

Christopher Porco

February 24th, 2022


Sometimes criminals are sociopathic monsters, and Christopher Porco defintely is one. But he is also a complete frigging idiot which makes this the perfect end for Season Six. My goal is to lure you into a false sense …

The Worst Year in History - 536 CE

February 12th, 2022

Next time you are complaining about how terrible everything is, think about this show and consider what it was like to live in the year 536 and immediately after.  Not good.

But...that has nothing to do with your sitch …

Pauline Dakin

January 18th, 2022


So if when you were a kid you had to move all the time and worry about assassins and your mom pulled you out of school in the middle of the day to …

Elma Sands - The Manhattan Well Murder

January 9th, 2022


Take a young couple who might be in love, the bustling city of Manhattan, and a mystery and you have a good story.

Make the year 1799, add Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and add a liberal serving of the first …

The Disappearance of Larry Griffin

December 25th, 2021


We take the letter carrier who gives us our bills and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for granted, but back in 1929, Larry Griffin, the postman for Stradbally, Ireland, got taken in a very different way.

Join us for the …


December 18th, 2021


The glory that is elephants is really something to behold. They are smart, empathetic, and sometimes deadly!  Join us as we look into why elephants …

The Anasazi Part 2

November 30th, 2021


We wrap up Native American Heritage Month with the second half of the story of the people in the Southwest who built an amazing society and then just sort of melted away.

Where did they go?  Well that's what we are …

The Anasazi Part 1

November 23rd, 2021


There are wonders within the boundaries of what is now the United States that way too many people don't know about. Continuing our dedication to Native American History Month we present the first part of the people that …

The Serpent Mound

November 16th, 2021


The indigenous people of what is now called Ohio decided to make themselves a monument and we're gonna talk about it.  The location is the largest effigy mound in the world and we will be sure to explain what an effigy …

Rebecca Zahau

November 2nd, 2021


Sometimes the official story seems mighty sus. This week, Acadia and Shooey take a look at the case of Rebecca Zahau, who was declared a suicide and …

Demons, Mistakes, and Kennedy Ife

October 28th, 2021


Since this is the Halloween episode for 2021, we thought we would keep riding the demon train. Unfortunately, as usual, we learned that humans are …

Danielle Harkins

October 20th, 2021


When you send your kids to school, you have a reasonable expectation that they will not be brainwashed into believing that they have demons inside …

The Grim Sleeper

October 12th, 2021


This week we cover Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. He's a piece of crap who was given the name "The Grim Sleeper" which is way too cool of a name for this …

The Flatwoods Monster

October 5th, 2021


Some people think aliens that try to probe you are scary. But to me, the Flatwoods monster is the kind of thing that would terrify me. I don't need …

Nub City

September 22nd, 2021


Don't get mad that you never thought of cutting off your own finger for some quick cash.  Don't be jealous of people who realized that blowing off …

Barbara Daly Baekeland

September 14th, 2021


Come with us back to the glamorous forties where we meet the beautiful Barbara Daly who marries a rich dude, has a kid and boy does that not turn out …

Franklin Delano Floyd - Part 2

August 17th, 2021


The winding story of a first class monster comes to a close this week as we learn how Franklin Delano Floyd takes grooming to a level that is hard to comprehend. This story seemed like a weird mystery so start but it …

Franklin Delano Floyd - Part 1

August 2nd, 2021


You wouldn't think someone named after a US President would be a weirdo, but this guy sure is.  And a gross one at that.  Settle in and listen to the …

Hoia Baciu Forest

July 5th, 2021


Sometimes referred to as the "Bermuda Triangle" of Romania, the Hoia Baciu forest in Transylvania has more than its share of weird stories surrounding it.

It's spooky for sure, but it's not spooky enough to have people …

The Franklin Coverup Part Three (Bohemian Grove)

April 20th, 2021


This is the last of our only ever four part series (and third of just the Franklin Coverup) and it took a little bit out of us.  The story is so gross that it gave two of the Fell Companions the 'rona!

But that is all …

The Franklin Coverup Part Two

March 23rd, 2021


This story is just too horrible to fill just one episode, so here we go with part two of the lurid tale of child sex rings, corruption, and a justice …

The Franklin Coverup

March 9th, 2021


Join us as we discuss one of the most horrific things we have ever covered on the show. If you want really terrible stuff in your true crime, we have …

Johnny Gosch

March 2nd, 2021


Season Five starts with Mells, Snoops, Shooey and Acadia talking about Johnny Gosch and how the case of the Iowa paperboy gone missing is the first link in a terrible chain.

Sit back and prepare yourself to get mad at …


January 7th, 2021


We end Season Four with a cryptid who doesn't just scare you.  The Popobawa from Tanzania does...other things to you, and then threatens you that he will do it again if you don't do what he says!

