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Insurance is the necessary evil. We all need it, in some way or another. With 20 years of experience, Karen Adamsbaum will be sharing her knowledge, shedding light on common questions, coverage explanations, as well has conversations with her brokers, clients and business colleagues. Karen’s goal wi… read more

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Season 4 - Episode 3 -What is your productivity Sweet Spot?

August 1st, 2022


Everyone has a time of day that is most productive.   What is yours?   Listen to hear how I have managed mine.

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Auto Insurance and Auto Value - they are related

June 30th, 2022


This episode I speak about the importance of understanding the value of your vehicle versus how you have it insured on your auto policy.   Mind …

Season 4 - Ep 1 - The secret ingredient to success !

May 29th, 2022


Discussions about what I feel is the #1 ingredient for success.    

Season 3 - Episode 24 - I want a quote NOW.- How it really works

March 23rd, 2022


This episode I explain how it really works when you need a quote NOW. 



Season 3 - Episode 23 - My Favorite Client - Who is it?

February 23rd, 2022


This episode I speak about my favorite client - why are they my favorite...   take a listen...


Season 3 - Episode 22 - I am back! I took a few weeks off, find out why.

January 2nd, 2022


Did you ever feel that your work product was not the best?  You feel unproductive?   That is what happened to me, take a listen on what happened and how I handled it. 


Season 3 - Episode 21 - No Matter what - we are all in the same boat

December 5th, 2021


Stressful time, year end, everyone is rushing trying to get the same thing done as you, close those deals, finish the projects etc..   slow down, …

Season 3 - Episode 20 - The passion you have for your work does show.

December 1st, 2021


You can tell when someone is passionate about what they do as it shows in all that they do. 

Season 3 - Episode 19 - Do not leave your assets hanging.....

November 15th, 2021


In this episode I speak about the importance of letting your insurance agent know when you have changed the location of your assets. 

Season 3 - Episode 18 - You may have more coverage than you think

November 3rd, 2021


Most policies have additional coverages that you did not think existed.  Best to speak to your broker / agent to review all details of the policy. 

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Navigating the GIANT tradeshow in Vegas

October 26th, 2021


This tradeshow was so large - when I first walked in, I said to myself - how am I going to get through this?   


Well after 3 full days - I did …

Season 3 - Episode 16 - Trade Show Preparation - Making Your Experience Most Productive.

October 19th, 2021


This episode I speak about how I prepare for trade show, making the time most valuable. 

Season 2 - Episode 15 - The Myth about Flood Insurance

September 29th, 2021


The Myth about Flood Insurance is discussed in this episode.    The Flood Zone has nothing to do with whether or not you need flood insurance. 

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Premium Relief explained - another way of getting insurance costs reduced

September 21st, 2021


In this episode I explain how you can reduce insurance costs aside from moving your insurance to another carrier. 

Season 3 -Episode 13 - Results will follow - Your efforts will pay off.

September 15th, 2021


For the past 5 years I have working on positioning myself in the Cannabis Industry.. slowly it has been more and more to the latest... speaking at the Jacob Javitz center at a Cannabis Convention.  This is huge for me.  …

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Appreciate and Brainstorm - so simple.

August 30th, 2021


Life goes by real quick...   we all get caught up in the hustle of our careers.   Take a listen to this podcast - see how I appreciate and brainstorm.    So simple. 

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Social Media while on Vacation - do you do it?

August 17th, 2021


This episode I speak about how I handle my social media while I am on vacation.  Best of both worlds - still staying visible while enjoying vacation.

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Underwriters do Stalk - BEWARE

August 11th, 2021


This episode speaks about how underwriters stalk potential clients before making a decision as to offering them coverage or not. 

Season 3 - Episode 9 - What is Causation and why its important

August 4th, 2021


The term Causation is so important when it comes to determining if the insurance company will pay out on a claim or not.   This episode explains what Causation is and how underwriters view it.

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Do Something Different

July 28th, 2021


Why do the same thing all of the time - that is boring.  Change it up - whether personal or business - change can be fun!

