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Episode #29: Sketching Travel Fun


Episode description

Hey there! Charlie O’Shields here, back with another episode of Sketching Stuff! During the month of August, I’ll be hosting a Doodlewash art challenge that I call “Travel Fun!” So, in honor of that, this episode is all about travel. Well, it’s about the idea of travel, at least, since many of you know I have a knack for drifting off topic. But I adore travel of all kinds and it’s always fun to visit new and interesting places. I used to travel much more when I was younger for work and pleasure, but these days, I tend to travel in my mind more of the time, simply imagining places I might like to go next.

The best part about sketching stuff each and every day is the ability to travel to any place I like! Whatever ends up in my sketchbook is a catalyst for some story I didn’t even know I wanted to tell until that very moment that the sketch appeared. Or, even better, a trigger for some memory I had almost forgotten. Rediscovering that memory is often one of the best moments of all. So, join me now as we take a little trip together through a series of stories inspired by sketching travel fun!

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