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Episode #3 - Life before life


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In the previous episode, we talked about how God didn’t instruct us to call Him “Father,” merely to create a sense of closeness. He is literally the Father of our spirits. We are not merely creations but children. Continuing with that theme, today we address the answer to the first of the “Big Three” questions: Where did I come from?

In the Church of Jesus Christ, we believe that long before this world was created, every person ever born to earth lived with God, our Heavenly Father. We all loved Him and worshipped Him as His children– brothers and sisters in one very, very large family. He taught us important lessons and we developed important attributes, trying to emulate Him.

But as every father knows, there are some lessons that children best learned through experience. So God got us all together to give us a wonderful gift. He presented His plan for us to come to earth and receive a physical body. Even though we would have to forget what it was like to live with Him during this time on earth, we shouted for joy at this great opportunity to learn and grow.

Knowing this truth impacts many aspects of our lives:

  1. Knowing that all mankind had a close relationship with God before this life means that no one really is a stranger to Him. Everyone has that spark of divinity within them.
  2. Knowing we are all brothers and sisters helps us be patient and kind to others
  3. Knowing we shouted for joy at this opportunity gives us the perspective to get through trials in this life.
  4. Knowing that the primary purpose of life is to experience a mortal body gives us hope and perspective when life is short or our bodies suffer. It’s worth it.
  5. Knowing that our children were God’s children long before they were ours reminds us that children are a sacred trust and that we are responsible to God for how we raise them.
  6. It also reminds us that they are eternal beings like we are and come to earth with their own personalities and attributes. It’s not just mortal nature and nurture that decide our destinies.

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