Season 3 - Episode 7 -Unique Situation - When there is will, there is a way.

July 20th, 2021


This episode I share a recent experience I had - and how I handled it.   When there is a will, there is a way. 


Season 3 - Episode 6 - Who needs technology on the beach?

July 13th, 2021


What is vacation - what does it mean to recharge.   Get rid of technology during vacation. 

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Auto coverage for Business Owners

June 30th, 2021


Business owners that have an automobile and use it for business - should have a layer of coverage referred to as DOC - Drive other Car - take a …

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Mini Life Insurance Policy as Part of Personal Automobile Policy

June 22nd, 2021


This episode speaks about that you may have option of a mini-life insurance policy as part of your Personal Automobile Policy

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Everyone's Personal Auto Policy 2 coverages explained

June 13th, 2021


2 very important coverages on your personal automobile policy explained - Underinsured Motorist and Uninsured Motorist Coverage. 

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Best 45 minutes of my day! What is yours?

June 2nd, 2021


Everyone has a most productive time of the day - in this episode I tell you about mine.  What is yours? 

Season 3 - Episode 1 - New Format, New Style - LETS GO!

June 2nd, 2021


Lets GO!  Season 3 is here and I am super excited.   I am going to add some personal flair to this season so you can get to know me better. 

Season 2 - Episode 34 - Thats a wrap for Season 2

April 27th, 2021


Season 2 was recorded all during Pandemic. The show must go on. Looking forward to Season 3.

Season 2 - Episode 33 - I love when my screentime is down.. this is how I did it..

April 17th, 2021


2 simple tasks to decrease your screentime... the world is not ending.. put down your phone

Season 2 - Episode 32 - Journaling is for Business also

April 11th, 2021


Journaling is not just about the morning ritual you hear all the buzz about. Journaling can be for business as well. Hear how I embraced journaling for business

Season 2 - Episode 31 - What are your - Tools?

March 27th, 2021


Every profession has tools.. most think of tools as a screwdriver. It is more than that. Take a listen to my thoughts about tools.

Season 2 - Episode 29 - Advantages of COVID

March 17th, 2021


In this episode I speak of the advantage that the pandemic has on me from a business/work perspective

Season 2 - Episode 28 - With Visibility comes Success

March 10th, 2021


With this episode I speak about my thoughts about how visibility can lead to success

Season 2 - Episode 27 - One to One with Digital Marketer - Matt Szostak

February 27th, 2021


Marketing alone is a challenging career - now add digital to that. Double the challenge. Not for Matt, it is his forte'

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Comfort Zone - Get out of It

February 2nd, 2021


This episode speaks of 2 recent incidents that crossed my path - both of which made me realize the term "get of your comfort zone".

Season 2 - Episode 25 - Stress, my experience and how I eliminated it.

January 26th, 2021


Stress - we all experience it. However, is it really stress? Listen to my experience with stress and how I eliminated it

Season 2 - Episode 24 - What does Accounting and Nike having in common? Hear it within the Interview with Liz Capants.

January 10th, 2021


Interview with Career Coach Liz Capants. Our discussions include various ways to overcome the roadblocks of job interviewing.

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Per Adam Connors - founder of NetWorkWise - there is no such thing as "Net-Fun-ing"

January 10th, 2021


Adam and I met in July of 2020. Our moons aligned. Our discussion is about his journey and the importance of networking everyday.

Season 2 - Episode 22 - Do you have a Brand Wedgie? Find out by listening to Interview with Tracy O'Shaughnessy

January 2nd, 2021


Tracy and I had a lot of fun with this interview. She had a "simple" vision and bought it to life and started company. I can guarantee we all know someone who has a brand wedgie.

Season 2 - Episode 21 - No Matter Your Position - BE YOUR OWN CEO - Interview with Yvonne Dam

December 14th, 2020


This episode I sit with Yvonne Dam - Business and Life Couch. Her work stands out, as I constantly are seeing testimonials. She listens intensively and helps you become your own CEO.

