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Social Entrepreneur exists at the intersection of profit and purpose. We tell positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions.

328 Episodes | 2015 - 2022

An Umbrella Made from Ocean-Bound Plastic, with Deirdre Horan, Dri

May 18th, 2022


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Dri produces durable, fashionable, and environmentally sustainable …

Grants, Challenges, and Incubators (Oh My!) with Shubham Issar of SoaPen

March 11th, 2022


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Shubham Issar and Amanat Anand go from the UNICEF Wearables …

Can Meta be a Force for Good? An Interview with Emily Dalton Smith

November 27th, 2021


Is it possible for the company formerly known as Facebook to be a force for good? There are some bright spots. 

NOTE: For a full transcript of the …

Think Against the Grain for Regenerative Farmers, with Dan Miller, Steward

July 6th, 2021


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Steward is a community of borrowers and lenders who support regenerative farming.

Can a farm make the earth healthier? Regenerative farming is a set of …

The Many Faces of Service, with Kate Glantz, Luma Legacy

July 4th, 2021


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Luma Legacy: A Fairer, Kinder World

“Luma Legacy is a segment within Luma Pictures,” Kate explains. “It’s a magical creative studio that's been in the …

Katherine Venturo-Conerly and Tom Osborn, Shamiri Institute

June 30th, 2021


For extended show notes and a full transcript, see https:://

Half of the young people in Kenya have elevated …

Kick Off, Season Four

June 28th, 2021


I’ve been thinking about you.

You want to live a life of significance

You feel compelled to serve a cause greater than yourself.

You see a need in the world that you can’t unsee. There’s a cause that burns in your …

A Traveler’s Guide To World Peace, with Aziz Abu Sarah, MEJDI Tours

March 1st, 2021


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MEJDI Tours sees tourism as an opportunity to transform lives through dual narratives and by strengthening local communities.

Aziz Abu Sarah …

Tap into the Strengths of Neurodiversity, with Isabella He

February 28th, 2021


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High school students work on behalf of those with autism spectrum disorder …

A Sense of Justice for Women and Girls, with Judith Martinez, InHerShoes

February 27th, 2021


What would you do if you were 1% more courageous?

Judith Martinez is a leader at the intersection of social justice and the future of human …

Eliminate Plastic from Your Oral Care, with Kathy Ku, Juni Essentials

February 25th, 2021


Helping bamboo farmers and women in impoverished regions become self-reliant while eliminating plastic waste.

If Kathy Ku’s name is familiar to you, you might have heard about her previous social venture in Uganda, …

Screen Printing with a Social Mission, with Sara Weihmann, New Avenues INK

February 23rd, 2021


Offering paid job training for youth.

Sara Hart Weihmann is the Director of Social Enterprise at New Avenues for Youth in Portland. She oversees a …

Changing Lives through a Second Chance, with Karen Lee, Pioneer Human Services

February 23rd, 2021


People who were involved in the criminal justice system are more than their labels.

Karen Lee is the Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Human …

How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet, with Sandra Goldmark

February 22nd, 2021


What Sandra Goldmark learned from a seven-year experiment fixing stuff.

Sandra Goldmark is the Director of Sustainability and Climate Action at …

The Purpose-Driven Social Entrepreneur, with Karim Abouelnaga, Practice Makes Perfect

February 21st, 2021


NOTE: For a full transcript of the conversation, see:

Close the Opportunity Gap through high-impact …

Denise Withers, Author of Story Design: The Creative Way to Innovate

February 20th, 2021


If you want a better future, you need a better story.

“Leading change has never been tougher,” Denise Withers says. “Fear, apathy, and uncertainty have paralyzed most of the world, making it almost impossible to …

Housing Affordability Through Small Homes, with Nichol Beckstrand, YardHomes Minnesota

February 18th, 2021


YardHomes Minnesota uses a prefabrication approach and an innovative financing model to create affordable housing.

YardHomes Minnesota is creating housing affordability by building and maintaining accessory dwelling …

Set Goals Aligned with Your Values, with Ruth Biza, #ThisIsMyEra

February 7th, 2021


For every planner and course sold, #ThisIsMyEra helps a child with an education.

#ThisIsMyEra produces a 90-day planner that helps you set goals …

The Urgency to Go Tree Free, with Zoë Levin, Bim Bam Boo

January 17th, 2021


For extended show notes, see

Trees Should Capture Carbon, Not Crap

We know the problems with carbon dioxide (CO2) …

Using Human-Centered Design to Prevent Maternal and Infant Deaths, with Karima Ladhani, Giving Cradle and Barakat Bundle

December 20th, 2020


For extended show notes, go here:

80% of maternal and infant deaths are preventable.

Dr. Karima Ladhani is the daughter of immigrants. Her parents moved from India to Uganda. In …

A Safe Space in Times of Crisis, with Katherine Woo,

December 8th, 2020

26:14 to support emergency response around the world.

Natural disasters are on the rise. Climate change has accelerated wildfires and hurricanes. Healthcare workers are responding to the global pandemic. People …

The Power of Voice to Make an Impact, with Regina Larko, #impact Podcast

December 6th, 2020


For extended show notes, see:

A place and a community shaped Regina Larko.

Regina Larko was born and raised in Vienna.

“Three generations raised me,” Regina says. “My …

A Muscle for Innovation, with Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood

December 1st, 2020


How do we get more people involved in social innovation?

NOTE: For extended show notes, see

Tom Dawkins is …

Wrap-up of Season Two and Kick-Off Season Three of Social Entrepreneur

November 30th, 2020


In season two, we’ve been telling stories of a just and equitable transition to a clean energy future.

The Coronavirus is a wakeup call.

If you don’t know by now, the way we’ve been living isn’t working for the …

A Former Oil Executive Transforms Waste to Energy, with Dave Goebel, enVerde

November 22nd, 2020


enVerde converts organic waste into sustainable clean energy.

The Office for Technology Commercialization (OTC) is the office at the University of …

An Ecosystem of Environmental Entrepreneurship, with Sebastian Sajoux, Arqlite

September 12th, 2020


For extended show notes, look here:

93% of plastic is not recycled.  

