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22 Shooting Touch

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Interview with Lindsey Kitteridge, co-founder and executive director of Shooting Touch, an international sport-for-development organization that uses the power of basketball to deliver global health education, intervention and empowerment to at-risk youth, women and their families.

Founded in 2007, Shooting Touch is a lean program with two program directors, two post-collegiate athletic fellows, and 21 coaches, operating two core programs. In Boston, they run G3 (Getting Girls in the Game) that provides over 100 girls, ages 9-17, with female-friendly basketball programs, as well as off-court health education, mentorship and academic tutoring. In Rwanda, they run the Basketball Health Corps (BHC) that serves over 2,500 youth, ages 7-21, in Rwanda’s Eastern Province.

Through its health education and interventions, Shooting Touch is combating environmental diseases, such as malaria, providing screening for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis A and B, promoting adolescent reproductive health, and changing culture norms in Rwanda to foster greater acceptance and participation of females in sports.

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