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A podcast featuring inspiring people about their journey to discovering and living their "WHY" or purpose in life. With your host & producer, Ling Yah, we deep dive into everything from finances to dealing with doubts and setbacks, and how to forge an unconventional career from ground zero! Expect t… read more

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Ep 134: Build Your Why - STIMY Updates, Highlights & A Special Offer?!

November 26th, 2023


Welcome to STIMY Ep 134!

Today, you have the pleasure of hanging out with me. 😉

What we'll cover today:

  • What I've been up to in October (8 STIMY …

Ep 133: If It’s Easy, It Must Be A Scam + Hunting for 100 Cockroaches?! | Adlin Yusman (Managing Director, Endeavor Malaysia)

November 19th, 2023


Adlin Yusman, Managing Director of Endeavor Malaysia, will work for anyone he’s hired.

A huge contrast to when he began his entrepreneurial journey with the mentality of, “I pay you a salary, you work for me and you do …

Ep 132: The Inside Scoop on Asia's $30 Million Media Empire | Terence Lee, Editor-In-Chief at Tech in Asia

November 13th, 2023


Who's got the juiciest gossip on startups these days?


The journalists, of course!

And today, we have Terence Lee - Editor-in-Chief at Tech in Asia …

Ep 131. Becoming The Greatest Professional Prankster - Charlie Todd [Founder, Improv Everywhere]

October 30th, 2023


Meet Charlie Todd - a professional prankster & also the founder of Improv Everywhere (a New York City-based prank collective with a twist!).

Ep 130: Breaking into Hollywood - coz Asians Take Sh*t Very Well?! | Alvin Wee (Grammy, CAS & Golden Horse Award-Winning Music Mixer, Encanto)

October 15th, 2023


Meet Alvin Wee: Grammy, CAS & Golden Horse Award winning music mixer from Kuching (now based in LA)!

You might've heard some of his work:

🔸 …

Ep 129: Bringing Moulin Rouge & Abandoned Warehouses to Life?! | Fabien Riggall (Founder, Secret Cinema)

September 30th, 2023


What does it take to bring a movie to life & have the general public participant as actual characters in said movie?!

You need only ask Fabien Riggall - founder of Future Shots and Secret Cinema.

Fabien has always …

Ep 128: The Bamboo SWAT Team | Ewe Jin Low (Founder, TENTEN & Better Bamboo Buildings)

September 25th, 2023


Imagine spending 30 years working as an architect.

Then deciding to uproot your entire life from the UK to move to Bali to work in a new field of architecture - bamboo!

Because that's exactly what Ewe Jin Low.

When he made …

Hey STIMIES! Here's a special September check-in

September 10th, 2023


Whoops. We've been gone for the past few weeks.

It's been hectic here at STIMY - securing new guests in Singapore while prepping for 2 exciting guests that we'll be recording in person this week.

So rather than a new …

Ep 127: Pain Makes Us Grow | Alejandro Navia (Co-Founder & President, nft now)

August 19th, 2023


Alejandro Navia is the co-founder and President of nft now, the premier source of NFT content and analysis. As an advisor, coach, and early supporter of web3 and the creator economy, Alejandro has helped numerous …

Ep 126: Rejecting $200k for the Pathless Path?! | Paul Millerd (Solopreneur, Author & Podcaster)

August 5th, 2023


How do you: 

😳 Reject a $200k/year paycheck?

😳 Blow your life up in a systematic way?

😳 And build a pathless path for yourself?

Paul Millerd - former …

Ep 125: From Building NASA Launch Pads to 1.9 Million TikTok Followers?! | Tanya Zakowich (Founder, Pink Pencil Math)

July 31st, 2023


It takes guts to quit your job.

But what if it was NASA? BOEING? Or Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One?!

Because that’s exactly what Tanya Zakowich did.

Tanya grew up with a fascination for space & like most kids, she wanted to …

Ep 124: More Than One Way to Live | Jacqueline Novogratz (Founder & CEO, Acumen)

July 25th, 2023


Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder & CEO of Acumen - a non-profit global venture capital fund that aims to use entrepreneurial approaches to address global poverty. 

She was also born for crisis.

As the OG of impact …

Ep 123: Regret What You Tried, Not What You Gave Up On | Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro (Ex-Metaverse Producer, Decentraland Foundation)

July 15th, 2023


Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro has had a unique career. She is the current Head of Production at Phygicode and former Metaverse Producer at Decentraland Foundation and Head of Metaverse Fashion Week.

She has more than a …

Tribute: The King of Singapore | Adrian Tan (President, Singapore Law Society)

July 9th, 2023


Yesterday, we lost the King of Singapore.

I never had the privilege of meeting him, but a year ago, I sent a cheeky email to Adrian Tan asking if he’d share his life story on the So This Is My Why podcast.

In a true …

Help! I Wanna Quit My Job ASAP! | Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV (153k YouTube subscribers)

July 5th, 2023


Welcome to a special Questions from the Audience episode with Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV - one of the top personal finance YouTubers in the region.

In this episode, we feature questions that came from you! Which include …

Ep 122 Part 2: I Am NOT Your Father! | Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV, the 7-figure YouTube Businessman

July 1st, 2023


What does it take to build a 7-figure YouTube business on personal finance?

Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV spills the tea on STIMY Episode 122 Part 2.

That …

Ep 122 Part 1: The Replacement Son Who Refuses to Drive a Porsche?! | Peter Yong (aka Mr MoneyTV the Personal Finance YouTuber)

June 25th, 2023



It’s time to meet the Replacement Son who refuses to drive a Porsche: Peter Yong aka Mr Money TV.

One of Malaysia’s most beloved personal finance YouTubers with 153k subscribers!

It’s one thing to start …

Ep 121: I'm OK, Man! | Dr Ong Kian Ming (Former Deputy Minister of Malaysia's Ministry of Investment, Trade & Industry)

June 18th, 2023


❓What is it like becoming a Deputy Minister in a government that’s never been in power before?