Join Mells, Snoops and …

Fred and Rose West - Part Two

December 29th, 2020


The terrible story of Fred and Rose West is finished off this week as Acadia and special guest Emma from Fan Critical go in depth into the horrors of 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, England.

We don't have special …

Fred and Rose West - Part One

December 22nd, 2020


Acadia is joined by special guest Emma from the Fan Critical podcast to discuss part one of the story of Fred and Rose West, the worst sex murderers who ever lived in Gloucester, England.

We hope.

Daniel LaPlante

December 15th, 2020


Daniel LaPlante was a teenager in the 80s who had a hard life but no matter how rough things for him were, they don't excuse his actions.

Join Acadia, Shooey and the newest member of the team, Snoops, as she debuts with …

The Witchcraft Murder

December 8th, 2020


Come with us to England where we discuss the terrible murder of Charles Walton in 1945.  Was he killed by a witch?  Some say he was, indeed.

Find out what Acadia, Mells, and Shooey think as they dig into the story and …

King Leopold Part Two

December 2nd, 2020


The terrible story of the exploitation and mass murder in the Congo Free State concludes this week in an episode that took a lot out of Shooey. As long as we have been doing this show, the amount of greed and cruelty …

The Thanksgiving Reunion Special!

November 23rd, 2020


Sit back, relax, and listen to Jenn, B Nev, Kenny, Sandwich, Mells, and Shooey as each hangs out a little bit with Acadia and discusses some horrible things that happened on Thanksgiving.

I mean, reunions are fun and we …

King Leopold Part One

November 17th, 2020


Check out this latest episode from Strangeful Things, as Acadia, Mells, and Shooey discuss the forgotten genocide in the Congo Free State and the …

Don Decker

November 10th, 2020


We've heard of making it rain but nothing like the subject of this week's show. Acadia tells Mells and Shooey the weird tale of Don Decker and the (alleged) DEMON that infested him and an apartment in Stroudsburg, PA!


November 3rd, 2020


It's story time!  Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia as the story of how the novel Frankenstein got conceived and written. Of course there is also a lot …


October 27th, 2020


With the election a week away, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about QAnon.  These wacky patriots are convinced they are getting secret …

John Edward Robinson Part Two

October 20th, 2020


Shooey brings Mells and Acadia through the end of the story of John Edward Robinson, who should really be more well known than he is.

More scams, …

John Edward Robinson - Part One

October 13th, 2020


Join Acadia, Mells, and Shooey for part one of a Shooey-rific episode about John Edward Robinson. The man wore many hats and every one of them was detestable.

You probably haven't heard of this guy and if you have then …

Bill and Dorothy Wacker

October 6th, 2020


This spooky tale comes from Ohio and reminds us that terror can come in many forms. Learn what the Wackers went through over a period of years in this episode.

The Love Me Tender Murders

September 29th, 2020


This story starts with the Grimes sisters going to see an Elvis movie on December 28, 1956 and becomes the biggest search in the history of the city of Chicago.

Join Acadia, Mells and Shooey as they explore this story …

The Oakville Blobs

September 22nd, 2020


Look up in the sky!  It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a bunch of tiny blobs of goo that will make you sick if you touch them! The tiny town of Oakville, WA found out what happens when you start gooshing things that …

Leopold and Loeb Part Two

September 15th, 2020


Shooey wraps up the story of gutless punks Leopold and Loeb this week with some marvelous acting from Mells and Acadia.  What would we do without …

Leopold and Loeb Part 1

September 8th, 2020


Shooey brings us part one of a two part episode concerning the murderous bastards Leopold and Loeb.  Join him, Mells and Acadia as the cover the …

Tarrare - The Hungriest Man in the World

September 1st, 2020


Not gonna lie, folks. This week's episode is pretty gross. Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia as the explore the strange life of a Frenchman named Tarrare …

The TWA 800 Podcast

August 24th, 2020


This week, Acadia, Mells and Shooey tackle the tragedy of the TWA 800 crash. Was it an accident, or is one of the MANY conspiracy theories actually correct?

From terrorists to the government and back again, we dig into …

Emma Fillipoff

August 18th, 2020


Emma Fillipoff was a young woman finding herself in the beautiful town of Victoria, British Columbia when she disappeared. The team digs into the …

The Judith Hyams Podcast

August 11th, 2020


Join Acadia, Mells and Shooey as they talk about a case from back in 1965 that was on Unsolved Mysteries back in 1990.  For a super old case it sure …

The Aztecs

August 4th, 2020


In the premiere of season four, Acadia, Mells, and Shooey talk about how absolutely metal the Aztec culture was. From Flower Wars to piles of heads, …

The Jennings 8 - Part Two

July 7th, 2020


Acadia, Mells, and Shooey wrap up their coverage of the Jennings 8 murders, also known as the Jeff Davis 8 in this episode.  The story will make you …

Jennings 8 Podcast Part One

July 1st, 2020


This week we start covering the maddening story of the Jennings 8.  Eight women were murdered in a short space of time in a town of 10,000 people, and they were all connected in one way or another.

