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After 3 seasons, HeathensLMC called it quits as a podcast. But I find it impossible not to rant about the world because it is the only thing I do well. There is only one place where I can do that without being told to shut up - my own podcast. This is Reborn.

73 Episodes | 2018 - 2020

1: Heathens: The scale of evil of religion

July 1st, 2018


What level of evil do we assign to religion? Specifically, what level of evil is tolerable under the guise of religious freedom?

We explore this, …

2: Heathens: Was America founded as a Xtian nation

July 8th, 2018


The history of the United States is being bastardized by religious nutbags, who want to sell us a bag of excrement masquerading as historical fact.

Also in this segment, Rep Lynn of TN turns out to be a self righteous …

3: Heathens: Which one is the right God?!

July 15th, 2018


Human history is littered with gods. By some account, there have been over 1000 major and up to 3 million minor gods. Not counting spiritual beings and various different belief systems, which all together, account for …

4: Heathens: Generational Shift

July 22nd, 2018


How millennials and Gen Z are destroying religion - and replacing it with spirituality. Nothing pleases us more than the knowledge that people are becoming less religious and more scientific. Replacing enlightenment …

5: Heathens: Bad Arguments

July 30th, 2018


Since the dawn of time people have been trying to figure out the universe.  Religions stem from an early attempts at doing this.  Since holy books …

6: Heathens: Jebus H Christopher

August 5th, 2018


The life of Jesus dissected - was he a real character?  According to James Valliant, in "Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity" he wasn't even a credible invention.  We think he was a fictional …

7: Heathens: Genesis - what was the start of it all?

August 12th, 2018


In the beginning, people created explanations for life because they knew nothing about the universe. Somehow, those explanations ended up being codified and written down in a book format, and despite having ample …

8: The Victims of the Catholic Priests

August 20th, 2018


In this episode, we were supposed to talk about how monotheism hijacked polytheism and expropriated the concepts of previous religions and gods.

9: Heathens: The Biggest claims of religion - part 1

August 26th, 2018


What happened last week

The scandal versus the crime - why we should not be caught up in the word scandal while forgetting the victims

News - John …

10: Heathens: The biggest claims of religion - Part 2

September 3rd, 2018


A recap of last week - the biggest lie ever uttered by religion is the existence of an all knowing, all loving deity, that watches your every moves.

This week:

Religion purports itself to be the one entity that not …

11: Heathens: The biggest claims of religion - Part 3

September 9th, 2018


Recap of last week - religion claims it has a direct connection to "god" - sort of like a red line from their brain to the big smelly bearded dude in the sky.  The afterlife. 

Is god infallible

Is god timeless - but …

12: Heathens: Agnostic vs Atheist

September 16th, 2018


Recap of last week - hurricane Florence and the devastation of the storm.

Why Pat Robertson from the 700 Club is a gigantic bag of dirt.

Agnostic vs atheist. Labels which people are hung up on and determine who they …

13: Heathens: Gods are Perverts

September 23rd, 2018


Our visit to Megacon in Tampa!

Gods are perverts because they are the brainchildren of perverted people. 

Foreskins, foreskins, gods want more foreskins!  Genital mutilation for god.  Also, gods love killing people …

14: Heathens: Prosperity Preachers

September 30th, 2018


RECAP from last week:

Our visit to Megacon

Why gods are perverts


Donald Trump should be a comedian - he managed to make the entire …

15: Heathens: The Wealth of Religions

October 7th, 2018


In this episode:

WE GOT OUR WEBSITE UP AND RUNNING! Go check it out, comment, send us suggestions, add to our blog posts and do …

16: Heathens: Destroying society through religious intolerance

October 14th, 2018


Welcome to the halfway point of season 1!!

To celebrate our 16th episode, we are announcing that we are now officially on Apple!  To find out, go to our website and click on the Apple link on our podcast page. 

Last …

17: Heathens: The Bigggest MLM in the world - religion

October 21st, 2018


On this week's podcast:

What happened to Jamal Kashoggi in Turkey?