❓What was the relationship really like between Malaysia’s then Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister, Mahathir & …

Ep 120: 40 Secs to Win & The Power of Psychotic Obsession | Apolo Ohno (Most Decorated US Winter Olympian with 8 Olympic Medals & 21 World Championships)

June 11th, 2023


Apolo Ohno has won 8 Olympic medals & 21 World Championship medals, which makes him the most decorated US Winter Olympian in history!

He was the …

Ep 119: Building a Global Media Empire | Justin Byam Shaw (Chairman, ESI Media - Evening Standard & the Independent; Founder, Felix Project)

May 21st, 2023


Entrepreneurs must be ruthless, obsessive and willing to cut corners.

Something that Justin Byam Shaw, Chairman of ESI Media, would know.

He co-owns …

Ep 118: The Uncharismatic Leader We All NEED | Chen Chow Yeoh (Co-Founder, Fave & KFit)

April 25th, 2023


Not everyone has to be a Steve Jobs.

The charismatic, big picture, visionary leader that everyone gravitates towards.

We also have (and need) those who execute.

Who double down on the nitty gritty and ensure that things …

Ep 116: The EPIC Life in Building Homes in 3 days?! | John-Son Oei (Founder & Chief Epic Officer, EPIC Collective)

April 9th, 2023


John-Son Oei’s EPIC social enterprise was born out of guilt.

This former Rain oppa lookalike (time to check out his photos! 😏) knew the importance of giving back. Wanted to give back. 

But never did. 

And it wasn’t as …

Ep 115: The Most Powerful Woman in the Room | Lydia Fenet (former Christie's Managing Director & Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Most Powerful Woman in the Room

April 2nd, 2023


Lydia Fenet is the most powerful woman in the room.

She has sold over $1 billion dollars for nonprofits globally alongside Elton John, Jason Bourne …

Ep 114: Confessions of a former opium addict & secret society member | Alvin Chiong (ex-convict, Triad Trail tour guide & chef)

March 26th, 2023


Alvin Chiong's father was an opium addict.

And as for Alvin:

  • Age 7: Alvin's mother abandoned the family
  • Age 9: Started sniffing glue & joined the …

Ep 113: How Do You Build a 200,000+ community in 3 years?! | Bryan Pham (Co-Founder, Asian Hustle Network, AHNF, AHN Ventures, Hate Is A Virus)

March 19th, 2023


Everyone wants to start a community while Bryan Pham (with his co-founder, Maggie Chui) has grown a global community from 0 to 200,000+ in 3 years! 😱 


Best of all?

It started as a “screw you” moment. 😅

In all …

SPECIAL: Questions from the Audience with Eric Sim (former Managing Director of UBS Investment Bank)

March 17th, 2023


We've heard from Eric Sim all week.

In Part 1, we learned about his journey from working at his father's prawn noodle hawker stall to becoming the Managing Director at UBS Investment Bank.

In Part 2, Eric explains why he …

Ep 112 Part 2: How to Gain 2.9 MILLION LinkedIn Followers & Build a Second Career | Eric Sim (former Managing Director, UBS Investment Bank)

March 15th, 2023


Eric had the world at his feet.

He had gone from selling prawn noodles at his father's hawker stall in Singapore to becoming the Managing Director of UBS Investment Bank.

So why did he throw it all away? 😱

What comes …

Ep 112.1: Confessions of a hawker's son turned MD of UBS (with 2.9 million LinkedIn followers!) | Eric Sim (former Managing Director, UBS)

March 13th, 2023


How does a shy boy with no social skills, who failed his mathematics & went to school smelling of prawns every day... become the Managing …

Ep 111: Building the hottest Southeast Asian Tech Startup Newsletter | Amanda Cua (Founder, Backscoop)

March 5th, 2023


Amanda Cua is the founder of Backscoop: the hottest newsletter covering all things in the Southeast Asian startup industry.

She’s only 20 years old …

Ep 110 Part 2: Where the hell is everybody?! | Ian Lee (Co-Founder, Syndicate; former Head of Crypto & Blockchain, Citi)

March 1st, 2023


Welcome to Part 2 of Ian Lee's episode.

In Part 2, we talked all about how we should measure our lives. How Ian Lee pivoted from art to design then …

Ep 110.1: How do you measure your life? | Ian Lee (Co-Founder, Syndicate & Former Head of Crypto & Blockchain, Citi)

February 25th, 2023


Ian Lee is the co-founder of Syndicate: a decentralised investing protocol & social network by the likes of A16Z, IDEO, Kleiner Perkins, Uniswap, …

Ep 109: From a £1.75 billion purchase of Lehman Brothers to Tony Blair & Web3 | Chrissy Hill (General Counsel, Parity Technologies)

February 12th, 2023


If you want to hear from someone who: 

❓Helped purchase Lehman Brothers (US) for £1.75 billion;

❓Built out the equity practice in Europe for Barclays Capital;

❓Worked for Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK; and

Ep 108: How To Build a 4.4 million YouTube following in Asia | Gerald Sebastian (co-founder, Kok Bisa)

January 22nd, 2023


It’s cool to be a YouTuber these days.

But how do you go pro?

What’s your life like?

And how much do you earn?!

To answer this over the Chinese New Year …

Ep 107: The Story Behind the Story - How a CNN Reporter Built Her Career | Michelle Toh (Writer & Reporter, CNN)

January 16th, 2023


Michelle Toh is every Asian parents' dream child.

  • She's ambitious.
  • Has a strong sense of self.
  • And will do whatever it takes to succeed - including cold …

ICYMI: Boys Like Clubs, Girls Like Secrets - Dr Robin Dunbar

January 10th, 2023


ICYMI (in case you missed it) features some of my favourite moments from earlier STIMY episodes.

Back in Episode 85, Dr Robin Dunbar (Emeritus …

Ep 106: WTF? This is the best secret to unhappiness | Xav Desmet, Head of Digital Natives, Startups & Unicorns for Asia @ Zoom

January 8th, 2023


Xavier Desmet is the Head of Digital Natives, Startups and Unicorns for Asia at Zoom.

And in this episode, we talk about all:

  • Tiger Mums (or for the …

Ep 105: Sneak Peek into the STIMY 2023 Lineup!

