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Talking about gaming in full, from pen and paper to pc gaming.Find RGN on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube and many platforms where podcasts are streamed. Other social media sites, that you can find Rage Game Network on include:Facebook: Instagram: h… read more

165 Episodes | 2019 - 2023

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.21: Pokémon World Championships & D&D delays Deck of Many Things release

November 18th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris talks about the importance of gamer safety when it comes to Pokemon Go. We then …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.20: Apple vs. Epic Games, Microsoft Wants to End Exclusives

November 4th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris tips his cowboy hat and rides off into the sunset near New Austin as he discovers a possible Red Dead Redemption Remake??? Next, we gather our forces and count …

S4 Ep20 Good Gaming

October 28th, 2023


RGN crew talks about gaming... Because I HAD to put a description.

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S4 Ep19 Pokemon world Champs

August 13th, 2023


We talk about the Pokemon worlds and other news worthy gaming!

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S4 Ep18

July 30th, 2023


We couldn't decide what we exactly wanted to talk about so we just labeled this episode by its season and episode number. Have fun listening to the …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.19 Lord of The Rings News & RPG Licensing/News

July 7th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris sees the stock market crashes as the developers of Pokemon and the Lord of the Rings Games are laying off and having financial problems. We open up a manual to …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.18 E3 cancelation??, Paleworld, what is going on!!!! & D&D 2024 Changes

July 1st, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris hacked into the Dark Web and shut down all the Servers for Diablo 4 ha ha ha... JK. We stare at the screen to try and figure out if we need to call our lawyer …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.17 Summer Game Fest/ Showcases Reviews

June 25th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris analyzed all the Gaming Shows and Showcases to bring you a Review on the latest news and stories to come out of Summer Game Fest.

These included:

PlayStation …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep. 16 Why are new gaming launching buggier and broken?? & Need help creating a table top game character name?

June 12th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris rants about the ongoing problems and issues with next-gen games having bugs, being …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep. 15 (Season #1 Finale): Star Wars Gaming Trilogy???? and Microsoft Deals and Legal Updates!!!!

May 7th, 2023


On this Season #1 Finale of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris jumps into a warp pipe to discuss the Super Mario Bros. Movie and how it crosses …

S4Ep15 D&D Movie Review

March 19th, 2023


If you read this no spoilers at 0-30 minute and +31 are SPOILERS

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Pretty Boi Podcast Special Episode: D&D: Honor Among Thieves Early Screening News!!!!

March 12th, 2023


On this Very Special Episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris talks about the recent news that came out about early screenings that are occurring within the next few weeks for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.14: D&D Fan Survey is in & PS3 received an Update in 2023, What????

March 6th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris, Drive into the deep caverns of games that are coming to a store near you!!! Then we gather around the village square to "read all about" the D&D Movie …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.13: Mario Brothers have a website!!!, D&D TV Series News & The Video Game Industry unionizing…hmmm

February 21st, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris, deploys his Batarang and dives into the world of DC as the Movies are getting rebooted. He then jumps into a Warp Pipe and meets the Mario Bros. as the new …

S4Ep13 We meant to talk about controllers.....

February 12th, 2023


We do our typical nonsense and talk about some recent announcements, the Yu-Gi-Oh card ban, and then absolutely derail ourselves to talk about anime. …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.12: Ubisoft’s Financial Problems, D&D Open Gaming License Drama & Super Nintendo Word Opens!!!

February 1st, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris climbs on the podium and informs the world, that our favorite gaming and entertainment conventions are going to return in 2023. We then jump into a warp pipe …

S4Ep11 EA, NO! Oh, wait...

January 22nd, 2023


We recap Diablo IV quickly so Connor reminisce, and we talk about Google Stadia going away finally.  Followed by a pretty lengthy half of discussing …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.11: D&D Adventure Organization & Activision-Blizzard battle with Microsoft

January 18th, 2023


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris gathers your companions around the campfire to explain some organizational tools that can …

S4Ep10 Trailer Trash Game Talk

January 15th, 2023


We start each half with new trailers for games coming out this summer, as well as some new releases coming in the next week or so. We caught up with Bob, Pretty Boi, and Ben on recent exploits, and we all wondered where …

S4Ep9 Bob!

December 18th, 2022


Connor and Andy talk to Bob about spiderman and other games.

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S4Ep8 New studio!

December 11th, 2022


Pretty Boi, Ben and Andy test out the new studio!

