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Discussion and commentary on the CW television series The Flash and related comic books.

155 Episodes | 2014 - 2021

Scarlet Velocity #624: Summer Special 20

January 16th, 2021


The moment we have been waiting for is almost here. We recap The Flash Season 6 in preparation of what is to come. And we share the latest news in casting and Flash Comics. But what will we be seeing in this …

Scarlet Velocity #623: Summer Special 19

November 2nd, 2020


The Flash returns to the CW in February. But while we wait we continue to delve into the comics. This time we focus on the recent, tragic history of Wally West. After finally being rescued from the Speed Force, Wally …

Scarlet Velocity #622: Summer Special 18

September 18th, 2020


We are finally getting more news about the upcoming season of the Flash. We will share some of what we learned from DC Fandome and stories that are being revealed about the cast, the plot, and changes we will see. And …

Scarlet Velocity #621: Summer Special 17

August 6th, 2020


His name is Wally West and he is the fastest man alive. For more than 60 years he has been an important character in the DC universe. From the days of Kid Flash to his historical promotion to the Scarlet Speedster after …

Scarlet Velocity #620: Summer Special 16

June 26th, 2020


In the 80 year history of the Flash, the hero has been an important character to the DC universe. We break down some of the most important moments in …

Scarlet Velocity #619: Success is Assured

May 15th, 2020


An early season finale means that "Success is Assured" ...for the villain! Without the Speed Force, the team is not sure what to do to get Iris out of the Mirror World. Then Ralph remember the diamond he got from Sue, …

Scarlet Velocity #618: Pay The Piper

May 8th, 2020


Sometimes you have to "Pay the Piper." Barry desperately tries to figure out a way to save Iris from her mirror prison. But then Godspeed shows up to …

Scarlet Velocity #617: Liberation

May 1st, 2020


The "Liberation" of Eva McCulloch is finally happening! Barry is a bit disheartened by Cisco's failure to generate a new speed force. But he's even …

Scarlet Velocity #616: So Long and Goodnight

April 24th, 2020


It could be "So Long and Goodnight" for Joe West as he gets closer to proving Joseph Carver has connections to Black Hole. Carver has hired Rag Doll …

Scarlet Velocity #615: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

March 20th, 2020


The power of Flash compels you to witness "The Exorcism of Nash Wells". Nash continues to be controlled by Eobard Thawne, Flash's speed continues to …

Scarlet Velocity #614: Death of the Speed Force

March 13th, 2020


The "Death of the Speed Force" is likely to cause a lot of problems for any speedster. Wally West returns as a Zen speed master and has some great …

Scarlet Velocity #613: Grodd Friended Me

February 28th, 2020


Barry has to ask himself why "Grodd Friended Me". Barry's been struggling to adapt to a post-Crisis world. It becomes frustrating when old friends …

Scarlet Velocity #612: A Girl Named Sue

February 21st, 2020


Ralph finally finds "A Girl Named Sue". Dearbon, that is. But she seems to be in deep trouble and on the run from a dangerous guy. Ralph, being the noble hero he is, sticks with her to protect and bring the dastardly …

Scarlet Velocity #611: Love Is A Battlefield

February 14th, 2020


"Love is a Battlefield" in Central City on Valentines Day. While Barry and Iris try to enjoy a romantic evening together, they stumble into a villain …

Scarlet Velocity #610: Marathon

February 7th, 2020


Is life a "Marathon" or a sprint? Barry sure is ready to race out of the starting blocks of a post-Crisis Earth. He chases after a whole slew of new …

Scarlet Velocity #609: Crisis on Infinite Earths

December 13th, 2019


"Crisis on Infinite Earths" parts 1, 2, & 3 is the epic crossover we have been waiting for! A wave of antimatter sweeps across the multiverse …

Scarlet Velocity #608: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen part 2

December 6th, 2019


"The Last Temptation of Barry Allen (part 2)" presents Bloodwork's final stand against the Flash. Now in full control of our hero, Bloodwork begins …

Scarlet Velocity #607: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen part 1

November 29th, 2019


As Crisis looms, the Flash is faced with "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen." By saving Ralph after Ramsey's attack, Barry has become infected with …

Scarlet Velocity #606: License to Elongate

November 22nd, 2019


Dibney, Ralph Dibney has a "License to Elongate". That doesn't always mean that he's going to use his powers though. Sometimes it takes a little finesse. He takes Barry along on a mission to find Sue Dearbon at a party …

Scarlet Velocity #605: Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

November 8th, 2019


Blow a "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach" to our good friend Cisky. He's left in charge this week as Barry and Iris spend some quality time in his final days on a vacation in Tahiti. He's not worried though. His automated …

