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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life. New Episode out every Friday! Support this podcast:

123 Episodes | 2018 - 2022

Ep 124: Just a Feeling, with Milica Radak

January 30th, 2022


This week let me introduce you to Mili, from @barenaked_me! The forces of nature, otherwise known as Mili's mother, brought us together one fateful …

Ep 123: Being Alone Together, with Kristine Cofsky

December 17th, 2021


Hello lovers! Please meet the lovely Kristine. You might know her from @theportraitsessions or @persepective feminine on IG. She is here today to chat with me about definitions of intimacy, of community and of …

Ep 122: Representation Matters, with Janessa St. Pierre

September 25th, 2021


Hello everyone! We are closing off September, also known as Alopecia Awareness Month, with this vulnerable and rage-filled episode with Janessa St …

Ep 121: Breakups and Backpacks, with Erin E. Davidson

June 18th, 2021


Hi everyone! Meet Erin Davidson, sex and relationship therapist from Vancouver, BC, here today to talk about her new book Break Through the Breakup. Join me in discovery Erin's story of the "reformed good girl/people …

Ep 120: Trials and Tribulations of Mental Health, with Tony Ganton

June 11th, 2021


Hello weirdos. Meet my good friend Tony. Tony and I went to university together and have managed to stay in each other's lives in various capacities for the last 8 years. Today, in line with men's health month, we are …

Ep 119: Dissociating & Associating, with Ariel

June 4th, 2021


Hi friends, lovers and strangers, meet Ariel. Ariel comes to us this week thanks to Mark, to tell her story of addiction and recovery. Trigger warnings for eating disorders, addiction, mental health and sexual trauma. …

Ep 118: Good Grief, with Oona Krieg

May 21st, 2021


Friends, lovers and strangers - meet my darling dear friend Oona. Oona runs and co-founded a tech co-op called BRAVE, that provides services to prevent overdose deaths. Today, she discusses with me the myriad rabbit …

Ep 117: Soft And Squishy, with Josh Banday

April 30th, 2021


Hello lovers! Meet Josh! You might know him as Ivan in Amazon's comedy series Upload, but Josh is also a writer and hilarious human all around.  He takes me down memory lane as we explore his childhood in Baldwin Hills, …

Ep 116: Post-Covid Dissection, with Mark

April 23rd, 2021


Welcome back my lovers. Well, this one is a personal one. My partner Mark recently recovered from COVID 19. We talk about what it was like: from …

Ep 115: Filmmaking Today, with Neil Fox

March 12th, 2021


It's a warm welcome back to Neil Fox from episode 22!! Over two years later, the host of the Cinematologists podcast is back. The movie he'd just …

Ep 114: Life By Design, with Thomas K Girard

February 12th, 2021


Hello friends! Meet Thomas K Girard, an emerging scholar in the Design field. Thomas reached out to me to talk about life and its design. We meander …

Ep 113: Sustaining Happiness in Long-term Relationships, with Andreia Scotto

January 29th, 2021


Hi everyone! Welcome back to Andreia from episode 105! She is a Marriage and Family Therapist, based in Denver, Colorado. Today, she wanted to …

Ep 112: Let's Talk About Sex, with Tatyannah King

January 22nd, 2021


Hello lovers! Meet Taty. She's a sex blogger, speaker and educator, currently in grad school at Widener university. Join us on this fun journey of …

Ep 111: Fighting Online Abuse, with Pheebs Jameson

January 14th, 2021


Welcome back friends, lovers and strangers. Meet @fatpheebs! She's a superwoman, a kind soul, and a true sunshine. Today, she shares with us her …

Ep 110: Fixing Ourselves, with Irving Chong

October 30th, 2020


Hi Lovers! Meet Irving, the host of Asians in Space, the man behind The Asian Canadian, and one of the participants of @menwhotakebaths. He joins us today to talk the world over. We discuss growing up in Alberta and …

