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Dedicated to Reggae Lovers - Hosted by Kahlil Wonda and AGARD, Reggae Lover is a weekly podcast that pulls back the curtain on the issues, back-stories, and adventures of the global reggae music phenomena. Discussions center around the culture, economics and all things relatable to reggae lovers.Sup… read more

164 Episodes | 2014 - 2019

Season Finale

November 25th, 2019

This season finale opens a few cans of worms. 


Questions come up like:

  • Is the stereotype that Jamaicans don't like soca dead?
  • Does the Red Bull Culture …

DJ RunDat: Best-Selling "How to start a DJ Business" Author

November 18th, 2019

Boss Mama Michelle Miller aka DJ RunDat, guests on Reggae Lover. DJ RunDat is known for her gift to inspire others to fulfill their dreams while …

170 - Maxi Priest: It All Comes Back to Love

November 11th, 2019

Maxi Priest guests on Reggae Lover.


The superstar talks about his recently released album entitled "It All Comes Back to Love." The project was executive produced by Shaggy.


We preview the album's title track "It All …

169 - King Addies Music

November 4th, 2019

An exclusive in-depth interview with selectors Killa Boo and King Pin of King Addies. King Addies is an International Sound System created in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York City. They remain a force to reckon with in the …

168 - Research Your Own Experience

October 28th, 2019

Kahlil Wonda and AGARD link up in Brooklyn to explore questions such as:

  • Is someone "closed-minded" if they choose a particular lane?

  • How does the …

167 - When Dance Was Nice

October 21st, 2019

This conversation, featuring Carry On Friends podcast host Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, centered around sound systems and dancehall.

Topics Covered:

166 - Carry On Friends

October 16th, 2019

We had a great conversation about reggae and dancehall with Caribbean podcaster and blogger, Kerry-Ann Reid Brown.  

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is the Jamaican born, New York City-based founder of Breadfruit Media; a podcast …

165 - World Fight Club

October 7th, 2019

Interviews with King Shine and Supersonic as they prepare to square off in Round 2 of the World Fight Club (WFC) sound clash league.  

Full show …

164 - Reggae Lover History part 2

September 30th, 2019

In the previous Reggae Lover episode, we described the foundation of Highlanda Sound. This show chronicles what happened from our first gig to present. 

In the late '90s, the three young lions that started Highlanda …

163 - Reggae Lover History

September 23rd, 2019

AGARD and I are the special guests on this episode. As the hosts, we took time out to re-introduce ourselves, talk about who we are, where we come from, and how we got into the music industry. This is part one of this …

162 - No Music No Vote

September 16th, 2019

The "No Music No Vote" campaign is one of the Jamaican entertainment industry's responses to the Noise Abatement Act. The law, originally passed in 1997, recently became stricter. Now all events have to lock off by …

161 - Women in Reggae part 2

September 9th, 2019

London Based DJ AYITO schools the Reggae Lover team on the Roots, Dub, and Steppas scene in the U.K. plus her journey as a rising female selector in …

160 - Style and Vibes

September 3rd, 2019

Mikelah Rose, creator of the "Style & Vibes" Caribbean-American lifestyle blog and podcast is the guest on this episode of Reggae Lover.


Topics …

159 - Homegrown with G. Cole

August 26th, 2019

G. Cole, a fellow reggae lover, podcaster/radio personality, and singer/songwriter is the special guest on this episode.

We talk about:

  • The work he's …

158 - Music Therapy

August 19th, 2019

Jay Blessed, an award-winning Caribbean blogger, dope writer, phenomenal podcaster, and prominent mental health advocate is the special guest on this episode.

We list reggae artists who are creating music about …

157 - Nice Up Radio

August 12th, 2019

Interview with DJ Cansaman, owner of Trinity Soundz and Nice Up Radio.

Topics Covered in this Interview:

  • Cansa Man's "reggae lover" journey
  • History of

156 - How To Be A Selector

August 5th, 2019


Tips on how to be a good reggae dancehall sound system selector.

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155 - Summer 2019 Report

July 29th, 2019

On Reggae Lover Podcast episode 155 we discuss the state of the culture and news from the dancehall.

  • Our reactions to …

154 - Looking Back at 2009-2019 Reggae

July 22nd, 2019


ĀGARD and Kahlil Wonda argue their predictions about how the current period of reggae music will be viewed in the future.  

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153 - King AP Sound

July 15th, 2019


  • 0:56 - Early history of King Apocalypse Sound

152 - E.N Young - Roots Musician Records

July 8th, 2019

I had the privilege of interviewing one of the most talented musicians from the United States, E.N Young, for Reggae Lover podcast episode 153 – dedicated to you, the #REGGAELOVER.

The California reggae scene has been …

151 - Reggae Promotion Tips

July 1st, 2019

This episode of the Reggae Lover podcast produced by Highlanda Sound features a discussion with top-rated reggae promoter and videographer David "Driveway Cam." 