Scarlet Velocity #604: There Will Be Blood

November 1st, 2019


"There Will Be Blood" in Central City, now that Ramsey Rosso's meta powers have fully developed. The mad doctor realizes that the only way to hold …

Scarlet Velocity #603: Dead Man Running

October 25th, 2019


Does Barry accept that he is a "Dead Man Running"? Or can he change his destiny during the coming Crisis? He and Iris fill in the team about the Monitor's warning, but they fail to mention that he will have to die. The …

Scarlet Velocity #602: A Flash Of The Lightning

October 18th, 2019


Flash runs like "A Flash of the Lightning" this week as tries to discover the possibilities his tragic future may bring. After Monitor told him that …

Scarlet Velocity #601: Into the Void

October 10th, 2019


Godspeed, Bloodwork, and Chunk...Oh my! The first episode of the season is chock full of plot and potential! Godspeed has appeared for the fourth …

Scarlet Velocity #525: Summer Special 15

August 30th, 2019


The Flash Season 5 Blu-Ray collection has arrived, and the ultimate DC crossover is coming this season. What can you expect to find on the new disks …

Scarlet Velocity #524: Summer Special 14

July 27th, 2019


Flash may not have new episodes during the summer, but there is plenty of news to discuss after San Diego Comic Con. Scarlet Velocity gives you important dates to mark on your calendar. Plus, there have been some …

Scarlet Velocity #523: Summer Special 13

June 23rd, 2019


Who will Flash face in Season 7, and will it tie in to a Crisis on Infinite Earths? We discuss rumors of our future antagonist and how their comic …

Scarlet Velocity #522: Legacy

May 18th, 2019


Can the "Legacy" of the Flash be preserved? Ralph realizes at the last moment that they can't destroy Cicada's dagger or they will release Eobard Thawne from his captivity. He even makes the heroic gesture of jumping in …

Scarlet Velocity #521: The Girl With The Red Lightning

May 11th, 2019


Will "The Girl With The Red Lightning" stop Cicada from destroying all the meta-humans with her new Atomizer? Joe and Cecile go to CCPD to convince …

Scarlet Velocity #520: Gone Rogue

May 4th, 2019


Has Nora truly "Gone Rogue"? With friends like Weather Witch, Rag Doll, and the Bug-Eyed Bandit it looks like she may have chosen the negative path. …

Scarlet Velocity #519: Snow Pack

April 27th, 2019


How much "Snow Pack" will we receive this year? At least 3 members of the Snow family. That is, if Icicle has anything to do with it. Caitlin's father has returned and he wants the family back together, but his plan may …

Scarlet Velocity #518: Godspeed

April 20th, 2019


Do we wish you "Godspeed" this week? Not if that means a new speedster in Central City in 2049. Godspeed is hooked on Velocity 9, and it's up to CSI Nora West-Allen to stop him. These are the adventures featured in her …

Scarlet Velocity #517: Time Bomb

March 23rd, 2019


The future drops a "Time Bomb" on Team Flash. When Orlin Dwyer wakes to discover that the new Cicada is his time-travelling niece Grace, he is pretty shocked when she reveals that she wants every meta killed, starting …

Scarlet Velocity #516: Failure Is An Orphan

March 16th, 2019


Success has many fathers, but "Failure is an Orphan". Thawne tells Nora that something has changed in the timeline, and they must stop Cicada now. So …

Scarlet Velocity #515: King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd

March 9th, 2019


"King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd" One night only! Now that Cisco and Caitlin have completed their work on the meta-cure, they need someone to test it on. …

Scarlet Velocity #514: Cause and XS

February 16th, 2019


The "Cause and XS" of changing time can affect everyone. Cisco has successfully developed the meta-cure, but Flash will have to take it away for an …

Scarlet Velocity #513: Goldfaced

February 9th, 2019


Get "Goldfaced" with Flash and the Elongated Man as they track down some new tech that will help them stop Cicada. This generator is in the …

Scarlet Velocity #512: Memorabilia

February 2nd, 2019


Collect the "Memorabilia" and you come with me, leave yesterday behind, and take a giant step inside the mind. Thanks to Sherloque's new Memory …

Scarlet Velocity #511: Seeing Red

January 26th, 2019


Cicada has Flash "Seeing Red" this week! After he begins going on another killing spree, the gravelly-voiced villain breaks Nora's back, leaving her paralyzed and Flash more determined than ever to stop him. The team …

Scarlet Velocity #510: The Flash and The Furious

January 19th, 2019


Who deserves second chances from "The Flash and the Furious"? As Barry prepares to testify against Weather Witch, some new meta tech controlled by …

