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Tired of the malarkey coming from the mainstream media? Well that stuff's history! Retrotone News gives you a snappy summary of the news. Modeled after the Movietone News reels of the 1930s, we cut the baloney and give it to you straight. Add a couple licks o' music and some color commentary from ou… read more

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This Week in News: 4/18/19

April 18th, 2019


Paris mourns, Trump Vetoes, Carter Lives and Tiger Wins, Again!

This Week in News: 4/11/19

April 11th, 2019


Get ready for the ride with Rodge as he sizes up a summer of epic entertainment and events. From the Woodstock 50th Anniversary Concert Festival to the new Star Wars Ride Galaxy’s Edge and even, details on how to meet …

This Week in News: 4/4/19

April 4th, 2019


Lots of 3 letter acronyms this week with shoutouts to the FTC and DOJ for jobs well done; conversation about Trump’s comments on the ACA; and a PSA from the DOH about vaccines. To top it all off, you can enjoy Bigsby’s …

This Week in News: 3/28/19

March 28th, 2019


March really is madness with Rodge’s blaring media headlines and beyond. Retrotone packs a heavy punch aimed at Russiagate, the Jusse Smollett …

This Week in News: 3/15/19

March 15th, 2019


College cheaters and climate change. Falling planes and flying cars.  Hear Rodge’s take on the latest!

This Week in News: 3/7/19

March 7th, 2019


Rodge doesn't miss a beat with some major headline this week including the flawless launch of Elon Musk's SpaceX to the International Space Station, John Hickenlooper's 2020 Presidential run, the last Blockbuster on the …

This Week in News: 3/1/19

March 1st, 2019


Oscars updates; impending asteroid doom; Ice Tsunamis; 13 year old millionaires and more in this week’s news bulletin.

This Week in News: 2/21/19

February 21st, 2019


Get ready to blow your wigs left-wingers, Bernie Sanders announces his Presidential 2020 run and much more! Rodge covers Chanel Founder and fashion icon death, Supermoon energies running amuck... and speaking of amuck, …

This Week in News: 2/14/19

February 14th, 2019


Valentine’s Day with no Sweetheart Candy Hearts? Ron Burgundy confused as he debuts podcast and Twitter is as cynical as ever. Listen Up!

This Week in News: 2/7/19

February 7th, 2019


This week Rodge recaps the latest happenings in politics, lifestyle and Adam Levine’s bare bodied halftime show performance. From the highly …

This Week in News: 1/31/19

January 31st, 2019


The polar vortex swirls amidst another wild week in news! Hear the latest on the Mueller chicanery, and find out which hot tune Rodge is recommending …

This Week in News: 1/24/19

January 24th, 2019


It’s the race for 2020, race for robot hospitality, and race for the Oscars. This week Rodge covers new entries in the pool of Democratic candidates, …

This Week in News: 1/17/19

January 17th, 2019


Toxic! Toxic! Rodge Regurges a Smelly Week in News // Toxic Politics. Toxic Waste. Toxic Masculinity. McDonald’s. This week Rodge delves into the …

This Week in News: 1/10/19

January 10th, 2019


Breaking News: It's Build a Wall or Eminent Doom // Rodge rails on the escalating so-called crisis over Trump’s multi-billion dollar border wall. …

This Week in News: 1/3/19

January 8th, 2019


Debut News Minute: New Year's Roundup // Great Scott! Should old acquaintance be forgot? Why... of course not! It’s here in Episode 1, Rodge Bigsby …

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