Seeking First

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The struggle to seek God first in the midst of a world that is clamoring for our attention is is real. Especially when it comes to issues pertaining to our money. Come explore this conundrum with me and I promise we will do our part to encourage, entertain and enlighten you on the journey. But seek … read more

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Money On Purpose: The Flyer with Karla Cruel, Esq.

July 10th, 2019


Have you ever known a politician who doesn't care about money? Well, meet Karla Cruel, candidate for Philadelphia City Council whose financial …

Money On Purpose: The Saver with Sharita Reyes

June 24th, 2019


In this episode, we explore the Saver Money Personality and how it shows up in the life and faith of our guest, Sharita Reyes, author of Behind the Veil: Preparations for Marriage from a Biblical Perspective.  

Money On Purpose: The Security Seeker with Kara Pilkinton

June 17th, 2019


Every person has a distinct way of thinking about and dealing with money, your Money Personality.  In this episode, we will talk to Security Seeker, Kara Pilkinton, who will talk about her Money Personality and how it …

The Kingdom: Kingdom Treasure

June 10th, 2019


What is most valuable to you? For most of us, the things of this world are more valuable than the things of God.  But by God's grace, He helps us to find value in what is eternal instead of what is temporal.  In this …

The Kingdom: Thy Kingdom Come

June 3rd, 2019


Rev. Jason Halloway and I take a look at prayer in the kingdom of God and why it is that Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew 6:5-13. How does our prayer life look if we are going to be about the business of the …

The KIngdom: Sheep and Goats?

May 27th, 2019


In the episode we remain in our series on The Kingdom and are joined my my long-time sister-friend, Carrie Campbell who will give her perspective on Matthew 25:31-46. We examine Jesus' separation of his sheep from the …

The Kingdom: Kingdom Stewards

May 20th, 2019


In this episode we are joined by Rev. Christopher J. Holland, II, Pastor of New Spirit Community Presbyterian Church. He and I will discuss the topic …

The Kingdom: Enter In with Rev. Dr. Drick Boyd

May 6th, 2019


In the story of the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus has an encounter with a young man who has done well for himself financially and …

The Kingdom: Jesus the King with Rev. Frederick L. Harvey, II

May 6th, 2019


If we are to seek the kingdom, then we should first understand what it is.  And fundamentally, a kingdom has to have a king.  But what does that even …

Seeking First: Introduction

May 6th, 2019


Take a listen and hear what we are all about at Seeking First. We'll talk about our foundational scripture and get a little insight into what is to come. 

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