Scarlet Velocity #509: Elseworlds part 1

December 13th, 2018


"Elseworlds Part 1" finds Oliver Queen waking up in Barry Allen's bed. And from there, it just gets stranger. Barry and Oliver have switched places and they are the only ones that realize it. When they try to get help …

Scarlet Velocity #508: What's Past Is Prologue

December 8th, 2018


Sometimes "What's Past is Prologue" if you have the ability to time travel. The team tries to find a way to stop Cicada from murdering Metahumans, …

Scarlet Velocity #507: O Come, All Ye Thankful

December 1st, 2018


"Oh Come, All Ye Thankful" to the home of Barry and Iris for a Thanksgiving feast. This will be the first Thanksgiving that Nora will remember having …

Scarlet Velocity #506: The Icicle Cometh

November 24th, 2018


Beware, for "The Icicle Cometh". Now that Cisco has the satellites up and running, they can finally track down Cicada. Plus, they might be able to find Caitlin's dad too. Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco take a trip to the …

Scarlet Velocity #505: All Doll'd Up

November 17th, 2018


Come get "All Doll'd Up" to witness the crimes of the contortionist Rag Doll. Peter Merkel has some grudges that he's going to settle with his new …

Scarlet Velocity #504: News Flash

November 3rd, 2018


"News Flash", you can get a lot of hits on a blog if your cell phone has been imbued with dark matter. That's what Spencer Young is doing to become …

Scarlet Velocity #503: The Death of Vibe

October 27th, 2018


"The Death of Vibe" would be a traumatic experience for Team Flash. That's Cicada's latest target and he's discovered clues that trace his victim to …

Scarlet Velocity #502: Blocked

October 20th, 2018


When you get "Blocked" by strong emotions like sadness or hero-worship, it makes it hard to do your job well. As the team let's the news of Barry's future disappearance sink in, they deal with more pressing issues. A …

Scarlet Velocity #501: Nora

October 13th, 2018


XS is her name, but you can call her "Nora". Because, after all, she's family! Now that the daughter of Barry and Iris has revealed herself to her past friends and family, the shocked parents have to make a decision …

Scarlet Velocity #426: Summer Special 12

September 18th, 2018


The Flash Season 4 is now available on Blu Ray, DVD, and digital! Every episode from the season is included, along with all four episodes of the Crisis on Earth X crossover and some extras that examine some of the new …

Scarlet Velocity #425: Summer Special 11

August 6th, 2018


San Diego Comic Con has left a lot of news in its wake. Confirmation of new villains, teases of things to come, and an exciting trailer that gives us just enough action to tide us over until the October premiere. We …

Scarlet Velocity #424: Summer Special 10

July 2nd, 2018


Barry was even more surprised by the arrival of Nora West-Allen than we were, but why is she here, and what kind of help does she need? We speculate …

Scarlet Velocity #423: We Are The Flash

May 26th, 2018


"We Are The Flash" and we know that we must work together to stop the Enlightenment. But with only hours left before the Earth sinks into intellectual meltdown, they must rely on a very unexpected ally. Marlize DeVoe …

Scarlet Velocity #422: Think Fast

May 19th, 2018


With the Enlightenment at hand, it's time to "Think Fast"! The Thinker takes over ARGUS with ease and charges Borman's powers to launch his satellites. The team can't run into the trap if they want to succeed, but …

Scarlet Velocity #421: Harry and the Harrisons

May 12th, 2018


"Harry and the Harrisons" hope they can work as a team to help discover DeVoe's plan. Since the original Council of Wells kicked Harry out because of his dwindling intelligence, they will need to gather the Wells of …

Scarlet Velocity #420: Therefore She Is

May 5th, 2018


Marlize DeVoe thinks, "Therefore She Is". Flashback to a time 8 years ago when Marlize met Clifford. It started as a playful little disagreement …

Scarlet Velocity #419: Fury Rogue

April 28th, 2018


Watch "Fury Rogue" as Flash tries to move the radioactive meta, Fallout to a place that's safe from the Thinker. In order to keep Fallout from …

Scarlet Velocity #418: Lose Yourself

April 21st, 2018


Don't "Lose Yourself" if you're one of the last bus metas that the Thinker is after. As Ralph and Barry track down the last of the bus metas, Ralph is ready to end it all by killing Devoe. Barry talks him down from this …

Scarlet Velocity #417: Null and Annoyed

April 14th, 2018


Team Flash faces the week "Null and Annoyed". When Janet Petty (aka Null) begins using her anti gravity touch for high stake robberies, Barry and …

Scarlet Velocity #416: Run Iris, Run

March 17th, 2018


When Barry's speed is transferred from The Flash to his wife the only thing to do is "Run Iris, Run"! Harry is so obsessed with stopping DeVoe that he decides to replicate the accident that gave him his intelligence in …

