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Colorado is known as a purple state for good reason. Over the last two decades, the state has voted for an equal number of Republicans and Democrats for president, and voters are evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and Independents.But this year, the state’s political identity is up for gra… read more

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Could Colorado Fix Congress?

February 1st, 2019


The last couple months have shown the depths of congressional dysfunction. Many think the problem isn’t so much the people who serve there. It’s a process that funnels all power to party leaders, stifling debate among …

BONUS: Hick At High Noon

January 3rd, 2019


After eight years as Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper appears to be gearing up for a presidential run. On the campaign trail, he’s almost …

BONUS: What’s Next for Pur-plish?

December 5th, 2018


Now that ballots have been cast and counted, CPR is trying to figure out what the future holds for Purplish.

Blue Avalanche

November 9th, 2018


The midterm election has come and gone. In Colorado, what occurred wasn't a blue wave, it was a blue avalanche. It was a signal so strong that you …

The Holdouts

November 1st, 2018


Colorado boasts some of the highest voter turnout in the country. Seventy percent of eligible adults submitted a ballot in the 2016 election, putting …

You Can't Hack Paper

October 26th, 2018


Security experts say Colorado is one of the most reliable places to cast a ballot. That’s largely because of an old technology: good, old-fashioned …

The Prisoner Voting Dilemma

October 18th, 2018


Unlike in other states, convicted felons in Colorado who have completed parole are allowed to vote. New laws require people leaving the criminal …

Purple State Blues

October 11th, 2018


Democratic presidential candidates are on a winning streak in Colorado. The state voted for Barack Obama twice and for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It’s …


October 5th, 2018


Gerrymandering is on the Colorado ballot this November. Amendments Y and Z promise to take the politics out of the drawing of congressional and …

The Forgotten State Of Southern Colorado

September 27th, 2018


Neglect can be a powerful political force. Southern Colorado spent a century mostly voting for Democrats, but in 2016 many countries in the region …

Walker Stapleton's Family

September 20th, 2018


A name can be a tricky thing for a politician. For Walker Stapleton, the Republican nominee for governor, his name does double duty, tying him to …

Jared Polis' Money

September 13th, 2018


Congressman Jared Polis has spent an unprecedented amount money on his campaign for governor. By the latest count, he’s donated $18.3 million of his …

The Signature Wars

September 6th, 2018


In Colorado, voters have incredible power to pass laws at the ballot. The initiative process was born out of the Progressive Era. Reformers hoped …

Introducing 'Purplish': A Podcast About Colorado Politics And The Forces That Shape It

August 29th, 2018


“Purplish” is a show about Colorado's democracy ahead of the 2018 election. The podcast, hosted by Colorado Public Radio reporter Sam Brasch, goes …

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