Why is Saudi Arabia the "victim" in this situation and how we can go about interpreting their official statement on Jamal's murder inside the …

18: Heathens: Part time religious people

October 28th, 2018


In this episode:

An update on Jamal K's death at the Saudi consulate.  Apparently, the government of Saudi Arabia released an official statement …

19: Heathens: Douchebag Arguments: Part Douche

November 4th, 2018


"He's not the Messiah, he is a very made up boy!"

In this week's episode we discuss the border wall being built by Trump - its purpose is to …

20: Heathes: The best Atheist Ever

November 14th, 2018


This podcast is late because Sunday, which is normally when we record, we were at a Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist) talk and the drive home took a lot longer than anticipated.  Thanks, Florida drivers!

Today, we …


November 25th, 2018


On todays episode:

We dissect the biggest news story on the planet today - a Xtian missionary travels to the far reaches of the earth to convert a …

23: Heathens: Shooting the breeze

December 2nd, 2018


On today's episode, we do an old fashioned rant!  Something we have been known to do for several years and something that we enjoy.  The Tangeniers …

24: Heathens: Stand up for your rights by sitting down

December 9th, 2018


On today's podcast:

the news!  Why Donald Trump is nervous about Michael Cohen.  Only 2 people know for sure what was said between Cohen and Trump and one of them is really nervous - which means he is scared of what …

25: Heathens: Jebus H Christopher, Part deuche

December 17th, 2018


Dissecting the Trump presidency: the Oval Office meeting between the powers that be. Mike Pence turns into Pinocchio and Ryan Zinke leaves the Trump administration.

Christina Ricci and the little black dress. The life …

26: Heathens: Drinking is the reason for the season!

December 24th, 2018


Ho ho ho, Merry Holidays, everyone!  Today, we are joined in spirit and song by the most ancient and true depiction of the life of an important …

27: Heathens: Happy New Year part 1

December 30th, 2018


Happy new year!  Welcome to the last show of Season 1!

The inquisition, what a show, the inquisition, don't you know, the inquisition, we'll convert the Jews...

Let there be merriment, let there be light, let there be …

28: Heathens: Here we go again

January 7th, 2019


Happy new Year! This is the year of the US National Kidney stone (#passingthestone) where we enter the primary stage of passing the national kidney stone, called Donald J Trump.

We are introducing Season 2 of the …

29: Heathens: How monotheism hijacked paganism

January 13th, 2019


Welcome to the New Year – new challenges - in Congress, there is a battle brewing between the old and the new – and the government is still shut …

30: Heathens: Cults - gullibility and fear - why fear a loving God

January 20th, 2019


Donald Trump sounds like a retarded drunken village idiot.  Kaitlin and Tam Tam wear a gun in their yoga pants and they're as dumb as their president …

31: Heathens: what is Sin and why does God care

January 27th, 2019


Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah... the shutdown is over and we all know who came out the winner of that debacle. 

For more on this and the topic of today, listen to the podcast.

32: Heathens: Who (or what) was Mithra(s)

February 3rd, 2019


In this week's episode:

God has preordained the winner in the SuperBowl as part of his divine plan.  All we have to do is wait to find out who it will be.  Whoever it is, will come as no surprise to god. 

A governor …

33: Heathens: Greek vs Roman Gods

February 10th, 2019


In this episode we discuss many things.  Very many things.  Mainly the SOTU and the Nancy clap - also, why Jeff Bezos' selfie may bring down the house of Trump. 

We talk briefly about roman gods versus greek gods - one …

34: Heathens: Contradiction in the Bible

February 24th, 2019


We talk about things.  Many things, very many things.

35: Heathens: God’s perfect plan vs Free Will

March 3rd, 2019


This week we talk about the Michael Cohen Hearings, some exciting news in the world of evolutionary biology, the topic of God's perfect plan vs. free …

36: Heathens: A Talk with Aron Ra

March 17th, 2019


That's right! On this week's episode we had the privilege of speaking with THE Aron Ra. We recommend going to his website and listening to the Ra-Men podcast. Enjoy!