January 1st, 2023


Welcome to the first STIMY episode of 2023!

For the 105th episode, we're doing a little sneak peek into some of the upcoming episodes and as always, they're varied, but interesting.

With tons of insights to apply into our …

Goodbye! 😱

December 19th, 2022


Welcome to Ep 104 of the So This Is My Why Podcast and this is... Goodbye! 😱

At least to 2022.

This will be the last episode of 2022 because it's time for a break :)

That said, I didn't want to sign off without sharing a …

Ep 103: The House of Yes | Nicole Levinson (Chief Marketing Officer, audo; Senior VP, Playboy Club New York)

December 11th, 2022


Nicole Levinson is the House of Yes.

And unafraid of forging her own path, which includes being: 

🔥 Chief Marketing Officer, audo

🔥 Senior Vice …

Ep 102: Confessions of an Ex-Convict, Secret Society Member & Social Escort Business Owner | Notle Chew

December 4th, 2022


Notle Chew grew up a Crazy Rich Asian. 

Who later ended up joining the Secret Society & running one of Singapore’s first social escort businesses …

SPECIAL: Questions from the Audience - Adrian Tan (the King of Singapore)

November 30th, 2022


Welcome to a special Questions from the Audience episode with Adrian Tan!

Adrian Tan is STIMY's latest Ep 101 guest, i.e.

  • the King of Singapore

Ep 101.2: The Return of the King of Singapore [Part 2] | Adrian Tan (President of Singapore's Law Society, LinkedIn Influener & Partner at TSMP Law Corporation)

November 27th, 2022


Adrian Tan, the King of Singapore & ultimate Linkedin Influencer, is back with Part 2 (check out Part 1 in the previous episode)!

Here, Adrian …

Ep 101.1: The King of Singapore [Part 1] | Adrian Tan (President of Singapore's Law Society & Partner, TSMP Law Corporation)

November 22nd, 2022


The King of Singapore has spoken… to me! 😮

His accolades are every Asian parent’s wet dream:

👉🏻 President of Singapore’s Law Society;

👉🏻 Partner at …

Ep 100: So Is This MY Why?! | ft Red Hong Yi (guest host) x Ling Yah

November 13th, 2022


Welcome to STIMY’s 100th episode!

In this landmark episode, Red Hong Yi (former STIMY Ep 2 guest) is back as the guest HOST!

She brings the 🔥 & asks about my entire journey because since June 2020, STIMY has grown to:

SPECIAL: Audience Questions - Davy Liu (former Disney Animator)

November 10th, 2022


Welcome to STIMY's special Questions from the Audience episode!

Remember Davy Liu, the former Disney animator from STIMY Ep 99?

We collected some …

Ep 99: Life of a Former Disney #LionKing #Mulan #BeautyAndtheBeast Animator | Davy Liu (Former Disney Animator & Founder, Kendu Films)

November 7th, 2022


Davy Liu is a Chinese Forrest Gump.

He’s also a former Disney animator who’s worked on Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Atlantis …

Ep 98: From Devil Wears Prada to Web3 High Fashion?! | Francine Ballard (Founder, Metagolden)

October 30th, 2022


Devil Wears Prada is the closest thing I have to the world of high fashion.

When I asked Francine Ballard how closely it mimicked reality, she said, …

Ep 97: From Vaccine Research to Head of Strategic Projects in Asia | Jeremy Au (Chief of Staff & Head of Strategic Projects, Monk's Hill Ventures + Podcaster, BRAVE Southeast Asia Tech Podcast)

October 24th, 2022


Jeremy Au is the Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Projects at Monk’s Hill Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies, primarily Series A, in Southeast Asia. And is also the host of the …

ICYMI: Bullish about Generative Art (Art Blocks) - Zeneca 33

October 19th, 2022


ICYMI: Zeneca 33, prolific NFT investor & thought leader (he has 300k Twitter followers!) was on STIMY.

If you've ever seen some of Zeneca 33's …

Ep 96: Being Mr Stingy | Aaron Tang (Blogger & Country Manager of Malaysia's First Regulated Crypto Exchange)

October 16th, 2022


Aaron Tang is a popular Malaysian blogger known as Mr Stingy (on personal finance & career), and the Country Manager of Luno - Malaysia’s first …

Ep 95: From Launching Angry Birds Space with NASA to Throwing Parties in Decentraland | Marja Konttinen (Marketing Director, Decentraland)

October 9th, 2022


It’s not normal to make yourself redundant, right? 😳

It’s hard enough applying for a job 😩, going through 5-8 rounds of interview 🤢before settling …

Ep 94: Turning the Tables on... Me?! | Ling Yah x Freda Liu (BFM 89.9 Radio Host)

October 2nd, 2022


This is an interview where Freda Liu (former STIMY Ep 27 guest!), BFM 89.9 radio TV host turned the tables and interviewed.. me!

About my personal …

ICYMI: Can we have MORE than 150 friends?! - Dr Robin Dunbar

September 27th, 2022


ICYMI (in case you missed it) features some of my favourite moments from earlier STIMY episodes.

Back in Episode 85, Dr Robin Dunbar (Emeritus …

Ep 93.2: Web3 for the Economically Marginalised | Geoffrey See (CEO, Poko DAO & WEF Young Global Leader)

September 25th, 2022


What does it mean to be the underdogs? One of the economically marginalised? Unable to open a bank account, cash a cheque… all the things that most …

Ep 93.1: Raising North Korean Entrepreneurs | Geoffrey See (former Chairman, Choson Exchange & WEF Young Global Leader)

September 25th, 2022


North Korean women are entrepreneurs.

Not the first thing you might think of, but a reality that STIMY’s latest guest - Geoffrey See - knows very well.

Ep 92: Life of a 4 Star General Who Founded the Malaysian Special Forces | General Tan Sri (Dr) Borhan bin Ahmad (former Chief of Defence Forces, Malaysia)

September 19th, 2022


How do you get a Deputy Prime Minister* to give you RM 500 million (USD 105M)?