Driveway shares best practices for networking, marketing, …

150 - Lila Ike (Where I'm Coming From)

June 24th, 2019

Rising reggae star Lila Ike is our special guest for the 150th episode of Reggae Lover.

Often highlighted on this platform for being part of the resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica, it was a pleasure to …

149 - Why does Black America hate reggae?

June 17th, 2019

Nick from the Jamaican State of Mind podcast joins the Reggae Lover crew once again to discuss the topic: Why does Black America hate reggae?

We …

148 - Best Summer Songs 2019

June 10th, 2019

Kahlil Wonda and AGARD list their top Reggae and Afro-Caribbean selections for summer 2019.

AGARD recaps Walshy Fire's exclusive New York City album release party. The new album, Abeng, is available now on all digital …

147 - Reggae Music Forever

June 3rd, 2019

Our special guest was Shawn from the Reggae Talk podcast and ReggaeMusicForever blog.

We discussed the state of dancehall/reggae culture including …

146 - Spirituality in Reggae

May 27th, 2019

Reggae music is the highest form of spiritual music.

Beginning with the 1970s Roots Reggae era, the lyrics, the drums, and the bass provided the perfect vessel for communicating and spreading messages.

With the help of 

145 - When Is It Time to Retire from Music?

May 20th, 2019

On today's Reggae Lover episode, the questions are: When is it time for an artist to retire? Is there a specific time to call it quits, and how does …

144 - More Unity, More Fire

May 13th, 2019



During …

143 - One-Hit Wonders (Part 1)

May 6th, 2019


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142 - Sound Clash Time Again

April 29th, 2019

This Reggae Lover episode is about the global state of sound clash in 2019. Our special guest is Dr. Rock, host of Front Lines, the West Coast's only Sound Clash talk show.

Introduction to Episode:

Dr. Rock is the …

141 - Humble Beginnings (FaReal Di Realest)

April 22nd, 2019



140 - The New Music of Jamaica

April 15th, 2019

Before analyzing today's music we reviewed the many genres that Jamaica has created. That amazing history includes Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub and Dancehall. Reggae sub-genres Nyahbingi, lover's rock, and …

139 - Social Responsibility

April 8th, 2019

The community involvement of fallen rapper Nipsey Hussle lead to today's topic: What is the social responsibility of the reggae artist who has gained …

138 - 80s and 90s Dancehall

April 1st, 2019


Once one of Kingston's most sought after selectors, Webba talks about his time playing some of Jamaica's top sound systems including Stone Love, Metro Media, Black Stone, and African Star. 

We talk about how he got his …

137 - Buju, Koffee, and Kahlil Wonda

March 25th, 2019


Discussing Buju Banton's triumphant return to the stage at the Long Walk to Freedom Concert. There's no way Reggae Lover could fail to talk about …

136 - Why We Love the 90s

March 19th, 2019


Jamaican State of Mind podcast host Nicholas joins the Reggae Lover crew to reminisce about the most trend-setting decade.

But why do we love the 90s …

135 - Untold Stories

March 11th, 2019


This podcast is a dedication to reggae lovers. In 2019 we changed from a mix show format to a talk show of the same theme.

We are tackling reggae …

134 - Introduction to Sound Clash

March 4th, 2019


This is a discussion about the musical competition known as the Jamaican sound clash.

A soundclash is a unique event where opposing sound systems pit their skills against each other.

These exciting battles are …

133 - Reggae Lover - The Influence of Reggae

February 25th, 2019


Discussion about the power and cultural impact of reggae music on Jamaica and the world.

Support this …

132 - Reggae Lover - Success in Reggae

February 20th, 2019


In this episode we talk about what validates a reggae artist to a reggae fan.

A unique voice or some crafty lyrics can get you the spotlight for a moment.

There are different ways to measure success in the …

131 - Reggae Lover - Love After with Jacinth Headlam

February 11th, 2019


"Diary of a Badman" actress Jacinth Headlam is the special guest joining the crew. Jacinth talks about her Jamaican heritage and her new book "Love After."

Jacinth is transparent about the challenges and advantages of …

130 - Reggae Lover - Bob Marley Life and Legacy

February 4th, 2019


As we approach the date that commemorates Bob Marley's birthday, February 6, we take some time to talk about his amazing legacy. This episode is all about Robert Nesta Marley a.k.a The Legend a.k.a the king of Reggae.

129 - Reggae Lover - The Business of Reggae

January 28th, 2019


If you are in the reggae music recording industry or thinking about getting into the business, then you need to hear this.