Only seven to nine percent of the plastic that is generated on an annual basis is recycled. …

Turn on Your Heat Without Heating Up the Planet, with Steven Downey, Harmony Fuels 

September 10th, 2020


How do you reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank?  

Did you turn on your heat this week? A lot of people in the northern hemisphere either already did, or they will soon. For 12 million homes in the …

Parents: Reduce Your To-Do List and Your Carbon Footprint, with Lauren Gregor, Rent-a-Romper

August 29th, 2020


For a extended show notes and a full transcript of this conversation, see

Rent-a-Romper makes parents' lives …

When Sustainability Isn’t Enough, with Mary Jane Melendez, General Mills

July 13th, 2020


General Mills is blending regeneration and philanthropy to create impact.

How do you feed a hungry world without destroying the planet? And, how do …

Comfortable, Efficient, and Healthy Buildings, with Deepinder Singh, 75F

June 30th, 2020


Optimizing building energy efficiency can be complicated and expensive. According to Deepinder Singh, it doesn’t have to be.

The world has more than 230 billion square meters of building space with another 65 billion …

Healing is in the Environment, with Robert Blake, Solar Bear

June 25th, 2020


Solar Bear is a Native American owned solar installation company.

Robert Blake of Solar Bear has a habit of mashing up two problems and coming up …

Delivering Efficiency with Marc Kuo, Routific

June 16th, 2020


Routific uses AI to cut mileage and drive time by 20%-40%.

Marc Kuo is the Founder & CEO of Routific. He is a routing expert with nearly a decade of experience in last-mile logistics. But he didn’t always work in …

Environmental Change in the Midwest, with Janet McCabe, Environmental Resilience Institute

May 19th, 2020


The Environmental Resilience Institute helps midwestern communities understand and prepare for environmental change. 

There’s something powerful …

A Just and Equitable Transition to a Clean Energy Future, with Ry Brennan

May 11th, 2020


The problems are systemic and complex. So are the answers.

Globally, the United States accounts for 5% of the world’s population, but we produce …

Jessica Hellmann, Geofinancial Analytics and the Institute on the Environment

May 3rd, 2020


If you could invent a post-pandemic world, what world would you create?

I hear a lot of people talking about the desire to return to “normal.” …

Kickoff, Season Two, Social Entrepreneur

April 22nd, 2020


In season two, we are telling stories of an inclusive and just transition to a clean energy future.

Happy Earth Day! Welcome to Season Two of Social Entrepreneur. You already know that we tell positive stories from …

Introducing Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

April 22nd, 2020


Positive stories of resilient people who thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity.

Who do you know …

Top Twelve Popular Podcasts 2018, Elizabeth Sarquis

December 17th, 2018


Global Gaming Initiative provides a suite of tools and services to make it easier for game developers and publishers to produce and monetize games …

Top Twelve Popular Podcasts 2018, Elisa Birnbaum

December 14th, 2018


In the Business of Change features stories of changemakers who use the power of business to address society’s most pressing problems.

Note: Between now and the end of the year, we’re counting down the top twelve …

Developing Young Entrepreneurs, with Dario Otero, Youth Lens 360

September 24th, 2018


Youth Lens 360 is a for-profit marketing company that works with youth.

Youth Lens 360 provides visual communication, product marketing, and branding services through the lens of youth ages 14-24.

Dario Otero, the …

The Empowerment Bag: A Bag to End Human Trafficking, with Vaishali Umrikar

September 18th, 2018


The Empowerment Bag is an eco-friendly brand of bags, that employs women at risk of sex trafficking.

Vaishali Umrikar is a passionate social entrepreneur who is committed to fighting human trafficking. While she was …

Come to a Live Taping of Social Entrepreneur

September 6th, 2018


Acara + Four Leading Social Entrepreneurs + YOU = Social Entrepreneur Live!

Do you want to be at a live taping of the Social Entrepreneur podcast? We're partnering with Acara, a program of the Institute on the …

Hope, Cookies, and the End of Relationship Violence, with Junita Flowers, Junita’s Jar

July 2nd, 2018


Junita’s Jar donates a portion of their profits to end relationship violence.

One year ago, Junita Flowers said, “Clarity comes while you are …

Elisa Birnbaum, Author of “In the Business of Change: How Social Entrepreneurs are Disrupting Business as Usual”

May 28th, 2018


In the Business of Change features stories of changemakers who use the power of business to address society’s most pressing problems.

Elisa Birnbaum is the publisher and editor-in-chief of SEE Change Magazine, a …

Used Bikes, Big Impact, with Calla Martin and Mary McKeown, Express Bike Shop

April 22nd, 2018


Express Bike Shop is a learning lab where young people develop the habits and skills for work.

Today might be a good day to ride a bike. In fact, almost any day is a great day to ride a bike. Biking can be fun. It’s …

Make a Living without Losing Yourself, with Sharon Rowe, The Magic of Tiny Business

April 9th, 2018


The Magic of Tiny Business is now available for preorder.

Sharon Rowe is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship. She launched her company, Eco-Bags Products, almost thirty years ago. Her company produces ECOBAGS, the …

BONUS Interview, Sally Koering Zimney, This Moved Me

March 26th, 2018


This Moved Me helps purpose-driven changemakers speak with confidence, clarity, and authenticity so they can create talks that move the world.

This …

Science and Our Relationship with Nature, with Bonnie Keeler, The Natural Capital Project

March 19th, 2018


The Natural Capital Project is developing practical tools and approaches to account for nature’s contributions to society.

As Bonnie Keeler grew up …

The Power of a Simple Idea, with Lulu Cerone, LemonAID Warriors

March 5th, 2018


LemonAID Warriors is a youth empowerment program that aims to give young people the tools that they need to turn their compassion into action, and …

Find Your Funding, Part 2, Cathy Clark, CASE Smart Impact Capital

February 26th, 2018


CASE Smart Impact Capital is a toolkit that helps you to raise capital that aligns with your needs.