Ep 109: Body And Soul: Dancing & Disorders, with Sommer from RaiseThatBarre

October 3rd, 2020


Hello Lovers! Meet Sommer! She's a dear friend and the bright and compassionate mind behind a new awareness IG account called @raisethatbarre. Her mission is to start a conversation, to shed light on the harsh realities …

Ep 108: Up in the Air: Reducing Polarization, with Jakub Ferencik

September 4th, 2020


Hello friends! Change of pace today! Meet Jakub Ferencik, author of upcoming debut book titled “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism, & the Global Problems of the 21st Century”. Jakub just arrived in Slovakia, his …

Ep 107: Finding & Honouring Your Purpose, with Ericka Gail, M.S.Ed

August 28th, 2020


Hello my lovers. Meet Ericka Gail, a non-binary, queer, Black femme [they/them, she/her] trauma therapist, known as @mentalhealthfemme! We start by catching up on the context we find ourselves in this year and the …

Ep 106: Authenticity and Empowerment, with Victoria Henrietta

August 21st, 2020


MY LOVERS. Meet the lovely Victoria. She is the host of The V Word Show on the Applewood channel on Youtube, a badass Mama, actress and former teacher. She made time for us today to discuss her journey, and the state of …

Ep 105: Finding Your Passion, with Andreia Scotto

July 24th, 2020


Hi everyone! Meet Andreia! She is a Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate, based in Denver, Colorado. Andreia joyfully walks me through her Brazilian …

Ep 104: White Supremacy vs. Anti-Oppressive Counselling, with Ji-Youn Kim

July 17th, 2020


It's a warm welcome back to our dear Ji-Youn (jee-yan) Kim. If you haven't yet met her in ep 78, Ji-Youn is an anti-oppressive, trauma informed counsellor. She's an advocate for rage as liberation, and facilitates …

Ep 103: Radical Compassion and Vulnerability, with Eman Salem

July 10th, 2020


My lovers you are in for a treat today! Meet Eman Salem, our fave badass life coach and CEO of Iron Self! We dive right in, without much intro, into the meat of it. Listen in if you've ever felt unable to be true to …

Ep 102: Art Around the World, with Kriss Munsya

July 3rd, 2020


Welcome to our first guest of Season Three: photographer and visual artist Kriss Munsya. He came over to the podcast to talk about his current project The Eraser, as well as his life more broadly. We discuss his …

Ep 101: Here Comes Season 3!

June 26th, 2020


Welcome back my lovers. How are y'all holding up? 

Firstly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It has been amazing to host the last two seasons and I am …

Ep 100: Black Lives Matter

June 5th, 2020


Welcome my dears. I was going to do a thing for the big 100, but it hardly seems relevant now. If you sent me your AMA's for that, don't worry, it will be the opener for season three. In the meantime, before we go on a …

Ep 99: Toxic Masculinity & Misconceptions of Pleasure, with Cam Fraser

May 29th, 2020


Hello my lovers! Welcome to 90-fucking-9! Meet Cam Fraser! He is a men's Sex Coach, as well as a Certified Sexologist, Counselor, Registered Yoga …

Ep 98: Sex Work is Work, with Danica Darling

May 22nd, 2020


Hello lovers! Meet Danica Darling, our guest and sex worker extraordinaire! Although she is primarily an exotic dancer and escort professionally, …

Ep 97: Activism: from Grassroots to Corporate, with Cicely Belle Blain

May 15th, 2020


Hello world! This week, I had the honour and pleasure to chat with incredible Cicely Belle Blain! They are a black, mixed raced, queer writer and …

Ep 96: Alternatives to Monogamy & Tales of Pleasure, with Devon

May 8th, 2020


Hello lovers! Meet my dear friend IRL Devon. He did me the honour of spending an hour on the record talking about all things non-monogamy and …

