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Join DJ, Eoin and guests as they chat in some of Ireland's cosiest pubs, and occasionally venture beyond the pub! This laid back podcast is ideal for the commute, cleaning the house and tailor made for the stroll to the pub. Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show… read more

94 Episodes | 2018 - 2021

Snugcast: Back In The Pub

August 15th, 2021


Guess who's back, back again, Snugcast is back, tell a friend

We drink pints and have chats and drink pints na na na na

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From Barley to Bladder

August 12th, 2021


The Snugcast lads are back with a long one. We spoke with Thomas O'Mahoney from "A New Brew Podcast". We got him on to help us give the pros and cons of Cans, Bottles and Pints but we went down a nonsense road. You'll …

Back Post Matt

July 19th, 2021


The lads take a pair of Pilsners down the Pilsner Prowl.....

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Sure, We'll Just Have The One

July 5th, 2021


We got back into a f****n pub!!! Well not really in, more like outside sipping some beautiful draught pints of Elevation Pale Ale by Wicklow Wolf and …

The One Where We Forgot To Post An Episode

June 11th, 2021


Ah lads we're sorry... There's been some mad stuff going on with broadband providers.

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Bohemian I Like You

April 28th, 2021


The lads put Hope's Bohemian Pilsner through the rigorous juggernaut of a challenge that is the Pilsner Scoring Tool before wading through your …

Old Keller

April 19th, 2021


The lads sit down with Tommy Keighery to chat about nicknames of people throughout the ages, but first - the Pilsner Prowl. How does Kellerbier Helles Lager from Yellowbelly Beer stand up against some of the …

Eucharius - The Eucharist of Pilsner?

April 5th, 2021


This week it is just the two boys. They run the Eucharius Pils by the Weissenoher and the Audiovisual Lager from Collective Arts Brewing Company. …

Cans with the Stig (not that one)

March 28th, 2021


The lads put Trinity Pilsner by third circle through its paces via the Pilsner prowl, and speak to Stu from the Modern Escapism Podcast to enjoy some British beers in honour of famous Brit St.Patrick. We also chat about …

St. Patrick's Day Special

March 17th, 2021


A tale as old as time, or so we thought. DJ and Eoin teach ye bould boys and girls the REAL story of St. Patrick through the eyes of 6 cans.

Happy …

Shiftin' Tin

March 7th, 2021


The lads talk to Snugcast regular Shane McNally about Home Brewing and we also go on search of Ireland's Next Top Pilsner, including creating the …

The Ace Is Wild

February 22nd, 2021


Eoin and DJ are joined by Brandon Lopez AKA Jose Ruckus AKA the #1 Wild Aces fan and host of the Ace is Wild podcast. We brought Jose on to talk …

Chicken Fillet Rolls

February 18th, 2021


We've jumped on having a weekly chicken fillet roll and we've brought our lunch crew together to discuss the majesty of the chicken fillet roll.

Do …

Rising Tides

February 1st, 2021


We're wearing some of the most amazing tees this week as we chat to Shane from Crafty Beer Tees about ethical and sustainable fashion, about how a community approach can help all industries and about some tasty tasty …

RIP 6 for €15

January 26th, 2021


DJ and Eoin are joined by DJ's bro, Ian, who gives his hot takes on the Alcohol Act 2018. Isn't this year hard enough without us being able to get a …

The Whole of Macroom

January 15th, 2021


The lads are joined by Shane McNally for a chat about all things vino, viral, and vaccine. This is a great one to listen to with a few cans coming into the weekend. Throw on the podcast, craic open a few cans and tune …

2020 - In the Can

January 8th, 2021


DJ and Eoin review 2020, a look back on Snugcast episodes throughout the year and they pick their best beers, breweries,Tv shows, movies etc. A few laughs along the way and drinking good beers. Sláinte.