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Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.10: 2022 Black Friday Deals & The Gaming Awards

November 22nd, 2022


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris talks about the amazing price slashes that exist with the holidays coming up and where …

S4 Ep.7 New Games and Yugioh with Ben

November 19th, 2022


The team let Ben talk uninterrupted for a whole episode! Who Approved this? Anyways, let's chat about the new Sonic and Pokemon games as well as the …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.9: Lord of The Rings: Conquest Remastered & D&D Movie has been Delayed!!!!

November 12th, 2022


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris takes a bow to the cape crusader as the voice actor of Batman passed away, he also raises his sword and helps fight off the Orcs in an awesome review on the …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep. 8: Early Looks at D&D Projects & Gaming TV Series New Updates & Previews

November 6th, 2022


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris dives deep into the world of Dungeons and Dragons to explore a new game that is coming out and a limited-time event to test play and send feedback to D&D …

S4 Ep.6 Trailers Baby!

October 10th, 2022


Trailers for the Pokemon and Super Mario, and our thoughts!

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Pretty Boi Podcast Ep. 7: Google Stadia Shutting Down & Skull and Bones Delayed Again

October 3rd, 2022


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris explains why Google Stadia is shutting down and what you can do to refund your hardware …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.6: Star Wars Gaming & Sly Cooper Franchise’s 20th Anniversary

September 26th, 2022


In today's episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris discusses the new and upcoming Star Wars Video Games on the Horizon, Pretty Boi uses his inner force abilities to tell you the Top 10 Star Wars games of all …

S4Ep4 Steam Deck Is In!

August 22nd, 2022


The boys talk about DB super movie and Steam Deck!

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S4 Bonus New D&D Starter Pack

July 31st, 2022


Really does anyone read this? I mean the description is in the title.

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S4Ep1 Season 4 Baby!

July 3rd, 2022


Ben, Connor and Andy talk about Minecraft, PoGo, steamdeck, D&D and more!

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S3Ep28 Last of the Season

June 13th, 2022


Sarah, Ben and Andy talk Pokemon, gaming music, Vox Machina, and DOTA 

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Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.5: Star Wars Celebration & Gaming Studios upcoming Press Conferences

June 1st, 2022


In today's episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris explores the vast news of Star Wars Celebrations and his inner powers of the Force. He also discusses Playstation's Days of Play Sales and upcoming gaming …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.4: The Legends of Vox Machina 2nd Season News & Borderlands 3 for Free

May 25th, 2022


On this episode of the Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chris talk about the 2nd season ordered for Critical Roles' Legends of Vox Machina and a …

S3Ep26 All Steam on Deck!!

May 23rd, 2022


Pretty boi Chris, Connor and Andy talk about Chris's Pc and the Steamdeck.

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S3Ep25 Ben's Yu-Gi-Oh Adventures

May 8th, 2022


The crew talks about DnD updates with Ben, as well as some simple and clean games to play with the family for Mother's Day. Then Ben shares some details from his latest local Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, along with some news …

S3Ep24 The Batman And PoGo Fest

May 2nd, 2022


The RGN crew talks about The Batman movie and pokemon go fest

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Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.3: Casual Game Insider & The Division 2 New Game Mode

April 11th, 2022


On today's episode of Pretty Boi Podcast. We talk about the newest issue of Casual Game Insider, The video Game Developer's Support to Ukraine, The new game mode in The Divison 2, and the Mastechief himself speak about …

S3Ep23 Pokemon, Sega, Food?

April 11th, 2022


We talk about  well Pokemon, Sega and well food.

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Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.2: E3 Cancelled & Fallout TV Series

April 5th, 2022


Pretty Boi Chris in this Episode talks about E3 being canceled for 2022, GTA getting its own subscription service, and an actress hired to be in a …

Pretty Boi Podcast Ep.1: Halo TV Series & Console Wars

March 30th, 2022


On the Inagural Pretty Boi Podcast, Pretty Boi Chirs talks about the Halo TV series, the three different PlayStation Plus Membership rolling out in …

S3Ep21 Streaming D&D

March 28th, 2022


Does anyone really read this? Pretty Boi and Andy talk about the weekend and Xbox Cloud

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S3Ep.15 Happy Holidays!

December 19th, 2021


Connor and Andy go over some news for the new year.

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S3Ep14 D&D 5.5e

November 28th, 2021


Connor and Andy talk about D&D's newest announcement of 5.5e 

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S3Ep12 D&D Pt2!