Scarlet Velocity #415: Enter Flashtime

March 10th, 2018


When you "Enter Flashtime", you can do a lot in a short amount of time, but even you may not be able to stop a nuclear explosion. Flash and Jesse Quick rush to stop an eco-terrorist named Veronica Dale, but she ignites …

Scarlet Velocity #414: Subject 9

March 3rd, 2018


Izzy Bowin is "Subject 9". Her meta abilities of powerful sound waves are only rivaled by her fiddle-playing. Once the team discovers the latest bus …

Scarlet Velocity #413: True Colors

February 10th, 2018


In times of trouble, "True Colors" come shining through. Warden Wolf makes a deal to sell his collection of bus-metas to Amunet Black. This throws a …

Scarlet Velocity #412: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

February 3rd, 2018


If you mess with Dwarfstar, you may scream, "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash". Barry asks the team to help him prove his fellow inmate Big Sir innocent and find the real killer. Luckily, it's just the man they're looking for …

Scarlet Velocity #411: The Elongated Knight Rises

January 27th, 2018


As dawn break over Central City, "The Elongated Knight Rises" to take his place as the city's hero. Barry begins his lifelong stay at Iron Heights with virtually no prospect of leaving. Ralph may not be the hero Central …

Scarlet Velocity #410: The Trial of the Flash

January 20th, 2018


All rise for "The Trial of the Flash". Barry faces a judge and a jury of his peers for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. Lucky for Barry, he's got himself some good representation as Cecile takes the case. Joe loves his …

Scarlet Velocity #409: Don't Run

December 9th, 2017


It's sometimes best if you "Don't Run" away from your problems. But those problems have a way of finding you anyway. Amunet Black abducts Caitlin so she can perform delicate surgery on a new, mind-reading meta for the …

Scarlet Velocity #408: Crisis on Earth-X, part 3

November 30th, 2017


The "Crisis on Earth X" continues as the team finds themselves powerless and locked up in a prison camp on Earth X. What's worse is that it's run by Quentin Lance's evil doppelganger. Luckily, the Team get some help …

Scarlet Velocity #407: Therefore I Am

November 25th, 2017


I suspect, "Therefore I am". Barry tries to learn all he can about his latest nemesis, The Thinker, aka Clifford DeVoe. DeVoe is a professor whose life was drastically altered when he tried to channel the energy of the …

Scarlet Velocity #406: When Harry Met Harry

November 18th, 2017


We expected great things "When Harry Met Harry", but it got off to a rocky start. Since Harry Wells is having trouble tracking down their new nemesis DaVoe, he calls upon other Harrys from other Earths. They'll have to …

Scarlet Velocity #405: Girls Night Out

November 11th, 2017


The ladies of Team Flash celebrate "Girls Night Out" for Iris's bachelorette party. Join Iris, Cecile, Felicity, Caitlin, and Killer Frost as they try to have a nice fun evening totally interrupted by Amunet Black's …

Scarlet Velocity #404: Elongated Journey Into Night

November 4th, 2017


Take an "Elongated Journey Into the Night" with Barry and the rest of the team as they reacquaint themselves with private investigator and former cop, Ralph Dibney. Dibney's fallen on some bad times since he was kicked …

Scarlet Velocity #403: Luck Be A Lady

October 28th, 2017


If you think you'll see "Luck Be A Lady" in Central City, you clearly haven't met Hazard. Hazard is a newly created meta that has the power to create good luck. Unfortunately, it's only good luck for her, and bad luck …

Scarlet Velocity #402: Mixed Signals

October 21st, 2017


Barry and Iris are sending some "Mixed Signals" to each other after trying to get back to a somewhat normal life. Barry is walking on sunshine with his return, but Iris really wants to confront his decision to leave. …

Scarlet Velocity #401: The Flash Reborn

October 14th, 2017


After a summer of waiting, we finally see "The Flash Reborn!" Iris has been the fearless and strict leader while Barry has been trapped in the Speed Force. But Cisco has been working on that problem, and with some …

Scarlet Velocity #326: Summer Special 09

September 30th, 2017


With the Blu-Ray box set of The Flash - Season 3 in hand, Jay and Josh sprint towards the finish line of the summer break. Join us as we talk about …

Scarlet Velocity #325: Summer Special 08

August 26th, 2017


Let the Hype Machine begin! We are just a few weeks away from The Flash season 4, and the news is flowing like out of control Speed Force lightning! …

Scarlet Velocity #324: Summer Special 07

July 29th, 2017


Having a great time in the Speed Force, wish you were here. While Barry vacations, we take in all the news that has been released since Barry left Iris to call all the people that he just sent wedding invitations to, …

RC Interviews: "Jovial" Jay Shepard

June 14th, 2017


In the second part of the RandomChatter Interviews miniseries, Tim interviews "Jovial" Jay Shepard (Green Justice, Agents of SHIELD: Case Files, Scarlet Velocity, & Jedi Journals)!