By having the guts & conviction of a Tiger General. 👇🏻

Several months ago, I interviewed General Tan Sri (Dr)’ Borhan bin Ahmad …

Ep 91: This Room is Filled with Crazy! - SPECIAL EDITION

September 11th, 2022


Welcome to a very special STIMY Episode 91 & I'm delighted to see all the new STIMY followers this week!

Instead of the normal guest format, this …

Ep 90: Building the Bloomberg & Yahoo Finance of Crypto | TM Lee (co-founder & CEO, Coingecko)

August 29th, 2022


TM Lee is the co-founder & CEO at Coingecko - one of the world’s largest crypto data aggregators with over 150 million users in 2021 alone! 

But before becoming a founder, TM was first influenced by his brother to …

Ep 89: So You Want to Enter the Metaverse? | Tibor Mérey (Managing Director & Partner, Global Co-Lead Metaverse, BCG)

August 21st, 2022


Tibor Mérey is a Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), global co-lead on the metaverse, and a core member of Boston …

ICYMI: What's it really like being part of BAYC - Zeneca 33

August 10th, 2022


ICYMI: Zeneca 33, prolific NFT investor & thought leader (he has 300k Twitter followers!) was on STIMY.

He's a part of some of the most …

Ep 88: How Fortune 500 Brands Can Enter the Metaverse | Diego Borgo (Metaverse Strategist - Adidas, Gucci, Salesforce, L'Oreal)

August 7th, 2022


Diego Borgo is a metaverse & Web3 strategic advisor to Fortune 500 brands like Adidas, Salesforce, Unilever, Boson Protocol and more. 

Having …

ICYMI: Can Virtual Friends be REAL Friends?! - Dr Robin Dunbar

July 26th, 2022


ICYMI (in case you missed it) features some of my favourite moments from earlier STIMY episodes.

Back in Episode 85, Dr Robin Dunbar (Emeritus …

Ep 87: Building Evernote, Startup Success is Worse than Startup Failure & Why Blockchain is Bullsh*t | Phil Libin (co-founder, Evernote, mmhmm & All Turtles)

July 24th, 2022


STIMY 87 features Phil Libin. Some things he’s most known for: 

  • Co-founder and CEO of Evernote, which he grew to become a beloved product for hundreds …

Ep 86.2: How to x100 your net worth in 1 year via NFT investments | Zeneca 33 (NFT Thought Leader with 300k Twitter Followers & ZenAcademy Founder)

July 17th, 2022


We’re back with Part 2 of STIMY’s interview with Zeneca 33!

ICYMI: Zeneca is a former professional poker player (15 years!) turned NFT founder, …

ICYMI: Investing in Celebrities like Lady Gaga - Nicole Quinn, General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

July 9th, 2022


ICYMI (in case you missed it) features some of our favourite moments from earlier STIMY episodes.

Back in Episode 79, we met Nicole Quinn: General …

ICYMI: Why We Fall for Romantic Scams - Dr Robin Dunbar

June 28th, 2022


ICYMI (in case you missed it) features some of my favourite moments from earlier STIMY episodes.

Back in Episode 85, Dr Robin Dunbar (Emeritus …

Ep 86.1: FOMOing into NFTs, BAYC, Cryptopunks & Goblintown with Zeneca - NFT Thought Leader, 300k Twitter Followers, Founder of ZenAcademy

June 26th, 2022


If you’ve been following STIMY recently, you’ll have noticed our recent Web 3.0 trend. 

Yes, the market is bearish. Crypto is crashing. But more …

ICYMI: Plan it like a WAR - Dr Finian Tan (Chairman, Vickers Venture Partners)

June 22nd, 2022



Back in STIMY Ep 30, we met Dr Finian Tan - Chairman & Co-Founder of Vickers Venture Partners - a $3 billion deep tech venture capital …

Ep 85: How many friends can you have? | Dr Robin Dunbar (Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, Oxford University)

June 13th, 2022


How many friends do you have?



Now how about close friends?

If you’ll recall back in the early days of Facebook, everyone was busy adding every single friend, casual acquaintance and stranger that they came across …

Ep 84: Becoming a Facebook Executive | Eric Toda (Global Head of Social Marketing & Head of Meta Prosper, Meta)

June 2nd, 2022


Eric Toda has built the American Dream.

He’s the Global Head of Social Marketing & Head of Meta Prosper at Meta as well as an advisory board member of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. Prior to Meta, …

Ep 83: From Running an Arsenal Review blog with 500k views to Google & Podcasting | Bilal Zaidi (Entrepreneur & Podcaster at Creator Lab & Not Investment Advice)

May 24th, 2022


It’s always exciting for me to introduce another podcaster on STIMY, and today’s guest has not 1, but 2 highly successful podcasts:

  • Creator Lab: an …

Ep 82: The Law around NFTs & DAOs - Jamilia Grier (Founder, ByteBao)

May 17th, 2022


Jamilia Grier is a privacy and regulatory attorney with over fifteen years of experience. She is licensed in New York and Connecticut and has worked …

Ep 81: Building a cute, educational & interactive NFT platform for Web3 beginners | Mai Akiyoshi (CEO & Co-Founder, Curious Addys' Trading Club)

May 3rd, 2022


It’s time to meet our 5th #Web3 #NFT guest on STIMY!

Mai Akiyoshi is a Silicon Valley engineer from Japan who has had a rather unconventional route littered with what one might conventionally consider to be “failures”.

Ep 80: Ee Ling Lim, Executive Director of Global Programs, 500 Global & Co-Founder of Smarter Me + Young Leaders Summit Asia

April 19th, 2022


Ee Ling Lim leads the Global Programs team at 500 Global, overseeing the strategic development and implementation of programs for 500's network of …

Ep 79: Celebrity Whisperer & Investor of Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Palthrow, Sophia Amoruso, Tom Brady etc.

