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Episode 4: Princess Disruption


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Ride-sharing app, Uber, came to New York City in 2011 and completely disrupted the taxi industry. Ever since, the number of Ubers has outgrown taxis, and today the ride-hail app generates more rides than traditional black cabs. While Uber faced a massive backlash in many European countries, it would seem that it has remained unchallenged in the Big Apple. Or is it? In this episode, Yannic travels to New York to find out how Uber has changed the market, what the future of taxi industry might look like and how the design thinking approach might help to solve the "taxi vs. Uber" controversy.

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What is Step One?

August 22nd, 2018


Step One is a podcast about people striving to change their world – our world. We tell you stories from the Bosch Alumni Network. A network of doers and thinkers connected across the globe, working toward positive …

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