There is also a …

The Winchester House Podcast

June 16th, 2020


Shooey, Mells and Acadia dive into the story behind the wacky Winchester House in San Jose, California.  The story of Sarah Winchester is pretty interesting and Mells has actually been to the house so this is as close …

Operation Mincemeat

June 9th, 2020


Acadia and Mells tell you the fascinating story of what happens when a bunch of people in a basement in London decide to try to fool Hitler into …

The Louis LePrince Podcast

June 3rd, 2020


Who really invented the movie camera? Join Mells, Acadia, and Shooey as they deep dive into the mystery surrounding Louis LePrince. Have question? …

The Fresno Nightcrawler Podcast

May 27th, 2020


This week we're talking all about cryptids and a nice follow up on a declassified UFO we covered in our episode USS Nimitz! Join Acadia, Mells, and …

The Gobekli Tepe Podcast

May 19th, 2020


We have never covered a topic that changes history as much as this one. Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia on a journey to Turkey and the distant past.

And there might be some mysteries in there, too!

The Georgia Guidestones

May 12th, 2020


This week join Acadia, Mells, and Shooey as they dive into the Georgia Guidestones. Controversially known as America's Stonehenge, this oddity is not far from where Mells grew up! The crew will discuss all sorts of …

The Ax Man of New Orleans, Part Two

May 5th, 2020


Part two of the Axeman (yeah, I'm spelling it different this week, whaddaya gonna do?) of New Orleans is upon us from the "Hottest hell." Find out …

The Ax Man of New Orleans, Part One

April 28th, 2020


This week, Strangeful Things will regale you with the story of the New Orleans Axe Man! No, not the body spray that paired well with Ed Hardy, dad …

The Princess of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

April 21st, 2020


Come with Acadia, Mells, Sandwich and Shooey to the magical land of wealthy tourists, serial killers, high content alcoholic beverages and the home …

The Martin Family Disappearance

April 16th, 2020


It's a Men Only show (not to be confused with Members Only, but I bet these two Gen-Xers both had one)! See how the fellas fare without Mells and Sandwich as they take you to the weirdest town in the US, PORTLAND! No, …


April 7th, 2020


Cannibalism isn't just for other people, it's for you, too! That's called autocannibalism!

Sandwich throws her hat in the ring this week to tell Mells, Shooey and a very grossed out Acadia about a little thing called …

Alexander Bychkov, The Belinsky Cannibal

March 31st, 2020


Acadia, Mells, Shooey and Sandwich travel to Russia for the tale of Alexander Bychkov, The Belinsky Cannibal. 

We're su-"spicious" of how such a …

Hotel President Kansas City Missouri

March 24th, 2020


It's another foursome with Acadia, Mells, Jen Sandwich and Shooey. Come explore the windowless (or shaded window) room of the Hotel President where one woman (or two women, or two women or one man)...well, we dunno! …

USS Nimitz San Diego Sightings

March 17th, 2020


For the first time ever, Acadia, Mells, Shooey AND Sandwich unite in a force of silliness to talk about San Diego, the Navy, pilot call signs, butt jokes and of course, whales vaginas.

In this episode we're discussing a …

The Dr. James Barry Podcast

March 11th, 2020


Join Acadia, Mells and the newest grackle, Shooey, as they explore the fascinating life of Dr. James Barry, who once cussed someone out someone famous for wearing inadequate sun protection.

Not that the hat thing is the …

The Lake City Quiet Pills Podcast

March 6th, 2020


Join Sandwich, Mells and Acadia as they discuss the strange case of  Lake City Quiet Pills.  From Reddit to Dubai, this story has a million twists and turns!

The Holly Harvey Podcast

February 25th, 2020


Mells and Acadia fly solo this week and bring you a tale of young love and straight up, cold blooded, murder.  Learn how Holly Harvey from …

The Icebox Murders Podcast

February 18th, 2020


You think your family doesn't get along?  Check out these folks from Houston who bring the family squabble to a whole new level!

Join Acadia, Mells …

The Phantom Barber of Pascagoula, Mississippi Podcast

November 28th, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving.  Here's a quick episode on the Phantom Barber of Pascagoula, Mississippi.  It's perfect to listen to while you have a bunch of …

The Teresita Basa Murder Mystery Podcast

November 23rd, 2019


Acadia and the Grackles definitely disagree on this episode.  Acadia says that Teresita Basa came back from beyond the grave to tell people who murdered her.  Sandwich and Mells say it's impossible.

