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Lauren Denitzio (Worriers) – “Still Into You”

Episode description

One of our favorite songwriters, Lauren Denitzio of the band Worriers, joins us to talk about one of her most beloved songs, “Still Into You” by Paramore. Listen in for a great conversation on what makes a great song, why whining about production quality is stupid, and how awesome Philly’s music scene is right now. Plus, two songs from Lauren!

We kick off the episode talking about the arc of Paramore’s career and what a great pop song “Still Into You” truly is. Lauren mentions that we don’t hear many songs that describe the middle of a relationship–a point that also came on Lauren Ashley Smith’s recent ep–and Lauren tells us about ascribing to the philosophy that no matter where you’re at in a relationship, you’re choosing to be in it. We ask Lauren what makes a great pop song and what it’s like enjoying something outside of your typical musical radar. This gets us talking about making money and popularity in the music business and how we all navigate attitudes toward that stuff. What do the terms “selling out” and “overproduced” really even mean? As a foreshadow to the episode’s end, we discuss stripped-down songs and playing without a band. We get into the warmth of the punk scene in relation to how the public may view it, and since Lauren is based in Philadelphia, we talk about how super cool the punk scene there is right now. We briefly touch on the death of DIY venues in NYC and we hear some shoutouts for Philly bands you need to hear. The final part of the interview asks about Lauren’s artistic life as an interdisciplinary artist and how illustration and other mediums can come together with a music career.

We end this episode with our very first in-studio performance! Lauren plays two of our favorite Worriers songs just for us and it’s the perfect way to welcome live music to the studio episodes.

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