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Did you used to play roleplaying games back in the day, delving dungeons with funny dice in hand? Why’d you stop? Find out how to reclaim your RPG hobby as a working adult.

80 Episodes | 2018 - 2019

417 GM's Journal 21-09-19 feat. #OBaWS

September 22nd, 2019


It's Wednesday come early! A tighter episode focused on my attendance at The Owlbear and Wizard's Staff convention in Leamington Spa on the 21st September. This episide  contains all my usual GM Journal entries but then …

416 Simple Dungeoneering, Part One

September 21st, 2019


What does it take to set up, from scratch, a fantasy dungeon-based roleplaying campaign? Let’s see if we can get playing a simple fantasy adventure …

415 GM's Journal 14-09-19

September 18th, 2019


Further call-ins on the question of sleep deprivation - some classic stuff! My week laid bare once again, the harried GM who seems to have had plenty to smile about in spite of the intensity of work. Many thanks to all …

414 Overcoming Inertia

September 14th, 2019


From the very beginning I have been trying to persuade people to start playing. Whether you are a lapsed gamer who has started to miss the good times …

413 GM's Journal 07-09-19: Sleep Deprivation Special

September 11th, 2019


Last week's episode seems to have provoked quite a few comments on the topic of sleep deprivation in RPGs. I received something like 15 call-ins across the week, many of them on this topic alone. Thus, I've drawn the …

412 The Pit Rescue Ramblecast

September 7th, 2019


Colin Green is the voice behind Spikepit, an OSR Anchorite podcast which many would say lies at the heart of a lively network and community. Colin’s …

411 GM's Journal 31-08-19

September 4th, 2019


It's time for another rambling collection of my personal Game Master Journal entries. What makes the episode are the call-ins from Jason and Free …

410 Going Mythic

August 31st, 2019


Following on from "Delving Deeper Solo", I got a bunch of call-ins and a set of very specific questions from Frank T. In response, the only …

Bonus: 10 Things From Arduin With Gabriel Roark

August 30th, 2019


A month ago, I hopped onto MeWe and asked Gabriel Roark if he'd be up for organising another interview to discuss the ten things we'd import from Arduin into our own campaigns. Gabriel is someone who plays in Arduin and …

409 GM's Journal 24-08-19

August 28th, 2019


Having spent most of the week away on holiday with Deb, this episode is cut down in length from recent efforts. Some great call-ins and a big moment …

408 Delving Deeper Solo

August 24th, 2019


Over the months since I released "Getting Started Solo" (Ep204), I've been getting questions about it and the most repeated request has been for a …

407 GM's Journal 17-08-19

August 21st, 2019


With around 15 minutes of call-ins and replies, this episode has grown much longer than I expected. There's a ropey section in the middle, and which …

406 Energy At The Table

August 17th, 2019


This episode was totally inspired by a call-in from the mighty Pure Mongrel this morning. Picture the scene: You wake up at 4.45am, get yourself a cuppa, and then you notice that there’s a message from one of your …

405 GM's Journal 10-08-19

August 14th, 2019


Here's another Journal episode! Complaints about the noise have led to a re-editing of the opening theme. There's a bucket load of call-ins from the …

404 Talking Random Tables With Dave Aldridge

August 10th, 2019


A few weeks ago, I started listening to Dave's dpercentile podcast - albeit I was VERY late to the party - and in episode 3, he spoke about the value of GMs using random table to prep. Inspired by this episode, I …

403 GM's Journal 03-08-19

August 7th, 2019


It's that time of the week when I release the mumbled Journal logs from the week before. With call-ins from Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor and the enigmatic RFED, this is a generally upbeat and active episode. As ever, …

402 Return of The Flaky GM

August 3rd, 2019


Here's the first Saturday release episode of the 4th Season! Hear me ramble on about what I've learned over the past 6 months, ever since the release of the original, "Curse of The Flaky GM" episode in late January. …

401 GM's Journal 27-07-19

July 31st, 2019


First of the Season 4 entries to the Game Master's Journal. This one has some upbeat moments but there is a dark ending that I am not so proud of... I really allowed my irritation and moodiness to get the better of me …