The fact that the …

The Shugborough Inscription Podcast

November 12th, 2019


Ever wonder what you would do if you had a bunch of money and nobody to tell you not to make weird cryptic sculptures?  Well wonder no longer as we …

The Strange Case of Sexy Bob Crane

November 5th, 2019


Anyone who had to watch whatever their parents watched back in the 80s got stuck watching Hogans Heroes from time to time.  The show about zany Nazis was on for years, and its star, Bob Crane, was an interesting fellow.


October 31st, 2019


Hey everyone – we are so glad to be back and we have two new Grackles! So join Acadia, Jennifer Sandwich and Mells Bells as we start the new season off with some tales that we thought were spooky.

From the Spider-Man of …

The Nevada Triangle

September 5th, 2018


In the world of mysterious triangles where things may disappear, we are all probably familiar with the Bermuda Triangle, but until we recorded this …

Jack Parsons Part Two – Rocket Fueled Magick

August 30th, 2018


If you thought Jack Parsons was interesting, wait until you hear about all the other weirdos he got up to nonsense with in our part two. Let’s just …

Jack Parsons Part One – Rocket Fueled Magick

August 23rd, 2018


Jack Parsons was one of the most fascinating people we have ever covered on this podcast and this first episode introduces you to the young rocket scientist.  It also introduces you to a new Grackle – Jennifer …

Atlantis – Legend or History?

August 15th, 2018


No other story has captured the imagination quite like the lost city of Atlantis. But was it just a myth? Or could the kingdom of Atlantis have been …

The Unidentified – Interview with Rebekah Turner

August 8th, 2018


Everyone knows the dread of missing persons cases. But what about the opposite, where you found someone but you cannot find who misses them?  That’s what we will be talking about on this special interview from …

The Battle of Los Angeles Podcast

July 25th, 2018


This podcast features a discussion of the time the World War Two California coastal defenses opened fire on a ufo!  Did they hit it?  And make sure you check out the post to see the picture they put in the paper of the …

Everywhere – Roundup of Weird

July 18th, 2018


We have a mini episode for you this week while we take some time to bolster our research efforts for our upcoming episodes. A roundup of weird and …

Owl Mountains, Poland – The Hunt for Nazi Gold

July 4th, 2018


Between 1943 and 1945, the Nazis dug a giant network of mineshafts, tunnels and caves in the Owl Mountains in southwestern Poland. Many said they …

Washington D.C. – CIA Mind Control & Project Monarch

June 27th, 2018


This week’s episode is Part 2 of our CIA Mind Control & MKUltra episode. Please secure all tin-foil hats before proceeding.

Once again, you can …

Washington D.C. – CIA Mind Control & MKUltra

June 20th, 2018


Well, Strangeful Things is finally on a national list! Unfortunately, it’s the CIA Watch List. (As if we’re all not being watched already!)

This …

Heilbronn, Germany – The Phantom of Heilbronn

June 13th, 2018


The Phantom of Heilbronn, also sometimes called “The Woman Without a Face” was a hypothetical serial killer accused of committing over 40 crimes all over Germany and even in parts of Austria and France, over a period of …

Casnovia, Michigan – The Disappearance of Todd Geib

June 6th, 2018


In this week’s episode of Strangeful Things, Christy tells us the bizarre story of Todd Geib and how he disappeared. Hint: It occurred in the woods. …

Long Beach, California – The Queen Mary

May 30th, 2018


The Queen Mary was a world class luxury liner and one of the fastest ships on the seven seas.  Now it is permanently docked in Long Beach, California where is serves as a hotel and a really good way to scare the crap …

British Columbia – The Foot Episode

May 23rd, 2018


Come along with us on a journey to British Columbia, where our northern neighbors have a foot problem. Well, if you consider dismembered feet washing …

The Deadly Double

May 16th, 2018


In this week’s episode, Kenny takes us back to the 1940’s to explore just one of the intriguing mysteries surrounding World War 2 – The Deadly Double!

Lesser Known Cryptids

May 9th, 2018


In this episode, Jenn introduces the Fell Companions to three less well-known Cryptids of North America! Featuring the Skunk Ape, Thunderbirds and …

The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders Podcast – Part 2

May 2nd, 2018


If you thought this tale couldn’t get any worse, I’ve got bad news for you. It can. Tune in to part two to hear how the Northcotts somehow are even …

The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders Podcast – Part 1

April 25th, 2018


In 1928, Gordon Northcott drove around the greater Los Angeles area grabbing kids off the street and doing monstrous things to them.  This episode of the podcast tells the story of how Northcott got to Wineville, …

St Louis, Missouri – Ricky McCormick

April 18th, 2018


What initially seemed like an inconsequential find in 1999 has become one of the FBI’s longest-standing unsolved cases.

Encrypted notes found in the …

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