In 1992, Cathy Clark had a conversation with …

BONUS Episode: Cathy Clark Talks About Larry Fink’s Letter to CEOs

February 26th, 2018


BONUS Episode: Cathy Clark Talks About Larry Fink’s Letter to CEOs


Cathy Clark stopped by to talk about CASE Smart Impact Capital, a rich resource to help entrepreneurs to be more efficient and effective in raising …

Find Your Funding, Part 1, Jeff Ochs, Venn Foundation

February 19th, 2018


The Venn Foundation uses Program-Related Investments in surprising new ways.

This week, we’re kicking off a two-part mini-series how to fund a business that does social good. We did something like this in April 2016. …

Mobile Gaming for Social Good, with Elizabeth Sarquis, Global Gaming Initiative and Jukko

February 12th, 2018


Global Gaming Initiative provides a suite of tools and services to make it easier for game developers and publishers to produce and monetize games …

Community Feasts for a Cause, with Emily Torgrimson, Eat for Equity

December 18th, 2017


Eat for Equity is building a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts.

In the early 2000s, Emily Torgrimson was a college student …

Fair Trade Coffee from Smallholder Farmers, with Lee Wallace, Peace Coffee [ENCORE]

December 18th, 2017


NOTE: This is an encore presentation of an episode that first aired on July 11, 2016. Advice from Lee Wallace is featured in the book, Crazy Good …

The Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem Map with Susan Hammel, Cogent Consulting

November 20th, 2017


The Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem Map documents impact investing activity in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

If you would have picked up a …

Everyone Deserves Healthcare, with Grace Garey, Watsi [Encore Presentation]

November 13th, 2017



NOTE: This is an encore presentation of an episode that first aired on March 6, 2017. Grace Garey and Watsi are featured in the book, Crazy Good Advice: 10 Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneurs. To …

A Second Chance at Childhood, with Jenny Bowen, OneSky

October 9th, 2017


One Sky is an international NGO that works with governments and communities to help the most disadvantaged and marginalized children.

Jenny Bowen is a storyteller. In this interview, she tells the story of OneSky. I …

Making Technology Fun, Relevant, and Accessible for Girls, with Betty Gronneberg, uCodeGirl

October 2nd, 2017


uCodeGirl offers pathways to technology careers for teen girls by tapping into their curiosity, skills, and potential.

Betty Gronneberg grew up in …

Connecting Buyers and Suppliers of Aid Supplies, with Stephanie Cox, The Level Market

October 2nd, 2017


The Level Market is the premier marketplace for aid and relief supplies.

Stephanie Cox grew up looking at National Geographic with her grandfather. …

One Million New Change Creators, with Adam Force, Change Creator Magazine

September 25th, 2017


Change Creator is a platform for motivated social entrepreneurs who are ready to create solutions to the world’s problems.

What would it take to …

Clean Water, Powered by Gravity, with May Sharif, AguaClara

September 25th, 2017


AguaClara designs gravity-powered water treatment plants for low-income communities around the world.

According to May Sharif, Founder and Managing Director of AguaClara, “More than one in ten people around the world …

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Internet, with Jack Amend and Matthew Reid, Web Neutral Project

August 28th, 2017


The Web Neutral Project is a comprehensive certification program that calculates, offsets and neutralizes the carbon footprint of websites and …

Style with a Purpose, with Hamilton Perkins, Hamilton Perkins Collection

August 21st, 2017


Hamilton Perkins Collection is a certified B Corporation, offering designer travel bags at an affordable price. Each bag is made from 100% recycled …

Using Your Professional Skills to Volunteer, with Ann Herzog-Olson, Social Venture Partners, Minnesota

August 21st, 2017


Social Venture Partners is a nonprofit that uses the venture capital model to help other nonprofits build capacity and grow.

Sometimes you want to do more. It might feel satisfying at the moment to march and chant. …

Product Packaging with a Purpose, with Lindsey McCoy, Plaine Products

August 14th, 2017


Plaine Products helps reduce single-use plastics by producing natural, vegan shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in returnable, reusable containers.

In 2013, Lindsey McCoy was living in the Bahamas and running a …

Investing in, Connecting and Celebrating Social Entrepreneurs, with Sally Osberg, Skoll Foundation

August 7th, 2017


The Skoll Foundation drives large-scale change for the world’s most pressing problems. They invest in, connect and celebrate social entrepreneurs.

183, Lori Most, BinaryBridge | Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Humanitarian Missions

July 24th, 2017


BinaryBridge creates software that helps humanitarians do their work effectively and efficiently.

Lori Most grew up seeing television commercials of humanitarian crises, especially in Africa. Lori recounted, “I always …

182, Zach McGill, Perk Health | Improving the Health of People and Companies

July 24th, 2017


Perk Health is a website and app that helps you pick up healthier habits in a way that is sustainable.

Zach McGill and Doug DeBold grew up playing …

181, Marcus Owens, NEON | Sustainable Community Development through Entrepreneurship

July 17th, 2017


Northside Economic Opportunity Network, better known as NEON, provides entrepreneurs in North Minneapolis with business development services.

178, Kristen Womack, Hack the Gap | Hacking the Diversity Gap

July 10th, 2017


Hack the Gap is a weekend event where women come together to build a project as a team.

Kristen Womack is a bona fide techy. She worked as a product manager for some well-known tech companies. She runs Night Sky Web …

177, Katherine Milligan, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship | The World’s Largest Network of Late-Stage Social Entrepreneurs

July 3rd, 2017


The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is the sister organization to the World Economic Forum. They manage the world’s largest network of late-stage social entrepreneurs.

Katherine Milligan says, “I have …

174, Eric Sannerud, Mighty Axe Hops | Experimenting within an Ecosystem

June 26th, 2017


Mighty Axe Hops is using experimentation to create an ecosystem within an ecosystem.

Eric Sannerud is an experimenter. He tries small experiments, gathers feedback and then adjusts. For example, in 2013, he was …

172, Evva Kraikul, GLITCH | Equipping Emerging Game Makers with Tools for Success

June 18th, 2017


GLITCH promotes the exploration of digital games as a culture, career and creative practice.