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Candemic Series | Episode 4

November 30th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are hitting the CANS for November. The Candemic is upon us and we've tasked ourselves the amazing job of drinking a can brewed in every county in Ireland (*Ts & Cs apply). This means 32 Counties | 32 …

Candemic Series | Episode 3

November 24th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are hitting the CANS for November. The Candemic is upon us and we've tasked ourselves the amazing job of drinking a can brewed in every county in Ireland (*Ts & Cs apply). This means 32 Counties | 32 …

Candemic Series | Episode 2

November 17th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are hitting the CANS for November. The Candemic is upon us and we've tasked ourselves the amazing job of drinking a can brewed in every county in Ireland (*Ts & Cs apply). This means 32 Counties | 32 …

Candemic Series | Episode 1

November 9th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are hitting the CANS for November. The Candemic is upon us and we've tasked ourselves the amazing job of drinking a can brewed in every county in Ireland (*Ts & Cs apply). This means 32 Counties | 32 …

An Alcohol Fueled Alcohol-Free Tasting

October 27th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are joined on today's episode by Tommy Keighery of Antiques Ireland and the Irish Design Podcast. We tell the tale of our first ever media event and give our review of Guinness 0.0% and a few more beers. The …

We Went To The Pub, But Didn't Record In One

October 22nd, 2020


Pubs, they were back with us for such a fleeting moment. DJ and Eoin are reunited with Tom in Phil Grimes for a quick trip and they recount the tale of how that little adventure went. 

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Gentrification of the Pint

October 12th, 2020


DJ joins Shane McNally for a casual lockdown chat. Craic was had.... Growlers were spilled.... Eoin got stranded on a motorway.

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Hosted …

Return of the Pub

September 20th, 2020

Last week we chatted about the pubs opening again on September 21st! Some things have happened since, which means Dublin has been delayed 3 weeks in opening but DJ got married in the meantime so we have been indisposed …

The Last Call Part 2

September 2nd, 2020


Finally! After a few hectic weeks we finally get this together. I could write an essay on what this podcast means to us both, but I'll let the …

The Last Call Part 1

August 16th, 2020

The Last Call is a 2 part audio miniseries we have produced in conjunction with some pubs around Ireland. We speak to Tom Ryan of Phil Grimes Pub, Marie Mellett of Mellett's Emporium, Aoife Brennan of The Kilteel Inn, …

It's Likely not the Actions of a Cocooner

July 21st, 2020


DJ and Eoin react to the announcement that the reopening of Irish pubs, due to take place on July 20th will be pushed back to August 10th. Joining …

The CANdy Shop

July 8th, 2020

DJ and Eoin are joined by Wayne and Janice Dune (@irishbeersnob &  @mrsbeersnob on twitter) to catch up on the IrishBeerSnob blog and podcast, talk about some great drinking spots in Navan, Dublin, Kildare and even …

Three Cans and a Whiskey for Himself

June 17th, 2020


DJ and Eoin are joined by Peter from Portlaoise Pub Club and Brian Cahill from the Craic Beer Community to chat about the upcoming challenges the pub industry is facing, and how the irish independent craft beer scene …

Light at the end of the Pint Watch Tunnel

June 11th, 2020


DJ, Eoin and Tommy discuss the updated guidelines for lifting lockdown and what this might mean for the consumerism of pints. They discuss the economics of drinking at home vs drinking in the pub in a very unacademic …

The Last Cans

June 4th, 2020

The lads talk about the past week where lockdown restrictions are easing bit by bit in Ireland, and reflect on The Last Dance, a docuseries for all tastes, even though it centres around a Basketball team form 25 to 20 …

Cans Solo

May 28th, 2020

The lads talk zoom fatigue, more cans, drinking at home and a few other bits--- Send in a voice message: Get bonus content on Patreon

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Cans on a Plinth

May 19th, 2020

This week it's just your two hosts. We chat Kinnegar Brewery, drinking sours on a sunny day, virtual beer festivals as a concept, taking social media breaks, Eoin's shite WiFi, and the leaving certificate.We also have a …

Reaction Special! Government Exit Strategy and VFI Response

May 5th, 2020

Eoin, DJ and Tommy discuss the VFI response to the government exit strategy, whne pubs might be open again as a result and how does the new pubgoing …

Self Isolate Inn: When Will the Pubs Open?