Ep 95: Counselling For and By Queer, NB and Trans Folx, with Maverick

May 1st, 2020


Welcome friends, meet Maverick. They are a counsellor who just finished their program and are now launching themselves into their career. We talk about their focus on queer, non-binary and trans clients and why …

Ep 94: Isolation and Feminization, with Adri Koc Spadaro

April 24th, 2020


WELCOME LOVERS! How's everybody holding up? 'Cause we are... fine? Join us on this honest and candid whirlwind about covid feelings and …

Ep 93: Is There a Gender Opt-out Button? with AJ Lowik

April 17th, 2020


Hello lovers. This week, AJ Lowik (pronouns: they/them/theirs) came over to chat about their work and life! We talk about what it's like to walk in this world as a non-binary trans person, a queer liberationist, an …

Ep 92: Life, Movies, and Collective Trauma, with Odessa Young

April 10th, 2020


MY LOVERS! Meet my new fave long-distance love, Odessa Young. Odessa is an Australian actor, whom you might have seen in Assassination Nation (2018), The Daughter (2015) and High Life (2017). She will also star as …

Ep 91: Isolate and Masturbate, with Airial Clatney from Intamo Pleasurables

April 3rd, 2020


Welcome MY LOVERS! Meet Airial, our sexual health educator of the week and our newest and only PARTNER of the podcast! She's the CEO of Intamo Pleasurables, a company aimed at facilitating sex that feels better, using …

Ep 90: Recovering from Toxic Mothering, with Julia Gillis

March 27th, 2020


Welcome my lovers!! 90 down WTF! Meet Julia, our single-mom and coach of the week! Today, we retrace Julia's steps throughout her life as a daughter …

Ep 89: Why Stories Matter, with Charlotte Daniel

March 20th, 2020


My lovers! Meet my dear friend Charlotte, our writer, director and locations manager of the today! She walks me through her Scottish childhood, big move to London and travel discoveries across Australia and Canada. We …

Ep 88: Sex Up Your Life, with Julie Archaumbault

March 13th, 2020


Hi my lovers! Meet Julie, today's author and creative extraordinaire! We get to know more about her childhood in Montreal and evolution through …

Ep 87: Just Bad Timing, with Christine Wild

March 8th, 2020


Hello my lovers. Happy international women’s day and happy book birthday to me! This one is me rambling about storytelling and podcasting and love. You get a freebie read of chapter One and you might want to buy the …

Ep 86: Dating & Digressing, with Ash Belluz from Kilter&Mint

February 28th, 2020


Welcome lovers to this crazy mashup crossover of Kilter&Mint vs. RWWC! 

Ash Belluz came over to the couch to introduce herself and talk smack! Kilter&Mint is a podcast on snapshot storytelling, a place to hear …

Ep 85: Virginity & Self-awareness, with Jaden

February 21st, 2020


Hi my lovers! Meet my colleague Jaden! This aussie import was open enough to come chat with me about his relationship to his sexuality, his body …

Ep 84: Anxiety & Ego Death, with Mark

February 17th, 2020


Well lovers... This episode comes to you three days late, because life happens. I had planned to come out with a special Valentine's day episode about Love, with Mark, to talk about progress, learning and relationships. …

Ep 83: Rewilding the Feminine, with Fiona McCoss

February 7th, 2020


Welcome my lovers. Let us delve into the wild woman archetype today. Meet Fiona. She is a women's empowerment educator and feminine embodiment …

Ep 82: Vulnerability as Strength, with Shane Sandiford

January 31st, 2020


Welcome my lovers! Meet Shane! He's our human of the week, and also Sally's partner from episode 65! In this episode, Shane walks me through his British childhood and career in social & youth work. We get to today: …

Ep 81: Mind-Blowing Sex is Not a Myth, with Sarah Trivett

January 24th, 2020


Hello there! Meet Sarah Trivett, our somatic trauma therapist of the day. As is tradition, we retrace her steps from childhood to today. We spend some time talking about how insidious trauma is and how the realisation …