If I were to tell a joke about Evva Kraikul, it might …

171, Mark Norbury, UnLtd | The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

June 12th, 2017


UnLtd is the UK’s largest supporter of early-stage social entrepreneurs.

Mark grew up in the time when Land-Aid, Band-Aid, and Live-Aid were …

168, Lisa O'Donoghue-Lindy, She Inspires Her| Stories that Inspire African Women to Start and Grow Businesses

May 22nd, 2017


She Inspires Her is an online and mobile media platform that shares stories about women entrepreneurs in emerging African markets.

Lisa …

167, Peter Holbrook, Social Enterprise UK | Leading an Economic and Political Systems Shift

May 15th, 2017


Social Enterprise UK is the membership and advocacy body for social enterprises in the United Kingdom.

Peter Holbrook started his career with the …

161, Madeline Di Nonno, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media | Changing Media to Empower Girls

April 3rd, 2017


The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media is a research-driven organization that is changing media to empower girls. 

While watching television with her daughter, Geena Davis noticed that women were not well …

160, Yohans Wodaje Emiru, helloDoctor | Bridging Barriers to Healthcare in Ethiopia Through Simple MedTech

March 27th, 2017


Dr. Yohans Wodaje Emiru is the founder of Telemed Medical Services. Their flagship service is helloDoctor.

For every doctor in Ethiopia, there are more than 30,000 patients. Compare that to less than 400 patients per …

157, Grace Garey, Watsi | Everyone Deserves Healthcare

March 6th, 2017


Watsi is on a mission to provide healthcare for every person in the world.

In March, on Social Entrepreneur, we are focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being. A billion people around the …

156, Morgan Dixon, GirlTrek | When Black Women Walk, Things Change

March 1st, 2017


GirlTrek is the largest public health nonprofit for African-American women and girls in the United States.

Morgan Dixon was a school teacher. As …

155, Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor | Collaborative Consumption for Smallholder Farmers

February 27th, 2017


Hello Tractor is an AgTech company focused on improving food and income security across sub-Saharan Africa through a tractor co-sharing platform.

154, Vijaya Pastala, Under the Mango Tree | A Hybrid Social Enterprise that Creates Livelihood from Bees

February 20th, 2017


Under the Mango Tree increases agricultural yields by teaching rural farmers to keep bees. 

Vijaya Pastala and Under the Mango Tree are a good …

152, Marion Atieno Moon, Wanda Organic | Food Security through Soil Health

February 6th, 2017


Wanda Organic is a for-profit social enterprise that works with farmers to improve their productivity and profitability by improving their soil.

At the age of 28, Marion Atieno Moon quit her job. She wasn’t quite sure …

144, Mario Jovan Shaw, Profound Gentlemen | Male Educators of Color as Role Models for Boys of Color

December 28th, 2016


Profound Gentlemen is having a profound impact on boys of color through social-emotional learning.

How do you raise a successful boy of color, in …

139, Sonja Ausen-Anifrani, SMS Maama | Reduce Maternal Mortality in Uganda

December 16th, 2016


Sonja Ausen-Anifrani and Katelyn Pastick believe that maternal mortality can be reduced by providing the health information that every woman deserves.

The founders of SMS Maama met at a course on social …

138, Julius Ibrahim, Second Shot Coffee | Heart, Head, and Hustle to end Homelessness

December 14th, 2016


Julius Ibrahim is tackling homelessness one espresso at a time.

In her book, Work on Purpose, Echoing Green alumni Lara Galinsky offers this …

136, Vivek Maru, Namati | The Rule of Law for Everyone

December 9th, 2016


Namati puts the rule of law in the hands of people.

The rule of law is a bedrock of most modern societies. No one is above the law. We are all …

135, Gillian Caldwell, Global Witness | The Link Between Natural Resources, Conflict and Corruption

December 7th, 2016


Global Witness investigates and exposes natural resource exploitation around the world.

Have you ever wondered why many of the countries that are …

134, Verengai Mabika, Development Reality Institute (DRI) | The Climate Change Challenge and Opportunity

December 5th, 2016


Verengai Mabika sees the opportunities created by climate change.

Eighty percent of Zimbabwe’s businesses depend on Agriculture. Most agriculture in …

132, Nina Smith, GoodWeave International | End Child Labor with a Market-Based Approach

November 30th, 2016


Nina Smith has been thinking about social justice since she was eight years old. It’s natural that today she is working to end child labor.

You might …

128, Steph Speirs and Steve Moilanen, Solstice | Solar for All

November 21st, 2016


Solstice provides access to clean, affordable solar energy for those who have been locked out of the solar market.

Today’s conversation with Steph …

127, Clementine Chambon, Amit Saraogi, Oorja | Rural Electrification of India Using Waste

November 18th, 2016


Oorja's biomass and solar-powered micro-grids provide affordable and reliable electricity to off-grid communities in rural India.

In India, 450 …

126, Harrison Leaf, | Connect Mini-Grids to the Cloud

November 16th, 2016


Mini-Grids are a way to connect more than a billion people to electricity and water.

We’ve grown used to the idea of “the internet of things,” big …

124, Sam Pressler, Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) | Empowering Veterans through Comedy and the Arts

November 11th, 2016


On this Veteran’s Day, we celebrate with Sam Pressler of the Armed Services Arts Partnership or ASAP.

What words would you use to describe …

123, Allison Archambault, EarthSpark International | Solving Energy Poverty through Innovation

November 9th, 2016


EarthSpark International is working to eradicate energy poverty.

Energy poverty is the cycle of poverty that exist when people don’t have access to modern fuels, especially electricity. More than a billion people …

121, Lauren Fine, Youth Sentencing and Reentry Project (YSRP) | Providing the Child Advocacy every Child Deserves

November 4th, 2016


The Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project is dedicated to keeping kids out of adult jails and prisons.

Did you make any bad decisions when you …

120, Paul Bradley, ROC USA | Housing Security for Mobile Home Owners

November 2nd, 2016


ROC USA is a non-profit organization with a mission of making quality resident ownership possible nationwide.