Listen to this if you love reggae music and consume it via streaming services, digital downloads, …

128 - Reggae Lover - Sound System Culture (Intro)

January 21st, 2019


This episode gives a high-level overview of Jamaican sound system culture. We clarify some things that we've mentioned in the last three episodes and …

127 - Reggae Lover - Women in Reggae

January 14th, 2019

Many women have made a name for themselves in the male-dominated genre of Reggae music.

Here we speak of some current notables and analyze some of the issues that have always existed. There is always a balance of …

126 - Reggae Lover - Dancehall vs. Reggae

January 6th, 2019


Most people define dancehall is a genre that stemmed from Reggae. Others contend that Reggae music is the genre, but dancehall is a place or a …

125 - Reggae Lover - Buju Banton's Long Walk To Freedom

December 31st, 2018


We discuss Jamaican icon, Buju Banton, also known as Gargamel. Buju returned to Jamaica in early December after serving seven years in a US prison on drug charges.

In this first episode for the 2019 Reggae Lover …

124 - Reggae Lover - 90's Reggae

November 19th, 2018


The 90s was the best era ever! If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments.

This one is for those who respect Buju, Sizzla, Anthony B, Luciano, Garnett Silk, Jah Cure, Morgan Heritage, Jahmali, Sanchez, Mad …

123 - Reggae Lover - Jacob Miller

November 12th, 2018


Jamaican reggae artist and Rastafari musician, nicknamed Jacob "Killa" Miller. Inner Circle lead singer, Jacob was a legendary Reggae singer with an exciting stage presence and memorable voice. Listen to songs from …

122 - Reggae Lover - Sammy Dread and Sluggy Ranks

November 5th, 2018


Sammy Dread and Sluggy Ranks - both amazing singers born in Kingston, Jamaica relocated to Brooklyn, New York.

They embraced the dancehall and sound …

121 - Reggae Lover - Leroy Smart

October 29th, 2018


Leroy Smart, known as "The Don" has a mind-blowing voice that penetrates his audiences and a flamboyant performance style. The Don Smart sang both …

120 - Reggae Lover - Dub

October 24th, 2018


Listen to this essential mix and overview of Dub, a Jamaican genre or sub-genre that grew out of Reggae music in the 1960s and has extended way beyond the scope of Reggae to inspire other genres including dubstep, …

119 - Reggae Lover - Early B and Nicodemus

October 15th, 2018


Nicodemus and Early B are legendary dancehall stars that were active from the late 70's until the 90s.

Listen to this tribute mix and learn more about these two bad deejays that inspired the next generation of Jamaican …

118 - Reggae Lover - Non-Jamaican Reggae Artists

October 9th, 2018

This Reggae Lover Podcast Episode (118) highlights the global reggae phenomenon. Take a listen - Full Show notes below.

Nasio Fontaine was born on the …

117 - Reggae Lover - GREGORY ISAACS Roots Reggae

October 1st, 2018


Gregory Isaacs ROOTS is the theme for Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 117.

This episode features roots reggae songs from the Gregory Isaacs catalog. I chose to curate his songs about the reality of everyday life and the …

116 - Reggae Lover - GREGORY ISAACS Lovers Rock Exclusive

September 24th, 2018


Gregory Isaacs LOVERS ROCK is the theme for Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 116.

Gregory Isaacs is one of the greatest reggae singers of all times. He's in my Top 5 along with Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, …

114 - Reggae Lover - Alborosie and Gentleman

September 12th, 2018


Today's mix featured Gentleman from Germany and Alborosie from Italy.

Gentleman has been active in the music business since 1998 and is now signed to the Universal Music. He is the best-known reggae artist from Germany. …

113 - Reggae Lover - Don Carlos

September 4th, 2018


Jamaican reggae singer and composer Don Carlos began singing in 1973 as a member of Black Uhuru. Don continues to perform sweet roots reggae music all over the world.

Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 113

Apple Podcast …

112 - Reggae Lover - 2018 Roots Reggae Mix

August 28th, 2018


This showcase of 2018 roots reggae material kicks off with ‘Movers and Shakers’ by Deep Jahi, one of Jamaica's breakout artists for 2018. New roots chanter Fyakin delivers ‘I Story’ on the Top Shelf Riddim produced by …

111 - Reggae Lover Interview - Zack Reed (Rebel Sound Records)

August 22nd, 2018


Listen to gems dropped by my guest, Zack Reed, CEO of Rebel Sound Records, and General at EN Young's Roots Musician Records.

I was amazed at how long the list was when I asked Zack what upcoming projects people need to …

110 - Reggae Lover - 2018 Lovers Rock

August 22nd, 2018


Mix with Lovers Rock Reggae 2018

#Jah9 #FreddieMcGregor #RomainVirgo #Alaine #NaomiCowan #KabakaPyramid #JahCure #AgentSasco #DellyRanks #Jahvinci #Konshens #Chezidek #MikeyGeneral #NattaliRize #Protoje

(Photo Cred: …

109 - Reggae Lover - Ras Fraser Jr Mix

August 15th, 2018


Reggae Lover presents Ras Fraser Jr. in the mix for 40 minutes including exclusive songs that only can be played by Highlanda Sound along with tracks from the new album “Journey to Greatness.”

