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Lindy West on Seeing Women as Real People

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And how movies in the 80s were really kinda creepy.This week on Hari and Co. Politically Re-Active, Kamau and Hari chat with author, columnist and legendary internet-troll confronter, Lindy West! West delves into rape culture, the objectification of female Olympians, the perils of white feminism, and why her feelings on Hillary may be complicated, but her decision to vote for her isn’t. Check out Lindy’s new book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman at, and follow her on Twitter at #thelindywest. And come meet Hari at a venue near you! Find his tour dates at That’s also where you can find his new album Mainstream American Comic. And subscribe to Kamau’s million other podcasts at’re answering your questions soon, so send us your Twitter comments and emails!: #politicallyreactive or

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