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Shweta’s Basket is an engrossing short stories and poems podcast, hosted weekly, by noted storyteller Shweta Singh, where she brings the characters alive with her animated narration. It features works by some of the best contemporary writers, both in English and Hindi. The idea is to whisk the liste… read more

79 Episodes | 2020 - 2023

Ep 77 : This Means War & Stalked (Poems)

May 5th, 2023


The first poem is titled ‘This Means War’ and I can relate to it wholeheartedly. It happens to me all the time. I have suffered enough at their …

Ep 76 : For Mewar (Short Story)

April 28th, 2023


Your loyalty towards the royal family and your motherland or your your dharma as a mother, which would you choose? The legendary story of Panna Dhai …

Ep 75 : A Note to Self (Poem)

April 21st, 2023


Here’s a poem about finding ourselves and being comfortable in our own skin. This also happens to be the poem that got me a runners up position for an online event called A Rhythmic Affair S3. It is organised by Beyond …

Surkhe Ka Kamaal 2.0 (Short Story)

April 14th, 2023


This story is a satire on the social evil of begetting an heir. What happens to a young girl who is not above to give a child to the family and how they are exploited by the so called 'Gurus'.

Link to the post on the …

Ep 73 : Invocation & Unafraid (Poems)

April 7th, 2023


What better way to start the new season is by invoking the blessings of the divine and by being unafraid… of getting back on the podcasting horse again... and hence the 2 poems for this first episode. They are part of a …

Ep 72 : No Eulogy (Poem)

March 4th, 2022


Losing someone we love is painful, so is it wrong to hold on to them?

Link to the post -

Ep 71 : Dusky Isn't Deserving (Short Story)

February 25th, 2022


Should our fate be defined by our color, or for that matter any physical attribute? Find out how the protagonist of this story rises above the …

Ep 70 : Gone Forever (Poem)

February 18th, 2022


Once she was opaque and cast a shadow and she was happy with who she was. But slowly she was gone. Why? How?

Link to the post -

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Link to other …

Ep 69 : Whispered Words (Short Story)

February 11th, 2022


I feel he is real, the protagonist of my story. Perhaps he had whispered stories in my ears when I was an infant. Perhaps that I why I love narrating them. Do you feel the same way? Listen to this story and then tell …

Ep 68 : I Won't Teach You That (Poem)

February 5th, 2022


This poem is a result of my inner conflict. Should the age-old dictums be passed on to our daughters as it is or is it time to make a few changes to …

Ep 67 : Holy Cow : Part 2/2 (Short Story)

January 28th, 2022


An awesome satire about life and the struggles, superstitions, and political corruption in villages, all through the eyes of a handsome bull.

Link to …

Ep 66 : Holy Cow : Part 1/2 (Short Story)

January 21st, 2022


An awesome satire about life and the struggles and superstitions and political corruption in villages, all through the eyes of a handsome bull. 

Link …

Ep 65 : Baby Steps & I Too Was a Child (Poems)

December 10th, 2021


Life is a process and never predictable. Listen to these two wonderful poems about life and how things change as life progresses. 

Link to the post - 

Ep 64 : Much Ado About a Burp (Short Story)

December 3rd, 2021


Burp is not a lady-like thing to do. So, what do you do when you do it? Listen to find out.

Link to the post -

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Link to …

Ep 63 : Does It Happen To You? (Poem)

November 25th, 2021


An introspective poem, forcing us to question the kind of person we are and with that insight, perhaps time to re-think or re-invent ourselves.

Link to the post - 

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Link to other …

Ep 62 : A Peculiar Predicament (Short Story)

November 19th, 2021


Deeds vs. Donations? Guess this guy didn't get the memo. Listen to this hilarious story about his otherworldly journey.