I make sure to do my part …

108 - Reggae Lover Interview - K9Boss (Atlanta K-9 Solutions)

August 6th, 2018


REGGAE LOVER and MASTER DOGTRAINER🐕K9BOSS™️ is my Guest on this episode. Listen to find out the story of his #reggaelover journey.

Find more …

107 - Reggae Lover - Foundation Vocal Harmony Groups Mix

July 30th, 2018


It's a new season of the podcast! I am back in full effect with new shows coming out every week until the end of the year. Thank you so much for …

106 - Reggae Lover Interview - DJ Ted Ganung(Dub Rockers)

June 26th, 2018


Interview: NYC DJ/Producer Ted Ganung (Dub Rockers Label)on the Reggae Lover Podcast.

Our conversation touched on:
early reggae influences in Hawaii,

105 - Reggae Lover - Tony Curtis Greatest Hits Mix

June 18th, 2018


Best known for outstanding contributions in Lovers Rock, reggae singer Tony Curtis has prevailed over 3 decades in the music business. 

Tony Curtis …

104 - Reggae Lover Interview - I-Octane

June 11th, 2018


I caught up with I-Octane to dive into the story of his reggae journey. The bright reggae-dancehall star explained that he didn't choose music. Music …

103 - Reggae Lover - Poor People Governor, Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer Mix

June 4th, 2018


Poor People's Governor Rodney Price Mix | Reggae Lover Podcast 103

This episode highlights some revolutionary lyrics and spiritual songs from Bounty …

102 - Reggae Lover Interview - Marlon of Reggae Vibes Radio on the decline of quality in reggae

May 28th, 2018


One of the founders of Reggae Vibes Radio, Mr. Marlon Folkes (DJ Marlon), takes us through his reggae journey sharing insights learned along the way. …

101 - Reggae Lover - 2018 One Drop Reggae (Part 1)

May 21st, 2018


This episode consists of one-drop (roots and lovers rock) reggae music that came out in late 2017 or early 2018. 

I’m committed to curating the best quality new music coming out. I select the best songs and mix them for …

100 - Reggae Lover Interview - Ben Speight

May 15th, 2018


I had an eye-opening conversation with Atlanta-based organizer for social justice, Ben Speight.

Ben tells how and why he fell in love with Reggae.
He talks about reggae as the soundtrack to movements of social change …

99 - Reggae Lover - Joe Gibbs Mix

May 7th, 2018


The producer Joe Gibbs, hardcore Jamaican entrepreneur, engineer, and record producer started recording artists in the back of his electronics repair shop in 1966.

He worked with Lee "Scratch" Perry who had left the …

98 - Reggae Lover Interview - Ras Fraser Jr

May 1st, 2018


Ras Fraser Jr discusses his new album "Journey to Greatness," tells how he got his start in music and why it is important to remember your roots. He …

97 - Reggae Lover - I-Octane 'Love & Life' 2018 Album Promo

April 27th, 2018


Listen to the official promo mix for I-Octane's May 4th Miami Album Release/Birthday event. This is a special edition of Blackfyre Ent's Madhouse Fridays at Club Fate, 601 Silks Run # 2499, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009.

96 - Reggae Lover Interview - Dash Eye from Tribe of Kings

April 24th, 2018



On this episode, I talk to Dash Eye, selector from Tribe of Kings sound system, host of the Dash-A-Fire Podcast, and representative of Vegan in San Diego, to find out …

95 - Reggae Lover - Bushman

April 19th, 2018


Hear some of my favorite tracks from Bushman’s catalog on episode 95 of the reggae lover podcast. Bushman has released nine full-length albums to …

94 - Reggae Lover Interview - Ali Amin Carter

April 16th, 2018


Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 94 | Interview: Ali Amin Carter

Reggae has been a positive force in the lives of many people, groups, and movements. I want to use this platform to dispel some of the common myths about …

93 - Reggae Lover - Live Reggae Concert Mix

April 11th, 2018


Imagine being in the house for the ultimate reggae concert headlined by Bob Marley and friends.

Bob opens the show setting the mood for a night of …

92- Reggae Lover Mix - A Cry for Peace

April 5th, 2018


A cry for peace from global reggae artists in a mix dedicated to all reggae lovers.

This is crucial for today's society. The climate we exist in right …

91 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Top Lyricist Mix

March 29th, 2018


This is episode number 91 of the Reggae Lover Podcast with the top lyricists of Reggae music today.

The selection features 20 lyrically potent songs. The concept was a suggestion by Kris Richards, a listener out of the …

90 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Silky One

March 22nd, 2018


The emergence of Garnett Silk was as timely and triumphant as we've seen in the business of reggae music.

