Reawaken Right Relationship

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Welcome to Reawaken Right Relationship, where we talk about cultivating reciprocal, respectful relationship with all sentient beings rather than ones based on power over another.

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Episode 21: Matters Of The Heart

February 13th, 2019


***About This Episode****

Happy Valentine’s Day! Because this is a time of both showing and receiving love, today’s episode is about the love we have for the animals in our lives. If you’d like to share how you celebrate …

Episode 20: What Do Words Have To Do With It?

February 6th, 2019


***About This Episode****

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.” Emily Dickinson

Are the words we use when connecting with sentient beings important? You bet they are! In this episode you’re hear …

Episode 19: Interview with Kelley Harrell

January 30th, 2019


***About This Episode****
Kelley Harrell is an author and modern shaman in North Carolina. A lifelong intuitive and deathwalker, she has worked with a …

Episode 8: Working With Your Intuition

January 27th, 2019


Using your intuition when you connect with animals

Episode 9: But I Thought My Totem Was A Cardinal!

January 27th, 2019


What happens when you think an animal is your totem and it's not.

Episode 10: I Don't Know What I Don't Know

January 27th, 2019


Is it better to learn animal communication by yourself or in community?

Episode 16: Make A Commitment To The Animals, Not A Resolution

January 27th, 2019


Resolution or commitment? Commitment or resolution? In this episode we’re talking about the difference between resolution and commitment. Yes, there …

Episode 17: Building Right Relationship With The Spaces Around You

January 27th, 2019


***About This Episode****

When thinking about cleaning your space, probably the first thing that pops to mind is pulling out the vacuum, dusting and …

Episode 18: Changing Relationship As Animals Age

January 23rd, 2019


***About This Episode****
Today we’re talking about our senior animal pals, not only how our lives change as we minister to their needs but also the …

Episode 14: Right Relationship With Plant Beings Featuring Tracie Nichols

December 5th, 2018


On today's episode of Reawaken Right Relationship we are joined by guest Tracie Nichols. Tracie is a business coach, alchemist, rebel crone, and …

Episode 13: Exploring Animism

November 29th, 2018


For me, animism is what makes it possible to be in right relationship with all here in the physical world, and what allows me to meet with non physical guides and teachers and bring that information back to put into …

Episode 12 The Nitty Gritty of Right Relationship

November 27th, 2018


What is meant by right relationship? And how the heck do you reawaken it?

In this week's episode that's our topic of conversation. There are examples …

Episode 11: Holiday Safety Pet Tips

November 21st, 2018


‘Tis the season for friends, family and feasts…keeping these tips in mind ensures a happy and safe Thanksgiving for your ENTIRE family, regardless of the number of legs, wings, tails, scales or fins.

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