Bonus: GM's Journal 20-07-19

July 30th, 2019


This is a catch-up bonus for those who enjoy the GM's Journal and missed the episodes I released to Patrons during the weeks between Season 3 and Season 4. This one's an excellent demonstration of how flaky I can be as …

Bonus: GM's Journal 13-07-19

July 29th, 2019


This is a catch-up bonus for those who enjoy the GM's Journal and missed the episodes I released to Patrons during the weeks between Season 3 and …

400 The Season 4 Trailer

July 27th, 2019


Well, the summer holiday break from school has arrived and I have decided to get back behind the mic - despite the 35C temperatures that have left me …

312 Being Top Of Your Game

July 13th, 2019


Today I want to take a look at the stories we tell ourselves and the dialogue we have with others. I want to explore whether its possible to overcome the general sense that I frequently have of being just a little bit …

Bonus: The Gaming With Teenagers Patreon Special

July 11th, 2019


Hello and welcome to this Roleplay Rescue special bonus episode on the topic of gaming with teenagers. This episode is brought to you by the generous …

GM's Journal #21

July 10th, 2019


Following the first official complaint, I've decided this is to be the last GM's Journal for a while. I've compiled this week's ramblings as usual …

311 Three Good Adventure Games

July 6th, 2019


I don’t know why I keep collecting RPGs but I think it’s probably something that most gamers indulge in. Even if you’re not gaming, owning and …

GM's Journal #20: Bam... Three Games!

July 3rd, 2019


Another mash-up of personal Gamemastering journal entries and awesome call-ins from across the community. This has been one of the hardest weeks of the year so far but also one in which I think I got the most gaming. As …

310 Building Sandboxes

June 29th, 2019


Today’s episode builds on my earlier discussions about building a dungeon adventure and generally about getting started as a GM. To keep things …

GM's Journal #19

June 26th, 2019


Witterings, call-ins and replies, and more ramblings from my addled GM brain. As ever, it's another selection of audio journal entries from my own gaming experience. Listen at your peril!

309 Talking Savage Worlds With Frank Turfler

June 22nd, 2019


I talked about Savage Worlds back in Season 2, Episode 6 when I spoke about Five Games that I’d recommend everyone at least take a good look at. With …

GM's Journal #18

June 19th, 2019


This is the second instalment of GM's Journal this week in which I dribble on about Arcana Gravitas, get a couple more call-ins, and then begin to work out how to get started with writing that genre-bending …

GM's Journal #17

June 16th, 2019


This one's a bonus bonus episode, so to speak. I rambled on quite a bit over the past few days and was afraid that the next Journal would end up …

308 Mystery Making

June 15th, 2019


In Season 1 we explored two major game structures that have stood the test of time: the Dungeoncrawl and the Hexcrawl. Ever since the release of The …

GM's Journal #16

June 12th, 2019


What a turbulent week! Full of challenges and essentially draining both mine and my wife's energy. I don't know how I've made it but here I am. Still …

307 The Game I Really Want To Run

June 8th, 2019


I am stepping off into the wilds. I am going to talk about the game that I really want to run and I am going to invite you to do the same. This episode is filled with contentious statements and provocative claims. Take …

GM's Journal #15: Sharing The Mo

June 5th, 2019


This episode was largely recorded during the school break when I was off work for a week. It's a mash-up of two elements: the usual ups and downs of …

306 Talking World Anvil With Janet Forbes

June 1st, 2019


Janet Forbes is the Director of World Anvil, a purveyor of world-building advice, a singer, writer of novels and worshipper of cats. Based in London, England, Janet and her husband Dimitris lead a small team in the …

GM's Journal #14: Momentum Lost

May 29th, 2019


Another week of random thoughts from my GM's Journal. The main topic is momentum and how to lose it. There's also an unboxing in there plus a …

305 Choosing Castles & Crusades

May 25th, 2019


Do you remember when Frank T called in and asked me about my choice of system for our fantasy roleplaying game? Frank’s getting his wish today …

GM's Journal #13: Unlucky For Some?