Link to the post - 

Ep 61 : Stop Suffering And Start Living & One Last Time (Poems)

November 12th, 2021


Two beautiful poems from the book #LeavesofAutumn and Other Poems. Poems with two completely different messages but both relevant in this modern age …

Ep 60 : The Street Without Cherries : Part 3/3 (Short Srory)

November 5th, 2021


So you think you have a handicap. And you think no one cares about you. Best to be in your comfort zone. Well, think again. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone not for yourself but for someone else. …

Ep 59 : The Street without Cherries : Part 2/3 (Short Story)

October 29th, 2021


So you think you have a handicap. And you think no one cares about you. Best to be in your comfort zone. Well, think again. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone not for yourself but for someone else. …

Ep 58 : The Street Without Cherries : Part 1/3 (Short Story)

October 22nd, 2021


So you think you have a handicap. And you think no one cares about you. Best to be in your comfort zone. Well, think again. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone not for yourself but for someone else. …

Ep 57 : Ode to Childhood & Closed (Poems)

October 15th, 2021


There is something about childhood that keeps pulling us back to those carefree days, that gay abandonment, the long hours of games and laughter, and …

Ep 56 : Vishnu and The Two Glasses of Milk (Short Story)

October 8th, 2021


God! Do you remember, as a child, when you were forced to have a glass of milk and you simply hated it? I know I did and so did Vishnu the young protagonist of this story. Then how did he end up having two glasses of …

Ep 55 : Bitiya & Yaadein (Hindi Poems)

October 1st, 2021


Two poems that will warm your heart and take you down memory lane. Daughters and memories are two evergreen topics that bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with love. Listen to these poems and immerse …

Ep 54 : Exodus (Short Story)

September 24th, 2021


Based on a true incident, the story is an outpouring of anguish and helplessness that the writer felt about this incident. She says that she cannot understand the depravity that human beings can subject their fellow …

Ep 53 : Gym kaa Siyaapa & Bin Bulaye Mehmaan (Hindi Poems)

September 17th, 2021


When you think of poems, generally you think of sweeping emotions, groundbreaking notions and deep thoughts, and perhaps multiple layers that you can …

Ep 52 : To Buddy or Not to Buddy (Short Story)

September 10th, 2021


She has made a friend in her office. Or so she thinks. What happens to that friendship and how does she deal with its effects? A story that you can …

Ep 51 : What Are Days Like? & Joy on The Wings of Hope (Poems)

September 3rd, 2021


Today I have 2 very special poems for you. What Are Days Like? and Joy on The Wings of Hope. Both poems are part of a poetry book titled Islands in The Stream written by the very talented Sonal Singh, published by …

Ep 50 : Celebrating 50 Episodes

August 27th, 2021


So, today is very special. This is the 50th episode of Shweta’s Basket, a half-century. When I started Shweta’s Basket, a short stories and poems …

Ep 49 : Is Love Forever? (Short Story)

August 20th, 2021


Is love forever? Does it transcend death? What does one do when the love of one's life, one's partner of years & years passes away. Does life stop? Or can one find a reason to go on? Something that sparks the desire …

Ep 48 : The Hungry Flames & The Support System (Poems)

August 13th, 2021


There are two beautiful poems in this episode for you. Both are total opposites but are heartfelt and a result of what the poet with her sensitive …

Ep 47 : The Missing Piece (Short Story)

August 6th, 2021


Daniel had everything going for him – a good job, great friends, a beautiful wife but on that fateful day, he was home alone? Why was he alone, what …

Ep 46 : Nayi Aas (Hindi Poem)

July 30th, 2021


A poem about 'New Hope', new aspirations, new goals. This poem is full of positivity and proactiveness. It’s not a passive poem, it’s a take-charge …

Ep 45 : Second Life (Short Story)

July 23rd, 2021


Everybody deserves a second chance in life. This is a beautiful story showcasing the opportunity and an innovative and creative system of correction …

Ep 44 : Umeed (Hindi Poem)

July 16th, 2021


This poetic prose written in Hindi is full of deep longing and soulful yearning. It tucks at your heartstrings. Through these lines, you can feel the …

Ep 43 : Hand in Hand Into The Sunset : Part 2 (Short Story)

July 9th, 2021


The old couple lovingly referred to as Mama and Mami are getting by in life. Mama is due to retire shortly. Theirs is not a story of hot and …

Ep 42 : Hand in Hand Into The Sunset : Part 1 (Short Story)

July 2nd, 2021


The old couple lovingly referred to as Mama and Mami are getting by in life. Mama is due to retire shortly. Theirs is not a story of hot and …

Season 2.0 (Intro Ep)

June 25th, 2021


And Shweta's Basket is back with a brand new season. 

Let’s celebrate the magic of short stories & poems.

They are truly magical, aren’t they?

Ep 41 : Drabble Sandwich (#Firstparty Contest)

May 7th, 2021


This episode is part of the #firstparty celebratory contest of Shweta's Basket, marking our first anniversary. 