April 29th, 2020

DJ and Eoin are joined by Peter from Portlaoise Pub Club and Tommy from the Irish Design Podcast to discuss when Irish pubs might next be open.--- Send in a voice message: Get bonus …

Self Isolate Inn: Juvenalia Alan

April 22nd, 2020

In this edition of the Self Isolate in we talk to Alan Maguire of the Juvenalia podcast about some TV/Film we've all been enjoying over the last few …

The Self Isolate Inn: An Ghaeilge

April 15th, 2020

We have a chat with Peter Kavanagh, a man with many fingers, each one in a different pie. We discuss the current health of the Iirish language as well as some good fun chat, including an on the spot quiz where Eoin …

Self Isolate Inn - The Media

April 2nd, 2020

In this episode DJ,Eoin and Fin are joined by Tony Groves of the Tortoise Shack Podcast Group to discuss aspects of the media in relation to COVID19 and going forward.--- Send in a voice message:

The Self Isolate Inn - Welcome

March 25th, 2020

Welcome to the Self Isolate Inn, where DJ and Eoin from Snugcast are joined by Fin Dwyer of the Irish History Podcast to basically, bring the pubs …

Steak and DJ Day

March 2nd, 2020

In this episode DJ sits down with Becca Cappuccini to discuss her passion for food and music and how it led to an upcoming event in Waterford- Steak and DJ day (not after our DJ). Find out more at

Setting the Bar

February 26th, 2020

DJ and Eoin are joined by Ian Walsh in Billy Byrnes bar in Kilkenny. They rate the food as well as the drink there before rating a non pre selected …

St. Nicholas Boyd-Barrett

February 11th, 2020

This week the lads tour the pubs of Kilcullen, County Kildare where they talk about St.Brigid and the feast of St.Brigids day, and by talk about it …

Wasted on Stickers

January 21st, 2020

This week we head back to Grady's Yard for a citra marinated chicken burger, some Dunkel, water and a chat with Tommy and Ollie about why alcohol …

Be Wide of Mossy

January 14th, 2020


Eoin, DJ, Tommy and Ollie talk about Dry January on this 50% dry episode. We talk about trying local beers, playing casual sports and delve into the unknown hero that is Mossy!

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A Social Spin to the Pub

December 16th, 2019


DJ, Eoin and Ollie meet up in Grady's Yard for a massive sugar undertaking. We eat three boxes of chocolates (Roses, Heroes, Celebrations) and …

Limited Edition Snugcast

November 25th, 2019

The two buckos are joined by Oliver Sharp Esq. in Phil Grimes pub on a murky November night. We talk about Maradona in Mexico (again)... F'in love …

Wild Goose Chase

November 21st, 2019

The lads head to J&K Walsh's to talk about quenching the thirst of a long drought, some cartoon characters, Diego Maradona and the appropriateness of October/November Christmas marketing! Become a patron by going to

Snortin' Cider

November 13th, 2019

This week we release an episode we recorded last month in the brilliant Cissie Youngs in Cork City. An institution in the UCC pub scene! They enjoyed pints from Blacks of Kinsale and Franciscan Well while chatting taxi …

Social Media Flagellation

November 4th, 2019

In this episode the lads sit in Tullys and chat to Darren Skelton about all things from journalism, social issues, the current economic state of …

Left to be Cracked

October 14th, 2019

This week DJ goes solo hosting with Eoin still in Japan. He is joined by the brilliantly talented Caoilfhionn Hanton, an artist who has had pieces …

Michael Collins Never Even Had a Tayto Sandwich

September 30th, 2019

In this Episode DJ is joined by Alan Maguire of the #Juvenalia podcast and Ollie Sharp. They talk about Alan's Tayto TED Talk, a new section called …

Books are Good

September 25th, 2019


What is the craic? Very little actual book chat lads sorry.  We went to Grady's Yard to have a chat before Eoin fucks off to Japan to feign some interest in Rugby. We spout shite about alternative modes of transport, …

Cans in Fermoy

September 12th, 2019

This week a whole host of people sat around the table for a chat about Stag parties and Pimp My Ride chat, all in a lively Phil Grimes!--- Send in a …

Tony the Tiger

September 2nd, 2019


Well gang. We headed to Phil Grimes to chat shite with Ollie Sharp including the inaugural cereal world cup!