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Would you leave your front door open? Interview with Founder of REP - Tom Kowalski - as we discuss Cybersecurity

November 30th, 2020


if you do not leave your front door open, why would you keep you cybersecurity door open. This interview with Founder of REP, Tom Kowalski about …

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Interview with Jack Kroll - Cost Optimizer Consultant

November 17th, 2020


I sit with Jack Kroll - Cost Optimizer Consultant - he speaks about how he helps firms review and cut costs for in various everyday costs. A few are …

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Stockton University - Cannabis Study Program

October 31st, 2020


This podcast is with Mariah Duffey - who heads up the Cannabis Study Program at Stockton University.

Season 2 - Episode 17 - The hidden coverage “Valuable Papers” within a Business Owners Policy

October 20th, 2020


Most do not know they have coverage on your business ownrs policy that helps you restore your documents that were lost during a claim. This coverage …

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Why the insurance industry gets a bad rap

October 13th, 2020


During this episode I speak about some of the experiences my new clients have encountered from their prior agents and brokers. Its no wonder why the insurance industry gets a bad rap.

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Interview with Dr. David Cunic.

October 6th, 2020


This episode discusses his thoughts on Cannabis Industry, Client relationships and his constant positivity in life.

Season 2 - Episode 14 - He just knew marketing was for him, hear the journey of Marc Mustachio

September 20th, 2020


Marc and I talk about his interest in Marketing, and how he just knew it would be in his future. We also discuss various insights that are …

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Superman of the Insurance Industry - Tony Canas

September 8th, 2020


Interview with Tony Canas, Superman of Insurance Industry Tony Canas. How he started out in the industry and took it upon himself to take it to the next level. Now he is Traveling all over giving key note speeches.

Agency Nation - Play by Play on Starting Social Media and Digital Marketing for your Agency

September 1st, 2020


Getting Started with Social Media and/or Digital Marketing can be challenging for Agency Owners and Partners. With this podcast I will explain my journey on accomplishing this task.

Season 2 - Episode 12 - If your premises is vacant, you may be without coverage

August 20th, 2020


This episode speaks about the vacancy clause that are in homeowners, dwelling fire and commercial property policies.

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Interview with Eric Silverman - His Success by just "Changing the Verbiage"

August 16th, 2020


Eric's describes his view on Voluntary Benefits and his career journey as to starting his firm called Voluntary Disruption.

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Marketing ideas from owner Chuck of Jersey Girl Brewery

August 11th, 2020


This episode I sat down with onwer Chuck from Jersey Girl Brewery. We discussed the birth of the brewery and how he has had to pivit multiple times …

Season 2 - Episode 9 LLC vs Inc. relating to Workers Compensation

August 4th, 2020


This episode I explain the pros and cons pertaining to LLC vs Inc. as it relates to Workers Compensation premiums.

Season 2 - Episode 8 - We all love to brag about our business but it will hurt you...

July 28th, 2020


We all love to brag about our business but in the end it could have negative impact with insurance underwriters

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Final Day Preparation - We all need to do this

July 21st, 2020


Discussions with Dina Koulosousas - Elder Law and Trust Attorney -the importance of having all affairs in order in prepare of the final day.

Season 2 - Episode 6 - 3 ingredients for the Recipe of Success

July 7th, 2020


With every dish, every cake comes those special ingredients that just make the dish. Same holds true with Success. This episode speaks those 3 …

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Business Ideas - Where do you Start - with Nick Wagner

July 1st, 2020


This podcast I sit down with Nick Wagner. Anyone who follows Nick Wagner knows he is the mastermind of how to allow an idea in your head to come …

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Don't cancel - Now more than ever - Management Liability Policies are needed

June 23rd, 2020


This episode speaks of how some business owners are looking to save costs on insurance coverage - the management liability polices such as Directors …

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Legal and Insurance - 3rd party claims on horizon for Covid 19

June 14th, 2020


For this episode attorneys Trish and Laura join me to speak about 3rd party claims that are on the horizon due to Covid 19.

