Stoic Coffee Break

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"Act on your principles, not your moods." A weekly meditation on how Stoic principles can help you be a better human.

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141 - Motivation and Willpower

August 13th, 2018


I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation and how we accomplish the goals that we set out to do. And I think there’s a bit a confusion about motivation and how it helps us get things done. Let’s take a look at the def…

140 - Circumstances Don't Make The Man

August 9th, 2018


“Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.”

– Epictetus

How do we deal with difficulties? Do we see them as challenges or opportunities? As something that is to be suffered thr…

139 - Judgments

August 6th, 2018


Show Notes:

  • How many times have we made judgments about someone when we first meet them, that later turn out to be completely wrong?

“Impressions, striking a person’s min…

138 - The Greatest Obstacle to Living

July 30th, 2018


“Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow, and…

137 - Worthy of Your Potential

May 25th, 2018


“Tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes. Therefore, give yourself fully to your endeavors. Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal. The trials…

136 - The Scent of a Good Man

May 24th, 2018


“The honest and good man ought to be exactly like a man who smells strong, so that the bystander, as soon as he comes near him, must smell him whether he chooses or not.”

― Marcus Aurelius


135 - No Easy Thing

May 23rd, 2018

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