This game is called Drabble Sandwich and you have to answer the 10 questions, in order they are asked.

Ep 40 : Storm (Short Story)

May 4th, 2021


Sometimes our love is not enough. Sometimes there is no happy choice, only one less grievous than the others. What does Sam love and why can't she save her love? Listen to find out. 

Please leave a comment under the …

Ep 39 : Lavender (Poem)

April 29th, 2021


A poem of loss, love and memories. A poem of sadness and yearning that ends on a note of hope, of moving forward, albeit with the shadows of the past.

Please leave a comment under the post on the website (link to the …

Ep 38 : An Arachnid Anecdote (Short Story)

April 27th, 2021


How would you react to going through an experience where, something you hated to begin with turns out to be something you love now. Our experiences …

Ep 37 : Besan Laddu (Short Story)

April 20th, 2021


As the writer says, sounds like a very mouth watering title, right? Well he says listen to the story and then see how you feel about Besan Laddu. 

Please leave a comment under the post on the website (link to the post …

Ep 36 : The Conundrum (Short Story)

April 15th, 2021


He is Mrs. Daisy Duncan's non-human confidante. He knows her secrets but as long as they are juicy he is willing to go along to keep them. What secrets you ask? Well, listen to the story to find out. 

Please leave a …

Ep 35 : Lotus Stem & Gramflour (Short Story)

April 13th, 2021


Sometimes the bad things are not so bad after all. They turn out to be a blessing in disguise. All we need to do is adjust our perspective a little. Listen to this story to find out how the protagonist finally learnt to …

Ep 34 : Splash of Sunshine (Short Story)

April 10th, 2021


Domestic violence is an age old story. But slowly the voices are emerging from behind closed doors. More such stories need to be written and read to …

Ep 33 : Mein Samay Hoon (Hindi Poem)

April 6th, 2021


Time and tide as they say, wait for non. Here the poet is reminding us the same thing. And also advising us to make promises and memories and to tuck them away safely with love. In today's world, which is in the grip of …

Ep 32 : It Flows Gently On (Short Story)

March 25th, 2021


When hate and vengeance are upper most in peoples' mind and heart. Even more than innocent lives. Listen to this story to find out what happened to innocent Piu. 

Please leave a comment under the post on the website …

Ep 31 : Of Pageants & Hobbies (Short Story)

March 19th, 2021


We expect our elderly to behave in a certain manner. There is this stereotypical image that we have of what they should be doing after a certain age. …

Ep 30 : Naughty Syllables (Poem)

March 16th, 2021


This poem is a fun take on all the poetry forms that follow a strict syllable count like #haiku, #tankas, #cinquain and #sequin. It's about how tough …

Ep 29 : The Old Man And The Book (Short Story)

March 5th, 2021


He is the keeper of the book of lost and forgotten. What is it that we have lost? Why are we forced to lose it? Listen to find out.


Please leave a comment under the post on the website (link to the post provided …

Ep 28 : Dear Paper Plane (Poem)

March 2nd, 2021


It’s a plea from me or from any person who has lost a parent or that one person who is the emotional pillar in their life. The plea is in the form of a letter. 

Please leave a comment under the post on the website …

Ep 27 : Yellow vs. Green (Short Story)

February 26th, 2021


Love comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and ages. So does heart break. He is only six, listen to found out who broke his heart. 

This is our last story in the #unlove series for the month of February. 

Please leave a …

Ep 26 : Watch Out (Poem)

February 23rd, 2021


The last poem in our #unlove series for the month of February. 

Watch out and beware of the various reasons people do silly or manipulative things …

Ep 25 : The Story of Cullswick (Short Story)

February 19th, 2021


The #unlove month continues. This is the third story in the series. Love cannot be forced for the end doesn't bode well. So what happened to the men …

Ep 24 : The Heir (Poem)

February 16th, 2021


A witty and wicked poem full of homophones. The client is dead and the lawyer is reading the will. Want to know who gets the money? Then listen on. 

Ep 23 : T(w)o Troublesome (Short Story)

February 12th, 2021


Continuing with our theme for this month #unlove, we bring to you today a story titled T(w)o Troublesome. What is troubling our protagonist and what does she do about it? Listen to the story and find out. 