37: Heathens: Atheist Day 2019

March 25th, 2019


This week we have a special episode. Instead of our normal single topic episode, we have the audio from our live stream of the first ever Atheist Day. In the episode we talked about what Atheist day is about. We also …

38: Heathens: The Ghost of George Carlin – Atheism in Comedy

April 1st, 2019


On today's episode, we talk about the results of the Mueller investigation and how our president doesn't understand the phrase "does not exonerate …

39: Heathens: Freedom of Speech and the Life of Brian

April 7th, 2019


This week, we have a discussion of freedom of speech. We also stumbled into a conversation about our thoughts on rostitution and lastly talk a little about the brilliant film by Monty Python: The Life of Brian.

40: Heathens: Invocation Across the Nation

April 14th, 2019


Today we spoke with Joseph and Jocelyn of the Florida Freethought Community about a petition to change some discriminatory rules around invocations …

41: Heathens: Those who need a savior.

April 21st, 2019


Today we talked about our second favorite messianic holiday, Easter! We also discussed the Mueller report, the recent bombing in Sri Lanka, we …

42: Heathens: Tribalism and Tradition

April 30th, 2019


On today's episode, we discuss the latest in Trumpfoolery, the recent changes in NRA leadership, and we go back to form and tangent all over the …

43: Heathens: DNA - Who we are and where we came from.

May 7th, 2019


On today's episode we talk about everyone's favorite polynucleotide: DNA! We discuss our predictions on our upcoming DNA test results; what would …

44: Heathens: (Some) Atheists Say the Stupidest Things

May 14th, 2019


This week we discussed the staggering financial loses of our Idiot in Chief. We also discuss our trip to Winter Garden and the CFFC petition for a …

45: Heathens: Back in the Saddle Again

June 6th, 2019


We're back ans settled in our new studio! On today's episode we talk about how Ken Ham's Ar. k Encounter encountered a big pile of cosmic irony. We also shake our heads at our president's trip to the UK and I learn a …

46: Heathens: Thor, Odin, and Valhalla

June 11th, 2019


Today we go into the rumor mill and talk about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. We also discuss a few other stories including Justin Bieber's bizzarre …

47: Heathens: Thursday Special: An Interview with Hemant Mehta the Friendly Atheist.

June 14th, 2019

Because we couldn't wait until Monday, we bring you this special Thursday edition of Heathens where we interview the Friendly Atheist himself, Hemant …

48: Heathens: The Vatican Rag a.k.a. Christ on a Cracker

June 18th, 2019


Today we tackle some headlines like the resignation of the Wicked Witch of the West Wing a.k.a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We also cringe at Trumps statements about trying to run for a 3rd term. Finally we discuss the …

49: Heathens: The End of Season 2

June 25th, 2019


On today's episode we hit the last episode of this season and the last one of our first year podcasting. We discuss the recent tensions with Iran. We also look at copyright protection and the public domain and much …

50: Heathens: Happy Birthday Heathens Podcast!

July 2nd, 2019


Happy Birthday Heathens Podcast! It's official. One year ago on the dot, we recorded our first episode of Heathens using a lapel mic and a cell phone. Back then, we were a couple of guys who had no idea what they were …

51: Heathens: US Constitution and Religion

July 9th, 2019


This week we look into the news and ask is why does it seem like billionaires who commit crimes don't seem to face real justice, especially when they have ties to Trump. We also dump on Trump like the rain did on his …

52: Heathens: Religion and US Politics P1

July 16th, 2019

On today's episode we lament that agent orange can access twitter as he yet again finds a way to lower the bar and I silently contemplate a way to cancel his twitter account. We also have a special guest, Joseph …

53: Heathens: Religion and US Politics P2 or is it?

July 23rd, 2019


Today we explored the details of and ineptly designed website for victims of the Equifax breach. We also discuss the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and discuss Pence's speech about going to the Moon. We discuss …

54: Heathens: The Moral Majority & Jerry Fartwell

July 30th, 2019


On this week's episode we have our first ever in studio guest: Mandi Clay. We talk about the strange and bizarre practice by our federal government of kidnapping people on the high seas to prosecute often referred to as …

55: Heathens: It's Time For More Than Thoughts and Prayers

August 6th, 2019


Today we breath a heavy sigh and with an extreme exercise in restraint we discuss the recent mass shootings without our show devolving into an …

56: Heathens: Henry VIII

August 13th, 2019


Today we discuss some of the conspiracy theories around the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein. We consider the mooch's recent tweet that the president is in meltdown and ponder over whether this is a good or bad thing. …