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Finally some relief with Pandemic and Workers Compensation Rates

June 7th, 2020


This episode speaks about the changes in rate structure due to Pandemic

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Excited for Season 2 and Why I love what I do

June 2nd, 2020


They say you are not working if you love what you do. I believe that statement 1000%

Special Edition - Brilliant Gen-Z-ers on the rise - Makin' Lemonade

May 17th, 2020


I am super excited about this episode for a few reasons. Two Gen-Z-ers, thinking out of the box by Makin' Lemonade and Gen-Z-ers are on the rise.

Season 1 - thats a wrap ----- Season 2 on the way

April 21st, 2020


My journey for season 1... what I have noticed along the way.....

Episode 50 - Similarity with Pod-castors and Musicians

April 14th, 2020


This episode about the commonalities between pod-castors and musicians - both are creative and able to speak their mind

Episode 49 - Times of Crisis - Customer Service stands out

April 7th, 2020


This episode speaks about the importance of Customer Service during times of crisis

Episode 48 - Zoom-ing - what a great platform

March 31st, 2020


Since COVID-19 Zoom as gained alot of momentum - my thoughts of other ways to use it

Episode 47 - Coronavirus - Observe - Change

March 22nd, 2020


This episode speaks about how a situation can allow us to open our eyes, and maybe change is for the better

Episode 46 - Flood Insurance - Limits are important

March 16th, 2020


This episode speaks about limits on your flood policy - there are certain limits allowed, so you have to be certain you have excess limits as needed.

Episode 45 - Keeping up with the times - importance of reading

March 7th, 2020


This episode speaks about how its important to keep reading - learning one of the keys to success

Episode 44 - Audits for Workers Compensation Policies

March 1st, 2020


This episode I speak about why the Workers Compensation Audits need to occur.

Episode 43 - Malpractice Insurance - Defense Inside vs Outside

February 25th, 2020


This episode speaks about what it means when you have defense inside vs outside on your Malpractice Insurance.

Episode 42 - The birth of CannaRiskCon 1.0 - How it happened

February 18th, 2020


This podcast tells the journey of how CannaRiskCon 1.0 was created.

Episode 41 - Business Pet Peeves - We all have them

February 12th, 2020


Everyday we have a routine.. some are our pet peeves, some are not. We all have them.

Episode 40 - Why is it called Sales and Marketing?

February 4th, 2020


Just a brief conversation on my thoughts about the term Sales and Marketing.

Episode 39 - Interview with Dan McManamon - Residential Loan Specialist

January 22nd, 2020


Discussions about Residential Loans to do those home projects -- they are not the same as a Equity Loan

Episode 38 - Are E&O, Malpractice and Professional Liability the same?

December 21st, 2019


This episode speaks about E&O, Malpractice and Professional Liability terms - are they the same?

Episode 37 - Claims - it is so important to keep your agent involved

December 21st, 2019


This episode speaks about the importance of that dreadful day you have a claim - and the importance of keeping your agent involved

Episode 36 - Change is hard - I share my personal story

December 21st, 2019


First podcast of 2020 - Change is hard - I share my personal story

Episode 35 - Why the financial strength of an insurance company is important.

December 21st, 2019


The episode speaks about why the financial strength of an insurance company is so important.

Episode 34 - Ask your client - What do you want from me?

November 17th, 2019


This episode speaks of assisting your client with their business plan - all you have to do is ask "What is it you want from me?"

Episode 33 - Foundation is the same with house/building and business

November 17th, 2019


This episode speaks about the similarities with the foundation of a house/building and a business

Episode 31 - Thanksgiving 2019 - I am thankful for....

November 17th, 2019


this episode expresses the thanks I have for my social media followers

Episode 30 - Time Management - Do you "wing" it?