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Costello's Craic

August 13th, 2019


The lads tipped up to Kilkenny on the train of a Saturday to meet Gerald and Gabrielle Costello of Costello's Brewing Company in the brewery to chat about beer production as part of the Kilkenny Craft Beer Festival. …

A few Pints about the Irish Language

August 6th, 2019


This week the lads settle into J & K Walsh's snug for some lovely pints and a chat about a recent provocative article heading in an irish newspaper surrounding the teaching of the Irish language in Ireland, as well …

Seasonal Sports Disorder

July 29th, 2019

The lads address some key issues in Henry Downes pub. They talk Seasonal Sports Disorder, potential celebrity Snugcast ambassadors and also the key …

Gone for a Spin

July 9th, 2019

This week the lads are up the walls getting ready for the live show this weekend with Fin Dwyer of the Irish History Podcast taking place in Grady's …

Honey, I Shrunk The Pints

July 2nd, 2019


DJ and Eoin are joined in the pub this week with Ollie Sharp of being a student in college fame. There was some drinking involved in this episode, …

Disney Drinkin'

June 3rd, 2019

DJ and Eoin headed to the Odeon Cinema in Waterford Friday night to see the live action version of Aladdin. Joined by Sonya and Ciara they popped …

Indie Beer Week Ramblings

May 27th, 2019

DJ and Eoin settle into a few pints in Grady's Yard after spending the day in Ardkeen Quality Foodstore promoting Indie Beer Week. They chat about Indie Beer Week, the elections held the day before and they talk about …

Rasputin, Robespierre and Joseph Mary Plunkett Walk into a Bar....

May 20th, 2019

The two boys headed off on the train with a bag of Super Soaker cans buíochas le Wicklow Wolf agus Yellowbelly Beer and they headed for Kilkenny. …

The Summer Lip is Coming

May 13th, 2019


Summer Lip is Coming sees DJ and Eoin joined again by the Queen of the Snug Sonya and also for the first time by Ciara Cooney! We chat about the beckoning summer, changes in the ways that we consume music and musicals …

A Super Soaker Snugcast

May 7th, 2019

Eoin went to Grady's Yard last week to attend the launch of a new beer! Following up on the Wolf of Malt Street stout released last year Wicklow Wolf …

He Could Have Died at a Renaissance Fair

April 29th, 2019

This week the two lads are joined by a very special guest, Alan Maguire of the Juvenalia podcast. In what is a jovial chat, filled with laughs and fuelled by pints the lads chat about a variety of topics. Eoin wanted to …

The Resurrection of the Pint

April 23rd, 2019


Happy Holy Thursday, Happy Easter, Happy Pinting. We hit up a roaring Phil Grimes this week where we discussed some amazing topics such as "What's …

Is Diageo the Devil?

April 16th, 2019

The lads are joined by Smurf of The Thirsty Thursday Show and the Rogue Gallery Studios Comedy Show and Ollie Sharp for a chat about comedy and also about a recent thread on Twitter by @caseyexplosion on Diageo and the …

And a Strawberry!

April 9th, 2019


In this episode we go balls deep into the 90's the period where we grew up! We go through some sweets and snacks from the era, talk game shows, music, tv and film. All in Geoff's Cafe Bar! Enjoy!

--- Send in a voice …

Fad Diets and Takeaway Grub

April 1st, 2019


Philly's tonight for the lads as they are joined by Simon and the spirit of MOC to chat about fad diets and takeaways. All this while drinking some of the best beers around right now. Bainigí taitneah as.

--- Send in a …

The Epitome of Nonsense

March 25th, 2019


This episode sees a lairy DJ talk to a lairy Sonya in Grady's Yard where they chat about keeping a journal/personal writing, a snugcast blog, After Life the new #Netflix show and a few other bits. I think DJ needs Eoin …

Waterford Retro Festival - Keith Daniels Interview

March 11th, 2019


DJ and Eoin sit down with Keith Daniels, producer of Against the Current: Waterford's Countercultural Movements. 1979-1996 to discuss the upcoming …

Snugcast Shambles on St. David's Day

March 4th, 2019


DJ is joined by first time co-host Sonya Nirwan, as well as Snugcast regular Simon Coloqhoun and Snugcast newbie Paul Lambert on St.David's day where …

The Thrilla in Clonskilla - Brigid vs Patrick

February 25th, 2019


The boys are joined in Tully's snug by Sean Murphy - comedian and host of the Thirsty Thursday Show on OpenTempo Fm to discuss comedy, crossing the …

Bacon and Cabbage

February 19th, 2019

The lads change it up and head to the Beerkeeper Waterford for some listener questions. Some food chat, some sport chat and most importantly some Irish Guide Dogs chat. Sláinte --- Send in a voice message:

Valentine's Day Special

February 11th, 2019


A topsy turvy episode where we go from talking about the nurses strike in Ireland, the shambles of Brexit and fall into a rabbit hole of naming …