When Paul Bradley was studying …

118, Avnish Gungadurdoss, Instiglio | Tying social program funding to results

October 28th, 2016


Instiglio is a nonprofit with a mission of maximizing the social impact of every cent spent on social programs. They do that by tying funding to …

117, Safeena Husain, Educate Girls | The Power of an Educated Girl

October 26th, 2016


Safeena Husain of Educate Girls works with volunteers across Indian villages to find out-of-school girls, bring them back to school and to educate …

116, Tom Streitz, Twin Cities RISE | Ending Poverty through Personal Empowerment

October 24th, 2016


Twin Cities RISE transforms lives through personal empowerment and meaningful work.

In the United States, one of the richest countries in the …

115, Anushka Ratnayake, myAgro | How to Move Smallholder Farmers out of Poverty

October 21st, 2016


Anushka Ratnayake of myAgro uses a combination of savings, inputs and training to increase the income of smallholder farmers.

As a social …

114, Satyan Mishra, Drishtee | Developing Sustainable Communities

October 19th, 2016


Satyan Mishra of Drishtee is developing sustainable communities in the villages of India.

In the late 1990s, while Satyan Mishra was working on a government contract, he had the opportunity to visit many villages …

113, Yvette Ondachi, Ojay Greene | Connecting Smallholder Farmers to Markets

October 16th, 2016


Yvette Ondachi uses technology to connect smallholder farmers to markets.

Yvette Ondachi is a biochemist. She was a pharmaceutical product manager …

112, Martin von Hildebrand, Gaia Amazonas | Promoting the Rights of Indigenous People and the Environment

October 14th, 2016


Martin von Hildebrand has been working with indigenous people for the last 42 years to protect their rights and the environment.

Martin lived with indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest from the 1972 through 1980. …

111, Anne Field, Award-Winning Writer, Editor, Journalist | Not Only For Profit

October 12th, 2016


Anne Field is interested in “not only for profit” businesses.  

Anne Field is an award-winning writer, editor and journalist. Just over ten years ago, she wrote an article on for-profit social enterprises and impact …

110, J.B. Schramm, New Profit | Advance Equity through Investment

October 10th, 2016


New Profit supports systems-changing ideas to advance equity.  

America has a problem. We need ten million more people with degrees and quality credentials by the year 2025. J.B. Schramm wants to do something about …

108, Chris Underhill, BasicNeeds | Partnering with people living with mental illness

September 26th, 2016


BasicNeeds works in partnership with people living with mental illness. 

Picture it. A young Chris Underhill and his wife are making their way out of a large hospital in Malawi where they have just been given …

104, Adam Force, Change Creator | A Multimedia Platform for Business with a Purpose

August 30th, 2016


This is what happens when podcasters interview podcasters.

As two podcasters, Adam Force and I have a great time going back and forth in this engaging interview. Adam tells the story of how he started Change Creator …

103, Krista Carrol, Latitude | A Company Powered by Purpose

August 29th, 2016


Latitude is a for-profit creative agency, powered by purpose.

In November, 2009, Krista and her husband were in their 30s and, as she told me, …

101, Kat Taylor, Beneficial State Bank | Beneficial to All, Harmful to None

August 15th, 2016


Can a bank be beneficial to all and harmful to none?

Does your bank do only good and no harm? Do you know? Beneficial State Bank aims to bank in a …

096, Lee Wallace, Peace Coffee | Fair Trade Coffee from Smallholder Farmers

July 11th, 2016


Smallholder farmers grow more than half of the coffee consumed worldwide.

Imagine if you will, that you are working at a non-profit in Minnesota, …

093, Taylor Downs, OpenFn | Increase Impact by Automating #TechForGood

June 20th, 2016


In today’s episode of Social Entrepreneur, we continue our #TechForGood series. Today we meet Taylor Downs of OpenFn (pronounced open function). …

089, Alexandria Lafci, New Story | Disrupting Community Development through Story-Driven Crowdfunding

May 27th, 2016


New Story is disrupting community development. They are doing that through a story-driven crowdfunding process for building homes. But, they’re not just building houses, they’re creating communities. And, in the …

088, Mike Gabriel, RSF Social Finance | Financing Social Enterprises

May 25th, 2016


RSF Social Finance has an innovative approach to financing social enterprises. They bring social entrepreneurs and funders together in regional meetings where loan rates are negotiated. Entrepreneurs help funders …

087, Matthew Patsky, Trillium Asset Management | Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

May 23rd, 2016


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); Socially Responsible Investing (SRI); and Impact Investing: these terms have slightly different meaning, but in the end all lead to the same conclusion. When we invest, we are …

086, Christopher Gray, Scholly | Student Loan Debt Slayer

May 20th, 2016


Student loan debt in the US is over $1.3 billion. You can watch the student loan debt grow in real time here. And it’s no wonder. Over 70% of students in the US take on debt to pay for education. At the same time, over …

085, Nur-E Farhana Rahman, Knotty Gal | Authentic Startup Life

May 18th, 2016


Startup life is not for the faint of heart. When Nur-E Farhana Rahman tells you about startup life, she is authentic, transparent and genuine. There are worries about cash flow. There are struggles with hiring the right …

084, Luni Libes, Aviary | Venture Capital Seed Fund for Impact Companies

May 16th, 2016


Aviary is a new venture capital seed fund, focused on mission-driven, for-profit conscious companies. It is run by Luni Libes. Luni was first a guest on Social Entrepreneur in episode 3. He is our first returning guest.

