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If You Want to Get Away With Being a Bigot, Be an Antisemite

Episode description

For this week's episode, I'm talking antisemitism, Ilhan Omar, and about society's warm embrace of this type of bigotry. At the beginning of my podcast series, I did mention I would get political, and here is the first episode of it. So, the episode is titled "If You Want to Get Away With Being a Bigot, Be an Antisemite" because that's how I see antisemitism today. In fact, that's how most Jews see it, and all over the world. But with the current events that went on in the American Congress and Democratic party, I felt it's time to speak up and out.

First, I give the super savage award, but this time it's without a comedic tone because I present it Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic party as a whole. In the past few weeks, Ilhan Omar had definitely made a name for herself, and this time not for breaking boundaries. Through her antisemitic tweets and inferences of Jewish control in Congress, the discussion of antisemitism on the left finally became mainstream. However, rather than calling her out on her bigotry and passing a resolution to condemn antisemitism, Nancy Pelosi decided to pass a resolution condemning all forms of hatred. In other words, she "all lives mattered" the cause for condemning antisemitism. I go into it more in the episode, but this is the gist.

After the Super Savage Award, I dive straight into the firey pit of discussing antisemitism and what it means to go through it in society. Not only do I talk about its definition, but I also touch light upon the rise of antisemitism around the world. With Jews being attacked left and right in Europe and extremists from both sides calling for our demise, it's about time to call out the bee ess!

In the fiery rant, I also touch upon the difference between antisemitism and criticizing Israel, and define the fine line between. The rest of that subject will be for another episode, but it's just a smidge. And for the rest of the episode, you'll come to see why you can get away with being a bigot if you just become an anti-semite.

Resources and Links
1. Ilhan Ohmar's Tweets and Situation -

2. Antisemitism Rising in France -

3. Antisemitism Rising in Europe Statistics -

4. Murder of Holocaust Survivor Mireille Knoll in France -

5. Chief Rabbi of Argentina Gets Beaten Up -

6. The Plight of Jews in North Africa and the Middle East -

7. Norwegian Shitbag Rapper Says Fuck Jews and Gets Away With It -,7340,L-5478028,00.html

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