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We are a comedy podcast. A late night bar conversation about conspiracies, creatures and all things paranormal. Should the world be categorized as fiction or non-fiction? 1 skeptic. 1 believer. 1 guest.

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173: 173 The Emerald Tablet of Hermes with Mike Henry

November 19th, 2018


The Emerald Tablet, The philosopher's stone, alchemy - what the hell is with all of these things?

real life sci-fi conspiracy theories, conspiracies,

173: Bonus Real Life No Sci-Fi - Red Dead and Umbilical Cords

November 16th, 2018


Red Dead is fun, we do not understand belly buttons/umbilical cords, and singing with an accent is debunked. Fan mail and fantasy corner

172: 172. Dreams - Do We exist in them? with Mike Bridenstine

November 12th, 2018


Can we be conscious participators in our dreams? Is the dimensional state of dreams closer to the state of reality? These are some of the things we don't end up talking about but REGARDLESS it was a fun episode. We'll …

172: Real Life NO Sci-Fi - Singing with accents and Red Dead Redemption 2 and Writing.

November 8th, 2018


Bonus - Willy is offended again by stupid things, Red dead redemption 2 - the chores of video games, and we start coming up with characters for a script.

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171: 171 - Are there other Entities Living Around Us? With Mike Burns

November 5th, 2018


Gods, Demons, Cherubs, Ghosts, Beings of Light, Lower Dimensional Entities, Djin, Genies, Aliens, gargoyles, fairies, Shadow beings, poltergeists, …

171: Bonus - sci-fi/comedies - fantasy football and fan mail

November 1st, 2018


ew we ew we ew we ew we ew we ew we ew

170: 170 - The Majestic 12 is Real and Carl Sagan must have been one of them with Tom Clark

October 29th, 2018


All of the Majestic 12 stuff leaked and released is fake and misleading and misinformation. Who would really be on the real majestic 12? would the …

170: REal Life NO sci-fi - NBA - picking a hometown and fan mail

October 25th, 2018


169: 169 - CIA Previously Released documents that have psychics visiting mars and It's pretty crazy with Emily Dorezas

October 22nd, 2018


the CIA was messing around with psychics, telekinesis, mind control etc. Was anything real? This particular psychic was describing really interesting …

108: Real Life NO Sci-Fi fast food sauces, basketball and fan mail

October 18th, 2018


the title is the description, ok?

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