083, Nokwethu Khojane, Lakheni | South African Townships Called to Action

May 13th, 2016


Lakheni works in South African townships. If you’re not familiar with the townships of South Africa, during apartheid, these were the areas outside of city centers where black people were required to live. During these …

082, Miriam Haas, Down To Earth Markets | Farmer’s Market as a BCorp

May 11th, 2016


Farmer’s markets play an important role in our food ecosystem. Miriam Haas has been tinkering with the model of the Farmer’s market for more than 25 …

081, Zuleyma Bebell, ImpactAlpha | The TechCrunch and CrunchBase of Impact

May 9th, 2016


ImpactAlpha provides business reporting in the area of impact investing. ImpactSpace is an open data platform providing information for the impact investing marketplace. It’s easy to see why people compare these two …

080, Audrey Cheng, Moringa School | Code School for Kenya

May 6th, 2016


When Audrey Cheng was working with Savannah Fund, Africa’s leading technology seed fund and accelerator, she ran into a problem. She could not find …

079, Nedgine Paul, Anseye Pou Ayiti | Listening as Leadership

May 4th, 2016


Listening is a key strength of Nedgine Paul. Before launching Anseye Pou Ayiti (Teach for Haiti), she spent more than three years actively listening …

078, Amit Bouri, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) | The Conscious Investor

May 2nd, 2016


Impact investing is always happening, whether we think about it or not. If you put money in a bank account, the bank uses your money and there is an impact. If you invest in the stock market, even if you invest in an …

076, Drew Meyers, Horizon | Building Empathy through Travel with a Trusted Network

April 27th, 2016


Building empathy is the first step in becoming a changemaker. And what better way to build empathy than to travel? But not all travel is created equally. As it has been said,

The World is a book, and those who do not …

074, Founding and Funding, Part 3 | Sonja Rossteuscher, Triple S Advisory & Consulting

April 22nd, 2016


Today’s founding and funding series dives into the area of funding a social venture. I am honored to be joined today by Sonja Rossteuscher of Triple …

073, Mathieu Senard, Alter Eco Foods| Earth Day Special on Full Circle Sustainability

April 20th, 2016


In celebration of Earth Day 2016, we’re featuring Mathieu Senard of Alter Eco. Alter Eco is a full circle sustainability company – from the earth to …

072, Sasha Dichter, Acumen | Impact Measurement with Efficiency, Speed and Rigor

April 18th, 2016


Impact measurement is critical to success as a social entrepreneur. We become social entrepreneurs because we want to make an impact, but how do we measure our impact without detracting from our resources that are …

071, Founding and Funding, Part 2 | Jesse Finfrock, Morrison & Foerster

April 15th, 2016


Founding and funding a social enterprise requires several practical steps. In today’s episode of Social Entrepreneur, Jesse Finfrock of Morrison & Forester walks us through these steps. With their headquarters in …

070, Maria Rodriguez, Byoearth | Overcoming Our Inspirational Story

April 13th, 2016


How Our Inspirational Story Can Keep Us Stuck

What happens when our inspirational story keeps us from transformational change? We all have a story. …

069, Michael Pirron, Impact Makers | How to Scale a Social Enterprise

April 11th, 2016


If you want to know how to scale a social enterprise, Michael Pirron of Impact Makers might be someone to ask. Not only is his company recognized as a “Best for the World” B Corporation, they are also on the Inc. list …

068, Founding and Funding, Part 1 | Jackie Biederman and Tony Loyd

April 8th, 2016


Founding and funding a social enterprise: how do you start and what do you do? Every Friday in April we’re going to talk about practical tips to help you become a startup founder and how to fund your dreams. Today, …

067, Teresa Goines, Old Skool Cafe | Start Where You Are

April 6th, 2016


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe

Teresa Goines is a great example of this Arthur Ashe quote. She started with what she had. Her story starts with her heartbreak as she watched …

066, Andrew Stern, Global Development Incubator | Think Differently About Impact

April 4th, 2016


Think Different. You probably remember that as an Apple motto. But Andrew Stern of Global Development Incubator (GDI) applies the think differently model to the social impact space.

It takes a different kind of thinking …

065, Stuart Yasgur, Ashoka Social Financial Services | Using Market Forces for Social Good

April 1st, 2016


Ashoka Social Financial Services Group identifies and supports social entrepreneurs using market forces for social good. If you heard Episode 60 of Social Entrepreneur with Bill Drayton, you heard him talking about the …

064, Amanda LaGrange, TechDump | Social Impact Without Being a Startup Founder

March 30th, 2016


Social impact does not necessarily require you to be the founder of a social enterprise. Amanda LaGrange is living proof of that idea. Amanda spent more than seven years at General Mills, including time as a Senior …

063, Gretchen Steidle, Global Grassroots | Conscious Social Change

March 28th, 2016


Gretchen Steidle and Global Grassroots looks for change agents in the most marginalized communities in post-conflict East Africa. Their mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change. They …

062, Aruna Raman, Acara | Global South Supporting Global South

March 25th, 2016


The global south, that is countries south of the equator, are beginning to organize themselves in order to take on their own challenges. Today’s guest, Aruna Raman and I talked extensively about knowledge and talent …

061, Raj Sisodia, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. | Shakti Leadership, Embracing Feminine Energy

March 23rd, 2016


Raj Sisodia is one of the thought leaders of the Conscious Capitalism movement. His books Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism were major …

060, Bill Drayton, Ashoka | Everyone a Changemaker

March 21st, 2016


From the time he was in elementary schools, Bill Drayton was a changemaker. His parents and the principal of the school conspired to allow Bill bloom …

059, Servane Mouazan, Ogunte | Empowering Women Social Entrepreneurs

March 18th, 2016


Servane Mouazan grew up in Britany, France. From an early age she was motivated by social and environmental justice. “It was very diffuse back in the …

058, Jen Ford Reedy, Bush Foundation | Inspire, Equip, Connect

March 16th, 2016



Jen Ford Reedy grew up in Lawrence, KS, a college town. She knew from a young age that she wanted to do something meaningful with her life. As an …

056, Mike Lwin, Koe Koe Tech | Using Health Technology to Jumpstart a Broken Health System

March 11th, 2016


Health technology social enterprise Koe Koe Tech is leapfrogging Myanmar’s broken healthcare system into the 21st Century. Myanmar is a product of …

055, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Author, Focus on Impact

March 9th, 2016


The desire to make a sustainable difference, an impact, is a megatrend that social researcher Wendy Lipton-Dibner has been tracking for years. Wendy is a best-selling author. Her latest book is Focus On Impact, The …

054, Scott Anderson, NextBillion | Social Entrepreneurship through a Journalist’s Lens

March 7th, 2016


Scott Anderson sees social entrepreneurship through the eyes of a journalist. He has been the Managing Editor of NextBillion since 2010.