Scarlet Velocity #323: Finish Line

May 27th, 2017


Barry races towards his "Finish Line" as he discovers that Iris may not be quite as dead as he thought she was, but another good friend is. The team has to regroup and find Savitar and Killer Frost with no knowledge of …

Scarlet Velocity #322: Infantino Street

May 20th, 2017


There's so much happening down on "Infantino Street". That's where Flashpoint has led us. And with 24 hours before Iris's fatal destiny with Savitar, the team is feeling quite emotional. But they're not giving up. Barry …

Scarlet Velocity #321: Cause and Effect

May 13th, 2017


If you're going to time travel, you're going to have to evaluate the "Cause and Effect". The cause of creating a time remnant of yourself is having to fight Savitar. But the cause of having to fight Savitar is creating …

Scarlet Velocity #320: I Know Who You Are

May 6th, 2017


"I Know Who You Are", says Barry to Savitar. And this time, we actually mean it! Thanks to intel from the Barry of the future, the team tries to convince Tracy Brand that she is the scientist they need to stop Savitar …

Scarlet Velocity #319: The Once and Future Flash

April 29th, 2017


All hail "The Once and Future Flash". When Barry travels to the future, he discovers that Central City is pretty run down. And Team Flash is disbanded. But Barry wants the answers that can help him in the past. But the …

Scarlet Velocity #318: Abra Kadabra

April 1st, 2017


Say the magic words, "Abra Kadabra"! And a 64th century magician will appear in Central City to cause all kinds of trouble. Barry would probably just …

Scarlet Velocity #317: Duet

March 25th, 2017


How about a good ol' fashioned "Duet"? When an unconscious Supergirl shows up at STAR Labs, the team tries their best to revive her, but not before …

Scarlet Velocity #316: Into The Speed Force

March 18th, 2017


Let your soul and spirit fly, as we sail "Into the Speed Force". Barry dives right into the Speed Force to save Wally. But it's not going to be as …

Scarlet Velocity #315: The Wrath of Savitar

March 11th, 2017


Beware "The Wrath of Savitar"! Even with the positive spirits that Barry and Iris's recent engagement have created, darkness looms on the horizon. …

Scarlet Velocity #314: Attack on Central City

March 4th, 2017


Better start preparing for an "Attack on Central City"! After Gypsy appears in STAR Labs and attacks the team, our heroes realize that Grodd has used her to bring his gorilla army to Central City. They have very little …

Scarlet Velocity #313: Attack on Gorilla City

February 25th, 2017


Where were you during the "Attack on Gorilla City"? Jesse Quick waited on Earth-1 with Wally, as she dealt with her conflicted emotions concerning …

Scarlet Velocity #312: Untouchable

February 11th, 2017


What if the villain you were after was "Untouchable"? Clive Yorkin is a metahuman that deteriorates anything he touches and he's out to get the cops that caught him in Flashpoint, and that includes Joe West. Barry …

Scarlet Velocity #311: Dead or Alive

February 4th, 2017


On Earth-19 universe hopping is a serious crime, and because HR is hanging out here, he is wanted "Dead or Alive". The powerful bounty hunter Gypsy …

Scarlet Velocity #310: Borrowing Problems From The Future

January 28th, 2017


Life can give you nightmares when you are "Borrowing Problems from the Future". Since Barry is having nightmares about Iris's future death, he decides to tell her and the team about what he saw. They all give their best …

Scarlet Velocity #309: The Present

December 10th, 2016


Just in time for the holidays, Flash gives us "The Present". And it's in the form of an ancient box with a philosopher's stone in it. Julian found it …

Scarlet Velocity #308: Invasion!