Upon first hearing Garnet Silk sing you can see this is somebody that wants you to feel what he's singing about. …

89 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Female Reggae Artists Love Songs

March 16th, 2018


This episode features female artists: Etana, JC Lodge, Marcia Griffiths, Timeka Marshall, Tessanne, Tami Chynn, Alaine, Adele, Kayla Bliss, Nikisha Lindo, Jodain Pantry, Queen Ifrica and more.

The theme of this mix is …

88 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Highlanda Sound Early Warm (Feb 2018 LIVE!!!)

March 8th, 2018


Reggae Lover Episode 88 - Highlanda Sound live set from The Shrine of The Black Madonna in Atlanta with Kahlil Wonda at the controls for the BobFest …

87 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Jah Cure Mix

March 2nd, 2018


Reggae Lover Podcast episode 87 features the voice of Jah Cure.

Born in October 1978 in Hanover, Jamaica, Jah Cure grew up in Kingston. He got the name Jah Cure from Capleton who he met while living in Kingston. Under …

86 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Sugar Minott

February 21st, 2018


Why is Sugar Minott considered a dancehall pioneer? Listen to Reggae Lover Podcast 86 to find out.

In a live dancehall setting during the 1970s, it was common for artists to perform over pre-recorded instrumentals. …

85 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Freddie McGregor and John Holt

February 14th, 2018


Welcome to Reggae Lover Podcast Episode 85

This episode features songs from Freddie McGregor and a few John Holt anthems. Songs featured here talk …

84 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Marley (BobFest 2018 Promo)

February 5th, 2018


A promotional mix for the BobFest ATL event in Atlanta, Georgia February 15th through February 18th featuring music from Kymani, Damian, Stephen, Ziggy, and Cedella Marley among other heavy hitters.


83 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Glen Washington, Norrisman, George Nooks, Jah Mason

January 29th, 2018


This unique mix was requested by a listener in the United Kingdom.
It's probably the first time any selector has compiled these particular artists on …

82 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Repatriation

January 22nd, 2018


Repatriation is the return of someone to their own country, either voluntary or involuntary. In a financial sense its the sending of money back to …

81 - Reggae Lover Podcast - God Bless Dancehall

January 16th, 2018



Enjoy a mix of songs with danceable beats and …

80 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Spragga Benx Mix

December 5th, 2017


He began his career around 1991. Once known to his friends as "Spaghetti" (tall and slim), but this was later shortened to Spragga. The Benz in his name comes from the sound system for which he used to work for, L.A. …

79 - Reggae Lover Podcast - King Jammys Tribute (2nd Volume)

November 22nd, 2017



78 - Reggae Lover Podcast - King Jammys Tribute (1st Volume)

November 15th, 2017


We salute our dancehall trailblazer, king of digital reggae, sound system owner/producer Lloyd James aka KING JAMMY. This is the first half of a megamix featuring some big tunes and riddims from the Jammys catalog.

77 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Very Best of Cocoa Tea (1984 - 1994)

November 6th, 2017

Cocoa Tea’s voice is smooth and easy-going, yet very powerful. He was one of the most popular artists in Jamaica during the 1980s and went on to …

76 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Tribute to Fatis Burrell

October 26th, 2017


Blessed love and respect massive! This is Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound and welcome to episode 76 of the Reggae Lover Podcast featuring songs produced by the late, great Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell, Jamaican reggae music …

75 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Conscious Reggae Concert

October 20th, 2017


The Reggae Lover podcast returns with a new episode. This one is some curated live audio from a session in ATL recorded 10-14-17. There are many more mixes coming so stay tuned. Thanks to all my subscribers, …

74 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Top Reggae Bands of All Time

September 25th, 2017


74 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Top reggae bands of all time, not including the Wailers.

I curated some of the biggest hits from legendary bands: Third World, Israel Vibration, Inner Circle, Aswad, Black Uhuru, and Steel …

73 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Lovers Rock 2017

September 13th, 2017


Love songs from Ikaya, Romain Virgo, Etana, Jah Cure, Kristine Alicia, Sanchez, Queen Ifrica, Samory I, Estelle, Damian Marley, Ras Fraser Jr., …

72 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Johnny Osbourne, The Dancehall Godfather

September 3rd, 2017


Seen as one of the greatest Jamaican singers and talked about as a top sound system dubplate artist, Johnny Osbourne, the dancehall Godfather climbed to the top of the reggae mountain over 30 years ago and remains there …

71 - Reggae Lover Podcast - 2017 Roots

August 18th, 2017


2017 has seen terrific progress for the sound of roots reggae music and some powerful albums have been released. Traditional roots music that is …

70 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Capleton One Drop Mix

August 12th, 2017


Welcome to episode number 70 of the Reggae Lover podcast by Highlanda Sound. Capleton is one of the favorite artists of most reggae fans.