57: Heathens: The Ottoman Caliphate

August 20th, 2019


It's another glorious day at the Heathens studio. Today, we introduce two new segments: The Capsianity mass and 200 seconds of Twitter. In the first new segment we invite Pastor ProtoCapsi to give a homily where he …

56: Heathens: Dueling Popes

August 27th, 2019


Today Mandy's back and we dive into the news. We discuss trumps plan to nuke hurricanes away. We also say farewell to oxygen as thew amazon goes up in flames. We delve into two other new stories that I won't spoil here. …

58: Heathens: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

September 6th, 2019


Today we discuss how we were tricked by Hurricane Dorian into recording on a Thursday. We also discuss the aftermath of said hurricane. We have our highest engagement week on twitter. Lastly, we discuss the The Mad Monk …

59: Heathens: Martin Luther-The Protestant Reformation

September 10th, 2019


Today Pastor Proto-Capsy gives us a thundering homily explaining why we have hurricanes. We go through our twitter and I realize my own trepidation about what we've twittered. We also discuss just one more time that …

60: Heathens: The Inquisition (Part 1) Spain

September 17th, 2019

This week, we remember Kellywise the dancing clown without going into her most recent tomfoolery. Preacher Proto-Capsy tells us which church is the …

61: Heathens: The Inquisition (Part 2) Vatican

September 24th, 2019


This week Proto-Capsy tells you why you should give us your money. Also,(much to my surprise) we intro our new opening for 200 seconds of twitter. …

62: Heathens: A Special Guest: Take Care of Your Brain

October 1st, 2019


On today's episode Las share's his thoughts on how to potentially get one over on Amazon. Proto-capsy tells us why he needs all the money for god. We discuss the news and our thought's on the upcoming election. Lastly, …

63: Heathens: A Long Awaited Surprise!

October 8th, 2019


On today's episode, we once again are without Mandy's insight as we make our way through the episode. We dive briefly into my time as a Sunday Christian (I am no True Scotsman!) We try to keep twitter within 200 …

64: Heathens: Divine Lineage

October 15th, 2019


On today's episode, we debate whether trumps impeachment will happen and in time for anything meaningful. Las tells us about a time he went to …

65: Heathens: Mysticism and the Vikings

October 22nd, 2019


Today we recognize the birthday's of a few famous people, though some not so important in the grand scheme of things. Preacher Protocapsy tells us …

66: Heathens: A Polite Conversation on Free Speech a.k.a. A Contentious Shouting Match

October 29th, 2019


On today's show, we learn the virtue of patience. We also learn of Las's favorite use for his phone. We also discuss how millennials are leaving religion and not going back. Lastly, Las and I discuss the limits of free …

67: Heathens: The Statue of Trump

November 5th, 2019


On today's episode, it's a return to form where we don't talk about a topic and just focus on the news and tangent, tangent, tangent. We discuss Trump and conceptualize a statue of Trump that someone needs to make a …

68: Heathens: Veteran's Day 2019

November 12th, 2019


On today's episode, we embrace the chaos and do another show without a main topic. Preacher ProtoCapsy tells us why it's a married woman's fault when …

69: Heathens: Trump Have Zero to me to me to me to...

November 19th, 2019


On today's show, we talk about how A.I. is already smarter than us. Protocapsy tells us about love and submission. We wax poetic about Trumps and his impeachment and how his recent visit to Walter Reed may be related. …

70: Heathens: Jesus and the Afterbirth.

December 3rd, 2019


On today's episode, we discuss all the thanks we've been giving. We talk about the escalating tensions in the war on Christmas. We have an impromptu discussion about afterbirth and about more of Trump's stupidity. All …

71: Heathens: The Final Episode

December 24th, 2019


Today we bid a fond farewell to our Heathens podcast. After a year and a half the subject matter has worn us out so we've decided to end this podcast. In this episode we discuss Trump's impeachment. We discuss why some …

1: Welcome back

March 1st, 2020


Just a quick note to let everyone know that although heathenslmc is no longer a podcast, I am working on a new show that will be forthcoming.  Basically just saying hi to make sure you don't forget about me!  

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