December 3rd, 2016


No time to address those emotional problems now, because an alien "Invasion!" has begun! Flash can't handle something like this alone, so that means the epic crossover will bring together Green Arrow, Supergirl, and the …

Scarlet Velocity #307: Killer Frost

November 26th, 2016


You don't want to get on the bad side of "Killer Frost". After saving Barry from Savitar, Caitlin's powers are taking over and she tries to find Alchemy, whom she hopes can get rid of them for her. But she seems willing …

Scarlet Velocity #306: Shade

November 19th, 2016


It's always a little cooler in the "Shade". Or maybe more dangerous when the shadow-mimicking villain starts attacking people and the team has to …

Scarlet Velocity #305: Monster

November 5th, 2016


How do you deal with your "Monster"? Barry does it with speed, which is hard when the gigantic monster turns out to be a hologram. Julian Albert has …

Scarlet Velocity #304: The New Rogues

October 29th, 2016


It's been a little quiet in Central City lately. "The New Rogues" should be able to take care of that. Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon were hit by …

Scarlet Velocity #303: Magenta

October 22nd, 2016


"Magenta" isn't just a lovely pinky shade of mauvey-crimson. It's also Frankie Kane, the newest meta-human that is causing trouble in Central City. …

Scarlet Velocity #302: Paradox

October 15th, 2016


Sometimes when you grab for the Flashpoint, you get the "Paradox". Now that Barry has totally screwed everything up and everyone's life has changed, he feels that his only option is to go back and try again. But when he …

Scarlet Velocity #301: Flashpoint

October 8th, 2016


It just takes one little "Flashpoint" in time to screw everything up. Barry thinks he has it all, now that he's changed the timeline and prevented Eobard Thawne from killing his mother. His parents are alive, his …

Scarlet Velocity #226: Summer Special 06

October 1st, 2016


Season 3 is back next week, so let's discuss everything we know before it starts. Tons of new heroes and villains, plus other fun surprises fill our news. Plus, we measure up the recently released Blu-ray set to see if …

Scarlet Velocity #225: Summer Special 05

July 30th, 2016


San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, but the Flash news was flowing freely! Jay and Josh return to our next summer special as we discuss what was revealed during the big event. "Flashpoint" will have some major …

Scarlet Velocity #224: Summer Special 04

July 2nd, 2016


It's time to put on the Flash uniform. But wear the one with shorts and the tinted goggles, because it's summertime. Jay and Josh are back for the first summer special of the year. This month we talk about casting …

Scarlet Velocity #223: The Race of His Life

May 28th, 2016


Barry runs in "The Race of His Life" against Zoom. After Zolomon kills Henry, Barry is so distraught that he wants to kill Zoom. Unfortunately for …

Scarlet Velocity #222: Invincible

May 21st, 2016


It's hard to worry too much when you feel "Invincible". Barry is feeling pretty good about himself after his trip to the Speed Force, but his friends think he's acting a little too confident. Even though The Flash is …

Scarlet Velocity #221: The Runaway Dinosaur

May 14th, 2016


When I was little, my mom used to read me "The Runaway Dinosaur", just like Barry was reminded of, when he woke up and realized he was trapped in the speed force. It's manifesting itself to look like his closest family …

Scarlet Velocity #220: Rupture

May 7th, 2016


There has been a "Rupture" in Central City. It's probably not something Barry and Cisco are going to be able to take care of with a drone-controlled …

Scarlet Velocity #219: Back to Normal

April 30th, 2016


Now that Flash has lost his speed, his life can go "Back to Normal", right? Well, as normal as Central City gets, I suppose. Caitlin is being held by Zoom, right next to Killer Frost and the Man in the Iron Mask. …

Scarlet Velocity #218: Versus Zoom

April 23rd, 2016


It's The Flash "Versus Zoom" this week as we learn of the tragic origins of Hunter Zolomon as he walked the path through his tragic life, only to …

Scarlet Velocity #217: Flash Back

April 2nd, 2016


Last Tuesday night, we're sending "Flash Back" to the future! …a few hours after he travels into the past one year. He goes there to try to get any information he can about becoming fast enough to stop Zoom, and his …

Scarlet Velocity #216: Trajectory

March 26th, 2016


It's hard to follow the "Trajectory" of an object that is traveling as fast as the newest speedster in town. She's Eliza Harmon, a former friend of …

Scarlet Velocity #215: King Shark

February 27th, 2016


"King Shark" has returned! After escaping ARGUS, he's out to get the Flash. Luckily John Diggle and his wife Lyla have come to warn our hero. But Barry, along with the rest of the team, are taking their recent losses …

Scarlet Velocity #214: Escape From Earth-2

February 20th, 2016


Barry and his friends are running out of time to "Escape from Earth-2"! And now that Barry is imprisoned by Zoom, they need the help of Earth-2 Barry Allen to track down Killer Frost so she can show them the way to …

Scarlet Velocity #213: Welcome to Earth-2

February 13th, 2016


"Welcome to Earth 2"! Such a warm welcome for our heroes as they travel through a breach to that, now infamous, alternate reality to finally put a stop to Zoom and save Harrison Wells' daughter Jesse. What they find is …

