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Interview with David Ray Griffin

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Interview with David Ray Griffin (67) about his book \\\'The New Parl Harbor,\\\' in which he attacks with facts the offical account of the assault on the World Trade Center-towers and the Pentagon-building. Griffin has been for over 30 years professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont School of Theology in California. He is author and editor of more than 20 books. The human rights lawyer and Professor Emeritus Richard Falk of Princeton University, writes in the foreword of the book: \\\'this is a disturbing book, depicting a profound crisis of political legitimacy for the most powerful sovereign state in the history of the world... It is rare, indeed, that a book has this potential to become a force of history.\\\' Although more than 100.000 copies of \\\'The New Pearl Harbor\\\' have been sold in The USA, the corporate mainstream press boycots the book. I interviewed professor Griffin in Amsterdam on 8 september 2006, after the translation of his book into Dutch. My first question was why and when he did start doubting the official version of 9/11?

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