May 22nd, 2019


Another instalment of my dronings about Gamemastering a roleplaying campaign. Good news with the teenaged gaming group, not so much with the adults. …

304 The Unscripted Dungeon

May 18th, 2019


Whatever your rules system, there are two other big elements that you’ll want to create as you get started with your game. The first of those is the …

GM's Journal #12: Fresh Beginnings

May 15th, 2019


GM's Journal becomes a regular fixture at Roleplay Rescue with our first scheduled Wednesday release. This episode sees me focused on preparing for …

303 Talking Dungeon World With Yochai Gal

May 11th, 2019


I wanted to create more episodes that explore other well-known roleplaying game systems. To do this, I decided it’d be a good idea to talk to people …

GM's Journal #11: Decision

May 5th, 2019


Here's the latest Journal in which I burble on about deciding what to do with the Friday Night Roleplayers. A decision is made.  As usual, this …

302 What's Wrong With 5e?

May 4th, 2019


Over recent weeks, there have been a few people in the Anchorite OSR community talking about the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons. As …

GM's Journal #10: Messy, Flaky, Conflicted

April 28th, 2019


Welcome to the Roleplay Rescue Game Master’s Journal. This episode covers the two week period from the end of Season 2 and the start of this new …

301 Escaping The Grind

April 27th, 2019


Welcome to Season 3 of Roleplay Rescue! Today we take a look at the meaning and importance of Escapism. We learn that we are healthier when we seek …

Bonus: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

April 15th, 2019


In Episode 58 of Plundergrounds, Ray Otus challenged his listeners to record a one-off podcast on the theme of "Something old, something new, …

210 Talking Arduin With Gabriel Roark

April 13th, 2019


Today’s episode is the last of Series Two. It began as a question posted on the MeWe group entitled “The Arduin Grimoire by Dave Hargrave”. From this stepped forward today’s guest. We arranged to chat online but, on the …

GM's Journal #9: The Revelation

April 10th, 2019


Well, GM's Journal #8 wasn't the last entry. Oh no. You guys got on Anchor and sent me a barrage of lovely voice messages which I have collected …

GM's Journal #8: The TPK

April 6th, 2019


Rough edit from a rough week at the table. Shennanigans at the school club leading to the death of four characters, followed by the fourth Friday …

209 Bringing The SF

April 6th, 2019


What if you don’t want to play in a fantasy roleplaying game? What are the options for getting a science-fiction game up to the table? Is anything …

GM's Journal #7: Glorantha Games 2019

March 31st, 2019


Mash-up of clips from my day out to Birmingham on Saturday 30th March to attend Glorantha Games 2019, a convention held at Geek Retreat to celebrate the world and games of Glorantha. Organised by Pookie and Darren …

GM's Journal #6

March 30th, 2019


This episode is a grab-bag of moments from the week: unboxing the Black Hack, prep for the school game, thoughts on Traveller, and ending the week …

208 On Virtual Tabletops

March 30th, 2019


Following the interview with Rob Twohy, I’ve been feeling slightly more confident about putting together an episode on the the various online gaming …

GM's Journal #5: Patreon Special

March 24th, 2019


Mainly, this is a regular GM's Journal episode with my blitherings from the last week of gaming, highs and lows included. I've changed the format …

207 An Interview With Rob Twohy

March 23rd, 2019


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about getting started with online gaming and, frankly, I’ve been really struggling to put together an episode addressing those questions. Because I’m not an expert on the topic, I …

GM's Journal #4

March 17th, 2019


The twists and turns in my hobby over the past week or so, in what has been one of the toughest in my career, along with many of the joys that come …

206 Five Great Games

March 16th, 2019


Taking a bit of a risk, this episode discusses five games that have had a great impact on me. Along the way, I also touch on various matters of taste and icons who have influenced my play style. It's a bit of an …

GM's Journal #3

March 10th, 2019


A third dose of my GM prep ramblings during which I share my preparation for the Rise of The Dragon Kings campaign using  Castles & Crusades. I …

