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E0044 - Life's Too Short to Wear Matching Socks


Episode description

In this episode we meet up with Adam Thompson who has taken the 'Sock Game' to a whole new level across the world. He's the owner of The Friday Sock Company which is built around the belief that every day should feel like a Friday.

Adam rocks ethically-made, purposefully mismatched socks in over 300 stores across North America and ships his socks around the world. He's one of those entrepreneurs that has found the formula for fun in business and is truly living his best life.


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Tune in to Season 1, Episode 14 of the RebelRebel Podcast and meet David Schmeikal from BRAND IS TRUTH INC.

David is a kickass creative who sits down and lays it all out. How did he become a "Brand Alchemist and Digital …

E0013 - Dave, the Introverted Networker

August 14th, 2018


As an introvert you know. You know how hard it is to network and do the things that seem so easy to others. Well, meet Dave. He not only recognized …

E0012 - Evoking Emotion in Marketing

August 7th, 2018


Kat Lesperance is not just passionate about marketing, she absolutely lives for it. Kat, a mother of three, started her powerhouse marketing company …

E0011 - Beer. It's Science.

July 31st, 2018


I rode my motorcycle in the rain with a backpack full of recording gear north of Calgary to Airdrie to meet with Cody Fitzsimmons on location at …

E0010 - Death Before Waterfall

July 23rd, 2018


He designed, coded, and sold his first video game when he was 10 years old in his neighbourhood playground—meet Mike Borthwick of New Dot Spot.

In …

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June 11th, 2018


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Episode three invites long-time friend and entrepreneur Bryan Schultz over to Kensington Studio for a chat about what it's like conceptualizing a …

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May 14th, 2018


In this first episode of REBELREBEL I sit down with local entrepreneur, business coach, and rebel CEO of EQ Strategy Partners, M. Sean Young to discuss our upcoming event "FIGHT NIGHT For Entrepreneurs". We share some …

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