April 11th, 2022


Nicole Quinn is a General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where she focuses on consumer and FinTech investing. Consumer behaviour, founder …

Ep 78: Creating a Web3 Accelerator & Curate-to-Earn Platform with Randi Zuckerberg | Debbie Soon (Co-Founder, HUG & former VP, Head of Consumer Products, ONE Championship)

April 6th, 2022


Debbie Soon is the co-founder of HUG alongside Randi Zuckerberg - a Web3 platform that supports creators and collectors through: HUGhub …

Ep 77: Founding Two 7-figure Businesses & Launching the First Venture DAO for Women | Lily Wu (Startup Partner Lead, SEA & Co-Founder, WOW Pixies NFT)

March 28th, 2022


Welcome to the 3rd guest in STIMY’s NFT/Web3 series!

Lily Wu is currently the Startup Partner Lead, SEA at Stripe and co-founder of WOW Pixies, the first DAO to invest in the women-led web3 ecosystem. DAO stands for …

Ep 76: How to Sell Out a 8,888 NFT Collection & Run It As A Business | Nicole Yap (Co-Founder, 8SIAN NFT Collection)

March 22nd, 2022


Nicole Yap, co-founder of the 8SIAN NFT Collection, began her cryptocurrency journey back in 2013 when she stumbled across an article on digital …

Ep 75: Selling Her 1st NFT to Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)! | Mumu the Stan (Founder, MalaysiaNFT)

March 12th, 2022


Welcome to the start of STIMY’s mini NFT sub-series. 

Our first NFT guest is Mumu the Stan, aka MOON HMZ. She’s a young Muslim mother from Malaysia who’s an artist, poet, and published author and illustrator, while also …

Ep 74: Raising USD 70M+ in Southeast Asia | Michael Lints (Partner, Golden Gate Ventures)

March 6th, 2022


Michael Lints is currently a Partner at the Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures. He joined the firm in 2013 and is currently …

Ep 73: From Ai Wei Wei to Building Generation T (Tatler) | Lee Williamson (Regional Editorial Editor, Generation T, Tatler Asia Group)

March 1st, 2022


Lee Williamson is the Regional Editorial Director of Generation T, Tatler Asia Group and currently oversees three of Tatler’s flagship brands: Gen.T, Front & Female and Asia’s Most Influential. He was previously the …

Ep 72: From (almost) DropKick to Scaling Fast-Growing Startups | Vincent Wei (Head of Growth, VEED.IO)

February 20th, 2022


Vincent Wei is the Head of Growth (Product & growth) at VEED.IO, one of the fastest growing startups by revenue in the world. 

He was first introduced to the world of startups when he began CodeCreate, one of …

Ep 71: Surviving A Suicide Attempt & Thriving | Sabrina Ooi (Co-Founder, Calm Collective Asia)

February 15th, 2022


WARNING: This episode may have some trigger points as we talk about things like depression, suicide and death. 

Sabrina Ooi is the co-founder and CEO …

Ep 70: Running London's iconic Jewish Beigel family business | Daniel Cohen (Managing Director, Beigel Bake Limited)

January 31st, 2022


London has plenty of incredible food. Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern.. And the bakeries are something to behold too. So it makes sense when you’re in …

Ep 69: Creating a Free & Open Internet for All | Nnenna Nwakanma (Chief Web Advocate, World Wide Web Foundation)

January 23rd, 2022


Nnenna Nwakanma is the Chief Web Advocate at the World Wide Web Foundation. 

She is also a Nigerian FOSS activist, community organiser, co-founder of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa. In 2018, she …

Ep 68: Creating Content for 3+ Million Subscribers at Morning Brew | Neal Freyman (Managing Editor, Morning Brew)

January 16th, 2022


Neal Freyman is the Managing Editor at Morning Brew, a new media company that provides informative and digestive business news to over 3 million subscribers. He oversees Morning Brew’s flagship product - a daily …

Ep 67: Building Viral Campaigns for Social Enterprises | Daniel Flynn (Co-Founder, Thankyou)

January 3rd, 2022


Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou, is one of Australia’s most recognisable & successful social entrepreneurs. He is the recipient of EY …

Ep 66: The Business of Lettering | Lauren Hom (Designer, Illustrator & Hand Lettering Artist)

December 12th, 2021


Lauren Hom is a California-born designer, illustrator & hand lettering artist with a 250k strong following on Instagram. She is known for her use …

Ep 65: How AI is manipulating our behaviour & how to regulate it | Ansgar Koene (Global AI Ethics & Regulatory Leader, EY)

November 30th, 2021


Ansgar Koene is the Global AI Ethics & Regulatory Leader at EY, Senior Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute at the …

Ep 64: The "T.R.I.CK." to How You Can Raise Successful People | Esther Wojcicki

November 22nd, 2021


Esther Hochman Wojcicki is an author, journalist, educator, vice-chair of the Creative Commons Advisory Council and founder of the highly regarded …

Ep 63: Creating the "Perfect" Sabbaticals for Peak Experiences | DJ Didonna [Founder, the Sabbatical Project]

November 14th, 2021


Have you ever thought about taking a sabbatical? Or have taken one yourself?

If so, then this week’s STIMY guest will be of interest to you. 

DJ DiDonna is the founder of the Sabbatical Project, which is the first-of-its …

Ep 62: Serving the World's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal | Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng

November 10th, 2021


Hawker Chef Chan Hon Meng is a Malaysian-born, Michelin-starred chef who is best known for serving the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred meal.

He won his first Michelin star back in 2016 for his $2.50 soy sauce …

Ep 61: Austen Allred (Co-Founder & CEO, Lambda School) - Building the Next-Gen Coding School with ISAs

October 25th, 2021


Austen Allred is the co-founder & CEO of Lambda School: a virtual coding school that is completely free to attend, until its graduates earn at …

Ep 60: David Grief (former Senior Clerk, Essex Court Chambers) - Building the Careers of Barristers & Judges

October 19th, 2021


David Grief is the CEO of David Grief International Consultancy Pte & former Senior Clerk at Essex Court Chambers - known as one of the UK's most …

Ep 59: Ooi Boon Hoe (CEO & Director, Jurong Port Pte Ltd)

October 5th, 2021


Ooi Boon Hoe is the current Director and Chief Executive Officer of Jurong Port Pte Ltd, which is one of Singapore’s two main commercial terminal operators.

