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Porn: The Modern Day Adult Fairytale


Episode description

Welcome back, everyone! If you couldn't tell from the title, today's episode is going to be about everyone's favorite subject: porn. However, I'm not going to touch upon how much I love porn and which genres, but the false expectations it sets up. To be more precise, I want to touch upon fantasy versus reality. Let's talk about how sex in real life isn't always one hundred percent perfect nor do we all look like gods and goddesses. It's time to talk about how lonely masturbating can be. In short, let's dive deep into porn, shall we?

My Pornographic Reality Check

As I did before, I begin to once again tell a story to tie us all into the subject. There was a time when I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel, and had been speaking to a man on Grindr whom I hoped would become my Christian Grey. Our conversations ran long, and my fantasies ran wild. All was perfect until the day that we met. Of course, I had this expectation that everything would be pornographically perfect. Those expectations failed me completely.

Porn: Expectation vs. Reality

Let's face it. Sex can be perfect, but not one hundred percent of the time. Porn makes sex look easy, clean, painless, and a breeze. At least with my experiences, it's usually more than half the time the opposite. For the next part of this segment, I address expectation versus reality and go into depth about sexual reality. This touches upon the subject of body image and the perfect portrayal of men and women, and how it's triggered me to no end. I even admit how I found myself confused because I was aroused by straight porn; Later I came to realize I felt more comfortable because I didn't have to compare myself to the woman like I do two men.

Porn is to Adults as Cinderella is to Children

Overall, if you can relate then this episode is totally for you! I'm not speaking on behalf of every single person who loves masturbating and watching porn, but I know of a few who can understand. In my opinion, porn is to adults as the glass slipper is for children. Do we really live in a world where everyone has a Prince Charming? Is our sexual reality really one of multiple orgasms at the hands of a firefighter or a policeman in prison? Or is it really what we make of it, and not what a video can make of it for us? Let's explore this together!

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