Scarlet Velocity #212: The Fast Lane

February 6th, 2016


When you're running in the "Fast Lane" eventually you're going to crash. That's what Iris keeps telling Wally about his street racing. But he doesn't want to admit that there's more to it than the thrill and the money. …

Scarlet Velocity #211: The Reverse-Flash Returns

January 30th, 2016


Hide your tachyons when "The Reverse Flash Returns". Despite all logic, Eobard Thawne is back in Central City. But this is a younger villain that hasn't met Barry yet. That's hard for Barry to imagine, but not as hard …

Scarlet Velocity #210: Potential Energy

January 23rd, 2016


There's so many things in Central City that are full of "Potential Energy". But the Turtle might be able to suck that energy right out of everything. …

Scarlet Velocity #209: Running To Stand Still

December 12th, 2015


It's hard to catch the bad guys when you're "Running to Stand Still". After Mark Marden, the Weather Wizard, breaks the Trickster and Captain Cold …

Scarlet Velocity #208: Legends of Today

December 5th, 2015


Central City and Star City are lucky to have the "Legends of Today". Because they're going to need them when Vandal Savage arrives in town. He's hunting for Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who are really Carter Hall and Kendra …

Scarlet Velocity #207: Gorilla Warfare

November 21st, 2015


Don't think you can use bananas to defend against "Gorilla Warfare". When Grodd is in town, you're gonna need a speedster. But Barry is healing from his brutal beating at the hands of Zoom last week. Not just the …

Scarlet Velocity #206: Enter Zoom

November 14th, 2015


Exit all sense of safety, and "Enter Zoom"! Barry believes he can lure Zoom onto his Earth by using Linda Park, dressed as Dr. Light (even if she is really horrible at shooting cardboard cutouts.) Nothing's ever easy, …

Scarlet Velocity #205: The Darkness And The Light

November 7th, 2015


If you hang with Barry this week, you better be prepared for "The Darkness and the Light". The latest Metahuman to pop out of the wormhole is Dr. …

Scarlet Velocity #204: The Fury of Firestorm

October 31st, 2015


If you play with matches, you risk "The Fury of Firestorm". Stein needs a compatible match to remain stable. STAR Labs finds two candidates, but Henry Hewitt isn't too happy when they pick Jefferson Jackson. And he gets …

Scarlet Velocity #203: Family of Rogues

October 24th, 2015


When you're faced with a "Family of Rogues", you have to change your perspective a little bit. That would be the reason that Barry is pretending to …

Scarlet Velocity #202: Flash Of Two Worlds

October 17th, 2015


When you need extra help, you could use a "Flash of Two Worlds"! Jay Garrick is the Flash in his world, which happens to be in a completely different …

Scarlet Velocity #201: The Man Who Saved Central City

October 10th, 2015


Are you ready to show your appreciation for "The Man Who Saved Central City"? Not so fast. It might not be who you're thinking of. Barry is struggling with the heroic death of Ronnie Raymond, who dealt the final blow to …

Scarlet Velocity #126: Summer Special 03

October 3rd, 2015


Who could possibly watch an entire first season of a series faster than The Flash?! You may not be able to watch the newly released discs as fast as …

Scarlet Velocity #125: Summer Special 02

August 2nd, 2015


Who would dare to wear a fur coat in the summertime? Only the biggest, baddest gorilla in Central City, Gorilla Grodd! David Sobolov voices Grodd on …

Scarlet Velocity #124: Summer Special 01

June 20th, 2015


It's not the friction of super speed that is heating things up around here. The Scarlet Velocity Summer Special is here. Jay and Josh welcome storyboard artist Adam Van Wyk to discuss his work on "Justice League: The …

Scarlet Velocity #123: Fast Enough

May 22nd, 2015


Will the season finale make Flash "Fast Enough"? After Eobard Thawne gives Barry an option to travel back in time to save his mother and give Thawne the ability to return to the future, Barry has some tough choices to …

Scarlet Velocity #122: Rogue Air

May 16th, 2015


Thank you for choosing "Rogue Air" as your transportation service. Barry Allen uses them when transferring all of his Metahuman prisoners to the island prison on Lian Yu. Before they begin their flight though, Captain …

Scarlet Velocity #121: Grodd Lives

May 9th, 2015


If you're hanging around down in the sewers, make sure you are aware that "Grodd Lives"! Grodd is an angry, telepathic gorilla that seems to have a …

Scarlet Velocity #120: The Trap

May 2nd, 2015


If you're a bad guy, and you know the good guys are trying to set you up to catch you, you better spring "The Trap"! That's what Eobard Thawne does after Barry and the gang discover the secrets of the time room. They …

Scarlet Velocity #119: Who is Harrison Wells?