Ep 80: Comedy & Audacity, with Claire Marie Pollock

January 17th, 2020


Happy new year!!! Welcome back my lovers! What a treat we have prepared for you today! Meet Claire, our superstar comedian, dancer, actress and producer. She came over to the couch to talk about The Dirty Betty Show, …

Ep 79: Queer Indigeneity, with jaye simpson

December 13th, 2019


Welcome to the last episode of 2019!!! Thanks so much for sticking around for this very special episode with an indescribable human! (Let me attempt …

Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

December 6th, 2019


Rage.         How does it feel? Where do you feel it?

Welcome to this week's awe inspiring episode with Ji-Youn (pronounce Jiyanne) Kim. I had the pleasure of welcoming her over to the couch to talk about social …

Ep 77: Trans Lives & Death Care, with Toni King-Rose

November 29th, 2019


Meet Toni, our 20 year old advocate for gender inclusion and acceptance within death services for today! He is a transgender man, who identifies …

Ep 76: Three Braless Women on a Couch, with Joanne and Julia

November 22nd, 2019


Welcome to the much-anticipated follow-up episode to Joanne and Julia's Expressions of Self series on life after trauma. The women held three …

Ep 75: Is there more to life? with Megan Jane Soutar

November 15th, 2019


Hello my lovers! Meet Megan. She is a self-healing guide, who focuses on intuitive healing, readings and Reiki. Follow us down the rabbit hole that …

Ep 74: Philosophy & Sex, with Nicolle Hodges

November 8th, 2019


Welcome my lovers to another DELIGHTFUL episode and human discovery. Meet Nicolle, my newest crush. She's the founder of Girls Who Say Fuck and the …

Ep 73: Sex ed & its all-encompassing implications, with Lindsay Michelle

November 1st, 2019


Welcome to 73! Meet Lindsay, this week's sex educator! We talk about going from wanting and training to be a lawyer, to becoming a staunch advocate for comprehensive and inclusive sex education for all! We discuss …

Ep 72: Erotic Drawings to Fuck the Patriarchy, with Nikki Peck

October 25th, 2019


Welcome my dear lovers and beloved strangers. 72 is about ART and FEMINISM! Oh and of course, sex. 
Nikki Peck is an artist, whom you most likely know from her Instagram page @bonercandy69 where you can find all sorts of …

Ep 71: Fat Black Femmes & Self-Pleasure

October 18th, 2019


Fuck YES! In this episode, Kimbree from Vibin' tells us all about her upcoming sex-toy subscription business centred around fat femmes of colour and …

Ep 70: On Non-monogamy, with Sam

October 11th, 2019


Well my lovers, welcome to another intimate one. Sam is one of my all time favourite girl crushes IRL. We met on Tinder, and the rest, well, ... is now public. During this episode, you will hear us discussing our …

Ep 69: Rage & Conversations about Sex, with Javay da BAE

October 4th, 2019


WELCOME TO EPISODE 69!!! Woot woot, wink wink. I can't think of a better person to feature than Javay da BAE! She's the millennial sexpert you need. If you haven't already come across her insta feed or her youtube …

Ep 68: Judaism & Self-Pleasuring, with Maureen Pollack

September 27th, 2019


Hello lovers! Meet Maureen, founder and CEO of The Waterslyde, and new co-owner of Lovability Inc! Inventor and intimacy coach, mother, business woman and all-around POWERHOUSE, Maureen walks me through the creation of …

Ep 67: Abuse & Small Town Blues, with Bryan E.

September 20th, 2019


Ooof.. What to say! This one is so very near and dear to me. Bryan is my work husband. We have spent on average 14h/day together for most of 2019 and over the course of it, we have gotten to know each other quite well. …

Ep 66: Sex Ed & Parenting, with Steph Auteri

September 13th, 2019


It's been over a year since we checked in with "A Dirty Word" author Steph Auteri! She's back to tell us all about postpartum from publishing your first book and parenting as a sex writer. 

