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31: Helping Customers Discover Products through Marketing - Interview with Maurice Cherry,…

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Maurice Cherry is Content Marketer at Fog Creek Software, based in New York City. Maurice is based out of Atlanta, since much of the workforce is remote.

Fog Creek makes software to help the lives of software developers. Other companies spun out of Fog Creek, including Trello and Stack Overflow. Also FogBugz, now Manuscript, came out of Fog Creek. They recently released a new product called Glitch, a flexible tool to create software, even for not especially technical users.

As Content Marketer, Maurice creates content about Fog Creek’s products and tells stories about the products. Maurice says that there is a discovery process when people find apps and services to use. He says that that gap is marketing. So that could be ads, creating content, creating videos, or going to the communities that can use the products. Marketing is a wayfinder, helping companies find the users for their products.

Maurice’s background is in technology. He has a Master’s degree. And he’s worked at NASA, and in startups. He’s done web development and design, including founding his own design studio. He has a podcast called Revision Path.

Maurice talks about the diversity and inclusion climate and initiatives in the tech industry now.


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