April 25th, 2015


How are our heroes going to discover the "Who is Harrison Wells?" Especially when Barry has to figure out a way to stop a metahuman named The Everyman that can turn into anyone he touches. Eddie and Caitlin can give him …

Scarlet Velocity #118: All-Star Team Up

April 18th, 2015


This week's episode of The Flash and The Atom gives you the buzz on the "All-Star Team Up". Brie Larvan (aka the Bug Eyed Bandit) is attacking her …

Scarlet Velocity #117: Tricksters

April 4th, 2015


If you're not paying close attention, you might get fooled by some "Tricksters"! James Jesse, the original Trickster, and his son have a plot that …

Scarlet Velocity #116: Rogue Time

March 28th, 2015


What time is it? Today? Yesterday? No, it's "Rogue Time"! Barry has traveled back in time one day, where he was able to stop Weather Wizard and save …

Scarlet Velocity #115: Out Of Time

March 21st, 2015


You'd better pay close attention to this week's episode of The Flash, because you never know when you may be "Out of Time". The Weather Wizard is …

Scarlet Velocity #114: Fallout

February 21st, 2015


After a big explosion, you have to be prepared for the "Fallout". Even though Professor Stein and Ronnie Raymond have now been separated, General Eiling will stop at nothing to get FIRESTORM and use it as a weapon. He …

Scarlet Velocity #113: The Nuclear Man

February 14th, 2015


If you're feeling a little chilly, you may want to stand close to the "Nuclear Man". Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein is finally accepting the help of STAR Labs to help get separated (and maybe take care of that bad hair …

Scarlet Velocity #112: Crazy For You

February 7th, 2015


We hope after this next karaoke number we'll be "Crazy for You". We know that Shawna Baez, aka Peekaboo, is pretty crazy for her boyfriend. That's …

Scarlet Velocity #111: The Sound and The Fury

January 31st, 2015


Can you hear that? It sounds like "The Sound and the Fury". The "fury" is what Hartley Rathaway is feeling towards his former hero (and boss) Harrison Wells. The "sound" is what he's going to use against him and the …

Scarlet Velocity #110: Revenge of the Rogues

January 24th, 2015


You're hot and you're cold. You're impulsive, you're smart. You're Rory, you're Snart…No. It's not a Katy Perry song. It's the beginning of the …

Scarlet Velocity #109: The Man In The Yellow Suit

December 13th, 2014


So you think you know who "The Man in the Yellow Suit" is? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don't, but he is definitely back. Flash and the team are going to try to trap him by luring him with Dr. Tina McGee's tachyons. …

Scarlet Velocity #108: Flash vs. Arrow

December 6th, 2014


Let's get ready to rummmblllllle! It's "Flash vs Arrow" this week! In this corner, The Arrow; visiting Central City to investigate a deadly boomerang. In this corner, The Flash; tracking down a hypnotic metahuman called …

Scarlet Velocity #107: Power Outage

November 29th, 2014


Are you ready for a "Power Outage"? You may want to blame that on Blackout. He's the latest meta-human that's running around shocking the people of …

Scarlet Velocity #106: The Flash Is Born

November 22nd, 2014


Remember the day "The Flash is Born"? It all happens this week as Iris continues to write her blog on her speedy hero. But it draws a steely creep right to her when metal-covered "Girder" uses her to bring the Flash …

Scarlet Velocity #105: Plastique

November 15th, 2014


When something absolutely, positively has to be blown up overnight, you need "Plastique"! She's the newest metahuman in town and she's dynamite! Does …

Scarlet Velocity #104: Going Rogue

November 1st, 2014


Have you ever thought of "Going Rogue"? Leonard Snart sure has. And he is going to use his newly acquired cold gun (and cool "Captain Cold" nickname) …

Scarlet Velocity #103: Things You Can't Outrun

October 25th, 2014


Sometimes in life, there are "Things You Can't Outrun". Barry and his friends will have to face the pains of the past and the challenges of the future. One challenge that Barry will have a hard time fighting against is …

Scarlet Velocity #102: Fastest Man Alive

October 18th, 2014


Is there anything that can stop "The Fastest Man Alive"? Barry has been keeping busy acting like a speedy boy scout, but now he's got two problems: A …

Scarlet Velocity #101: Pilot

October 10th, 2014


His name is Barry Allen. He is the fastest man alive! And their names are Jay and Josh. Their swift wit and determined attitude will bring you in-depth discussions about the CW show "The Flash". We will break down the …

Scarlet Velocity #100: The 1990 Flash Series

September 14th, 2014


Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast is here! Jay and Josh, from Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast and Agents of SHIELD: Case Files, bring you in-depth discussion about the latest super hero television show "The Flash". We …

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