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How to build a hovercraft with Joris Glaser and Branigan Kerls


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Joris Glaser is lecturer Mechanical Engineering at Fontys university of applied sciences in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Branigan Kerls is an international student from the US. My name is Ronald Scheer.

Fontys Mechanical Engineering Eindhoven
Together we talked about the newest project 'Flying Start' from Fontys Mechanical Engineering. We talked about the design and the building process of the hovercraft that Branigan and his student team created.

International student from the US
Currently Branigan lives in 'The Student Hotel' in Eindhoven and he explains why he chose to come to Fontys, while his home town is in the state Washington (north of California (not Washington DC)) of the USA.

Delta electronics Champion in China
Also, Joris explains what his team did during the tournament of Delta electronics in China last summer. Joris and his team became the overall winner in their category and they won the most prestigious award of the tournament!

In this conversation, there are many interesting topics. We are convinced that there is an interesting topic for everyone in our audience. Enjoy!

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