Look out for Labor Day Sunday, September 3rd inside Bliss Lounge (5471 Memorial …

68 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Real Rock Mix

August 4th, 2017


The best real rock riddim mix you ever heard?

Take a listen. The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Emmanuel Brown kicks off the mix and closes it out with the same song in a different style. The Real Rock Riddim is the …

67 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Shank I Sheck Riddim Mix

July 26th, 2017


The Shank I Sheck originally was a 1964/1965 Ska instrumental by Baba Brooks with production by King Edward on the Rio Records label. Rio is a subsidiary of Direct Records Ltd. and later Doctor Bird which like the other …

66 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Diseases Riddim Mix

July 22nd, 2017


The Diseases riddim, which is sometimes referred to or known as the Golden Hen riddim. I call it the Worries in the Dance Riddim, but the original …

65 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Answer Riddim Mix

July 17th, 2017


The Answer Riddim is a reggae instrumental produced by Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. Slim Smith & The Uniques recorded the tune “I’ll Never Let You Go" at Studio One studios in 1967. Selectors, deejays and backing bands …

64 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Beres Roots Mix

July 11th, 2017


There’s a time and place for everything. For every mood, there is a fitting reggae song. I believe in setting the right vibe using the right music. In that same vein, though Beres Hammond is known mostly for excellence …

63 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Beres Lovers Mix

July 1st, 2017


Reggae Lover by Highlanda Sound presents a Beres Hammond tribute mix.

'The Honorable' Beres Hammond is an iconic Jamaican reggae singer. Known in …

62 - Reggae Lover Podcast - 'The Colonel' JOSEY WALES a.k.a 'The Outlaw'

June 24th, 2017


Rebel with a cause, Jamaican deejay, the music of Josey Wales featured in an exclusive mix.

Josey Wales is one of my favorite original deejays. With a career starting in the late 1970s, Josey came to notoriety performing …

61 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Original Vintage Ska

June 16th, 2017


This episode starts with early rocksteady then goes back in time to original vintage ska.  

For those who are not familiar with ska, I will attempt to give you a brief history. Ska music originated in Jamaica in the …

60 - Reggae Lover Podcast - More Fire

June 9th, 2017


It was a time when Bounty Killer was given the title “Poor People Governor” and had a streak of hit songs banned from radio airplay in Jamaica …

59 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Give Thanks

June 3rd, 2017


Reggae music has always been a beacon of light for those in the face of darkness. 

With many people around the world facing crisis situations, I was inspired to scrap the mix that was lined up for release this week and …

58 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Frankie Paul Tribute

May 24th, 2017


Frankie Paul, the late great dancehall icon sang many classic tunes that will forever extend his legacy.

I was inspired to pay tribute to FP because …

57 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Best of Sanchez Lovers Rock

May 19th, 2017

Known as Jamaica's Song Bird and the Prince of Lovers Rock, who is more deserving of a tribute than Sanchez?

If you're into reggae music and of a certain age, then Sanchez is probably one of your favorite singers. With a …

56 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Greatest Studio One Riddims in Dancehall

September 6th, 2016


The original styles of the most popular riddims in dancehall history are all right here in this mix. Most of the mega hits from the 1980s and 1990s …

55 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Ultimate Studio One Riddims

September 2nd, 2016


In honor of my favorite reggae music record label of all time, I have crafted one of my best mixes ever. This is dedicated to you, the reggae lover.

iTunes link

54 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Africa is the Future

May 17th, 2016


Listen to this episode for Reggae music tackling topics like reparations, repatriation, liberation, the many struggles and treasures of Africa

Bob Marley starts it and his son Stephen closes the show.

"Take the time to …

53 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Love and Honor for Mother

May 8th, 2016


Reggae is good for all occasions. Why would Mother's Day be any different? Check out these tributes and dedications from reggae's brightest stars …


April 8th, 2016


Barrington Levy is one of the only reggae singers to have great success throughout the entire decade of the the 1980s. He recorded prolifically with …

43 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Original Dancehall Style: DJs from the days of Studio One

October 9th, 2015


Hear some essential works from the 60s and 70s by the predecessors of rappers and today’s dancehall artists. Who was the first DJ (dancehall deejay)? This is often debated and I’m not going to get into the argument, but …

36 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Stalag meets Sleng Teng

July 30th, 2015


Show Notes

It’s brings me great pleasure to release this episode which features two riddims that were suggested by my listeners: the Stalag version and the Sleng Teng rhythm. If you have ever been to a reggae dance or …

37 - Reggae Lover Podcast - A Love I Can Feel aka Tempted To Touch Riddim Mix

July 30th, 2015


This is another listener suggested mix specially prepared for the reggae lover podcast.