You may remember her from

Ep 65: This girl ain't never had a plan, with Sally Manners

September 6th, 2019


60-EFFING-5! With my gal Sally from Mannerswear! 

I met Sally at her stall in Spitalfields Market, where she sells awesome bodycon clothing. She serendipitously asked ME to hang out a while as her stalker ex-boyfriend …

Ep 64: From the Church to Sex Coaching, with Jess DeVries

August 30th, 2019


Hello beautiful souls!  Welcome back! Today, Jess DeVries brings us a FASCINATING life story! She grew up Evangelical Christian during the crux of …

Ep 63: It Will All Work Out! with Ayla Grace

August 23rd, 2019


Welcome my lovers! Meet Ayla Grace. To start this episode, we backtrack on Ayla's journey. After childhood bullying and othering, she started …

Ep 62: Good Girls Talk About Sex, with Leah Carey

August 16th, 2019


Good Girls Don't Talk About Sex? Yes, they do! And we are here to prove it!  Leah Carey is a sexual communication coach. She is also the host of the Good Girls Talk about Sex podcast. 

In this episode, we discuss what …

Ep 61: The One About Us, With Mark

August 9th, 2019


On episode 61 my lovers, I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to my Markus. In this intimate, yet RWWC-style conversation, Mark & I delve into open, ethically non-monogamous relationships (including ours). 

Ep 60: Uncomfortable, with Debbie Roche

August 2nd, 2019


Hello lovers! 

Welcome to this wonderful chat with Debbie Roche from Uncomfortable - The Podcast. Debbie and I share how and why we decided to get …

Ep 59: Just Me Today.

July 26th, 2019


As promised on Instagram, here it is: 40 glorious minutes of uncensored verbal diarrhea by your darling dearest. I fucked up, and didn't get around …

Ep 58: Expressions of Self, with Joanne and Julia

July 19th, 2019


Welcome to Episode 58! Joanne and Julia join forces for this year's Expressions of Self events here in Vancouver, BC! They will be holding three …

Ep 56: On Loving Yourself, with Jen Doan

July 5th, 2019


Welcome back my lovers!!!! Let's kick off SEASON 2! Episode 56 stars my newest friend Jen Doan! 

Jen is a sexuality empowerment coach based in Vancouver, BC. She came over to my actual living room to tell me her story …

Ep 55: People in Progress, with Alix Wilton Regan

April 26th, 2019


Welcome to the last episode of Season One of #RWWC! 

This episode has been a long time coming and I am so glad we managed to make it happen. 

Alix, …

Ep 54: Sex & Empowerment Coaching, with Jaylene Acheson

April 19th, 2019


Let's talk about Sex baby! Welcome the lovely Jay to the famjam. She's a sex and empowerment coach based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was introduced to me by a friend via her instagram page @femmeforth. I was …

Ep 53: The One Year Anniversary, with Amy

April 12th, 2019


Welcome back Amy! It's been A YEAR!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! One year since the first three episodes aired! Holy crap. I can't even explain how much it means …

Ep 52: The CamGirl With A Big Heart, with Ashley Taylor

April 5th, 2019


After Tyler Harris' male perspective, we welcome camgirl Ashley Taylor to the RWWC family! Thank you Kelly Tatham, for the universe-driven …

Ep 51: Feminism & Community, with Grace Club

March 29th, 2019


Meet Maggie Anderson from the anti-club @GraceClubYvr. Tavia Cosper and Maggie started Grace Club as a space for feminists to come together to empower those in our communities to make positive and much needed change in …

Ep 50: Love & The Multiverse, with Kelly Tatham

March 22nd, 2019


Meet Kelly Tatham, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and photographer whose work explores the search for love and the quest for the true nature of reality. Kelly is also a rad lady that I met via Girl Gang! (plug plug)