October 24th, 2021


Ben and the RGN crew Playing D&D. Tune in on our Youtube for our last part our D&D campaign Halloween night!

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Halloween begins!! News with Sarah

October 11th, 2021


Sarah talks about tons of family friendly Halloween themed games for the upcoming Halloween season. 

Special shout out to our good friend Ben Miller (twitch: bladex975) who will be DMing our next two DnD episodes!

Don't …

S3Ep.10 If You Rage it We don't Game it

October 4th, 2021


Connor and Andy talk about games you shouldn't play... again.

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S3Ep.5 The Place to Go!

August 23rd, 2021


The RGN crew talks about the top 10 places to go for gaming.

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S2Ep27 Movies!

May 3rd, 2021


We talk about Game to movie adaptations.

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Connor sent us news!

April 22nd, 2021


Connor sent in some excellent news about Xbox services, and Sarah learns about Board Game awards in Germany and America. 

Thanks for listening!

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News, but not on Wednesday.... What can I say?

April 2nd, 2021


Sarah finds articles about the Evergiven (everyone's new favorite meme), Summoner Wars, Unmatched, Carcassone, and more for the first news segment of April.  Happy Spring, everybody!

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S2Ep.24 Gamer on a Budget!

March 28th, 2021


RGN crew talks about some cheap games with your time.

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RGN News March 25, 2021

March 25th, 2021


Listen along as Sarah discovers new games, new previews, and some of the cultural things going on in the gaming world.  Chime in and let us know what …

RGN News With Sarah

March 18th, 2021


Sarah talks about some of the latest releases and updates happening in all types of gaming. Email or message us with updates that you want to have heard in our next news spot!

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S.2Ep.21 Why'd We Do This?

March 7th, 2021


RGN Crew talks about games we download because... Friends.

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S2Ep.19 RGN New Years Resolution

December 21st, 2020


Andy and Connor talk about what the new year will be bringing for RGN.

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S2Ep.18 Upgrades!

November 15th, 2020


The RGN crew talking about those sweet upgrades!

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S2Ep.16 Creepy Easter Eggs and Glitches

October 27th, 2020


Connor and Andy talk about games that have creepy glitches or easter eggs you wish they were glitches.

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S2Ep.15 Creepypasta Games

October 18th, 2020


Connor and Andy talk about those creepypasta games.

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S2Ep.14 Creepy Video Games

October 11th, 2020


RGN crew talks about creepy games that they've played.

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S2Ep12 The Day Games Stopped

September 20th, 2020


The RGN crew talks about what life would be like if games stop existing!

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S2Ep10 Interrogation

September 7th, 2020


Connor and Andy have to answer some questions.

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S2Ep.5 Games Collecting Dust

July 26th, 2020


RGN crew talks about those gaming sitting on our hard drives. 

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S2Ep.3 Tabletop Up and Down, New and Old

July 12th, 2020


The RGN crew talks about the best and worst of table top and some new and old stuff.

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Ep.50 Bored of Games?

May 31st, 2020


RGN Crew talks about how not to get bored of your games.

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Ep.49 PVP or PVE

May 24th, 2020


RGN crew talks about what they like about PVP and/Or PVE.

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Ep.48 That Time Clock

May 17th, 2020


RGN Crew talks about the most time clocked in game.

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Ep.47 Favorite Classes

May 10th, 2020


RGN crew talks about their favorite gaming classes.

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Ep.46 Chris' PC Build

May 10th, 2020


The RGN crew messes with the idea of Chris getting a PC.

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Ep.44 The Remake

April 19th, 2020


Games the RGN crew talk about Remakes that should be made.


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Ep.43 Quarantine Gaming

April 12th, 2020


Connor and Andy talk about games or things you should be doing on your time off.

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Ep.41 Gaming News and Deals

March 29th, 2020


RGN Crew gives you guys the heads up on gaming news and deals.

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Ep.40 COVID-19 Extra

March 22nd, 2020


Connor and Andy talk about how the Coronavirus is affecting gaming and how the community is responding. 

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Ep.38 BS-ing with the boys

March 8th, 2020


The RGN crew goes nowhere and gets nothing done.

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Ep.37 The Beginning

February 23rd, 2020


The RGN crew talks about how this crazy roller-coaster started.

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Ep.35 Long Term Gaming Prep

February 9th, 2020


The RGN crew talks about the long haul of gaming and what you should do.