In 2004, C. …

053, Katy Ashe and Edith Elliott, Noora Health | Design Thinking to Improve Health Outcomes

March 4th, 2016


The founders of Noora Health utilized design thinking to iterate their way to dramatically improved patient outcomes. It started at Stanford …

051, Kago Kagichiri, Eneza Education | Spreading Education through EdTech

February 29th, 2016


Kago Kagichiri is obviously exceptionally bright. He built his first mobile app in 2001 when he was 12 years old. But he was a restless student. He …

050, Tom Osborn, GreenChar | Social Entrepreneurship Comes Early

February 26th, 2016


Social entrepreneurship came early to Tom Osborn. When Tom was 17 years old, his mother became ill with a severe lung infection. This is not an …

049, Duncan Ward, Classroom of Hope | Social Impact through Collaboration

February 24th, 2016


We all want to have a social impact, whether we want to start a neighborhood garden or provide clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. And yet, for many of us, we hesitate. We might be afraid or feel ill equipped. Or we …

048, Astrid Scholz, Sphaera | Unleashing $100 Billion in Value for Social Impact

February 22nd, 2016


If there were ever an industry that is ripe for disruption, it’s what we might call the social change industry – charitable organizations, NGOs, government organizations and other change makers. That’s primarily because …

047, Sammie Rayner, HandUp | Social Good in Your Neighborhood

February 19th, 2016


When it comes to social good, we often think we have to do something world-changing. In his book All the Trouble in the World, P. J. O'Rourke said

“Everybody wants to save the earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the …

046, Laurie Lane-Zucker, Impact Entrepreneur | Public Benefit Enterprise Zones

February 17th, 2016


Laurie Lane-Zucker has had a long and interesting path to Impact Entrepreneur. He was the Executive Director at the Orion Society, a highly respected environmental organization and publisher of Orion magazine. In 2007 …

045, Francesco Piazzesi, Echale a tu casa | Housing as Community Development

February 15th, 2016


Francesco Piazzesi grew up in the construction equipment industry. He noticed that the brick mason who spent his days building houses went home to a tin shack with a dirt floor. In many countries around the world, …

044, Miki Agrawal, THINX | A Serial Social Entrepreneur

February 12th, 2016


Being a serial social entrepreneur seems to be in Miki Agrawal’s blood. You can read her story in her very fine book, Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day …

043, Mike Vo, we2o | $62.4 B in Untapped Funds for Charitable Giving

February 10th, 2016


Charitable giving seems to be stuck in a time warp. While we easily bank, shop and communicate across mobile apps, online charitable giving is not always the best user experience. This poor user experience came to the …

042, Neetal Parekh, Innov8social | An Easy Button for Social Impact

February 8th, 2016


Social impact expert Neetal Parekh was born in Oklahoma City. Her parents had immigrated from India. She and her family moved frequently, about 20 times in 20 years. When Neetal and her family visited their family in …

041, Joy McBrien, Fair Anita | Beautiful Products with a Powerful Purpose

February 5th, 2016


After experiencing sexual violence in high school, Joy McBrien decided that she wanted to prevent this tragedy from happening to other women. When …

040, Chris Ategeka, Rides for Lives | A Life of Purpose

February 3rd, 2016


Social Entrepreneurship can come from almost anywhere. Sometimes we hear stories of people in a position of privilege to use their resources to do good for the world. Chris Ategeka’s story does not start like that.

039, Olivia Rothschild, 109World | Inspire, Influence, Engage, Change the World

February 1st, 2016


Social Entrepreneur Olivia Rothschild always wanted to be of service. Growing up in multiple countries and traveling widely, she learned to be …

038, Elise Maxwell, Ova Woman | A Talk With Your Lady Friend About Women’s Intimate Health

January 29th, 2016


If you hang around the startup community long enough, you’re going to run into some founders that make you think “I don’t know what business they’re starting, but I want to back their play.” Elise Maxwell is one of …

037, Dana Frasz, FoodShift | Reduce Food Waste, Feed People and Create Jobs

January 27th, 2016


After returning from time volunteering in Mother Teresa’s mission in Thailand, Dana Frasz was shocked to see the amount of food being wasted on her …

036, Teju Ravilochan Unreasonable Institute | Providing Entrepreneurs What They Need to Scale Impact

January 25th, 2016


In many ways Teju Ravilochan’s story is the story of many immigrant families. His parents were born in India, but he was born in the United States. …

035, Laura Roeder, | Authentic Kindness as a Business Differentiator

January 22nd, 2016


If I told you about a startup that reached $1 million in recurring annual revenue, in 11 months, would you be interested in learn more? What if I …

034, Russ Stoddard, Oliver Russell | How to Build a Purpose-Driven Company

January 20th, 2016


Purpose matters. 90% of U.S. consumers say they would switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality, according to …

031, Curt Bowen, Semilla Nueva | Iterating Your Way to Success

January 13th, 2016


There’s an old saying that has been attributed at different times to Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln (neither of whom said it. 

“Success is …

030, Jeffrey Hollender, Sustain Natural | A Systems Thinking Approach to Greater Good

January 11th, 2016


If Jeffrey Hollender’s name is familiar to you, it should not be surprising. As the cofounder of Seventh Generation, the author of a half dozen …

029, Mariana Costa, Laboratoria | The Power of Code to Change the Lives of Girls

January 8th, 2016


When Mariana Costa and her partners started a web development company in Lima, Peru, she quickly learned that good web developers are hard to come by. She also noticed that, of the candidates that applied for her open …

028, Marina Kim, Ashoka U | Every Campus a Changemaker

January 6th, 2016


Colleges and Universities are complex organizations with lots of deep thinkers and multiple stakeholders. Marina Kim has had a lot of practice at …

027, Tim Fargo, Tweet Jukebox| Lessons on Starting Your Business

January 4th, 2016


Tim Fargo might know a little something about attracting, converting and retaining new customers. He grew Omega Insurance Services from a three person operation in an extra bedroom to over 300 employees and with …