Ep 49: Play Parties & Group Therapy, with Jordan Gray

March 15th, 2019


Oh my lovelies, let me introduce you to Jordan Gray. Jordan is a full-time sex and relationship coach, Amazon best-selling author, and prolific …

Ep 48: Stories of Shit & Death, with Amanda Chatel

March 8th, 2019


On this wonderful International Women's Day and the first birthday of my book, I wanted to speak with a very special story-teller. Amanda Chatel is a …

Ep 47: The Sex Goddess Project, with Ricardo Scipio

March 1st, 2019


Meet Ricardo Scipio, your friendly neighborhood sex photographer. Trinidad-born, Ricardo grew up in Toronto. After attending The Nova Scotia College …

Ep 46: Sex Toys & Sex Work through History, with Hallie Lieberman

February 22nd, 2019


Meet Hallie Lieberman, historian and author of Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy (Pegasus Books, 2017). Today, she walks me down her life …

Ep 45: Sex & Mindfulness, with Lori Brotto

February 15th, 2019


Meet Dr. Lori Brotto, a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of British Columbia, clinical sex researcher and …

Ep 44: Feeling Better, with Andrea Loewen

February 8th, 2019


Meet Andrea Loewen, Vancouver writer and theatre manager, member of Girl Gang, and newly published author of Feeling Better: a field guide to liking yourself (and maybe even loving yourself). 

Today, we discuss …

Ep 43: Like a CamGirl but with a Penis, with Tyler Harris

February 1st, 2019


Well... this is a topic that the universe sent me in the shape of Tyler on New Year's Eve. When he told me what he does for a living, I drunkenly …

Ep 42: #LearnWritingEssentials, with Chelene Knight

January 25th, 2019


Meet Chelene Knight, author of Braided Skin and Dear Current Occupant, CEO of #LearnWritingEssentials and all around powerhouse, comes on the pod to discuss writing and investing in your community. While diving into the …

Ep 41: New Year, New You? With Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey & Anita Cassidy

January 18th, 2019


It's a warm welcome back to our dearest Anita Cassidy and Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey. Lori is a psychologist and sex and intimacy coach, and Anita is a …

Ep 40: On Depression & Sex, with JoEllen Notte

January 11th, 2019



In this amazing first episode of the year, we delve into Depression and Sex! Meet JoEllen Notte. She runs, and is a writer and sex educator, committed to challenging stigma, …

Ep 39: So I had an abortion, with Julia Santana Parrilla

December 21st, 2018



Julia is a new favorite powerhouse of mine! I met her at a community-based event called Expressions of Intimacy. …

Ep 38: On Body Image, with Jen Larsen

December 14th, 2018


What's your first thought when I say: Body Image? Noun: the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body.

This week, I had the pleasure to welcome Jen Larsen, author of Stranger Here (Seal Press, 2012) and Future …

Ep 37: The Pleasure Parlor, with Casey Murphy

December 7th, 2018


This week we talk about entrepreneurship and pleasure products! Casey Murphy is a sexual health educator, entrepreneur and business coach. Casey started The Pleasure Parlor in 2017, a Portland-based business which …

Ep 36: On Boundaries, with Anita Cassidy and Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

November 30th, 2018


It's a warm welcome back to our dear Anita Cassidy and a perfect introduction to Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey. Lori is a psychologist, sex and intimacy …

Ep 35: Capitalism, Feminism and Other Isms, with Matthew Keegan

November 23rd, 2018


A huge Welcome Back to Matthew Keegan, from Ep. 3! If you missed him like I did, you'll be delighted to hear us talk about Nina Power's One Dimensional Woman (2009, Zero Books). Based on Marcuse's One Dimensional Man, …

Ep 34: Could Sex Robots Save Your Marriage? with Dr. Marina Adshade

November 16th, 2018


Dr. Marina Adshade, professor of the Economics at the University of British Columbia, welcomed me into her home to talk about sex robots and …

Ep 33: José Runs Wild!