Pubs, Porter, and People

February 4th, 2019

DJ and Eoin are joined by DOD from episode 2 for a catch up before he moves to San Francisco. They enjoy a few tasty pints in Grady's Yard while chatting about sporting people and controversial sporting opinions. …

Snugcast Bonus Episode - The Greatest Irish Song

January 16th, 2019


As we take some time to set ourselves up for 2019, here is some bonus content from before the podcast we set up. We had a rough idea what we wanted to do as a podcast, however this was the first time we hit record. We …

Hitlers Favourite Beer

January 7th, 2019


Our first recording of the season! We start 2019 off in Phil Grimes pub with Jamie Daly and Tommy Keighry. It's a lovely chat about resolutions, …

Episode 16: Grady's Yard Stout and Porter Weekend

December 12th, 2018

DJ and Eoin are joined by Miceál of Grady's Yard to discuss stout stories and celebrity Ma and Das! All while enjoying the stout and porter on show at the Grady's Yard stout and Porter weekend. Enjoy! --- Send in a …

Episode 15: Tipple in Tully's

December 4th, 2018

Join DJ, Eoin, Big Dave Quinn and Simon as they discuss some of the world's key issues in Tully's bar Waterford, including other Podcasts to listen …

Episode 14 - Sharp by Name, Blunt by Nature

November 26th, 2018

3 boys tonight drinking in Grady's Yard. We talk a lot of nonsense about J1, rugby, and some special news. Enjoy ye monkeys.--- Send in a voice message: Get bonus content on Patreon

Episode 13: God Save Our Gracious Roy Keane

November 19th, 2018

What happens when DJ and Eoin record a podcast with 4 people who have never met before in Liverpool over pints? A mad chat about Social Media, …

Episode 12: Gareth Roberts Interview

November 12th, 2018

DJ and Eoin interview Gareth Roberts of The Anfield Wrap Podcast and The Fans Agency to talk about podcasting, Brexit, a changing Liverpool city and …

Episode 11: I Don't Have A Cure Yet

November 5th, 2018

The boys answer some of your social media quesrions this week and take it their own way as fleetwod mac would say! Enjoy a can/bottle and sip away …

Episode 10: On our Holi-baps

October 30th, 2018

A travel frenzy episode tonight where we are joined by our good pal Sonya Nirwan. We discuss our favourite worldwide destinations and a bit about the …

Episode 9: The Correct Answer is The Princess Bride

October 22nd, 2018

DJ and Eoin are joined by a real life doctor, Simon, and a real life big man, Big Dave. We discuss what our favourite films that we're adapted from books and also our favourite TV shows of all time. Take a break, have a …

Episode 8: The Scottish and American Invasion!

October 15th, 2018

In the latest Snugcast, DJ and Eoin return to Phil Grimes where they planned discussion budgeting at 28 compared to when they met at 18, in response to the news of the day - the Irish Government's budget. Instead we …

Episode 7: I DON'T BELIEVE!

October 11th, 2018

Eoin and DJ followed on from their interview in Grady's Yard with Kevin and Danny with a chat in the snug in Grady's Yard. In this glorious setting …

Episode 6: Special: Grady's Yard Interview

October 8th, 2018

DJ and Eoin interview Kevin Kavanagh, bar manager at Grady's Yard and Danny Trappe, head of sales for YellowBelly Beer in Grady's Yard. They ask the lads about the launch of the bar, putting it together and hear about …

Episode 5: Lairy as F**k Questions

October 1st, 2018

Eoin + DJ this week answer some questions from the listeners. This is probably the drunkest podcast yet. Have a listen to some wonderful topics such …

Episode 4: The Curious Case of Johnny Moon

September 24th, 2018

In this weeks Snugcast DJ and Eoin are joined again by Big Dave Quinn and also, snugcast debutant Simon Colquhoun. We chat favourite meals, ideal …

Episode 3: Dodgy Robots and Fancy Clocks

September 17th, 2018

Eoin and DJ discuss Metalman Lager as they enjoy a pint in Phil Grimes Pub, Waterford. They then discuss the pros and cons of robotics, best and worst airports before finishing the conversation off with a shout out to …

Episode 2: Sporting Highlights - Not so High

September 12th, 2018

DJ and Eoin are joined by (BIG) Dave Quinn and Darragh (DOD) O'Donoghue in Phil Grimes pub to enjoy a chat about what they are drinking, their career sporting highlights, great sporting events they've witness and some …
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