The 'A Love I Can Feel' rhythm was first released on a vocal …

38 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Barrington Levy Greatest Lovers Rock Classics

July 30th, 2015


A request from a die-hard fan and a follow-up to my Roots, Reality, and Culture 100% Barrington Levy mix (Reggae Lover Podcast # 35), this episode …

39 - Reggae Lover Podcast - A Late Eighties Reggae Dream (1979 - 1991 Dancehall hits)

July 30th, 2015


The episode commences with the Sly and Robbie produced version of the Randy Newman song, "Baltimore" from 1979 sung by The Tamlins. Courtney Melody …

40 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Reggae Defenders

July 30th, 2015


his Reggae Lover Podcast episode opens with the leader of the reggae revival Protoje explaining that he makes music from his heart and not for the charts. Sizzla can be heard begging “Please do not mash up the dance." …

41 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Luciano's Greatest Hits Mix

July 30th, 2015


We salute a living legend, reggae singer Luciano who has released 21 studio albums over the course of a brilliant 22 year career. One of my favorite artists and live performers, Luciano gained prominence around the …

42 - Reggae Lover Podcast - One Drop Reggae Freestyle Mix

July 30th, 2015


This episode starts in 2015 with a couple new entries from Queen Ifrica and Archangel Superpec, but then focuses on one drop remixes, pop music covers, lovers rock, or roots reggae singles mostly from 2012 through 2014.

49 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Ultimate Freddie McGregor Lovers Rock Songs

July 30th, 2015


Here is a mix that many Reggae Lover listeners have been looking for. Freddie McGregor is one of reggae’s most prolific and successful artists. With …

46 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Late 70's, Early 80's Roots Reggae Riddims

July 30th, 2015


Welcome back to the Reggae Lover Podcast. As promised, your favorite reggae music podcast is back with more undiluted roots.

Featured within this …

48 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Anthony Malvo and Little Twitch

July 30th, 2015


In this episode we feature the multi-talented singer and producer of many hits, Anthony Malvo, along with pioneering dancehall icon Little Twitch.

34 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Lalabella Riddim and Protest Music #BlackLivesMatter

July 30th, 2015


The mix opens with Queen Ifrica, Anthony B, and Bushman singing about police brutality from a Jamaican perspective. Its similar to the state of …

33 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Studio One Riddims, The Legacy Continues

July 30th, 2015


Sir Coxsone Dodd's legacy is large and in charge here at the Reggae Lover Podcast. This episode was created to feed the demand for more Studio 1 sounds. Listen for remakes of foundation riddims like Far East, Boops, …

32 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Neo Roots Reggae Revival

July 30th, 2015


This episode contains 40 of today's most poweful songs recorded by Jamaican artists. These are songs of revolution, freedom cries, and warrior chants …

31 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Queens of Reggae Music (1960s and 70s)

July 30th, 2015


Recordings selected and mixed in this episode are by female singers, mostly from the magical golden age of reggae and rocksteady, the finest years of …

30 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Legendary TAXI Riddim

July 30th, 2015


The TAXI riddim has been around for a long time, and it will never leave the dancehall. This riddim is foundation!!

I kicked off this special mix with the Sister Nancy hit entitled One Two which was released around 1976 …

11 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Bob Marley Still Rules

July 22nd, 2015


This episode deals strictly with the music of "The Legend" himself, The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley. This is an audio montage in tribute to the man …

12 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Lovers Rock Reggae Anthems Freestyle Mix

July 22nd, 2015


A true freestyle mix of lovers rock anthems from throughout the years, hear music from Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs to I-Wayne and Tanya Stephens.

13 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Crucial Selections from the Late 1980's Dancehall Era

July 22nd, 2015


Please enjoy these songs, mostly from the 1980's and featured on some of that periods most popular riddims. I would love to get your feedback on …

14 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Sizzla Kalonji Salute Mix

July 22nd, 2015


This Sizzla mix was suggested by a fellow Reggae Lover, Kris in Atlanta, and truthfully I am grateful for such a suggestion. The messages in …

15 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Domination of Shabba Ranks

July 22nd, 2015


This is the latest episode of the syndicated Reggae Lover
podcast produced for promotional purposes by Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound featuring classic reggae music in a DJ mixed format.

Shabba Ranks

The only dancehall …

23 - Reggae Lover Podcast - New Inspirational Reggae: Chronixx, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah9

July 22nd, 2015


This installment of the Reggae Lover Podcast focuses on motivational songs performed by the finest artists of today including Alborosie from Italy, …

22 - Reggae Lover Podcast - SuperCat takes Center Stage

July 22nd, 2015


Super Cat is a deejay who achieved widespread popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s dancehall movement. His nickname, "Wild Apache", was …

21 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Augustus Pablo Original Rockers

July 22nd, 2015


Augustus Pablo, was a Jamaican roots reggae and dub record producer, melodica player and keyboardist, active from the 1970s onwards.