205 An Interview with Mike Mason

March 9th, 2019


Mike Mason began roleplaying with what he calls “Purple Box” Dungeons & Dragons. Nowadays he is the Line Editor of Call of Cthulhu for the …

Solo Journal #SAMM Ep2

March 4th, 2019


Follow-up to the first bonus episode which records my #SoloAModule month efforts, this is the first adventure from the Alternity Starter Set 1999. …

Solo Journal #SAMM Ep1

March 3rd, 2019


It's Solo A Module Month and, following the last episode on getting into solo play, I thought I would take part. In short, Spencer Salyer from the …

204 Getting Started Solo

March 2nd, 2019


What if you can’t find any players or a game to join? Is it possible to roleplay on your own?

In this episode, we explore the slightly misunderstood …

GM's Journal #2: A New Campaign

February 24th, 2019


Here it is:  a second helping of my GM prep ramblings during which I share my preparation for the Rise of The Dragon Kings campaign using Castles & Crusades. This is a laid-bare peek behind the GMs screen and …

203 On Being A Player

February 23rd, 2019


What if you just want to come back and roleplay as a PLAYER? What are the ways back to the table as a player, as opposed to being a Game Master?

202 An Interview With Douglas Cole

February 16th, 2019


Douglas H. Cole has been roleplaying since 1981, starting with the Holmes Basic Box and AD&D, and has been playing GURPS since 1988. Living near …

GM's Journal #1

February 13th, 2019


The first bonus of Season 2, the GM's Journal is a laid-bare behind-the-curtain peek into my preparation process for a one-shot game using Castles & Crusades. 

This is what a few listeners asked for and I think, …

201 Fitting Roleplaying Back Into Your Life

February 9th, 2019


Today, we have a question from a listener. One of my favourite podcasters… 

We take a look at ways to start heading back to the table. Starting with why you want to add gaming back into your life, I’ll challenge you to …

Series 2 Trailer & Call-ins

February 6th, 2019


It’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve been thinking about what we talked about in Series 1 and where we might take things next. The best contribution to my thinking has been the steady stream of voice messages, comments, …

108 Curse of The Flaky GM

January 26th, 2019


What if the reason your gaming group is collapsing is because the Game Master keeps cancelling the sessions?

In this final episode of Series 1, we …

107 How To Get Players To Try Older Games

January 19th, 2019


This episode was inspired by Mike Bowers' question, back in Episode 3, about how to get established players of newer roleplaying games to give an …

Bonus: An Interview With Ted Wallerstedt

January 16th, 2019

Over the past few weeks, ever since starting this project, I’ve been chatting to a couple of gamers I know. One of the cool things that has happened …

106 An Interview with Carl Bussler

January 12th, 2019


Following on from last week, I hopped online and had a chat with Carl Bussler. He is the co-founder of Stormlord Publishing, hosted and produced the …

105 Delving the Megadungeon

January 5th, 2019


Having a stab at defining the concept of a "megadungeon", we take a look at the dungeoncrawl as the best and most successful game structure from the …

Bonus: An Interview With A Priest

January 2nd, 2019

Over the past few weeks, ever since starting this project, I’ve been chatting to a couple of gamers I know. One of the cool things that has happened …

104 An Interview With Gavin Norman

December 29th, 2018


Following on from the last episode, in which I outed my story of discovery and the success experienced with B/X Essentials, I hopped online and …

103 On Rediscovery & Roots

December 22nd, 2018


Sharing my own journey of revelation about roleplaying games and describing one route back into hobby. This is the story of what happened to me in …

102 What Are Roleplaying Games, Really?

December 15th, 2018


What are roleplaying games and why should we play them? Taking a look at what lies at the heart of RPGs, their value to us as human beings, and the …

101 What Stops You From Gaming?

December 8th, 2018


Taking a look at three big barriers to playing RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, or RuneQuest. This episode introduces some of the key …

Episode 0: Why?

November 28th, 2018


The Series 1 trailer in which I make a plea for lapsed roleplayers to come back to the gaming table. Ever play D&D or similar roleplaying games …

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