November 17th, 2019


This episode is a short except about Time Management - do you plan or wing it

Episode 29 - Difference between an Insurance Agent vs Insurance Broker

November 10th, 2019


What is the difference between the 2 - insurance agent and broker - the terms are use interchangably.

Episode 28 - Tis the season of snow plow contracts

October 17th, 2019


All building owners should be reviewing contracts and insurance that you snow plow contracts have

Episode 25 - How many traveling Opticians do you know? Meet Michael Leff!

September 24th, 2019


This episode is an interview with Michael Leff - a traveling Optician. One of a kind!

Episode 23 - I have an idea.... then crash and burn

September 14th, 2019


This episode speaks about the importance of "following through". "Following through" is what leads to success.

Episode 22 - Why should I use you? What makes you different?

September 14th, 2019


Practice, Practice, Practice - we should all do it, no matter what we do professionally

Episode 21 - Auto Insurance - the guy who hit me does not have auto insurance -- now what?

September 14th, 2019


This episode speaks about 2 layers of auto insurance that most do not know that they may have.

Episode 20 - Interview with LinkedIn Keynote Speaker - Julbert Abraham

August 19th, 2019


This episode is an interview with LinkedIn Keynote Speaker - Julbert Abraham

Episode 19 - Experience Rating Costs

August 17th, 2019


This episode I will explain what Experience Rating Costs is and how it effects your Workers Compensation Premium

Episode 18 - Its called net-"work"-ing" for a reason.

August 17th, 2019


This episode I speak about how to Networking is working, and 3 simple takeaways

Episode 17 - Is the market "Hard" or "Soft"?

August 17th, 2019


This episode speaks about what determines the competition in the insurance industry.

Episode 16 - Buyer or Sellers Market with Lou Pennacchio

July 24th, 2019


Interview with KW Realtor Lou Pennacchio explaining buyers and sellers market in detail.

Episode 15 - Kudos to Vertafore!

July 21st, 2019


This episode will speak about the computer software and insurance industry - the player for both - Vertafore!

Episode 14 - Are you a "quiet" or "music" person?

July 21st, 2019


This episode discusses your preference when you need to be in the "mode". Do you like "quiet" or "music"?

Episode 13 - Are websites ADA compliant?

July 21st, 2019


This episode will speak about the importance for websites to be ADA compliant.

Episode 12 - Why Driving Records are important

June 22nd, 2019


This episode will speak about why we run driver MVRs ( motor vehicle reports)

Episode 10 - What the heck are loss runs?

June 22nd, 2019


This episode will explain what "loss runs" are.

Episode 11 - Employment in the Cannabis Industry

June 8th, 2019


Podcast with Mike Waranch and Alex Trakhtman of Seed Staffing discussing the employment opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Episode 9 - Linkedin Connection - Getting to know Sid

June 8th, 2019


Sid and I met on Linkedin. During this podcast we are getting to know each other during our first meeting together

Episode 8 - But I don't wanna Plan and Organize

May 26th, 2019


This episode I will speak about my thoughts about planning and being organized

Episode 7 - What do you mean the market is "blocked"?

May 26th, 2019


This episode I will explain what it means when a broker is "blocked" from the market

Episode 6 - Got Rope? Identity Theft

May 26th, 2019


This episode will speak about my personal experience with Identity Theft

Episode 5 - Why the price swing between insurance companies?

May 15th, 2019


This episode will speak about one of the many reasons there is a price swing amongst insurance companies.

Episode 4 - EPLI coverage with Charlie Sturm

May 15th, 2019


This episode will include EPLI discussions with Charlie Sturm, a management liability broker I work with.

Episode 3 - The involvement of quoting a risk

May 15th, 2019


Often I get calls, why can't you just give me a quote?, why do you need all of this information?. This episode speaks about the involvement of …

Episode 2 - Contractors are stuck......

May 2nd, 2019


NJ Contractors are in a tough spot, they are damned if they do not get Workers Compensation coverage, and damned if they do........

Episode 1 - How I got here

April 23rd, 2019


This episode is to share my journey as to how I got to do this podcast

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