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Ep.34 Lizzy's Interview

February 2nd, 2020


One of Sarah's friends joins the RGN crew for some podcasting fun.

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Ep.33 Favorite Weapons

January 27th, 2020


The RGN crew talk about their favorite in game weapons.

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Ep.31 Gaming Etiquette

January 12th, 2020


Connor, Andy and Sarah talk about gaming etiquette and get off on tangents, as usual. Also introducing a NEW SEGMENT! 

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Ep.30 Gaming With Zach

January 5th, 2020


Sarah, Connor and Andy talk with Zach about the games we got to play the past 2 game nights. Also have a little surprise in the 2nd half of the episode before we talk about gen con. 

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Ep.29 Zach's First Visit

December 29th, 2019


Connor, Sarah and Andy interview Zach about his gaming XP!

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Ep.28 The Good, The Bad, The Rage

December 16th, 2019


Chris and Andy name off some games that are worst and best of 2019!

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Ep. 27 Big Bad Bosses!

December 8th, 2019


Connor and Andy talk about bosses they have fought before, that some gave them a hard time and others... not so much.

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Ep. 26 Nerd Talk!

December 1st, 2019


The boys talk a little bit about everything and have no topic to speak of.

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Ep.24 Black Friday Deals!!!

November 17th, 2019


We talk about black Friday deals and where to get them. Then we go on to talk about D&D!

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Ep.23 Chris's VR Interview

November 10th, 2019


Chris talks about The Void at Disney, Andy talks about a game he has been playing and Connor throws in his two cents.

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Ep.22 Mobile Games

November 3rd, 2019


Andy, Chris and Sarah talk about some mobile games and also lose track of where everything is going, and Connor shows up at the end.

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RGN Halloween Special

October 31st, 2019


The RGN Boys talk about games that you should NEVER play. (If you are reading this we really do warn it is really not a good idea play any of these …

Ep. 20 Upcoming Games

October 20th, 2019


We talk About games that we would like to play that are coming out soon!

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Ep.19 Chilling out

October 13th, 2019


More of the Ragers just shooting the breeze.

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Ep.18 Speed Running and Running Our Mouths

October 6th, 2019


We talk about some speed running records and start losing track of our conversions... again.

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Ep.17 The Future... Maybe?

September 29th, 2019


The boys predict the future of gaming, and probably not too accurate. At least there is the Discord.

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Ep.14 RAGE!

September 8th, 2019

1:05:12 new discord. Also we talk about raging and, well, gaming.

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Ep.13 Shooting The Breeze

September 2nd, 2019


Chris, Andy and Connor talking about gaming in general.

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Ep.12 Gaming Franchises

August 25th, 2019


Chris and Andy talk about gaming franchises they have both played.

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Ep.11 Easter eggs

August 19th, 2019


As usual we try our damnest to stay on track and talk about easter eggs and in good old RGN fashion, we fall on our faces.

--- Support this …

Ep.10 Gaming music

August 11th, 2019


As we try and stay focused, we try and talk about game music that we have enjoyed. Also as usual we get off topic and continue a trend.

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Ep.09 Oops?!!? Comics?

August 3rd, 2019


Chris and Andy get get off topic and open the cover on the multiverse of comics!?

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Ep. 08 Games we missed out on

July 27th, 2019


Chis and Andy talk about the games they missed out as gamers from childhood to now.

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Ep. 07 Gaming with Gabby!

July 21st, 2019


This episode Deb and Andy Interview their step sister Gabby!

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Ep.05 Our First interview

July 6th, 2019


Connor is our first interview maybe another host to RGN podcast?

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Ep.04 Evolution of Gaming Culture

June 29th, 2019


We talk about how gaming and the people have evolved with gaming and what might come from it. Let us know what you think on Facebook at

Ep.03 Developer Vs Player

June 22nd, 2019


we talk about about one of the most heated topics in gaming. Sorry for the long episode everyone, but hope you enjoyed it. Let us know what you thought and message us on Instagram and Facebook Rage Game Network, also …

Ep.02 Tabletop

June 15th, 2019


We mostly talk about D&D, but touch on some other games that we have played. Remember to like us and follow us at   

Ep. 01 New vs Old

June 8th, 2019


We talk about what we like and hate about new game vs. old games. You be the judge, also remember to like us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook …

Episode 0

May 18th, 2019


Getting to know the host of the podcast and how the podcast will go. 

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