026, Joseph Sanberg, Aspiration | Building Trust by Doing Good

January 1st, 2016


Confidence in many institutions has been falling – Congress, churches, and, financial institutions. More than 90% of Americans surveyed do not trust the Financial Services industry to have their best interests in mind. …

025, David Reiling, Sunrise Banks | Empowering Underserved Communities

December 30th, 2015


According to Sunrise Banks’ CEO David Reiling, “The culture of Sunrise Banks is all about mission and innovation.” If you pull his statement apart, …

024, Tanyella Evans, Library For All | Feeding Great Minds in Low-Income Countries

December 28th, 2015


Tanyella Evans grew up in the highlands of Scotland, which she describes as “the middle of nowhere.” At age 16 she received a scholarship to study at …

023, Shanil Samarakoon, Empower Projects| Empowerment as a Community Development Tool

December 25th, 2015


Early in the morning of December 26, 2004, an underwater earthquake sent a massive tsunamis along the countries bordering the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people in 14 countries. It was one of the deadliest natural …

022, Sasha Fisher, Spark MicroGrants | Driving Change Through Empowerment

December 23rd, 2015


Where were you on September 11, 2001? If you were more than three years old at the time, there’s a good chance that you remember. Sasha Fisher grew …

021, Julian Maha, KultureCity | The Startup That is Changing the Perception of Autism

December 21st, 2015


Autism is the fastest growing developmental diagnosis. It is more often diagnosed in children than diabetes, HIV and cancer combined. About four …

020, Fred Rose, Acara | Helping Solve Hard and Complicated Problems Across Boundaries

December 18th, 2015


Fred Rose grew up on a family farm a few miles from the Canadian border. It was there that Fred learned several life lessons that make him a good entrepreneur: self-sufficiency, a lack of need for permission, …

019, Carrie Rich, Global Good Fund | The Surprising Power of Strangers to Do Good

December 16th, 2015


Every now and then, life surprises you. People, even complete strangers, have the capacity for kindness and goodness. They can sometimes surprise you …

018, Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood | Building Platforms of Social Good

December 14th, 2015


Special Announcement for this week:

Because of all of the people who have subscribed, rated and reviewed Social Entrepreneur, we are trending in the …

017, Stefan Phang, Soap for Hope | Leveraging the Strength of a Corporation

December 11th, 2015


When you visit a hotel, do you ever wonder what happens to the small piece of soap you leave behind? The average hotel generates somewhere from three …

16, Funlayo Alabi, Shea Radiance | Women’s Gold

December 9th, 2015


You may have seen shea butter as an ingredient, especially in high-end beauty products. But did you know that in Africa, shea butter is called …

015, Tonya Surman, Centre for Social Innovation | The Master Gardner

December 7th, 2015


Tonya Surman is a master gardener of social innovation. Tonya’s journey began when she was four years-old. Her mother left and her father became the …

014, Steele Lorenz, MyRain | Saving Water Resources through Business Innovation

December 4th, 2015


MyRain distributes efficient irrigation equipment to small plot farmers in India. It is not an innovation of technology; drip irrigation has existed …

013, Jim Smith, MadiDrop | From Academic Researcher to Founder

December 2nd, 2015


When I say “early stage entrepreneur,” whom do you picture? A hungry young person in a hoodie, eating Raman noodles and cranking out code? While this might be the prototype, more and more social entrepreneurs are …

012, Roger L. Martin, Rotman School | Changing the World One Model at a Time

November 30th, 2015


Roger L. Martin has spent his career attacking models that don’t produce the desired results. I first became aware of Roger L. Martin’s work when I …

010, Devin Thorpe, Champion of Social Good

November 25th, 2015


When Devin Thorpe was 11 years old, he volunteered to clean up in the aftermath of a flood that devastated an Idaho town. This experience left an …

009, David Gluckman, Lumkani | Safety through Innovation

November 23rd, 2015


David Gluckman’s career as an entrepreneur started when he was 8 years old and worked in a market booth in Johannesburg. But growing up in South …

008, Pedro Domingos, Author of The Master Algorithm

November 20th, 2015


When Pedro Domingos was growing up in Lisbon, he loved to read and to learn. In fact, when he was 13 years old, he decided that he wanted to learn …

007, Isabel Medem, X-Runner Venture | The Care and Feeding of a Social Enterprise

November 18th, 2015


In this interview leading to World Toilet Day on November 19, Isabel Medem talks about her work in hygienic sanitation in Lima, Peru. X-Runner Venture is a social enterprise that brings toilets to the residents of …

006, David Auerbach, Sanergy | Behavior Change through Aspirational Branding

November 16th, 2015


November 19 is World Toilet Day. Why? Because globally, about 2.4 billion people, about one-third of the world’s population, do not have access to a …

005, Rick Hooper, Barefoot Power

November 13th, 2015


As a Vice President for Philips Electronics, Rick Hooper was actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. While in Thailand, he and …

004, Azalea Ayuningtyas, Founder & CEO, Du'Anyam

November 11th, 2015


Du’Anyam works with local women’s wicker weaving cooperatives. Du’Anyam markets these woven products to high-end hotels. The funds allow women to care for themselves during pregnancy with healthier foods and savings …

003, Luni Libes, Fledge, The Conscious Company Accelerator

November 9th, 2015


At 37 years-old, Michael “Luni” Libes had just completed his fifth successful tech startup. Looking for a way to support his fellow entrepreneurs, …

002, Nathan Chan, Foundr Magazine

November 7th, 2015


In this episode of the podcast Social Entrepreneur, we interview Nathan Chan, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Foundr Magazine. He is building a …

001, Yoav Lurie, Simple Energy

November 7th, 2015


For Yoav Lurie, an early experience with life and death created a sense of urgency to make an impact. Today, Yoav is the founder and CEO of Simple Energy. Simple Energy is a software as a service that is taking on …

000, Introduction, Social Entrepreneur

November 6th, 2015


This is the “getting to know you” episode of the podcast Social Entrepreneur. In this initial episode, I tell the story of how a woman in Kenya, who simply wanted to get the best price for her chickens led to the …

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