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20 - War on Christmas 2017

Episode description

This special Christmas/New Years episode takes a look at the “War on Christmas” – the belief that societal forces are attempting to attack or downplay the Christmas holiday. The “War on Christmas” tends to be a common idea in conservative Christian circles, and exploited by conservative politicians and media. Is there a “War on Christmas,” and what it the concern about Christmas truly about? Jaye also gives a year in review and gives her predictions regarding what we will see in US national politics in 2018 and beyond. One of these predictions is a bit shocking – don’t miss it!

Admin Note: The next episode of Potstirrer Podcast will be released February 4, 2017. During this break, please be sure to catch up on older episodes, check out the website, and join the conversation on social media. We’re not going anywhere! Thank you for listening.


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Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 composed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Stalling composed by Silent Partner

Angels We Have Heard on High composed by Oasis Worship

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