In this episode, we explore how Boon Hoe went from working in …

Ep 58: Nigel Stanislaus (Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mr Maybelline & Judge on Australia's Next Top Model + Asia's Next Top Model)

September 28th, 2021


Nigel Stanislaus is a highly celebrated makeup artist who’s been a part of international television shows like Project Runway, X-Factor, Make Me A Supermodel and also a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model and Asia’s …

Ep 57: Robert James Ashe - x4 Emmy-nominated Hollywood editor & title designer + former Head of Post Production, Conan show

September 14th, 2021


Robert James Ashe is a 4-time Emmy nominated editor and title designer, best known for being the Head of Post Production on Conan for nearly 8 years. He has also worked for Conan O'Brien on the Tonight Show with Conan …

Ep 56: Amra Naidoo (Co-Founder, Accelerating Asia & General Partner, Accelerating Asia Ventures)

August 30th, 2021


Amra Naidoo is the co-founder of Accelerating Asia, an early stage venture capital fund that runs programs for startups and investors, and General Partner at Accelerating Asia Ventures. Prior to that, she was the Head …

Ep 55: Karl Mak (Co-Founder, Hepmil Media Group - SGAG, MGAG, PGAG) - Running a Meme Business

July 19th, 2021


Karl Mak is a Singaporean entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of HEPMIL Media Group: a holding company that owns SGAG, MGAG, PGAG, SGEEK and HEPMIL …

Ep 54: Yulia Brodskaya (Paper Artist & Illustrator)

July 13th, 2021


Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist and illustrator known for painting with paper. 

Pioneering contemporary paper quilling, she uses thick, coloured …

Ep 53: Rahul Chaudhary - MD & CEO, CG Corp Global & CG Hospitality Holdings - on running a 140-year family empire

July 4th, 2021


Rahul Chaudhary is the Managing Director & CEO at CG Corp Global and CG Hospitality Holdings. And the second son of Binod Chaudhary, who is the …

Ep 52: Kendrick Nguyen (Co-Founder of Republic) - on Creating the Amazon of Private Investing

June 21st, 2021


Kendrick Nguyen is the co-founder & CEO of Republic - one of the US’s top equity crowdfunding platforms where over USD$ 100 million has already been raised in just 2021 alone. And boasts a heavily curated list of …

Ep 51.2: Nick Bernstein (Senior Vice President, Late Night Programming (West Coast), ViacomCBS) - on the Pete Holmes show & Late Late Show with James Corden

June 16th, 2021


Nick Bernstein is the Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) at ViacomCBS & is the executive in charge of the Late Late Show with James Corden. 

In Part 2 of this STIMY episode with Nick, we …

Ep 51.1: Nick Bernstein (Senior Vice President, Late Night Programming (West Coast), ViacomCBS)

June 13th, 2021


Nick Bernstein is the Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) at ViacomCBS & is the executive in charge of the Late Late Show with James Corden. 

In Part 1 of this episode with Nick, we explore …

Ep 50.2: Ning-Geng Ong (Founder, Chocolate Concierge & Culture Cacao)

June 9th, 2021


PART 2 of STIMY’s interview with Ning-Geng Ong - Artisan chocolate maker, farmer, and founder of Chocolate Concierge & Culture Cacao.

For Part 1, …

Ep 50.1: Ning-Geng Ong (Founder, Chocolate Concierge & Culture Cacao)

June 6th, 2021


Part 1 of STIMY's episode with Ning-Geng Ong - a farmer, chocolate marker, flavour fanatic and founder of Chocolate Concierge & Culture Cacao, …

Ep 49: Dato' Thomas Mun Lung Lee - Senior Partner, Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill & son of Tun HS Lee (Malaysia's 1st Finance Minister)

May 25th, 2021


Dato’ Thomas Mun Lung Lee is a Senior Partner & founding member of Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill - one of the largest law firms in …

Ep 48: Oz Pearlman (Emmy Award-Winning Mentalist & America's Got Talent Finalist)

May 16th, 2021


Oz Pearlman is an Emmy award-winning mentalist & magician who recently emerged as the runner up & finalist in America’s Got Talent Season 10 in 2015. 

In this STIMY, Oz shares what he was like as a child, …

Ep 47: Lincoln Lee Ming (Co-Founder, Rice Inc & Winner of HULT Prize 2018)

May 9th, 2021


Lincoln Lee Ming is a Malaysian social entrepreneur, biomedical science graduate from University College London, UK & founder of a social …

Ep 46: Azran Osman-Rani (CEO of Naluri Hidup; formerly CEO of AirAsia X & iFlix)

April 29th, 2021


Azran Osman-Rani is one of Malaysia's most well-known CEOs & entrepreneur and in this STIMY episode, we cover his colourful & highly …

Ep 45: Pui Wan Lim ("Picoworm") - Life of a Professional Miniature Artist

April 20th, 2021


Lim Pui Wan is a Malaysian miniature artist who discovered her love of miniatures at the age of 14 and has, since 2014 under “Picoworm”, become a …

Ep 44: Joe Sidek - Festival Director, George Town Festival

April 14th, 2021


Best Known as director of the George Town Festival, Joe Sidek has established himself as one of Malaysia’s strong advocates for the arts.

Prior to …

Ep 43: Nicky Gumbel (Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, London & Pioneer of the Alpha Course)

April 3rd, 2021


Nicky Gumbel is an English Anglican priest, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, London and pioneer of the Alpha Course - a course that has reached over …

Ep 42: Wai Ken Wong - Country Manager, StashAway (Malaysia)

March 29th, 2021


Wai Ken Wong is the Country Manager of StashAway (Malaysia). He first worked in investments in Khazanah Nasional Berhad, then became the Vice President of the Equity Capital Markets at Affin Hwang Capital, before …

Ep 41: Richard Lui (MSNBC & NBC News TV Anchor & Producer of Sky Blossom)

March 20th, 2021


Richard Lui is a TV news anchor for MSNBC and NBC News and was previously at CNN Worldwide, where he became the first Asian American male to anchor a daily, national cable news show. He also earned the Peabody and Emmy …

Ep 40: The Woke Salaryman (ft. He Ruiming & Goh Wei Choon) - on building a 400+k following in less than 2 years!