Link to the …

Ep 22 : Dusk's Promiscuity (Poem)

February 9th, 2021


This is February, the valentine month. The month of love-shove. The month of strawberries, red and pink hearts and chocolates. Lots and lots of …

Ep 21 : The Man With A Plan (Short Story)

February 5th, 2021


This is the month of love-shove. The month of strawberries, cakes, candies, chocolates, cards and red hearts. So at shwetasbasket will try and bring …

Ep 20 : Be Gone Thou Infernal Cold & How to Write a Poem (Poems)

February 2nd, 2021


For this episode I have two light, frothy and funny poems for you. The first one is titled – Be gone thou infernal cold, its about the kind of cold …

Ep 19 : The Story Tellers : Part 2 (Short Story)

January 29th, 2021


This episode is 2nd and concluding part of the story The Story Tellers written by Vijay Krishna Amaraneni. If you are here for the first time, then I suggest you listen to Ep 17 which is the first part of the story and …

Ep 18 : Yellow Blossom (Poem)

January 26th, 2021


The poem that I have today is of a woman who is captive, when I was writing this poem at that time in my mind this woman was literally captive, but after finished the poem and reread it, I realised it is as true for a …

Ep 17 : The Story Tellers : Part 1 (Short Story)

January 22nd, 2021


You know how some stories are – beautiful in their simplicity, almost lyrical, with powerful imagery, the inner struggle of the protagonist and a …

Ep 16 : Mirage & New Name (Poems)

January 17th, 2021


Both the poems have one thing in common.

There is a distinct before and after, and in between them is this moment and this phase that the poet is talking about. In both the poems things change and that emotion is what …

Ep 15 : A Celestial Soiree (Short Story)

January 15th, 2021


Where should we party? Sometimes finding the right venue is the biggest issue isn’t it? A new place, a new experience, that’s what we all crave for, …

Ep 14 : My Daughter's Wedding (Poem)

January 12th, 2021


It is the wedding season in India, but the covid-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the way we have weddings here. The venues, menus, guest lists, brides dress, meeting and blessing the new couple, the …

Ep 13 : Aadha Hissa - Kaunsa Kiska (Short Story in Hindi)

January 8th, 2021


A beautiful story that reminds us of the kind of stories our grandmothers used to tell us.  People, animals, morals all shaken and stirred together …

Ep 12 : The Earth is Not Dead - Not Yet (Poem)

January 5th, 2021


Yes indeed. Earth is not dead, not yet. And how she has come back and put humanity in its place.

Link to post -

Email id -

Narrator …

Ep 11 : Once Upon a Time (Short Story)

January 1st, 2021


Ever wondered what makes time tick. Or what will happen if it slowed down or worse stopped. Lets see if we can find out in this story.

Link to post -

Email id -

Ep 10 : By the Clock (Short Story)

December 24th, 2020


Overworked and overburdened, racing against the clock, boss may get angry if the work is not finished – sounds familiar? Well the protagonist in this story is seriously worried about the same thing. Will be able to …

Ep 09 : Anmol Aanchal (Hindi Poem)

October 29th, 2020


Dedicated to all the mothers, for their love and their shelter.

Email :

Ep 08 : Ma's Birthday Dedication (Article)

September 22nd, 2020


This is a rendition of an article written by Shri Yatindra Singh for his sister, who is my mother. Here he reminisces about their childhood. 

Link to post -

Email :

Ep 07 : How Long? (Poem)

September 2nd, 2020


How long will women suffer, how long will they be denied justice? 

Link to poem -

Email :

Ep 05 : Why I Choose not to Sigh (Poem)

June 9th, 2020


We find enough reasons to sigh, here are a few for not sighing. Listen to them and tell me if we have some reasons in common.  Or if you have other reasons too. 

Link to poem :

Ep 04 : Sound of Nothing (Short Story)

June 4th, 2020


A picture perfect day with mother daughter enjoying the sunshine and outdoors quickly turns into a nightmare. 

Link to story :

Email :

Ep 03: Of Friends & Friendships (Short Story)

May 13th, 2020


This episode is dedicated to friends, with out whom life is like a barren land, yearning for rain that never comes. 

Link to story :

Email :

Ep 01 : Surkhe ka Kamaal - Amazing Guava (Short Story)

March 17th, 2020


It's a (black) humorous take on the social evil of betting an heir.

Link to story :

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