November 9th, 2018


This is a fun one for me! José, the character from Just Bad Timing, and my OG bestie in Vancouver, runs wild with me about culture shock, life …

Ep 32: All over the Word, with Kristina Lao

November 2nd, 2018


Oh boy. You're in for a fun, wordy, all over the place one with gorgeously talented Kristina. Musician, Actress, Poet, Kristina does it all. Listen in for a bit about her life journey, but mostly zoom in on the Words …

Ep 31: The Personal is Political, with Joanne O.

October 26th, 2018


Welcome to this very vulnerable episode about life after sexual trauma. Joanne O, my dear friend, was just published in the New York Review of Books …

Ep 30: Ethics & Web Design, with Morten Rand-Hendriksen

October 19th, 2018


Welcome to a fascinating episode! Morten Rand-Hendriksen, educator for LinkedIn Learning on Web Design and Interaction Design instructor at Emily …

Ep 29: Astrology & Weirdness, with Naomi Loud

October 12th, 2018


Alright Lovers! Let's steer away from all this seriousness in the air. Naomi Loud and I decided to take you on a little ride through our weird little brains.
We talk about our personal approaches to social media and …

Ep 28: On Black Feminism & Social Justice, with Lutze Segu

October 5th, 2018


Lutze Segu, PhD student at the Social Justice Institute at UBC, is my guest for this riveting episode - the Fourth instalment on Feminism.
She's been a social justice organizer and social worker for over 6 years, and …

Ep 26: Porn BJ's, Motherhood & Laughter, with Brooke Takhar

September 21st, 2018


Brooke Takhar, from, came over to chat about life with me. This incredibly open conversation made me feel so good about sharing feelings, stories and connecting with people on a deeper level. Topics …

Ep 25: The One with Bryce Krawczyk, from Calgary Barbell

September 14th, 2018


Bryce, a dear friend of mine, is now one of Canada's most successful Powerlifters! He will be the subject of an upcoming documentary and his …

Ep 24: Let's Get Fired Up! With Rebekah Renford

September 7th, 2018


This week Rebekah, film producer extraordinaire & marketing PM, shares her journey with me from turning 30 (and understanding what not giving a fuck means) to starting Fired Up, her own production company, detouring …

Ep 23: Women On Top, with Nell Grecian

August 31st, 2018


Nell from came over to my virtual living room to talk about her goals, normalising sex (!), our books and general misdemeanour. Nell and I have lots in common, so sorry if we just agree a lot, but …

Ep 22: On Ideas: loving and unlearning them, with Neil Fox

August 24th, 2018


Dr Neil Fox from the podcast comes to speak to me about his film Wilderness ( and relationships in …

Ep 21: A Dirty Word, with Steph Auteri

August 17th, 2018


Well, well. Steph and I had a great time recording this one!
She was gracious enough to send me a galley of her book "A Dirty Word" to read, and boy …

Ep 20: The One With The Married One, with Sophie

August 10th, 2018


Hello lovers! We are back!! Let me introduce you to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sophie. She's a Human Rights professional, a intelligent, …

Ep 19: "Uh oh, Sadness!" with Devon S.

July 27th, 2018


OK! Disclaimer: suicide and depression discussed in depth. My lovely friend Devon S. was gracious enough to let me into his head, his battle against …

Ep 18 : “Are We Not Men?” with James Gates

July 20th, 2018


James Gates, writer for Culture Trip, and I discuss today’s topic: Toxic Masculinity. After reading “The Descent of Man” by Grayson Perry (

Ep 17: "Where's your Feminist T?", with Adam Lannon

July 13th, 2018


Adam Lannon and I discuss his experience being a feminist from a male perspective, in a Post-Me Too world. We talk about meeting at the Cannes Film Festival, the changes we've seen, and most importantly the differences …

