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We left the Peak for the comfort of our beds and a chance to sleep in for a few hours later than normal. 

Then we packed our bags and drove to the port and boarded a ferry to Macau. 

We checked in to our rooms at The Parisian before heading down to Santo Antonio where the street food and the shops were brimming with people spilling onto the streets. 

We celebrated some of the most amazing Portuguese cuisines from the exquisite Michelin star restaurant Antonio. 

The next morning we recovered with a buffet and boarded a ferry back to Hong Kong and a drive through Repulse Bay and the homes of the expatriates. 

My wife grabbed a nap while Dean and I made a Hawaiian bread recipe that produced two loaves, six nine rolls and one round. 

The next day Dean joined us for lunch after a doctor appointment and then we returned to the house for a day of relaxation. 

On our last day, my wife joined me on an adventure to see Hong Kong's local comic book shops. 

We ventured to Causeway Bay and then finished our evening with a viewing of A Star is Born with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. 

The next morning we rode to the airport with Dean and boarded our plane home. I'm not a world traveler, yet, but my love of traveling continues to grow. 

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#Travel #HongKong #Adventure #SaiKung #MonKok

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