March 15th, 2021


He Ruiming & Goh Wei Choon are the Singaporean/Malaysia duo behind The Woke Salaryman: an incredible personal finance page that educates people about making better financial and life choices through the use of …

Ep 39: Guy Kawasaki - Chief Evangelist of Canva (formerly at Apple), Podcaster, Book Author, Venture Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur

March 7th, 2021


Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast. He is an executive fellow of the Haas …

Ep 38: John Kim [Managing Partner, Amasia; Vlogger, Musician & Serial Entrepreneur]

March 1st, 2021


John Yohan Kim serves as Managing Partner at Amasia, a cross-border venture capital firm that helps technology companies get global. He is a Kauffman …

Ep 37: Kai Yuan Ng (Co-Founder, Our Grandfather Story)

February 21st, 2021


Ng Kai Yuan is the co-founder of Our Grandfather Story: a Singapore-based digital publisher dedicated to uncovering timeless and overlooked stories across Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2017 with three other co-founders, Our …

Ep 36: Kyne Santos (OnlineKyne): Mathematician, Tik Tok Star & Drag Queen (starred in Canada's Drag Race)

February 14th, 2021


Kyne is the stage name of Kyne Santos: a mathematician, YouTube/Tik Tok star with nearly 1 million followers collectively, Drag Queen & …

Ep 35: Chye Neo Chong - ex-MD of IBM Malaysia

February 7th, 2021


Chye Neo Chong is the former Managing Director of IBM Malaysia with over 30 years in the information technology industry, and current independent …

Ep 34: Shawn Chong (x3 Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion, Mixologist, Co-founder of Omakase + Appreciate & Bar Class Academy Asia)

January 31st, 2021


Shawn Chong is one of Malaysia’s top mixologist, a three-time Diageo World Class Malaysia champion, once listed as the No. 25 Bartender in the world …

Ep 33: Maurizio Leo (Software Developer & Sourdough Blogger/Writer at The Perfect Loaf

January 24th, 2021


Maurizio Leo is a software engineer-turned-baker from Albuquerque, Mexico whose blog, The Perfect Loaf, remains one of the most authoritative sources when it comes to all things sourdough! 

To date, The Perfect Loaf is a …

Ep 32: Darrion Nguyen ("Lab Shenanigans" aka the Asian Millennial Tik Tok version of Bill Nye the Science Guy)

January 17th, 2021


Darrion Nguyen is currently a lab research technician at Baylor College of Medicine & the face behind “Lab Shenanigans”: a social media brand …

Ep 31: Kenji Chai Vui Yong - On Life as a Street Artist (aka "Chaigo")

January 10th, 2021


Kenji Chai Vui Yung is a popular Malaysian graffiti artist most known for his alter ego, Chaigo the Stray. A dog that, if you’ve ever been to Kuala …

Ep 30: Dr Finian Tan (Chairman, Vickers Venture Partners - 5th most consistently performing fund manager worldwide)

January 3rd, 2021


Dr Finian Tan is a Singaporean venture capitalist and Chairman of Vickers Venture Partners: a VC he founded in 2005 with 4 other partners and which is now ranked the 5th most consistently performing fund manager …

Ep 29: Darren Teoh (Head Chef & Owner of Dewakan - Asia's Top 50 Restaurants 2019)

December 27th, 2020


Chef Darren Teoh Min Guo is the head chef and restaurant owner of Dewakan, where in April 2019, it became the first Malaysian restaurant on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at 46th place with the title Best Restaurant in …

Ep 28: Lily Xu Lijia (x2 Olympic Medallist & x3 World Champion Medallist in Laser Radial)

December 20th, 2020


Lily Xu Lijia (徐莉佳) is a Chinese sailboat racer who won the bronze medal in the women’s Laser Radial class at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the gold …

Ep 27: Freda Liu (Malaysian Business Radio-TV Host, Book Author, Emcee & Moderator)

December 6th, 2020


Freda Liu is one of Malaysia’s most prominent radio-television hosts, having worked at BFM 89.9 - Malaysia’s only business radio station, for over 12 years. She has conducted over 5000 interviews and some prominent …

Ep 26: Cesar Kuriyama (Founder, 1 Second Every Day)

November 29th, 2020


Cesar Kuriyama is a video maker, director, producer, animator, and founder of 1 Second Every Day - a mobile application that allows users to record …

Ep 25: Chong Chan-Yau (CEO, CarbonCare Innolab & President, Hong Kong Blind Union)

November 22nd, 2020


Chong Chan-Yau is the CEO of CarbonCare InnoLab, the President of the Hong Kong Blind Union, former Chairman and current Director of The Board of the Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong Foundation, former Chairman of and …

Ep 24: Malek Ali - Founder of BFM 89.9 & Fi Life

November 16th, 2020


Malek Ali is a former lawyer turned serial entrepreneur most known for founding BFM 89.9, Malaysia’s only business radio channel, and Fi Life, Malaysia’s first online life insurance service. Malek shares a ton of …

Ep 23: Sarah Chen - Co-Founder of Beyond the Billion & Lean in Malaysia

November 8th, 2020


Sarah Chen is many things but she is above all. a powerful advocate & role model for women empowerment. She is the co-founder of Lean In …

Ep 22: Alena Murang - Sarawakian Sape Player, Visual Artist & Heritage Advocate

November 1st, 2020


Alena Ose’ Murang is a Sarawakian sape player singer, teacher, speaker, social entrepreneur, visual artist & heritage advocate. Born in Kuching, Sarawak, to a Kelabit father, Ose Murang and English-Italian mother …

Ep 21: Saw Teong Hin - Director, Producer & Writer [Puteri Gunung Ledang; Hai Ki Xin Lor (You Mean the World to Me)

October 26th, 2020


Saw Teong Hin is an award-winning, Malaysian director, producer and screenwriter for film, TV and theatre and was Louis Vuitton Malaysia’s Generation Next (2003), was Tatler’s 100 People You Must Know In Asia (2006), …

Ep 20: Tan Kheng Hua - Singaporean Actress & Producer (Phua Chu Kang, Marco Polo, Crazy Rich Asians)

October 18th, 2020


Tan Kheng Hua is a popular award-winning actress/producer in Singapore and Malaysia. Kheng has appeared on stage, and in TV series and movies that …

Ep 19: Patricia Kelikani - Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

October 11th, 2020


Patricia Kelikani is a multiple Emmy award-winning filmmaker and videographer. 