He popularized …

16 - Reggae Lover Podcast - King Kong, Half Pint, Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty

July 22nd, 2015


This was a listener requested mix consisting of the biggest tracks from 4 singers: King Kong, Half Pint, Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty. Ray said he thought these artists sound alike and that called for a mix with their …

20 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Lee 'Scratch' Perry Exclusively

July 22nd, 2015


Welcome to Episode 20 of the Reggae Lover Podcast, my first "dubwise" edition. This mix was specially requested by Ras Jamal in Savannah, Georgia and features the musical productions and performances of Lee "Scratch" …

17 - Reggae Lover Podcast - 1990s Dancehall Reggae Bashment Juggling

July 22nd, 2015

The 90s was the most prolific era for dancehall music and one in which Jamaican music made many strides. 

The decade is beloved by many and hailed as …

19 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Finest Years of Lovers Rock Reggae

July 22nd, 2015



1 I-Roy - Welding
2 Frankie Jones - Wonderful World
3 Mighty Diamonds - Love Me Girl
4 Barrington Levy - Dances Are Changes
5 Michael Palmer …

29 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Sugar Minott and Friends

May 1st, 2015


The Godfather of dancehall, the late Sugar Minott is joined by singers Al Campbell, Leroy Smart, Half Pint, Cocoa Tea, Anthony Malvo, Chuck Turner, and Trevor Sparks from the 1980s in this mix of crucial selections …

28 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Buju Banton for the Ladies

May 1st, 2015


This is the another exclusively Buju Banton episode,Buju this time focusing on the subjects of love, relationships, and sex.

Gargamel, always a favorite with the female fan-base sets a high lyrical standard with …

27 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Buju Banton Reality and Culture

April 15th, 2015


In tribute to the the great Buju Banton aka Mark Myrie, Episode 27 of the #ReggaeLover podcast features conscious one drop collaborations, singles …

26 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Foundation Roots Rock Reggae

April 15th, 2015


We present to you some essential Roots reggae cuts, mostly from the 1970s. These songs deal with the everyday lives and aspirations of the artists concerned, including the spiritual side of Rastafari and the honoring …

25 - Reggae Lover Podcast - The Ladies of Lovers Rock Reggae Today

April 15th, 2015


First, let me set the mood. Pour some libation, dim the lights, and spark a candle or some incense. Then turn up this unbelievably sexy audio to be experienced with that special someone in your life. 

I'm proud to …

24 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Studio One Foundation Riddims Live On

April 15th, 2015


Welcome to another episode of the Reggae Lover Podcast. This installment takes us on a Studio One rhythm excursion, but instead of the original vault …

10 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Dancehall Time Travelling Back to the 80s and 90s

November 23rd, 2014


My passion for, and in-depth knowledge of the 1980s dancehall reggae era shines through in Reggae Lover #10 as incredibly authentic selection is …

9 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Reggae Songs Dedicated to Mama

November 23rd, 2014


Reggae artists love paying tribute to their mothers, and so do I. Its a part of our culture.

A dedication to my mom and to all mothers everywhere, …

8 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Dennis Brown Roots and Culture

November 23rd, 2014


In this episode Dennis Brown comforts, professes, warns, soothes and instructs us with songs of praise and thanksgiving.

This is a follow-up to the …

7 - Reggae Lover Podcast - 420, Dubplates and Studio One Riddims

November 23rd, 2014


This mix contains classics from some of the StudioOne label's biggest riddims. The dubplates selected here help to illustrate the story of Highlanda, an original sound system founded in 1999. Thank you for taking a …

6 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Dennis Brown Lovers Rock

November 23rd, 2014


Reggae Lover #6 features 15 of the best Dennis Brown lover's rock classics. This is a very essential mix highlighting "The Crown Prince" even though it does not include big hits 'Silhoutte,' 'Money In My Pocket,' or …

1 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Greatest Combinations of the 1990s (Culture Edition)

November 7th, 2014


A reggae podcast to connect fans with the beautiful music they love. - Downloads and more at:

Support this podcast at —

2 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Greatest Combinations of the 1990s (Lovers Rock Edition)

November 7th, 2014


A reggae podcast to connect fans with the beautiful music they love. - Downloads and more at:

Support this podcast at —

4 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Sanchez, L.U.S.T and Friends (80s Lovers Rock)

November 7th, 2014


A reggae podcast to connect fans with the beautiful music they love.

This installment of the Reggae Lover podcast is comprised of mostly lovers rock …

3 - Reggae Lover Podcast - Sattamassagana and The Title Riddims

November 7th, 2014


A reggae podcast to connect fans with the beautiful music they love. - Downloads and more at:

Support this podcast at —

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