Ep 16 : The One about (The Fear of) Commitment, with Léa

July 6th, 2018


Welcome back to #RWWC! Today, you meet Léa, one of the women behind Through her blog, she advocates for a whole new brand …

Ep 15 : The One about Life, with Paulie Websdale

June 29th, 2018


In this funny yet insightful episode, Paulie and I discuss life in all its glory, messiness and difficulty. Starting off with the drunken debauchery …

Ep 14 : On Bad Feelings & Expectations in Relationships, with Anita

June 22nd, 2018


Anita Cassidy is back! We know how much you loved Episode 6, so we are back for another round of deep questions on social standards in our relationships. We all prefer to feel good, don't we? But what happens when we …

Ep 13 : On Scary Women, with Sunny

June 15th, 2018


Hello lovers! Meet Sunny. Sunny is my wicked smart friend. She's drop dead gorgeous and a solid gal. Together, we decided to discuss the challenges …

Ep 12 : Acupuncture & the Universe, with Amy

June 8th, 2018


Well, this week, we decided to give your brain a bit of break. So have a glass of wine and talk nonsense with Amy and I. We catch up post-Cannes (still sorry about my voice) and tell you about the weird instances when …

Ep 11 : On Self-Love & Sex Therapy, with Dr. Shannon Chavez

June 1st, 2018


Well, ladies and gents, it was my pleasure and privilege to chat with Dr. Shannon Chavez about masturbation, Body Sex workshops, mediation, Mind/Body …

Ep 10 : Outsider Syndrome & Black Outs

May 25th, 2018


Episode Ten has my friend Kelly S. and I chatting about feeling like we don't ever fit in. From travelling to unlikely careers, we share our experiences. We also discuss some of our crazier drunken black outs, and …

Ep 9 : On Politics & Sex, with Chris Erickson

May 18th, 2018


You're in for a treat! Chris Erickson, professor of Political Science at UBC, and as off recently Certified Tantric Practitioner with the Institute …

Ep 8 : How do we define Happiness and Success?

May 11th, 2018


My friend Dani and I discuss our personal differences, but also similarities, in our approaches to defining success and happiness. We also detour through the meaning of sexual intimacy and relationships, and taking …

Ep 7 : "Every truth is a half-truth," on relationships with Madison James

May 3rd, 2018


Episode 7 has me chatting with Madison James, a 38-year-old Male Escort, with a keen interest in sexual development, Tantra and BDSM. We discuss his …

Ep 6: On Adultery, Desire & Conscious Relationships with Anita Cassidy

April 27th, 2018


In this sixth episode, Anity Cassidy and I discuss her book Appetite (, her approach to conscious relationships and writing about sexuality. We also share our takes on affairs, secret online …

Ep 5: The One with Girl On The Net

April 20th, 2018


In this super exciting episode, Girl on the Net and I chat about censorship, Eroticon, sex advice, non-fiction, social justice and basically any other topics that our brains ventured down. It was a privilege to chat …

Ep 4 : "Do you even have friends you haven't slept with?"

April 12th, 2018


In this installment, Amy and I discuss friendship and social contracts! Why are female friendships so rare and fickle? Can heterosexual men and women be friends? How do we navigate competition, jealousy and the …

Ep 3 : On Loneliness & Why We Write

April 12th, 2018


In this episode, my friend and fellow writer Matthew and I discuss philosophy, the loneliness of creative ventures and why sitting alone with your depressing thoughts matters. Matthew and I met on Tinder, bonded over …

Ep 2 : "Fake it 'till you make it!"

April 12th, 2018


In Episode Two, my publicist Kat Knox and I discuss imposter syndrome and growing balls. Not literally, though. We do go into detail about the reality of pursuing your passions, and ridding yourself of the thought that …

Ep 1 : Talking 100 in Episode 1

April 10th, 2018


The First Episode of Running Wild with Christine!
Let's go straight to the slippery subject of "What's your number?" of sexual partners! What's a high number? How does it differ for men or women? Why is it such a …

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