Having spent 12 years working at Loma Linda University where she …

Ep 18: Dr Jason Leong - Malaysia's Top Stand-Up Comedian & Netflix Special Star (Hashtag Blessed)

October 4th, 2020


Dr Jason Leong is a former doctor turned Malaysian stand-up comedian star who has been enthralling his audience since 2010 when he did his first open mic gig at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Since then, he has gone on …

Ep 17: Louisa Gurski - British Olympian & 3-time World Championship Winner (Sprint Kayaker)

September 27th, 2020


Louisa Jane Gurski is a two-time British Olympian who competed as a sprint kayaker in the London 2012 Olympic Games (5th place) and Rio 2016 Olympic Games (7th place) and the inaugural European Games in Baku. 

She has …

Ep 16: Renyi Chin - Co-Founder of MyBurgerLab, MyPizzaLab & MyBobaLab

September 20th, 2020


Renyi is the co-founder of MyBurgerLab, MyPizzaLab and MyBobaLab alongside his friends and partners, Chang Ming and Wee Kiat. 

If you live in KL, you will probably have heard of MyBurgerLab: the burger joint that went …

Ep 15: Yi Jun Loh - Malaysian Food Blogger, Writer & Podcaster

September 13th, 2020


Yi Jun Loh is a Malaysian food blogger at Jun & Tonic (nominated for the Saveur Blog Award 2018), a food writer for TASTE, Saveur & Food52 & podcaster for Malaysian’s national radio channel BFM (Baking …

Ep 14: Joey Law - Former Senior Inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force & Mother to 15-Year-Old CEO, Hillary Yip

September 6th, 2020


Joey Law is the mother of 15-year-old Founder & CEO of MinorMynas, Hillary Yip, who was our STIMY Episode 13 guest!

Joey & Hillary are STIMY’s …

Ep 13: Hillary Yip - 15-Year-Old Founder of MinorMynas

August 30th, 2020


Hillary Yip is the CEO of MinorMynas, a startup that creates fun, immersive, online products for children worldwide in a safe environment. And as at …

Ep 12: Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian (Australian Synchronised Swimmer)

August 23rd, 2020


Danielle Merlyn Kettlewell is an Australian synchronised swimmer who competed in the team synchronised swimming event in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. She was vice-captain of the Australian team which placed eighth …

Ep 11: Morgan Then - Electronic Music Artist (Slumberjack)

August 16th, 2020


Morgan Then is the Sarawakian half of the popular Australian electronic duo, Slumberjack. Since launching their career with a No. 1 track on Triple …

Ep 10: Benjamin Von Wong - Social Artivist Who's Generated 100+ Million Views

August 8th, 2020


Benjamin Von Wong is Canadian mining engineer turned social artivist/photographer who designs campaigns around social impact and has succeeded in raising over 100 million views for different causes including plastics, …

Ep 9: Rabi Malla - Social Entrepreneur & Founder of KOLPA

August 1st, 2020


Rabi Chandra Malla is the founder of KOLPA - a social enterprise based in Kathmandu, Nepal that aims to promote sustainable & exclusive handmade goods produced by various indigenous communities from across the …

Ep 8: Barbara Woolsey - Canadian Freelance Journalist (Reuters, Guardian, Telegraph, Lonely Planet Guidebooks)

July 25th, 2020


Barbara Woolsey is a Canadian freelance journalist currently based in Berlin, Germany and our guest for Episode 8 of the So This Is My Why podcast. 

Ep 7: Jan Wong - Malaysian Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of OpenMinds Resources

July 18th, 2020


Jan Wong is a Forbes 30 Under 30, Malaysian serial entrepreneur, youth advocate & founder of OpenMinds - a data-driven martech company he bootstrapped for 8 years & generates millions in revenue with offices in …

Ep 6: Ashley Dean - First Artist of the Royal Ballet (UK)

July 9th, 2020


Ashley Dean is a South African dancer and a First Artist at the Royal Ballet in London, which is the premier ballet company in the UK. 

I was just blown away by her love & talent for dancing, her grit, her bravery in …

Ep 5: Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt - Violist of the Dover Quartet

July 5th, 2020


Being in a quartet is like being in a marriage, says Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt, violist and founding member of the world renowned award-winning …

Ep 4: Sara Holden - How I Became A Hollywood Stunt Actress

July 2nd, 2020


Today’s guest is Sara Holden and she, well, has been shot, strangled, bludgeoned, suffocated & died in pretty much every imaginable way possible …

Ep 3: Dr Julian Tan - From Subang to Becoming the Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports, Formula One

July 1st, 2020


Dr Julian Tan is the Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports in Formula 1 (London), and someone I got to meet while studying in the UK.

Ep 2: Red Hong Yi - A Malaysian Artist Who Paints Without A Paintbrush

June 30th, 2020


Today’s guest is Red Hong Yi – a Malaysian architect turned full-time artist known for painting without a paintbrush! One of the sweetest, …

Ep 1: Chloe Buiting - Vet & Wildlife Conservationist on Protecting the Natural World

June 29th, 2020


WARNING: The content gets slightly graphic when discussing the realities of poaching in South Africa.

Our guest for today is Chloe Buiting – an Australian vet & wildlife conservationist who grew up in Lord Howe …

Ep 0: What is the 'So This Is My Why" podcast about?

June 28th, 2020


Hello everyone!

I'm Ling Yah, the host & producer of the So This Is My Why podcast. A show featuring a range of inspiring people every week about their WHY journey. 

This trailer episode gives a sneak preview of what …

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